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jimin; mine back then, yours until now

❝jimin had asked you to be his when he was ten. he repeats the same question when he’s twenty. 
*late christmas present for @nerdjimin ((love you boo, now suffer))
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Feminine Products

Crossposted from my AO3 here.  Original inspiration taken from @clairelutra​ and @caprette​, with specific inspiration for this story from @chez-pezeaterhere.  It is recommended that you first read the oneshot that started it all here.

Many thanks to @clairelutra​ for editing this story.

Summary: Chat’s been Marinette’s errand boy for a while now, but he doesn’t really mind.  Anything for a friend, right?

Well, almost anything.

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At this point there is hardly anything I want to do more than sit down and write the Coldflash AU where Len meets Barry for the first time while Barry is undercover as “Sam”. So before Len gets all hung up on the Flash, he has this incredibly smart, socially awkward, sort of weird tech guy to obsess over and they get involved.

And one day Len figures out that Sam has been lying to him all this time and everything goes to shit because I love angst

Problems I Have With People Saying That Phil Collins “Ruined” Genesis

First, let’s get one thing straight: Peter Gabriel left Genesis. Genesis was gaining in popularity, things were going relatively well, and then he left and the other band members had to pull it together and decide whether or not to continue with the band. Obviously they ultimately decided to keep going, but they quickly realized that they needed a new singer and held auditions for the part. No one was working out, and one point I want to make is that Phil Collins was not sitting behind his drumkit rubbing his hands together and cackling (although that is an image I would love to see). Rather, Phil Collins was sitting behind his drumkit with wide eyes saying “Oh shit, no one’s working out and I’m probably going to have to sing.” Although him singing did work out and he was happy with it in the end, he wasn’t entirely thrilled about the idea at first, and he didn’t really want to leave his place behind the drumkit. Another thing I want to point out: Phil Collins is not entirely to blame for Genesis going in a more poppy direction or “selling out.” People often act as if Phil somehow forced Genesis to go in that direction, possibly by holding Mike and Tony at gunpoint and insisting that they use more synths and a drum machine. That’s really, really not the case. For one thing, had they not gone in a more mainstream direction and away from their Prog roots, Genesis would have disappeared as soon as the 80s began. Would you rather have poppy 80s Genesis, or no Genesis at all? Many who hate the “Phil Collins-Era” of Genesis might say “no Genesis at all,” but that’s merely a matter of opinion and obviously not what the members of Genesis wanted. For another thing, Mike and Tony were both fine with going in a pop direction. Have you heard their solo albums? Mike + the Mechanics is aggressively poppy and 80s, so poppy that I’m honestly not a fan at all. Tony’s solo stuff is sugar coated and cheesy as well (not that I don’t like some of it), even more-so than most of Phil’s albums, in my opinion. And finally, do you all really think that Genesis wouldn’t have gone in a pop direction had Peter stayed in the band? Have you heard his solo work? His work is, dare I say, even more poppy than Phil Collins’, and he went poppy and essentially abandoned Prog Rock before any of the others did (Listen to ‘A Trick of the Tail’ before you say that Phil Collins ruined Genesis with his love for pop). Now, I’m not trying to vilify Peter Gabriel at all: he did what he wanted and had to do to survive as a musician as well. All I’m saying is that the Peter Gabriel-Era of Genesis and the Phil Collins-Era of Genesis are exactly that: Two different eras in a fantastic band that both deserve love despite their difference in sound.