i've been wanting to make something for this scene


                                                                If you could see me now
                                                         Would you be pleased and proud?


You know, sometimes I feel like our marriage, is like a magic eye poster.  And, at first glance it doesn’t seem to make any sense. And, it’s hard to figure out. But, sometimes, if you squint at it just right, everything lines up and it’s the most perfect, beautiful, amazing thing. But, I’m so tired of squinting…


“Lord Tywin was a great man, an extraordinary man,” he declared. “We shall never see his like again, I fear.” You are looking at his like, fool, Cersei thought. It is his daughter standing here before you. (for fran)


Episode of the Week: The Boneless Bride in the River (2x16)

HP Fanzine?

How would you folks feel about a Harry Potter comic zine?

I’ve been thinking about making one with new comic scenes and artworks for a while now… Is that something you’d be at all interested in? If it is, what are some scenes you’d like to see in it? I kinda want to do a couple from each book! 

*pondering face*


….that you should want to live your whole life through, broken and blue…(x)

Tomco is my bigger ship, but i’m a multishipper, and i’ve been wanting this kind of episode so i’m happy i’m finally gonna get it after so long.

It doesn’t need to be my biggest ship in the world for me to look at a beautiful animated scene in a cartoon and be like:

Daron, i still hate you’re making me wait 4 months, but thank you. This really gives me something i know for certain i can look forward to in November, looks like a pretty great birthday gift to me.

Writing a new fic like
  • 0 words: this idea is great! someone should write it! *I* will write it! it's going to be brilliant and everyone will adore it
  • 0-500 words: omg writing is so hard i’ve been writing for hours and the numbers never change why am i doing this
  • 500-2000 words: i know i just posted something else recently but clearly i've forgotten how to write in the meantime. this is all a disaster i should give up
  • 2000-3000 words: hey waiiiit wait did my characters just do that? where did that scene come from?? THIS IS AMAZING i'm so talented
  • 3000-4000 words: i just read a comment on someone else's fic and now i want to quit forever because my writing will never make anyone feel that way
  • 4000-5000 words: nah man this is actually awesome i'm in the zoooone everything's flowing this is going to be beautiful
  • 5000-6000 words: i'm still writing but i'm completely distracted by another idea i just had that would be wayyyy better
  • 50,000 words: what the hell happened

anonymous asked:

How would a ravenclaw liked to be asked out? (I've been crushing hard on one for awhile now)

Awwwww 💙

Well, first of all–know your Ravenclaw.
Is your Ravenclaw someone simple, or a sap who would want you to go all out?

If they’re a simple Ravenclaw, consider:
• Asking them out in private
• Doing it in a short, but sweet way
• incorporating a cute memory into it (example: use an inside joke you two have, recreating a scene from how you met, etc)

If they’re a sap, try:
• Using something they love (like fandom-themed, or making a mixtape/playlist of their favorite songs, make a meme if they’re into memes). Anything that they really like and would be excited to see used in asking them out.
• A scavenger hunt with clever clues that could challenge them
• If they’re fangirls/boys/other then recreate a cute scene from their fandom where two characters got together

Anyway, thank you for coming to me for advice, I thought it was sweet and cute. But don’t forget to just be yourself. Don’t be nervous.

Remember that this is just advice, and I know nothing about your relationship, so it may not be relevant. I’m sure whatever you end up doing, Ravenclaw will love, because we tend to find the beauty in everything. A box of chocolates definitely wouldn’t hurt, though ;)

Good luck!!!

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The thing in that excerpt from the Infinity Doctors, it's one of the thing that scares and saddens me most in life tbh. It's the same as in the Sound of Drums, you know, with Lucy Saxon's "There's no point. No point to anything. Not ever." because you know in the end nothing we do ever matters does it? We'll all end up dead in space anyway and now I'm sad goodnight

Oh no no no anon you’re misconstruing what the Doctor is saying in that passage.

Everything does end, yes, they certainly go on to reiterate this on multiple occasions (not just in that particular novel). It is an inevitable fact of life. But they are definitely not saying that means everything people do or strive to be is pointless. Quite the opposite:

(Omega) ‘You have destroyed my hopes, you have condemned me to a meaningless existence.’

'Not meaningless!’ the Doctor shouted. 'You must find new meaning in your life, yes, but no life is meaningless.’

- “The Infinity Doctors”

The Doctor was initially remarking upon a state of existence where everything can be changed — where all your failures, your mistakes, your losses, whatever are erased so that you never have to experience it at all, so that you never have to deal with, endure and learn from the consequences. They are pointing out that that kind of life is ultimately inconsequential.

If you want to make a parallel with a scene from the DW TV episodes, this one (from “School Reunion”) is more fitting:

Life is finite, so find out what you want to do with yours. Make it meaningful to you. Just because something doesn’t last, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthwhile.

Animation planning.
  • So next Thursday I will be posting my upcoming animation for Undertale's first birthday! : D it's official! I hope you guys like it XD
  • Afterwards, I think I'll try to juggle two animation projects at the same time, rather than just one at a time, so if I get tired of one, I can work on the other, and switch back and forth. One for short term, and one for long term. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I really want to do something with Steven Universe, but what I'm thinking will be the long term project and something you guys won't see for a long time. but in the mean time, the shorter term animation before then (one I've already started) is gonna be another Undertale animation, and it's a fight scene! exciting! Once that is done, lol I'll see where it goes from there. lol
  • but yeah I thought I'd make that little update lol

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I know you're probably being bombarded with sonamy requests for the kissing fic meme but if you haven't been asked this one and you're comfortable with it, Sonamy+14? I've never read a fic with that before :D

This one was tough! But I’m glad you asked!XD I was trying to figure out how to not make this awkward, and then I remembered that scene in your Boom Baby! comic, so this is my take on a moment like that! More Fanfics are coming, too!

I think, personally, that getting something you want- something you really, really want- feels a little bit like a quick, deep breath in, and then a long, sometimes tearful, sigh out.

Amy realized this as she turned over the thin stick, and saw something so simple that meant something so complex; a plus sign. 

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This is a crappy photo, and I re-used the container of a body lotion I bought ages ago - so it doesn’t look very fancy. Nonetheless, I’m really excited about this. It’s a body scrub inspired by endemictoearth’s “Under the Tunisian Moon”: sea salt, olive oil, almond oil, lemon, ginger, a hint of driftwood, and the tiniest bit of jasmine. Here’s a recipe if you want to make it for yourself!

  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 1/6 cup olive oil*
  • 1/6 cup sweet almond oil*
  • 15 drops lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops ginger essential oil (or 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger)
  • 5-10 drops sandalwood essential oil
  • 2 drops jasmine essential oil

Combine all oils (and grated ginger if you are going that route) in a bowl. I recommend glass if you want to use it again, but you can use plastic if you don’t mind retiring the bowl from use with food. Add salt, mix well, and transfer to a jar for storage.

*You can use all almond oil, or substitute something like jojoba oil instead. I’ve found that using ALL olive oil makes this a little too greasy.

Me during an exam I really need to pass
  • Me: oh look we're doing pourbaix diagrams
  • Me: I can totally do that, I've been practic-
  • Brain: Remember that destiel fic you really wanted write years ago but cannot because you don't know how to write the first scene?
  • Me: -ing and i'm gonna ace-
  • Brain: well i've finally found the perfect way to write it
  • Me: -this...test...
  • Brain: also, you've focused too much on reading johnlock and stucky, what about gendrya and drarry and cecilos
  • Me: *stares at questionnaire*
  • Teacher: two minutes left
  • Me: *stares at my answer sheet half-filled with indecipherable words and numbers*
  • Brain: also you need to read that update on the bagginshield fic you're following

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I've been thinking about the sun article about Louis and what stands out to me is that Louis was always pushed narratively as the one interested only in behind the scenes ventures, without fail, to the point much of fandom believes that's all he wants to do. So for them to suddenly talk about him in terms of a solo career in a similar way they did Niall is a big shift and makes me think good things are coming for him soon, and they're preparing.

Yes, it’s a very big shift–which tells me that they are reacting to something that is in fact happening, whatever that might be.

4everklarolinehoney  asked:

Hey ! I I saw that you take requests for your drabbles serie "Married Klaroline Drabbles" on FF , so If you want I have a request :) I've love to see Klaus and Caroline go to the supermarket , first fluffy scenes and Klaus begin to tease her , she's embarrassed with costumers watching them and go take something in another aisle and when she come back she saw Tatia bothering Klaus and make very clear that Klaus is her husband and they're completely in love ,then you finish the way you want :)

Thanks for request! Here it is. I hope it’s good. 

Read the other stories in the series here

This story has also been published on ff.net. Please leave a review. :) [X]

Hope you like it! :)

“Do we need more condoms? I think the used up all we had last night.” Klaus yelled across the large isle at the populated supermarket, causing Caroline to glare at him as she tossed boxes of cereal into the cart. The other shoppers shot disgusted looks his way but he remained unfazed. “How about lube? Do you want something flavored?”

Caroline’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull as they widened in shock. She quickly scurried away from that isle and headed towards the toiletries. She was closely examining a roll of toilet paper like it held the secrets of life when he jumped into her line of vision.

“So I picked up some chocolate sauce and whipped cream since we depleted all our stocks last night. Which brand is better?” he asked innocently as he held up two different bottles of chocolate syrup, his brow furrowed in fake concentration. Without hesitating, she slapped the back of his head, her anger radiating off of her in cartoon waves.

“One more word and sex is off the table for the entire month. Stop behaving like a virginal teenager!” she hissed, her anger heating up even more as he smirked. “Now don’t bother me until I’m done shopping.”

“So I’m only here to pay? Tell me the truth, did you only marry me for my money?” he teased her, his dimples coming out to play.

“Get out!” she yelled as she threw a toilet roll at him causing him to leap in surprise and laugh hysterically. She grabbed a few more rolls and threw them at him, making him run away from her.

She sighed in relief when he was out of sight. Taking a deep breath, she went about her shopping in peace, checking her list every now and then to ensure that she got everything. As she made her way back to the entrance, towards the checkout line, she caught sight of something that made her blood boil. There was that infuriating man she married, flirting with their next door neighbor Tatia Petrova. His arm was perched casually on a shelf near his head, but she knew it was anything but casual. Judging by the way his arm muscles bulged in that position, he was enjoying the way her eyes raked over his form. He hadn’t seen her yet as his back was to him. She clenched her teeth as Tatia laughed loudly at something he said and placed her claw like hand on his arm.

She marched up to him, pasting a sweet smile on her face. She placed her arm on his chest, making sure it was her left hand, and ignored Tatia completely. Her engagement ring shined bright, its large size couldn’t be missed by anyone.

“Honey, are you ready to go? I have to meet Tyler for lunch so could you finish this soon?” she asked sweetly.

Klaus did a double take at her words. “Tyler? You mean your ex-boyfriend Tyler?” he straightened up, forgetting Tatia completely as he followed after his wife to the billing counter. “Wait a minute. What do you mean you’re meeting Tyler for lunch?”

“I mean I’m meeting Tyler for lunch.” She answered innocently as she tossed several items onto the counter to be scanned.

“No you’re not.” Klaus said, his brows furrowed in frustration.

“Yes, I am, Nik.” She said as she went about tossing her shopping onto the counter.

“Then I’m coming with you.” He said.

“No, you’re not.”

He scoffed and pulled out his wallet to pay for their shopping. The sales assistant handed the shopping bags to him as Caroline marched out of the supermarket without a backward glance. He smirked as he lifted the load and followed her out.

“You’re messing with me, aren’t you? There is no lunch date, is there?” he taunted. He already knew the answer to that. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight. One more word and you’re sleeping in the garden.” 

Thank you for reading! :)

I’m not taking any more requests at the moment. I’ll let you know when I am. Plenty more Married Klaroline Drabbles to come. :)


- Anna