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Hi dear. So I've been reading a lot about performing!dean meta and I just noticed something while rewatching season 7. On episode 4, he asked a bartender out. Then while waiting for her, he was giving himself a pep talk. Like "You are Dean Winchester. This is what you do." And it just resonated to the whole thing and I just wanted to share or talk to you about it.

Yeah absolutely (7x04 and 7x05 go together re: Dean hand in hand so I’ll talk about them together here). This is Dean’s standard coping mechanism for his pain since the pilot, e.g. Hell. Then since season 6/7′s loss of Cas it starts revolving around him, whenever he dies or is gone, when Dean is in mourning or pining, he sleeps with a woman. Here he’s just lost Cas basically 1 episode before, it’s right at the end of 7x02 and this is the beginning of 7x04. He’s only just folded Cas’s trenchcoat into the back of the car at this point…

After thinking he lost him at first, then getting him back then really losing him…

God does this remind us of anything? 

source: @super-sootica

Season 6 v season 12 parallels is a long post I’m working on in hellatus as there is so much material…

Now Dean is in a different place though, especially after 12x18 I’m pretty sure it should be this time, mayyyybe its the next, but I’m pretty sure now there should be some kind of reversal of this where he is so wrecked by grief that he can’t even contemplate using this coping mechanism and a waitress will hit on him and he will flat out reject her, making Sam realise just how bad it is…

Season 7 is such a Destiel heavy season, I can totally understand where people get the theory (I don’t know if its confirmed) that seasons 6-8 were written as a follow on for 1-5 and 8 could have been the final season as it is so much like seasons 11-12 now for the ramping up of Destiel and the individual arcs for endgame… but in the end 8 wasn’t the last season so it backed back down again, which makes total sense to me as they didn’t get them to the right place, but they did set up a lot for endgame, the MoL bunker, Dean facing a lot of himself and Sam facing his guilt and the trials etc, it makes a lot of sense to me so it’s normal that we have so many season 6/7 parallels through season 12/13 as we are NOW heading towards endgame… 

So we have in season 6 all the season 12 parallels which I won’t go into but let’s just take Cas’s arc, which is basically the same, except working with the Angels instead of Crowley, to protect the boys and keep them out of it, while Dean just wants him to stay with him. Then season 7 gives us a double death moment (hi 12x23), followed by basically a first half of the season of grieving alcoholic, coping mechanisms Dean and MotW episodes subtextually all about Dean’s frame of mind around Cas, black goo, Sam’s wall being broken (this is much later though, the early stuff is ALL about Cas, this cannot be overlooked).

I mean, one of my favourite moments of the whole show is in 7x04, which is all about Dean and Sam’s dynamic and Dean being in a bad way because of Cas.

The counselling moment… is just basically Dean projecting his feelings of betrayal by Cas into the married couple who end up reconciling and making out because he forces them to communicate… 

*Tink looks into the camera*.

 Meanwhile, afterwards Sam doesn’t know about Amy (he literally says “we’re good right!”) so what possibly could be eating at Dean? what could he POSSIBLY be trying to get Dean to unload about? WE JUST DON’T KNOW as Mittens would say ;)

So yeah, I’m interested to see how they take these parallels now, given that NOW Dean DOESN’T have the world on his shoulders like he did in this scene, after 12x22…

7x05 transcript: 

SAM: You notice how they, uh, you know, how they – how they opened up, got everything off their chest?
DEAN:Yeah. Kudos on selling them that crap.
SAM:It wasn’t crap, Dean. It worked.
DEAN: Sam, I am so very, very, very, very…very, very tired –
SAM: Dean, like it or not, the stuff you don’t talk about doesn’t just go away. It builds up, like whatever’s eating at you right now.
DEAN: There’s always something eating at me. That’s who I am. Something happens, I feel responsible, all right? The Lindbergh baby – that’s on me. Unemployment – my bad.
SAM: That’s not what I’m talking about.
DEAN: Well, then what the hell are you talking about?
SAM: I’m talking about whatever you’re not telling me about. Look, Dean, it’s fine. You can unload. That’s kind of what I’m here for.  I mean… we’re good, right?
DEAN: We’re good. 
DEAN gets into the car. SAM stands for a moment looking somewhat hurt and frustrated. 

So now, after 12x22 and Dean coming to his personal arc’s climax of letting go of a lot of this pent up self loathing, feeling of guilt and unfairness etc, this should either just not happen and Dean actively talks to Sam or Sam will be able to get Dean to unload quite easily…

Especially as I believe Dabb is purposefully paralleling earlier moments to current much more blatantly romantic ones / Dean letting his facade down in order to retcon / show by proxy how romantic / performing!Dean they WERE in the past for the GA.

Heart eyes at Andrew Dabb again, OK and I have to say, Bucklemming wrote 7x05 and it is so good, they KNOW how to do good Destiel, even if I hate their causal misogny and love of rape, they have written some of the most blatant Destiel over the years. Hmm, almost like it’s an important theme to the show… And now Dabb is using these past moments to move the whole story forwards… OK it’s going to be a Dabb appreciation day. Sue me :p

Perfect to Me | Seblaine One-Shot

After being left at the altar, Blaine decides to take the honeymoon to Hawaii anyway. It figures that Sebastian would be there on business, ready with an “I told you so.” But Blaine knows that Kurt would hate it if he knew that Blaine was spending time with Sebastian and so he goes to dinner with him anyway. And that dinner turns into what feels like a honeymoon anyway, just maybe with the right man this time.
{ 8,305 words } { ao3 | ff.net } { seblaine week day one - marriage/arranged marriage }

Blaine takes a gulp of his Mai Tai, staring out at the breaking waves. His toes are dug deep in the warm sand and his beach chair is in a comfortably reclined position. The adult section of the beach has no children near it, just a bar a few steps away. He’s not carrying his cell phone. No laptop. No tablet. He’d taken two weeks off of work for his honeymoon.

Then Kurt had left him at the altar. The thought still makes him scoff, downing the rest of his Mai Tai and considering how many more that his wallet can handle. It’s only been two days since the unfortunate wedding that never was and he’s already drank more Mai Tais than he ever has in his life.

With this drink empty, he sighs, knowing that he should at least wait until later to get drunk, digging his toes further into the sand and trying not to pout. Kurt had wanted to take the vacation to Hawaii, had ranted and then yelled because he’d decided their whole itinerary. Blaine had stood his ground. The one who was prepared to wed got the honeymoon and his parents had paid the most for everything. Those two points had won him the argument and he was glad. Blaine had wanted to get married in Hawaii but had been overruled so he figured he deserves it.

Now, Blaine wonders if maybe he’d made the wrong choice. He looks around the beach, seeing only a handful of people alone but none of them look as melancholy as him. It’s mostly couples or groups of friends. Blaine closes his eyes, resting his head against the back of the chair. He should’ve brought somebody with him but he’d thought that two weeks of being alone on a beach was just what he needed. He’d been-


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aaaahhh do you think that Seidou liked Akira in a romantic way? I had that feeling at first, but many people said that he was just very jealous and hated her, so I thought that maybe I got the wrong idea reading the manga (i actually read it very fast, I'm sure I overlooked many things, like the tarot numbers). But do you have solid "proof" that he liked her or is it just an overall feeling? I've been reading some of your stuff (specially Kuroshitsuji) and I really really like it :)

Hi Anon, thank you for sticking around and for the nice words! I really appreciate it! :3 Yes I think Seidou liked Akira in a romantic way and I do have “proof”. :)

This begins to become apparent after Akira finally started “fitting in” the 20th ward team, which is when she went out with Amon and Takizawa and became drunk (ch110). She finally was able to speak up about why she was acting so harshly towards Amon (which is a fact, she was rude, but thank God, Ishida knows something called “character development”) and as a result, things changed, not only with Amon but also with Takizawa.
Same for Takizawa, he got drunk and was able to say everything he wanted to tell her and after that, they never really argued again.

Small digression: just to make things clear, I believe Seidou was probably the one who started the hostility between them back on Academy days but I totally admit that Akira’s cold attitude most of the time wasn’t helping which is why Takizawa’s grudge stayed for a long time.

“It’s your fault that I was always 2nd place, you were always ahead of me.”

As you see, it’s not rational. Seidou’s main problem is his inferiority complex, but I disagree with people who says it’s Akira’s fault he started developing one. In my opinion, it started way before he even entered the Academy, and actually he probably wanted to become a ghoul investigator in order to “feel useful” and to “achieve more than anyone else” because he had the impression he was utter shit (I think it probably all started when, as a child, he saw his mother being very afraid of ghouls but he realized that he couldn’t protect her and he started to feel useless from that moment. It’s a common thing for children or young teens, psychology-wise, and we know it’s exactly for that reason that Seidou became a dove (ch123)).

The panol above and his initial attitude towards Juuzou prove that the inferiority complex is just eating him from the inside often, especially when it comes to people younger than him, or initially ‘equal’ to him, but who get more chances than he does to show their worth (like Akira going to battle in Kanou’s lab even though they’re of the same year and rank while he stays behind an office desk, or Juuzou not going through the Academy and being younger but managing to gain ranks quickly).


Back to your question, as I was saying after getting drunk together, Akira’s attitude to Amon changed and same for Akira and Takizawa’s relationship.

Here (ch114) he’s worried because it’s the first time Akira invited Amon to lunch. I wouldn’t exactly call that jealousy because it’s not clear if he feels strange about Amon getting on better terms with Akira (since Seidou and him were getting along well before she became close to him) or about Akira starting to be nicer to Amon which definitely indicates that something between them is changing. And he doesn’t look happy with the idea.  

And after that, there is the Anteiku raid arc in which all the proofs you wanted can be found.

First, Amon fights Kaneki but gets hurt in the process but Akira doesn’t know that, and yet…

…She has the feeling something happened to Amon. From the very beginning, Seidou had said to be very skeptical of her “intuition” and always disagreed with her on whatever reasoning that was triggered by it.

But this time…

He decided to trust her.

Amon is important to him as a friend and mentor, but he knows Amon is important to her as well (he noticed the change in their relationship, that’s what this moment of ch114 is all about) which is why he goes to search for Amon for himself but also for Akira, because he saw she was worried (but as a squad leader she just couldn’t leave her post in the middle of the mission to go look for Amon).

It gets better after.

That’s all the proof you need to know that he went to search for Amon for her sake (even if Amon is also his friend) and that he’s been crushing on her for a long time, since their Academy days maybe, but with the inferiority complex it took for Amon and Akira to get closer in front of his eyes for him to start noticing his own feelings. 

And finally, the last proof: he found Amon but Aogiri passed by and attacked them. He fought them but Tatara threw him at Noro who bit him harshly and as he was losing consciousness…

Look into his eyes, you can distinguish Akira, probably because he’s thinking of her, realizing he might never see her again since he was injured very severely. Here’s a bigger picture:

Some people who hate Akira believe it’s the image of Seidou’s sister, but it makes no sense considering we’ve seen the girl only once (the picture doesn’t even fit, it’s definitely Akira’s hairdo) and that many things happen between Akira and Seidou during this arc, whether you think Seidou had feelings for her or not.

Even if you don’t see it romantically, the thing is that he still decided to follow her intuiton, even though he always refused to believe in it before, and he also went to look for Amon not only for himself but for her as well

And then we have their small meeting in :Re chapter 30 (my thoughts here).

So, to me it’s obvious he had feelings for her, but take the time to make your own opinion with all the panels I just gave you Anon. 

There you have it, I hope it will be useful, take care and thanks again for the nice words! :3

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Omygosh that HC one broke my heart!! 😭 especially Yuta's (my feels took a beating for sure) I know I've requested a lot but YOU WRITE SO GOOD!!! \^_^/ Requesting a HC of MC and the guys getting into a mini argument/not agreeing on something and avoid each other for a while then forgive one another. (but in the time that they were just friends but started to realize their feelings) but it's okay if it's too much trouble I understand 😇

I just gotta say sorry first off. I’ve had this request sitting in my inbox for a while, and with the holidays, and everything, it took me forever to finally finish it.

I was actually really looking forward to completing this one soooooooo much, since this happens all the time and whenever I think about it, just ergh a feels roller-coaster.

So here it is (I apologize in advance for the huge block of text you’re about to see, they’re a lot longer than previous ones, another reason it took so long):


                It had been two days already. Two days wasn’t that long but they were starting to take their toll on me. I lay in bed, clutching my comforter around me as I scrolled through past text messages. My fingers hovered over his name, as I re-opened the conversation I’d read dozens of times.

                “gnight.” Was his last message, dated 2 days ago. Just one word, ending with a period, that’s how I knew he wouldn’t send anything else. I’d finally worked up the courage to call him out. Why was he always such a jerk to me? so afraid to show how he really felt? I knew under that cool, brusque exterior, Yamato was careful, never careless with what he did. So why did I feel that way? My fingers slid across the screen, sliding back through our conversation. Before, I had brushed off his teasing, knowing that was just who he was, but recently, awkwardness had grown into our conversations. Sometimes I bit back my retorts, afraid of hurting his feelings.

                Why was I afraid of hurting his feelings? He obviously wasn’t afraid to hurt mine. I’d been trying not to take everything he said to heart, but lately his teasing had just filled me with self-doubt. Before I knew it my witty replies had died off, and instead replaced with sweet ones. This had just made things more awkward. But I couldn’t be mean to him anymore, even if it was joking, I was too afraid to scare him off or lose him.

                Look where that got you, I flopped down on my bed, huffing, We haven’t spoken in days. I felt my chest constrict painfully when I realized that this was exactly what I had feared, exactly what I had tried to prevent.

                I dreaded going to Physics. I knew he’d be there. Should I sit somewhere else? I wondered. But that would make things even more awkward, and I’d probably ruin my chances of ever making up. I knew all I wanted was to go back to talking with him, even if we couldn’t be more than friends, I’d decided I just needed to talk to him.

                Suddenly, my phone beeped. I almost dropped it in surprise. “Yamato” Flashed across the screen. My fingers flew madly across the lock screen to see what he’d said.

                “hey. can we talk?”

I quickly replied, “sure. what’s up?”

The response came almost instantly, “let’s talk in person, can u meet me in the dining hall in 30 mins?”

I blinked, ‘Let’s talk in person’, my stomach twisted at the words, as if something heavy had landed on my gut. I felt like I might throw up but gathered my purse and threw on a coat before rushing out the door.

                I was hurrying to the dining hall, my nervousness growing with every step I took. My hands fidgeted in my pockets anxiously as I kept my head down against the wind, trying to keep the bad thoughts from entering my mind.


                I turned, looking for him as my name was called. Yamato?

                He was on the other side of the street, the wind blowing his auburn hair as he looked at me in surprise. We stared at each other wordlessly for a few seconds, before he started jogging over to me. When he reached me I felt a sudden warmth. Yamato had wrapped his arms around me in a hug.

                “Y-Yamato!” I stuttered, startled.

                “Shhh. Just let me say something,” He muttered in a low voice, by my ear, “Before I lose my courage.”

                I couldn’t say anything as I stood, waiting anxiously for what he wanted to say.

                “I know I’m kinda harsh sometimes,” He started, “I joke a lot, and say some things bluntly, I know, but lately it’s been bugging me,” Yamato paused, and drew back, gazing into my eyes with his brown ones, “It’s scary.”

                “What’s scary?” I asked, my heart pounding.

                “What’s scary is that I care about your reactions too much,” He admitted quietly, averting his gaze as his cheeks flushed, “I keep worrying if I hurt your feelings… and I know I did… and it’s been killing me ever since.”

                “Yamato…” I felt my chest grow warm as I looked into his blushing cheeks. He said it, I thought, He’s being honest. The warmth spread through me, bringing the happiness with it. Almost overflowing with my joy, I found myself hugging him again, tightly.


                I felt so stupid. I knew Saeki was a ladies man, I knew he was liked, I knew how flirtatious he was; and yet I let myself think I was something special to him. We hadn’t spoken for days and I, like an idiot had thought maybe I should apologize for being so harsh. Whatever for? I didn’t do anything?! I just called him out on his inappropriate behavior. Originally, his flirting hadn’t bothered me. I’d joke or pass it off or tell him to cut it out, but a few days ago I’d snapped, when I found myself wishing there were feelings behind those words.

                That was my mistake.

I cursed myself as I hurried through the crowd of students, walking quickly. I shoved my earphones into my ears, turning the volume on my phone up, to blast the music, as if to erase what I’d heard.

                But nothing could erase what I’d seen. Saeki’s smug smile at me would forever be burned into my mind. He wanted me to see him with her.

I drew my jacket around me as the biting wind cut into my cheeks. I felt my hair whipping around my face but I couldn’t pay attention to it. I didn’t feel surprised, or shocked, just numb. As if I knew this was inevitable. Saeki had never told me he had feelings for me, we’d never gone on dates, he’d never asked me to be his girlfriend, so why did I still feel this pain?

                My phone buzzed, the screen displaying “Saeki” across the top but I chucked it on the bed, instead choosing to complete an essay I had due next week. I sat at my keyboard, and pulled out the essay guidelines.

After two hours, my eyes glazed over the blank word document, I’d been unable to write anything. I’d never been more aware of the presence of my phone. I kept trying to resist flipping the messages open and looking at them, but I knew if I saw what he had to say, I couldn’t stop myself from replying. Although I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t fair he made me feel this way, I couldn’t be mad at him, I could only be mad at myself. I’d let myself believe I was special, that Saeki shared these feelings, that we were on the track to being together.

At around 11:00 p.m., two hours after I’d given up on trying to write while my mind could only think of Saeki. I’d tried to keep myself busy, but ended up just watching Netflix to distract myself. Suddenly, I heard a loud *knock knock*. I jumped, throwing my earphones off. I looked around my dorm, my roommate hadn’t returned.

*knock knock knock* the knocking continued. I slinked off my bed and peered through the peephole. Saeki?! I jumped back when I recognized the long, black, silky hair and white shirt. I felt my heart start racing as I contemplated whether or not I should the door.

”_____?” He said from the other side of the door, making me freeze. His voice didn’t have the usual cocky, joking tone. He sounded…devastated.

I raised up on my tiptoes again to peer through the peephole at him. Saeki’s brown eyes were filled with a sadness and seriousness I’d never seen. They penetrated my core, it seemed like that flirtatious façade was completely cracked, leaving behind this vulnerable Saeki I didn’t know existed.

”_____,” Saeki started again, “I’m sorry, please let me in.”

My fingers flew over the locks and I yanked the door open. Saeki’s eyes widened as he registered my face, and I felt his arms close around me.

“My honey…” His voice croaked by my ear.

“S-Saeki,” I couldn’t move, “But… I said…”

I felt his embrace tighten, “I know, you said not to say it if I didn’t mean it.” His warm hands held me close to him, “So if I mean it it’s okay, right?”


                Maybe I was asking for too much; I always knew Takao was the problem-fixer, and didn’t ever complain about himself, but I had started to feel our relationship was a little one-sided. For a few months now, he’d always been there for me. Whether I was stressed about a test, got in a fight with my parents, or just wanted someone to talk to.

                I’d started to realize however, that although I’d talked about myself all the time, I didn’t know much about Takao’s feelings. Sure, I knew all about his family and how much he loved them, but I didn’t know who Takao was.

                I didn’t realize why that would bother me so much, I had someone who was always there for me, and didn’t expect anything in return, but it felt wrong. I wanted Takao to confide in me, wanted him to trust me to cheer him up, just like I trusted him to cheer me up. Every time I asked him though, he brushed it off, saying there was nothing to talk about.

                I’d gone too far though, thinking back now I felt embarrassed. I can’t believe I actually said that… I thought, angry with myself. I could see the shocked look on Takao’s face when I’d asked him if he didn’t talk to me because he didn’t trust me. He’d avoided the question, and instead told me to calm down. I clenched my hands as I remembered how angry that made me. He didn’t get it… I knew we’d never be more than we were now, just study friends, unless he opened up to me too.

                I glanced at the clock on my phone, it was 11:40 a.m. only 20 minutes until the usual study time. I sighed, Takao and I hadn’t spoken or texted since my confession. Although I was still upset, and wishing that he could trust me enough to rely on me, the idea of going another day without talking to him was even more upsetting. It’s a long shot, he probably won’t even be there, I thought, but gathered my Government notes and book and headed to the library.

                When I reached the table we’d always sit at, and saw it was empty, I cursed myself for feeling disappointed. You knew he probably wouldn’t be here, don’t be so surprised. I tried to tell myself this, but could feel my chest tightening painfully as I unpacked my notes and book, painfully aware of the empty chair next to me.

                “Sorry I’m late!”

                I turned around, to see Takao panting slightly, as he tried to catch his breath. Did he run here? He set his bag down, and began unpacking his notecards and highlighters.

                “I-I didn’t think you’d show up,” I stammered.

                Takao looked up at me, his eyes widening in surprise, “Of course, we always study together, right?”

                “Well,” I fidgeted nervously, “I didn’t know if you still wanted to after our last conversation.”

                “Oh,” Takao stopped unpacking his things and looked down, “I’ve been thinking about that.”

                My heart thudded, he wasn’t smiling. What has he been thinking? I could only feel that something bad was about to happen.

                “I’ve never really been the person to unnecessarily cause others worry,” He started, “I didn’t realize that made you unhappy…”

                My eyes widened as I realized he was trying to apologize, when I was the one who had exploded on him, “N-no Takao I didn’t mean—”

                “I don’t want you to think I don’t trust you, or count on you,” Takao continued, “Because I do, you’re really special to me.”

                I’m special to him?! I felt my heartbeat quicken as he confessed this. What did that mean exactly?

                “Oh,” Takao’s cheeks suddenly flushed as he looked at me, embarrassed, “Now I’m the one who said too much.”


                It wasn’t like Ren was normally chatty, but now I found myself missing the little he did talk. I felt so overly aware of the strained air between us. You shouldn’t have brought that up, I thought. I knew this was all my fault. I hadn’t realized how much I really enjoyed my time with Ren, how much I valued each small, cute thing he did, until he didn’t anymore.

                It had been almost a week since I’d seen that article on the internet of “Prince Leonard”, and realized he and Ren looked the same. I wished so badly that I never brought it up to him. Maybe if I hadn’t, he wouldn’t have distanced himself from me.

                I had just started to think that maybe we were growing closer. He would talk a little more, smile a little more, and open up a little more. But when I confronted him, I was mostly shocked, half-joking. He, however, had been brutally honest with me.

                “Now that you know, you also know why we can’t ever be together,” I heard his words echo in my mind. Every time I remembered them I felt my heart fill with their poison. He hadn’t even given us a chance, but I could understand why: he was Prince Leonard, and I was a regular girl.

                We managed to get through another lab, completing it without speaking to each other. I didn’t have the courage to say anything, when my mind couldn’t forget his intense expression when he told me we’d never be together.

                Just seeing his handsome green eyes, or the delicate way he handled the instruments, it was no wonder he was a Prince, someone far too perfect for me. I kept trying not to look at him, but my eyes always found their way to his face. Each time, I felt my chest constrict painfully, and yet I couldn’t stop myself.

                Why’d you have to say that, Ren? I bit my lip, turning away from the experiment, why’d you have to say that before giving us a chance? It’s because you’re just a regular girl, you’ll never be enough to be with a real-life prince, I reminded myself. I kept forgetting, because to me, Ren was just Ren, my quiet, cute, and honest lab partner. But in reality he’s much more.

                My eyes began to sting. I quickly packed my things up and fled the room. When I finally reached a quiet study place in the hallway, I slid down the wall, clutching my bag to my chest. I can’t do this, I thought, as my vision blurred with hot tears. I’d always heard about how hard a one-sided love was, but never imagined my heart could hurt this much.

                “What are you doing?”

                I froze, and slowly looked up to see Ren standing in front of me, his eyes wide in surprise as he saw my tear-stricken face. What is he doing here?

“What happened?”

                I bit my lip, looking back down again, “You happened.”

                I heard a rustling noise, then Ren sat down on the ground next to me.

                “Ren!” I tried to hide my surprise, “Y-You can’t sit down here, it’s dirty.”

                His eyes were still slightly widened when he returned my gaze, “But you’re sitting down here aren’t you?”

                I didn’t know what to say, simply hearing him say something like that made my eyes fill with more tears. Stupid, stupid Ren, stop being nice.

                “I miss you…”

                I blinked, looking at him incredulously, “W-what?”

                “I don’t like you treating me like a prince,” He said, a slight frown appearing on his face, “I liked the way it was before.”

                “b-but…” I tried to conceal my shock, “you said…”

                A gentle smile crept across Ren’s lips, “If I say I take it back, can we be like before?”


                Why won’t you text me, Yuta, I thought, clutching my phone closer. I scrolled through the messages, seeing the same words I’d re-read a thousand times. “Hey what’s up?”, “What r u doin?”, “u ok?”, and the final, embarrassing one, “R u mad at me?”

                “Ugh!” I groaned in frustration. I buried my head in my pillow. God, how needy can I be? I felt my stomach twist painfully. This sucks… The last two days had passed agonizingly slow. The worst part was realizing exactly how much I’d grown to needing Yuta. Without him talking to me, I hadn’t even gotten out of bed today. This is so sad, I thought, huffing as I once again glanced at my phone.

                Every time my eyes closed I saw his wide, joyful brown eyes, his light, wavy hair, and the jovial smile that always made me smile too. I glanced back at our conversation, at the messages I sent yesterday. “Hey” my fingers typed out. My finger hovered over the ‘send’ button, hesitant. What if he doesn’t respond to this either? I realized how much I could be annoying him, and yet I just wanted a reply.

                I went through the motions of going to class, of performing a lab experiment, but all I could think of was Yuta. Every time I thought I felt my phone vibrate, it was in my hand; and each time, it wasn’t Yuta, and my heart sank. The growing disappointment and realization that he wouldn’t text me back today either filled my stomach, and by the time lab ended, I wasn’t hungry.

                Although I didn’t think I would be able to eat anything, I found myself at the entrance to the dining hall. Why am I even here? I thought, glumly looking at the sign. I found my eyes wandering to the place where Yuta normally stood. I could almost imagine him standing on his tiptoes, waving enthusiastically, with that grin on his face. Just as I pictured it I began to feel my eyes sting. What did I do, Yuta?

                Suddenly I felt someone ram into me, and I stumbled forward.

                “Oh my God I’m so sorry!” I heard him apologize from behind me.

                It can’t be… I turned around slowly. Yuta’s already wide eyes grew with surprise when I faced him. We stared at each other for a few seconds, wordlessly.



                We both started talking at the same time, and stopped. As Yuta fought his smile in front of me I could feel myself doing the same thing. Wait, smile? I felt the clenching weight around my heart that I’d been carrying all day loosen.

                “We always seem to have a bad habit of bumping into each other,” Yuta chuckled, ruffling the back of his hair, embarrassed.

                “Yeah…” I stared at him, the main question weighing on the back of my mind, “What’s been going on with you?”

                He froze, then turned to me with his mouth open, “Oh jeez you’ll never believe what happened to me!” Yuta then proceeded to tell the most ridiculous story, of how he’d been hanging with some high-school friends and tripped and fell in the pool.

                “In the middle of winter?!” I tried to bite back my giggle, “You must have frozen!”

                “Yeah! It was crazy, the new phone was so expensive though,” He looked glum for a second.

                My eyes widened, “Wait, new phone?”

                “Well yeah,” He looked at me, surprised, “It took a swim with me when I fell. Gosh I’m such a klutz, you shoulda seen how hard they were laughing at me.” A flush crept into Yuta’s cheeks.

                I felt a smile tug at my lips, “So… you had to get a new phone?” I felt relief settling in me, That’s all it was!

“Yeah,” He dug in his pocket and pulled out a phone in a bulky, protective case, “I decided to take precautions this time.”

                I burst out laughing, until my sides hurt. Yuta started looking at me with a slightly worried expression, “I’m just relieved,” I admitted honestly, “I thought maybe you were mad at me or something.”

                “Really?!” Yuta’s jaw dropped, “Oh my God I’m sorry,” He suddenly looked downcast.

                “Hey,” I poked his shoulder, “Don’t look sad, I’m really glad.”

                Yuta beamed at me, “Awwwww, but you got all worried. Honestly I missed talking to you, but didn’t think you would miss talking to me.”

                “Hey! Your jokes and funny pictures get me through the day,” I said jokingly, but meant every word.

                Yuta’s smile grew, his eyes sparkling, “Then I’m doing something right! Everything’s much better when you’re smiling and happy.”


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so i know alec being the first one to say i love you would be so so cute and i’m very much about it but um side idea: magnus says it first. and oh!! better: it’s on accident. 

i mean of course he 1000% means it!! it’s just that he’s already known his feelings for alec for a while now and it’s become this very normal thing in magnus’ life. like the sky is blue, water is wet, the clave is The Worst, and magnus bane loves alexander lightwood. see? simple. 

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Luke Imagine: You’re a Singer and Win an Award

Author: Julie


Becoming a famous singer was something you had been dreaming about ever since you were little, as most young children did. Unlike them, however, you made an effort to become one – from private lessons to help enhance your voice to posting covers of songs on YouTube, you tried to put yourself out there.

It wasn’t until your relationship with Luke started that people began to watch more of your covers. You already had a reasonable amount of views per each video, but when your relationship with Luke went public, the number of views skyrocketed.

Tons of viewers commented on how lovely your voice was, how they wished they could sing as well as you, and how you and Luke both being singers and a couple was absolutely adorable. You soon became aware that the possibility of having a career in music was attainable.

There were, however, the people who went on and on about how you were using Luke for fame and only wanted to date him to get more views and money. They tried telling you that your relationship was fake, only made to help your career.

You ignored them, because they didn’t know what it meant to be in love with Luke. They didn’t know how special he was to you, how he could light up your entire day with just one dumb joke – or five, he was quite fond of them – or how he cuddled you close to him at night because he would miss having you in his arms when he went away on tour.

They didn’t know how he comforted you when you woke up from a nightmare, or how he loved to play his guitar while the two of you sang along to a song that sounded perfect with your voices blended together. They didn’t know that getting more well-known was a side-effect to being in love with Luke.

When you wrote your first song, it told of love. It was written over many coffee dates with Luke, where the two of you would discuss chords and lyrics and you’d come up with beautiful lines that only came to mind when you were with him. When you posted a video of your first original song, Luke played the guitar while harmonizing here and there.

It wasn’t long before you got enough views for record companies to start noticing you, and soon you were offered with a deal. You had been hoping to get signed on for so long, and when it finally happened, you were overcome with shock.

You suddenly were brought into the busy schedule of an artist. Weeks spent in a recording studio, working your voice until you could finally hit the high note, were how you spent your career. Getting to see Luke became a less frequent thing, but it made the moments where you got to meet him all the more important.


After weeks and weeks of recording, scratching a certain lyric all together, and re-recording, you finally were able to come out with your first album. Not only were you nervous for how the public would react to it, but you were also insanely proud over your first actual album, and you were glad you got so much of a say in how you wanted to sound.

You didn’t expect it to get so popular, to sell so many copies. Overnight, you made it to the number one spot on iTunes, and suddenly everybody knew who you were. You weren’t ‘Luke’s girlfriend the singer’, you were ‘The singer who is also dating Luke Hemmings’, and people began to finally listen to your music because they liked how it sounded.

You got a massive following and fanbase, and while you were sure some – if not most – of them were also fans of you and Luke, you were glad there were people who could separate your success from who you were dating.

Soon enough, you were doing interviews and were in the midst of talking about a tour with your label. Everything was turning out the way you dreamed it would as a kid, only so much better, because you had Luke at your side to help you through it every step of the way.

Awards season came up, and you were in total shock when you found you had been nominated for best breakout artist of the year.

Of course, Luke and his band were nominated in another category, so you accompanied him to the show. On the carpet, you talked to many interviewers who asked what it was like to be so new to the industry, and how excited you were for your first award show. You answered each and every question with a smile and honesty.

The entire time, Luke was somewhere within eyeshot. Whenever the two of you caught each other’s glance, he’d give you a dumb look which would make you laugh and alleviate some of the nerves you were having.


By the time the show had started, you and Luke were seated next to each other in the audience, and as each moment brought you closer to the category you were nominated in, your grip around Luke’s hand got even more desperate.

Your nerves were suddenly all you could focus on when the two presenters went back out on stage after a performance and announce the nominees for the next award, best breakout artist. You had to take deep breaths as Luke whispered comforting words into your ear.

“Don’t worry, babe, I’m sure you’ll win.”

You watched as they pulled out the card from the envelope and read out a name. You didn’t register that he had called your name until Luke had jumped up and pulled you up with him. Suddenly, everybody was looking at the both of you as he engulfed you in a hug and all you could hear was cheering from the crowd.

“You did it! You won!”

His words brought a huge smile to your face, and when you pulled away, you felt tears starting to build up. You were directed to the stage, where you received your award, and all during your acceptance speech, you would glance at Luke, who had the biggest smile on his face.


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anonymous asked:

I know there are people invested in OQ. I never got invested. It was too quick and no buildup like CS has had and continues to have. After last nights episode I've seen many people say they no longer like the OQ story or have lost interest. Do you think the writers are intentionally writing the story to make fans start to dislike the couple? It's like they aren't that invested in the pairing. You can look at CS and OQ and use this as an example. CS is clearly heading to TL status. I don't -cont

Cont-see this with OQ at all. Some people may disagree but to me it’s not being written that way. Sean was never made a regular. I agree Robin is a plot to bring EQ back. Do you even think Sean will be around next season? For some reason I don’t see him remaining on the show. I can’t see the writers redeeming regina fully. People have expressed they want EQ back because regina has become boring. So that means no OQ. Do u think writers are slowly moving us towards realizing OQ won’t remain?

Anonymous said: What are your thoughts re Outlaw Queen splitting when Robin chooses Marian over Regina again? I like your theory about Regina becoming the evil queen again over the course of 4b but I do wonder what role Robin would play in this? Would he try to save her like Henry? And would it cost him in the end if he tried to save her?


First off, my apologies for the wait to my top asker. Your question has been sitting in my inbox for quite a while, and I figured it was time to get to it since we’re fast approaching the final two episodes of 4A. I combined these two because of their similarity.

Let me see, where do I start?


I don’t know how long either of you (or anyone reading this) have been reading my stuff, but in short, one of the basic, basic observations that I frequently return to when I do an analysis is the foil argument. And essentially, the foil argument is this—Emma and Regina are foils in every aspect of their lives. What do I mean by that? Well, everything that Emma is, Regina is the opposite.

So, for example, in 4.01, during the ending scene with Emma and Regina on opposite sides of the door, Emma plainly tells her that she’s meant to bring back everyone’s happy endings, including Regina’s. And what does Regina do immediately after that? She goes for the storybook and declares that she’s going to force the author to write her her happy ending. So immediately, from 4.01, we have a prime example of how Emma and Regina are foils—Emma is worried about everyone else’s happy endings, Regina is only worried about her own. Emma is worried about the town, Regina is worried about herself. That is what I mean when I say they’re foils. Whatever Emma is, Regina is the opposite.

The other thing you have to understand about the foil argument is… it extends well past each of these women. So, not only are Emma and Regina foils of each other, but each of their relationships with Henry are foils of each other. Each set of their parents are foils of the others’. And… each of their relationships are foils of each other.

So what does that mean? Well, that means that there are going to be a lot of similarities between their relationships (just like there are a lot of similarities between Emma and Regina), but ultimately, what Emma and Killian have, Regina and Robin are going to have the opposite. Where Regina and Emma act the same, Killian and Robin will act in opposing ways. Where Killian and Robin act the same, Emma and Regina will act in opposing ways. Thus, there are going to be many similarities between these two relationships, but ultimately, because of the nature of the women involved and the basic tenets of their dynamic (as foils), one of these relationships is going to succeed, while the other is going to fail.

To give a few examples of how CS and OQ are foils, consider this: in each of their relationships, there was a child involved, as well as that child’s other parent. In each of these cases, the child’s parent was no longer in the picture, which left the partner free, and then suddenly that dead parent came back. The circumstances may be slightly different between these two situations, but it’s still largely the same in regards to the difficulty of the situation. So… given this situation, how do Killian and Robin react? Well… Killian first challenges Neal and pursues Emma against him… and then later decides to do the honorable thing and backs off, leaving the choice up to Emma, and giving Henry’s parents a fair shot at making their relationship work (should Emma choose to rekindle it). And what does Robin do? Well… Robin first chooses to do the honorable thing and backs off Regina so that he can give him and Marian a fair shot for Roland’s sake… but then later decides that he loves Regina and would rather be with her than resurrect his frozen wife, so he commits adultery.

You see where I’m getting at here?

Given the same sort of situation, Emma’s partner first decides to do the dishonorable thing before changing his mind and doing the honorable thing, while Regina’s partner first does the honorable thing before changing his mind and doing the dishonorable thing. What Killian did forwards, Robin did backwards. What Killian did first, Robin did last, and what Robin did first, Killian did last. These two are the polar opposite of each other. Thus, Emma’s relationship with Killian is the foil to Regina’s relationship with Robin.

Get it? That was only one example, but it was the most illustrative one when it came to getting my point across. There are, of course, more examples of the opposing natures of Emma’s and Regina’s relationships, but I’m too tired to think of more right now.

So all of this is to say that if the audience was meant to become invested in CS, then the audience was meant to not become invested in OQ. Because CS and OQ are foils of each other. If the writers wanted you to fall in love with CS, then they didn’t want you to like OQ. You know what I mean? What you’re supposed to feel for CS, you’re supposed to feel the opposite for OQ.

Another example of the foil nature of these two relationships is this: CS experienced a long, slow burn of a build-up, thus OQ would have to experience the opposite—a short, quick flash of a romance—and that is indeed what we got. That is all due to the opposing nature of the relationships (which is based on the opposing nature of the women involved in them).

With me so far?

So it’s not really a question of whether the writers are invested in the pairing or not. The differences between Emma’s relationship with Killian and Regina’s relationship with Robin are all based on the structure of the narrative. The relationships were meant to emphasize Emma’s and Regina’s opposing natures and choices. (Rumbelle actually serves as a foil for CS as well, but from Killian’s side rather than Emma’s.)  

So CS is definitely headed towards TL status, but it’s going to be at the expense of both OQ and Rumbelle, because however closer Emma and Killian grow with each other, Robin and Regina and Belle and Rumple will grow apart. That is all based off the observation that those relationships are foils. OQ serves as a foil for CS from Emma’s side, and Rumbelle serves as a foil for CS from Killian’s side.

Now… here’s one thing I’d like to point out in regards to the whole Robin-Marian-Regina situation—Robin as no idea what Regina was about to do to Marian back in the Enchanted Forest. Robin has no idea that it was Regina who was the one to capture his wife, and parade her around like a dog, before sentencing her to die. Robin has no idea about all of that. As far as he knows, it was his screw-up that led to Marian being killed. He has absolutely no idea about what really happened.

How much you wanna bet that that particular ugly truth is going to come rearing its head within the next two episodes? How much you wanna bet that that’s going to happen?

And guess how Robin’s going to react to it?

So Robin’s not going to save Regina, no. Robin’s going to dump Regina by 4.11-ish. Robin is going to find out that the thing he’d been blaming himself for all these years was actually Regina’s fault, and then he’ll dump her and go back to Marian and Roland. And how would you think Regina would react to all of this? She’ll start to slip back into Evil Queen mode, and this time, without the Shattered Sight to egg her on. Remember how Rumple took a big step back, away from prying eyes, in 3.22? Well… Regina’s going to do a similar kind of thing in 4.11. Trust me.

Because Robin is supporting her right now, doing the dishonorable thing and ignoring his own wife, cheating on his own wife, to support her would-be murderer, it’s going to come back to bite him. Her past is going to come back to bite her. And this is going to lead to a break between them. Remember in 4.01, when Emma wanted to go after Regina and Hook stopped her from doing so, saying, “Nothing good ever comes out of pushing that woman.”? Well… what has Robin been doing this whole time? With regards to his relationship with Regina? He’s been pushing. He’s been doing the dishonorable thing and pushing. And now Regina is getting used to Marian not being in the picture and Robin supporting her completely. Once Marian is back in the picture again by 4.11, Regina is not going to be able to take it well, especially now that she’s remembered how good it felt to be the Evil Queen again, AND she’s remembered how good it felt to be loved and supported completely by a man she loves (Daniel).

So because of Shattered Sight, and because Robin pushed her throughout the season, two old familiar memories and emotions are in the forefront of Regina’s mind—what it felt like to be in love and have the complete attention of a man who adored you (Daniel), AND what it felt like to be the Evil Queen and have all that power at your fingertips and everyone running away in fear of you. When Marian comes back and Robin, via the cure to Shattered Sight, recalls why and how he fell in love with her in the first place, Regina is going to start to lose that first one (Robin’s love and attention), and in an attempt to hang on to it, she’s also going to unconsciously grip the second one (Evil Queen mode) all the more harder.

Thus, Robin’s role in Regina’s backslide has actually been playing out throughout 4A. His pushing her has recreated the state-of-mind she was in before Daniel died, and so his loss is going to send her flying off the deep end in much the same way as what happened the first time with her displacement of anger, her slip into Evil Queen mode, and her obsession with casting the Dark Curse to force her happy ending. Only this time, it’s all going to happen much faster. Her anger will still be displaced (aimed at Emma), she is going to fall into Evil Queen mode, rather than slip into it, and her obsession will be to find the storybook author in order to force her happy ending. So that is where Robin fits back into all of this—as Daniel and Daniel’s loss, all over again. It’s the repeating history theme the writers are so fond of.

Anyway, no I don’t believe Sean will be around next season. I don’t believe he’ll even be around in 4B. I believe 4.11 is his last episode. Because you have to consider the business side of this—if the writers wanted him around for more than half-a-season, they would have put him under contract. They would have made him a regular. They did not do that. This means that the producers and the studio are not worried about him being scooped up by other studios and productions. If they aren’t worried about Sean’s presence on their show, that means they can very much do without him. By contrast, look at how quickly they contracted Michael Socha because they had a role for him in 4B, and they wanted to make sure his schedule was free for them. So it’s this kind of thing you have to take into account. The producers not putting Sean under contract means they’re not worried about losing him. If the producers aren’t worried about losing the actor, what does that say about his character’s importance?

So that’s what I think about all of that. OQ is not meant to be like CS because OQ is meant to be the opposite of CS, an extension of the opposing nature of the women who are involved in those relationships. The writers are invested in CS because CS is their main couple. OQ is designed to oppose the CS dynamic. Thus, the audience isn’t meant to get invested in OQ at all. Robin’s pushing of Regina for all of 4A has been recreating the state-of-mind she was in before Daniel’s death. His loss by 4.11, and her reminder of the joys of being the Evil Queen, will launch her forward, right back down the same hole she fell into during her quest to cast the Dark Curse. This is what’s going to happen to her throughout 4B, and it will culminate in her making an attempt on Henry’s life, just as she made an attempt on her father’s, all so that she can steal his heart and write her happy ending (Henry is the author of the storybook, HERE). Once again, it’s all the repeating history theme the writers love doing.

Okie dokie? So that was my take on that. I hope I answered all parts of the questions above and provided some useful insight.

Thanks so much for the questions! And I hope you enjoy the episode tonight! :-)