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Hellos! Yours truly is back again with another fic list! it’s been about two months since the last one and I think it’s about time for another one haha enjoy! again, here’s my fic rec page 

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You knew you’d regret smart mouthing Tazerface but with a name like that who could blame you? You looked at the door they had just hauled a defeated Yondu and a cursing Rocket through. You could still hear Rocket threatening the men and promising to get you and Groot out of there.
If there were two things these men had not seen in a long time it was a talking tree and a woman. Both of which they now had caged and bound up.
“I AM GROOT!” Groot screamed, clinging onto the bars of his cage, trying to pull them apart. One of the men noticed this and flicked Groot hard in the stomach sending him flying to the other side of the cage with a small thud.
“Hey asshole!” You shouted gaining the man’s attention. “You leave him alone! Comprende?!”
The man’s laughter filled the ship. He threw Groot’s cage to the floor and made his way over to you. Your arms and legs were still bound meaning you couldnt have defend yourself again the slap you received. Groot shouted at the sight of it and tried again to break free from the cage which was now rolling on its side like a defective hamster ball.
You watched in horror as another one of the crew scooped the cage back up and let Groot out only to wrestle him into a small Ravagers uniform. Another then poured his alcohol over Groot. Groot tried his best to make his way towards you but was kicked away as soon as he got close. You could see the distress in his big brown eyes and it broke your heart.
“It’s going to be okay Groot - don’t you worry about me.” You said forcing a smile.

Since Groot had become a seedling you had become a mother figure to him. This was cermented when you and Rocket had finally gotten together, him being basically a father to Groot anyway. You were suprised that everyone had accepted your relationship, if anything they seemed extremely happy for the two of you. Peter even joked that since the two of you had become ‘official’ Rocket had become more 'bearable to be around’.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that lady!” Shouted Tazerface. He leant over you and grabbed your hair, pulling you forward out of the chair you were sat in. You did your best to stop the fall but could only do so much with bound wrists. The only thing holding you up was Tazerface’s grip on your hair. He dragged you towards the door that lead to the air lock. You started to shout and wriggle - anything to get you away from it. You had watched helplessly as loads of Yondu’s faithful men had met their demise there. Their iced over bodies still floated on the other side of the glass and it looked as if you were going to join them. Groot continued to scream so one of the men grabbed him and threw him back in the cage before carrying him out of the room.
Tazerface forced you into the small compartment and slammed the door shut. You fell to the floor and looked up at him through the window. His finger hovered over the button that opened the main door and a creepy smile covered his disgusting face.

“You should be more careful of what you say to the new Captain of the ship!”

Rocket had always said you were a 'stubborn woman’ and that 'one day your mouth will get you killed’. You had always laughed him off but now you were starting to think he had been right all along. However, it seemed you had already gained yourself a death sentence so what was the harm in pushing a little bit further?
“You will never be a captain - especially with a name like fucking Tazerface!” You laugh despite your fear.

“I could do it you know! Send you out there with the rest of those spineless Yondu worshipping bastards!”

“Then what are you waiting for? An apology? You’re sure as shit not going to get one of those.”

“I want you to break! I want to hear you plead for your life!”

“I’ve never once pleaded for anything and I’m not going to start now.” You said keeping eye contact.
The ropes on your wrists and ankles were starting to hurt now and the patch of hair that Tazerface had lifted you by stung.

“The I will keep you in here! Keep you in here until you either beg or I get bored of you.” With that he turned and walked away, leaving you alone.

You didn’t fear much but one thing you hated was confined spaces. Only Rocket knew of your claustrophobia and always did his best to make sure you were never put in a situation where it would flare up. He wasn’t here now though, he wasn’t here to comfort you and keep you calm. You could feel your breathing begin to quicken and when one of the crews frozen bodies bumped off the glass next to you, you began to sob uncontrollably. Without a distraction you could feel the familiar weight in your chest and the feeling of the air getting thicker. You tried your best to compose yourself but the thought of being kept in here made you feel sick and you were sure the walls were closing in.

You must have been there for hours when someone finally let you out. You were shaking and had your eyes closed tightly. Your breathing was still laboured but your tears had stopped.

“It’s okay (f/n), I’m here. Come on, we need to get going.” You felt yourself relax at the familiar voice and when you felt a small warm hand stroke your cheek you finally opened your eyes.

Rocket looked from you to the air lock compartment. He noted how small the space was and felt a pang of guilt fill his body. If only he had been able to get to you sooner. He didnt want to think about how scared you must have been. He quickly chewed the ropes around your wrists and ankles and saw how raw the skin underneath them was. It was obvious that you had tried your hardest to escape them. He pulled you into a hug that you returned eagerly and strokes the back of your neck.

“Come on princess, we have a ship but we need to go quickly.” He whispers before placing a quick kiss to your temple. “I promise everything is gonna be fine.”
He moved away slightly and took your hands in his. He pulled you up gently and lead the way.

He was going to make the person that did that to you pay. No one places you in a position like that and gets away with it. He could feel his anger boiling as he reached the door of the ship. At least it was pretty roomy. He entered first and made sure to give you the seat furthest away from everyone in order for you to calm down fully.
Once they were airborne he walked over to you and simply sat on your lap. He knew you liked to hug him close when you were frightened and ,strangely, he didn’t mind being used as a teddy bear by you. Instinctively your arms wrapped around him and he buried his face in your neck. He whispered comforting words as you ran your fingers through his fur.

Yondu and Kraglin exchanged glances before returning to look at the scene in front of them. This, they did not expect.

“Well rat, I’d never have had you down as the cuddling type!” Yondu laughed, putting an end to the silence.

“Only for (f/n),” Rocket mumbled quietly. “so don’t get any ideas.”
Rocket normally would have attacked him for laughing but right now he wanted to make you feel safe. There was plenty of time for revenge later.

You fell asleep holding Rocket, the whole situation had completed worn you out. Quietly Rocket had slipped from your arms and made his way back to his own chair.

“What was wrong with her?” Yondu asked quietly. Glancing from you to Rocket.

“She don’t like no small spaces. One of your men… they had her trapped in the air lock all night. I swear, if I had of ran into him… I would have-” Rocket’s anger over the situation grew again.

“They’re all dead now rat, they got what they deserved.” Yondu flipped some controls and left the ship on auto.
“So, you and (f/n), huh?” He smirked slightly.

“…Yeah.” Rocket avoided eye contact and took to looking back over to your sleeping form. He still couldn’t quite believe it himself. “Just wish I could have done something to help her.”

“Hey, you comforted ya girl. That all you could have done. Ain’t seen none of my men being used as a cushion before… I think that shows how much you love her. As I said, those men, they’re dead now. It ain’t ever going to happen to her again.”

Rocket’s ears twitched slightly. He had never imagined he’d hear Yondu say the word 'love’ without gagging. Then again, he never thought he would use it either.
“Guess so… I just hope she doesn’t b-”

“She won’t blame you, there was nothing you could have done.” Yondu interrupted.

Rocket nodded lowering his gaze. He played with his fingers and tried to ignore the guilt still swamping his small body. He’d find a way to make it up to you, even if it meant being a living teddy bear for the rest of his days.

disclaimer: i do not own supernatural or any of its characters, only the plot in which i write in.

Dean walked into the room, shrugging off a layer of many from his attire and throwing it aside onto the bed next him.

He stopped when he saw none other than Castiel sitting on the edge of said bed, head buried into his hands. He could barely make it out, but the Winchester swore he could hear shuddering breaths coming from the ex-angel, and it only confirmed his suspicions more when he saw the light trembling of shoulders with each and every stuttered breath.

Dean couldn’t help but to let his ever permanent frown deepen at that. Cas didn’t cry. Never in his entire time of knowing the man did he ever shed a damn tear or let on that he wanted to.

Although, he was human now, so it was probably opening up a lot of flood gates for him what with being able to feel the immense emotions wash over him completely. Being an angel had its perks he supposed, he’d give anything to be able to shove his emotions back down inside of him unless he wanted to feel them. Castiel couldn’t do that now, however, and Dean could only imagine what the hell Cas could be feeling right now.

In all of his millenia of existence, he’d probably gone through way more than what he’d merely gone through with the Winchester’s, but it was still a lot to take in, and this life probably only made it worse. Dean knew that of course. The hunters life sucked, any hunter could tell you that from the get go.

Yet, he couldn’t think of how in the actual hell he was supposed to comfort somebody without making it worse. Let alone a damn person that used to be an angel. That’s all Dean was usually good for when it came to support and advice. He’d fuck it up somehow, he knew.

Ah, fuck it. Better something than nothing at all, right?

Hesitantly, Dean took a few short strides across the room to where Castiel sat, taking a seat next to him and leaning his elbows on his knees to keep himself propped up as he kept on praying Cas didn’t move his hands away from his face; not wantng to see the distraught expression that he might find on his boyfriend’s face. He didn’t know if he would be able to handle that much.

“You alright, Cas?”

He got nothing in response but a frantic head shake, indicating that, no, he was most definitely not fine, but still refusing to tear his hands away from his face. Dean felt selfish for being grateful about that.

“Wanna talk about it?”

Another nod.

Okay, damn, what else was he supposed to do then?

“…Can I hug you?”

Dean Winchester didn’t do chick flick moments, that was very well known, but hugging didn’t count. Absolutely not.

There was a few seconds of silence before Cas shook his head ‘yes’, both of them moving at that to go in for a hug.

For a moment, Dean saw Cas’ face, where he had removed his hands, which was adorned with tears. His eyes looked to be bloodshot and swollen from crying, some parts of his face both pale and patched red.

Sighing, Dean scooted back farther onto the bed and motioned for Cas to come closer to him, manuvering them both until the ex-angel was sat beside him, legs draped across Dean’s before he nestled his face into the crook of the human’s neck. His arms wrapped around Dean unsurely, but was quickly reassured when Dean tugged him closer into his side and put his own arms around Cas.

Neither of the two men said a word after that, settling for the silence that blanketed the both of them in the room, aside from the occasional sniffle or shaky breathing coming from Cas.

Eventually, though, Dean found the silence nearly unbearable, and pressed a kiss to the crown of Castiel’s head before making Cas get up off of him so he could stand and make a beeline to his phone.

For once, he was glad that Sam had given him a speaker to plug his phone into, it made it a lot easier to do things like this.

Fishing his phone out of his pocket, he went straight to his music app and scrolled through the several songs he’d downloaded until he finally settled on one, hooking it up to the speaker that rested on his nightand beside the bed.

Cas didn’t look up until he heard the beginning of the song started playing through the speakers.

Dean walked back over to his boyfriend– if he could even call him that? he didn’t know what else to call it– and reached a hand out once he stopped in front of him, offering it to Cas. Fuck his “no chick flick moments” rule for now. Neither of them would mention this to another damn soul, probably not even each other, so what did it really matter, especially if this helped?

When the other didn’t catch on to what Dean was asking, looking up from the outstretched hand to green eyes that practically glowed in the dimly lit room, Dean spoke up once more.

“I, uh… Dance with me?” He asked tenatively, afraid that this was the wrong time for this and Cas would turn down his only means of how to comfort the ones he cared about.

This was the most calming thing he could think of (aside from quietoy singing), so, why not try it with one of the people he cared about most?

Cas looked a bit upset at that. Shit, maybe this wasn’t the right time after all. Maybe he had definitely messed it all up now and—

“I’m not sure how I should go about dancing. I’ve never really danced before, Dean.”

Internally sighing in relief, Dean let a small smile tug up at his lips, a look of understanding coming over his face.

“That’s alright, man, we won’t do anything too hard. Just do what I do. ’S that easy to catch onto, trust me.”

Castiel slowly reached out to take Dean’s hand in his own, rising to his feet when he felt Dean pull at his hands a bit. He followed after Dean as the man took a few steps back, placing the both of them a good distance from everything around them except each other.

As the first words began to be said throughout the speaker, Dean started to gently guide Cas’ hands up around him to where his elbows rested easily on his shoulders and so his hands could lock behind his neck before placing his own hands on Cas’ hips. He merely started swaying them back and forth after he’d gotten them both adjusted comfortably in their position.

“So close no matter how far Couldn’t be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters.”

Dean mouthed silently to the words as the two men continued to gently sway side and side together, the tenseness started to ease out of the both of of their bodies as the song carried on.

“Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don’t just say And nothing else matters.”

Slowly, but surely, Cas eventually ended up closer to Dean after the song was half way through, their bodies pressed against one another as they kept swaying to the song.

Their surroundings disappeared in this moment where it was only about them. The only thing that existed to them in that moment was the soft background and lyrics of the music wafting over them as they danced.

Castiel didn’t hide his face this time. He found it much more appealing to look up into the bright, candy-green eyes that were gazing into his own blue ones.

“So close no matter how far It couldn’t be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters.”

Neither of them quit their swaying by the time the music had ended. They still clung to each other, afraid to let go. This was a time that was the most peaceful, to them, the most they had ever had, a time they didn’t have to worry about anything but each other.

But, like all good things, it, of course, had to end. Still, neither broke apart, keeping joined at the hands, nearly clinging, as Dean turned his phone off and guided them back to the bed to lay down. As they lay down, they stayed as close to each other as physically possible, not wanting to ruin the calm serinity that surrounded them.

As they layed down, one of Dean’s arms went under the pillow they shared, his hand on his gun like always. He’d kill anything that thought it was going to bring harm to either of them while they were at such a calm like this. His other arm was around Cas, hand resting at the small of his back.

They fell asleep in each others’ arms like that, separately broken in their own ways, but together.

Kiss Challenge: Kiss on the forehead

Words: 1360

A/N: Let’s be real, dating Oscar would consist of infinite forehead kisses.

You were running late. Seven o'clock was quickly approaching which meant you should be creeping on the halfway mark to your mother’s flat. Having meant to have left twenty minutes ago, you had already switched your phone to silent knowing she would start calling in a few minutes.

What could you tell her? Sorry for being late to dinner, mother, I had to get in one last bout of sex with my boyfriend before he flies off to start promotion? Your boyfriend, who is downstairs, was no help in the situation. It was him, after all, who insisted you join him for a shower which threw your entire schedule off. Even though you know you’ll have to endure another one of your mother’s lectures regarding the “indecency” that comes with being late, you can’t find a single guilty bone in your body.

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First of all, I wanna thank satan for making it possible for me reach this number. This took a while for me to post because I was too lazy and too busy to get around it. I’m nearing 700 now. Second of all, I wanna question why everyone chose to follow such a shit blog like this. Though I am mostly thankful to everyone that did. Thank you for tolerating me on your dashes even though my presence has been scarce and I rarely get to reply back to any of you. Getting to RP someone like Nyx has certainly been a fun and emotional experience for me. He’s given my RPing hobby a second chance on a lease of life. And I wanna thank everyone who’s given me a chance to RP with them too. You are all lovely.

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