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late night rendezvous with sehun ✨❤🌃 

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You know how Corriander is one of the names for Xander X Corrin? Well, corriander also happens to be cilantro... XD (Someone should PhotoShop this, I don't have PhotoShop)





sidryliyasçljdkmasiçuoasi When I found that I out I was like ‘SEE EVEN THE SHIP NAME MAKES ME THIRST FOR HIM, I FEEL V A L I D A T E D’

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I just found you and if I may make a request? For the longest time I've been a huge Raphael Fangirl, but recently I've been realizing that with our personalities that I'd fit better with Leo. Can you write something to reflect that?

I loved this request, I actually changed stuff up a little with this imagine. I went with the Platonic soulmate route, there’s no drama in this and its just complete utter fluff. I’m not sure if this is what you wanted but I really hope it is - Gosh!! Please get back to me on this one, I need compliments on this one because im just so scared to post it LMAO !!!

You and Raph sat across from each other, the tension in the air thick - you were breaking up with him. It wasn’t one sided, you both just realized you weren’t meant to be together. It hurt, of cause it did. You had both put so much time and effort into this relationship just to come to the conclusion that it wasn’t meant to be. It was more like best friends, hell maybe even brother and sisterly. So there will never be any bad blood between the two of you, but just saying it out loud… it was weird. 

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Probably the last place I'd think I'd find it, but all your Hannibal belly ficlets have made me more confident about myself. I've always been that chub fluff on my stomach no matter how strong I get and how much I exercise, for the longest time

(2/2) I desperately wanted a flat semi-abs belly, but now when my muscles make it stick out I feel good about myself Idk that was too long but thanks for real.

Anon, you made my day so much with this message! I’m really really happy that you’re learning to love your body! I promise you your belly is very very cute and there are lots of people out in the world who think so (I’m definitely one of them)! ❤️❤️❤️

Honestly, the Hannibal fandom has been a really amazing place for me to go through the same thing and realize that there are (a lot of!) people in the world who like people who have cute tummies (FYI every person in the world has a cute tummy, this is a fact). But like, I’ve always had a thing for tummies and for people with some extra chub, and been a little insecure about it, because that is kind of weird, right? So it wasn’t something I ever really talked about (tho tbh my best friend has figured out to always introduce me to guys with what she calls “the Nick Frost aesthetic.” I guess I’m not that subtle.) But then I started to get really into the Hannibal fandom and noticed that tummies are a thing here too, and people actively talk about it a lot. I mean, yeah, there are fanartists and ficwriters who headcanon that Hannibal has six-pack abs, and draw and write him that way, and more power to them (tho it’s not my cup of tea). But there are just as many who actively include and love on his little chubby tummy (and love handles!!! omgggg) in their work, and it’s so nice and refreshing.

It’s not just validating bc it’s helped me be less insecure about what I’m attracted to, but also about my own body. I’ve always been pretty chubby, and even though I’ve lost weight and gotten in shape this year and am physically strong, I also can’t get rid of my round belly. At this point, I really don’t think it’s going anywhere. But that’s ok! And this fandom (and the fat acceptance community on Tumblr in general) has really really helped me with that. Because if a dudes like Mads and Hugh can be strong and sexy and extremely physically active and powerful and do professional gymnastics and carry pumpkins and stuff and also have cute chubby tummies, and not be ashamed of that, then so can I. And seeing people on the internet react to that really positively and support it and include it in their headcanons about these characters is really important to me.

So yeah, I really feel what you’re saying here, Anon, and I’m really glad you shared this. I’m glad all my tummy talk has helped someone (and also you reacting positively to it makes me feel less weird about it too!). There are a lot of super people in this fandom who spread the tummy love and have made this a great place to be, like granpappy-winchester, haanigram, sartorialcannibal, willgrahamed, remy-thibedoux, ter0rr, darkdreamsofhannigram​, and lots more I’m probably forgetting right now, but these are all people you should check out!

Also to everyone, please put tummy headcanons in my inbox anytime! Feel free to be Anon! I live for this shit!

yours is the light by which my spirit’s born:
yours is the darkness of my soul’s return
–you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars

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i'm in ed recovery and for the longest time i've been afraid of nut butters but i decided to face my fear and i bought a jar of almond butter the other day and tried it and now i want to slather everything i eat in almond butter and bathe in almond butter and live in an almond butter house with an almond butter dog and drive an almond butter car and look at almond butter clouds in an almond butter sky under the shining almond butter sun in an almond butter galaxy in an almond butter universe

Any time you guys make a “recovery win”, practice self care or overcome an irrational food fear I am filled with SO much joy and feel so very proud for you 💛

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i've been longing to find you in my dreams for the longest time now. i don't just want to see you, i want to talk with you, i want to get to know you, i want to befriend you. but i barely dream, what can i do to make it so that we cross paths in a realm outside of this one?

Just message me , we can chat for a bit if meeting up in the dreamscape isn ’ t your thing

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Can you explain this whole Taengsic ordeal? Bc I've never even heard about it.

After The Boys era in 2011 Taeyeon and Jessica barely interact with each other. Jessica even said back in 2009 or 2010 that her and taeyeon’s schedules don’t give them time to see each other and how they never really talk. From what i remember Jessica even moved out of the dorm so i guess they really don’t see each other that often. i think that because of this taeyeon just doesn’t want to talk to her, maybe because she’s not making an effort but thats my view. taeyeon has just been acting cold towards jessica for the longest time, ignoring her if she tries to interact with her, jessica has been trying.

on sketchbook when taeyeon said she was the lonely the host asked if she couldn’t have gone to one of the members for comfort, taeyeon kept looking at jessica.

but recently they have been interacting and taeyeon has been accepting her in a positive way but there still feels like there tension between the two.

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Hey I just wanted to tell you that for the longest time I figured you were just another vine "star". After following you I've been so happy to see what a genuinely nice and sweet person you are. I'm so happy how you've been careful to make sure no one feels excluded. Anyway I just wanted to say I think you're awesome and I'm glad I followed you

Aww!! Well that absolutely makes me so happy to hear. I truly aim to make sure my content is accessible, and it’s hard to convey personality sometimes through a medium that consists of six seconds of video at a time, but I’m so glad you get that impression of me! I’m so glad you’re enjoying what you see!!


Ashton: You and Ashton would be the really touristy couple who would love going to see the sights and exploring the different cities you saw. In every city, you would immediately go see the sights, sometimes dragging the other boys with you. But the best times were when you went alone with Ashton and in your mind, these sightseeing adventures were your greatest hits. In New York you went to the Statue of Liberty and he told you he loved you. In San Francisco you went to the golden gate bridge and he gave you a promise ring. At the top of the London eye he told you he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. And in Paris in front of the Eiffel tower he proposed to you.

Calum: You and Calum wouldn’t be very good with the jet lag, resulting in early morning and late night walks. Y’all would sneak out when nobody was looking and head to the local park or just wander the streets, stopping at a little 24 hour café and grabbing a snack and sometimes running into fans. You guys would probably be goofing off and getting weird looks but neither of you would care and one night when you had wandered far from the bus or your hotel, it would start pouring and you would try to take shelter but Calum would pull you back into the rain and kiss you maybe under a light post and it would be the cutest ever

Michael: The first place anybody would look for you and Michael was his bunk because let’s face it, y’all spent about 90 percent of your touring time there. Even though the bunk was crowded with both of you in there, y’all loved cuddling and didn’t mind much. But one night the bus would take a particularly sharp turn and you would go flying out of Michael’s bunk and land on the floor or in one of the other boys’ bunks and wake up all of them and nobody would know what was going on but if you landed on one of the boys they would probably scream and accidentally shove you out of their bunk before they realized what happened lol

Luke: You and Luke would spend a lot of time sitting in the back of the bus, listening to music and talking about random things. At night when everybody else was asleep, you two would sit on the couches and watch the world go by: sometimes it would be city lights and sometimes it would just be landscape but whatever it was, it made it feel like you were the only people in the world and half of the time y’all would just fall asleep there and the rest of the boys would find you in the morning all cuddled up and doing your best to not fall on the floor. They would probably make fun of y’all a lot too, just making suggestive and weird comments but loving how happy you made him.

A/N: hey guys, I’ve had writers block for the longest time and this isn’t my best but I wanted to get something out for you guys so here it is… if you have suggestions please send them in because I’ve been feeling extra un-creative these past few weeks