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100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

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tower; post-LR epilogue. Lightning comes to a bunch of realizations through a series of letters to a certain someone…

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  • Historia: ymir we seriously need to talk
  • Ymir: omg finally yes babe i've been waiting forever to talk about this shit--
  • Historia: you can't wear heeleys to bed
  • Ymir: ...
  • Historia: ...
  • Ymir: see this is the kind of shit that makes me want to go beypnd the wall again
  • Historia: i am not marrying you if you are gonna wear heeleys to bed
  • Ymir: why can't you accept me for who i am

Jung Yonghwa: CN Vocal Drummer


Pokemon x Knb crossover: Trainer Kuroko & Trainer Akashi

Part 1 of my pokemon x knb crossover. I plan on making one for each of the Vorpal Swords + Momoi :D

Of course I didn’t just choose these pokemon out of randomness, they are there for a reason haha 

Below is the explanation along with a short backstory I came up with.

Enjoy reading!

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