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Food Game - Your Sun Sign Recipe

So ever since I got this question a few months ago, I’ve been trying to think of a way to explain the Sun sign placements as meals.  I’ve finally come up with this way that I think works pretty well.  

Each sign has its own unique ingredients and the house represents what type of restaurant you would eat it in or the type of way it would be prepared.  The aspects represent additions to the meal. You can really be flexible and have fun with it. 

This is intended to be read leading with the Sun Sign. This does not go into the traits of the other planets or the signs they’re in, only how they relate to the Sun sign. 

The sun sign is often described as the dominant personality trait, closely tied to the ego and the most visible mode of expression.  See my other game, Astrological GPS to get a different spin on how the three main signs work together.  I am working on another post to creatively explain the other planets so please stay tuned for that (eventually). (For more games click here)

As far as aspects go I think it works best to focus on the conjunctions and planets in the same sign as your sun sign if you’re trying to understand its unique flavor. But you can also include the other aspects to get an extended understanding of your specific Sun sign.  Either way have fun with it. Maybe you can come up with some new recipes!

Here are some examples (I just went through my itunes for people with complete charts on astrotheme):

Me - Sun in Scorpio in the 3rd House loose conjunction with Uranus (trine moon)
A sweet garlic and goat stew with a little tofu added (and a feta cheese salad) served from a food truck. :-)

Lana del Rey - Sun in Gemini in the 2nd House loose conjunction with Mars in the 3rd, (opposite Neptune, and trine Pluto) 
Rice Cake that she made herself with a little taco truck carne asada on top, (a glass of wine and a garlic salad).

Fiona Apple - Sun conjunct moon and loosely conjunct Mercury in the 11th house
A savory risotto snack bowl with added quinoa served in a sky bar

Azealia Banks - Sun in Gemini in the first house
Raw granola bar from a raw foods restaurant.

Brandy - Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury and Mars in the 5th House
Fried tofu with white rice and grilled beef from PF Chang’s

Chet Baker - Sun in Capricorn conjunct Saturn and loosely conjunct Mars and Venus in the 3rd and Mercury in the 4th
A savory skewer brussel sprouts with extra brussel sprouts and veal rubbed in rice and pomegranate from a food truck.

If you can’t see  the pictures or you would like to get further information on how I chose each thing keep reading.

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