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Dead Marauders Watching Moony Lose His Virginity
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Lily:</b> so you two have been watching for quite a while now... I don't think it'll happen, guys.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> ah, shut up Evans. It'll happen.<p/><b>James:</b> don't you dare tell my wife to shut up.<p/><b>Lily:</b> can both of you calm down before things get ugly. And... oh, they're going to bed now, let's go, come on.<p/><b>James:</b> no, no. I don't think they'll sleep just yet. Five more minutes.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> ....now they're talking.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> and some more talking<p/><b>Sirius:</b> <p/><b>Sirius:</b> GET ON WITH IT<p/><b>James:</b> patience, Pads!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> come on! I've been waiting my whole life for this!<p/><b>Lily:</b> and death.<p/><b>James:</b> and in utero.<p/><b>Lily:</b> James, foetuses don't know about those kind of things in utero.<p/><b>James:</b> yeah, but foetus Sirius Black obviously did.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> can you two stop talking about me like that? And besides, stuff's starting to happen around here.<p/><b>Lily:</b> what's going on?<p/><b>James:</b> they're... er, snogging.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> wish it was me.<p/><b>James:</b> you had all those opportunities to snog Remus when you were still-<p/><b>Sirius:</b> go and boil your head James. Besides, things are about to get exciting!<p/><b>James:</b> Merlin, he's getting his shirt off<p/><b>Lily:</b> James!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> oh, she's eager for him.<p/><b>Lily:</b> I am not!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> not you, I meant Dora. And besides, why don't you watch?<p/><b>Lily:</b> because I want to give them done privacy, AND I'm still married to your friend!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> so?<p/><b>James:</b> so then you shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you. And how are things going down there?<p/><b>Sirius:</b> uh... shirt, check. Trousers, check.<p/><b>James:</b> boxers?<p/><b>Sirius:</b> nope.<p/><b>James:</b> come on!<p/><b>Marlene:</b> what's going on here?<p/><b>James:</b> oh, hello McKinnon. Wanna see?<p/><b>Marlene:</b> what is that down there?<p/><b>Sirius:</b> one couple's fun night.<p/><b>Marlene:</b> oh. Well, I might as well just.... hey, wait a minute... is that Remus Lupin?<p/><b>Sirius:</b> Remus Lupin and all his glory.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> he's bigger than me.<p/><b>Marlene:</b> how would you know?<p/><b>Sirius *grinning*:</b> you would know.<p/><b>James:</b> I think it's going to happen!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> what, has he lost it?<p/><b>James:</b> no, but I think he's going to do it.<p/><b>Lily:</b> guys, you're not meant to be seeing this...<p/><b>Marlene:</b> seconded.<p/><b>James:</b> whatever... wait, he's hesitating.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> oh god, but she wants him so bad.<p/><b>James:</b> yeah, and he wants her obviously, just look at his face. He's still thinking about it, he won't last. ... wait, wait........ OH, MERLIN'S BEARD, I DON'T BELIEVE IT!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> oh, sweet child of mine....<p/><b>James:</b> HE DID IT! HE DID IT AT LAST!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> Moony lost his innocence, didn't he?<p/><b>James:</b> THANK GOD<p/><b>James:</b> HE WON'T DIE A VIRGIN!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> Remus Lupin, the thirty year old virgin?<p/><b>James:</b> over thirty. WELL NOT ANYMORE!<p/><p/></p>

The real favorite is all five. (x)


the librarians meme | [1/9 team moments]

↳    Oh, impossible! People keep saying that as if we don’t eat the impossible for breakfast every day.

Fire Emblem: Awakening Sentence Starters
  • "Ah, I'm sorry. Perhaps I'll come back when you're done playing."
  • "I'm not playing! This is serious!"
  • "Seroiusly... childish? Seriously... embarrassing?"
  • "Seriously none of your business. Seriously."
  • "Okay, just stop. You're not even sighing. You're just saying the word 'sigh'."
  • "You're guaranteed to lose 100% of the jousts you never attend, my friend."
  • "Perhaps you should name your next move 'Eternal Chastity'."
  • "Sure, why not? I've got the perfect teacher for it right in front of me!"
  • "Why, you little--!"
  • "Few things in life would give me greater satisfaction than to knock you on your rear, but one of us has to be the adult here, and it's obviously not going to be you."
  • "That's right. Walk away. You just keep right on walking... Jerk."
  • "Oh, look. The little boy is playing with his dolls again."
  • "Do you see dolls here? No you don't! That's cause this is serious business!"
  • "I'm honing my psyche so I can grapple with nefarious beasts of the night."
  • "Well, at least you'll be grappling with something tonight."
  • "Oh, real mature."
  • "Is this your diary? It's filled with bad drawings of heroes and their weapons."
  • "Don't! The Manual of Justice is more than your mortal eyes can handle!"
  • "Oh, that's just adorable! You even named the book and everything!"
  • "Page 1: _______. When danger nears, his sword hand twitches and his eyes turn red."
  • "Give it baaaaaack!"
  • "Why are you doing this to me? We're supposed to be allies!"
  • "Oh, you drew flames around this name! Does that affect the pronunciation?"
  • "Either stop reading or just stick a sword in me and be done with it."
  • "I'll say this: your bizarre fantasy world is certainly... robust."
  • "A sword is just a sword, you know? But a sword with a name is an ally!"
  • "Remind me again how this is mental warfare and not just you being mental?"
  • "A weapon with a strong name makes the wielder feel strong, too!"
  • "That kinda makes sense... which scares me."
  • "______, these are just the names of the girls who spurned your advances."
  • "Gods, there must be two hundred names on this thing!"
  • "Another day, another rejection."
  • "How long will it take womankind to realize my many, many charms?!"
  • "I saw this tiny flower bloomin' by the roadside and I got a little misty..."
  • "Wh-whyyyy? *sniff* Hooow?! Tell me... Tell me it's all a bad dream!"
  • "Gods, pull yourself together, man! You've been sobbin' for an hour."
  • "Everything was going fine until you ruined it, ruiner!"
  • "I just don't understand why it made the ladies fall all over you! ...and start ignoring me, I might add!"
  • "How is sobbing over a flower dreamy?!"
  • "Listening to you is stressful."
  • "I wonder if _____ would mind if I stabbed him..."
  • "Persistence is my greatest strength, you know!"
  • "It's pronounced 'tragic flaw'."
  • "'Oooh, ______! You're so mysterious!' 'Your mask is soOoOO dreamy, ______!' You were supposed to be my wingman! Not my competition!"
  • "She did not want me to leave. She was... stronger than she looked. I've never been so manhandled."
  • "Wait, were you flirting just now? Was I just hit on?!"
  • "I have nothing but the most platonic of respects for you."
  • "Your philandering is quite deplorable, but high marks on your attitude!"
  • "Ooh, let me guess! You hit on a pretty girl, and she shot you down?"
  • "Ha! Everyone thinks they know, _______. Well they don't know squat! ... But yes. That's what happened."
  • "How goes the philandering?"
  • "A girl agreed to join me for tea, and I was on cloud nine! But she spiked my drink and robbed me blind while I was out cold! She even took the shirt off my back! ...Left the pants, though."
  • "Wait. You're fighting a war to impress GIRLS?!"
  • "I'm not good with praise, you know? I'm used to rejection!"
  • "This is going to haunt me to the grave! The grave, I say!"
  • "Yes, you just happened to find yourself hiding in a barrel. What ARE the chances?"
  • "PLEASE stop trying to spy on me while I practice! You've climbed trees, hidden under bridges, painting yourself in ridiculous camouflage..."
  • "The time you jumped out from the waterfall nearly gave me a waterfall in my pants!"
  • "...You died before we got that far."
  • "I always used to practice beside your grave."
  • "I'd try to imagine what you'd say as you watch me. What I could fix..."
  • "I could hear it all in my head as I danced. But I just wanted to hear it aloud..."
  • "The me in the future might have left, but I swear, this me is here to stay!"
  • "So you're taking a breaking from chasing girls, to talk with me about... chasing girls?"
  • "...You get slapped a lot, don't you?"
  • "Oh yeah, all the time. I mean, when I'm not getting kneed in the groin."
  • "I'm a man of passion!"
  • "This is your last dance!"
GazettE twitter Dec 1, in which RR are about 12
  • Reita: I guess it's been 4-5 years since I quit smoking~
  • Ruki: It's been quite a while for me too~
  • Reita: Oi! Wait a sec there!
  • Ruki: You wait!
  • Reita: If you write something like that people will think I smoke too, you know! (laugh) I don't!
  • Ruki: This is how you act all the time, you know ( ᵕ́ૢ‧̮ᵕ̀ૢ)
  • Reita: Tomorrow I'm hiding your cigarettes...you can look for them until you cry!!
  • Ruki: Good thing I've already removed the 1st and 4th string from your bass.
  • Reita: Whatever, I can play with 2 strings!

I was very happy with my makeup tonight, and I haven’t done blue eyeshadow in a while and I felt super cute.

Hello to all my lovely followers!I hope that you are all doing fine.The purpose of my writing this text post is to inform you guys of something that I have been thinking for quite a while now and after the (disappointing) news that we were all informed of yesterday regarding their being no season 3,I’m informing you guys that this blog will no longer be only dedicated to magnificent century and magnificent century kosem.I obviously won’t stop making mc and mck edits but I will be making edits for other period dramas too(for now I’m thinking the white princess).This idea has been in my mind for a long time and I wanted to share it with you guys so yeah,that’s it I guess.May you all have a lovely day! x.

Seijoh Share house: Mama Hanamaki!

Hanamaki: Hey Matsukawa

Matsukawa: Hey long time no see

Hanamaki: Please take care of me from here on

Matsukawa: Same here

Oikawa: Yaho-☆ I’ve been waiting Makki, Mattsun!

Hanamaki: Hey, Oikawa long time no…

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witete  asked:

Hey friendo, if it's not too much to ask I'd like a little doodle...I've been down for a while and your art makes me smile. I hope you're feeling better nonetheless.

feel better friend <3

space mum has caught her ridiculous adopted son being a nuisance

anonymous asked:

Ok so I've been an anime fan for quite a while, however I don't know everything so don't hold me to this, but in my experiences if a season 2 is confirmed then it could be a year or two before it comes out. I'm currently waiting on season 4 for Junjou Romantica and season 3 for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, neither of which have been confirmed or cancelled and it's been a few years since the last season of each was aired. Btw if you haven't seen those shows you definitely check them out. Hope this helped!

A … year or two? 

I was hoping we’d get a new season around November. It’s such a great show to watch in the fall/winter.

Victor’s winter wardrobe alone gives me life.

kailuxart  asked:

Ahmm excuse me, but do you mind telling me what liners you use? I've been using Micron for quite a while, but the nibs have been running out very quickly for one reason or another, so they stop working. I'm trying to find out what would be the best to use, because traditional is my favorite type of art.

I had to wait all day until I could get home from work and respond with pictures!

As a person who isn’t very delicate when it comes to drawing I completely understand how tricky Micron pens can be. The fixed width is nice but it you get one if the pens with the really tiny nibs they can be crushed or bent pretty easily! 

Behold, my line-child: the Pentel Color Brush! (Or Standard Pentel Brush Pen, something like that).

I’ve used it on notebook paper, cardboard boxes and bristol and it’s still going strong! If you can keep it controlled you can do anything from really fine lines to cross-hatching to varied, calligraphic lines.

It’s also good for calligraphy itself! (Well, as close as I can get to calligraphy with my handwriting and shaky hands).

I have the Pentel Aqua Brush as well for watercolor and what I like about the Color Brush more is that the nylon tip has held up pretty well. (My aqua brush looks like it was stuck in an electrical socket). The Color Brush is also refillable; i think you’re supposed to refill it with new “cartridges” but I’m sure you could carefully put new ink in as well!

I’ll also say that I was using a Tombow Dual Brush Pen for a long time and I recently started using the Color Brush more because I think the Tombow is running low on juice. But the Tombow was great for going over with water washes and a softer look.

Anyways, I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the Pentel Color Brush pen (used for the entire drawing above) and it’ll be interesting to see how easy it is to “resurrect” once it runs out of ink! (Fingers crossed that that’ll not be for a while).

Hope that helps! ヾ(^ ^ゞ

anonymous asked:

Hi! c: In one of your relatively recent asks regarding some ham fic authors, you said 'you'd rather be known for uplifting good authors, esp good poc authors' so it got me wondering if you could quite possibly recommend some of the people // fics you enjoy reading? c: I've been meaning to ask since, but I figured I'd wait until things quieted down a little. (it's alright if it would take some time // you'd rather not! I was just wondering. c: )

yes !!! here are the ones i have, i’ve been looking around for more but it’s definitely an incomplete list, if anyone wants to send me things to add feel free!! i have a regular rec post that i made a while ago here but i’m going to rec great stuff by poc authors in this list:

Je M'appelle Lafayette by lafayettes-baguette

a wip exploring laf’s gender identity, some weighty issues, and ot4, it’s honestly amazing. if ur sick of ppl using NB!laf as a gross version of the gay best friend trope, check this out. it’s amazing

someone looking pretty by lafayettes-baguette

maria/angelica need i say more. okay but i will because this fic’s great, hayat’s an excellent writer and handles hard issues really well. plus more schuyler sister centric fic !!!

diamond in the rough by barackandrollobama

a high school au that i love w all of my heart !! i really love the debate team plot, all the fun miscommunication, and alex works at a hair salon. the dialogue is too good and the angelica characterisation is a+

no beat, no melody by aaronsburrr

i beta this fic so i’m not unbiased but it’s honestly the best it’s a revolution parallel story focused on police brutality. dia’s characterisation is so good and it’s really nuanced i love it.

sorry about the blood in your mouth [series] by aaronsburrrliljemmyyeezymandias 

the latter two authors aren’t poc i think but the fics are really important, giving voices to the hemmings family, and it’s honestly my favourite series i can’t recommend it enough. it’s such an intricately wrought series of fics.

to scale the blue sky by angischuyler

this is mine so i won’t self-promote too much but basically its an 80s high school au involving Model UN and the AIDS crisis

Of Identity and Legacy by actualjohnlaurens

i’m not 100% up to date on this fic but it’s a uni au, the writing is stellar and it’s very engaging ! def recommend, it’s a very fun fic

all the other authors here could use some more feedback and support!! go check em out!!

  • *Molly on her way out of the morgue. Sherlock bursts in.*
  • Sherlock: Molly. I have need of you.
  • Molly: Sorry, Sherlock, I've got a date.
  • Sherlock: That will be irrelevant in a moment.
  • Molly: I don't know, Sherlock. I really like him.
  • Sherlock: Well given the fact that you've been quite fond of me for years, I am quite certain you will break your date when I, at the advice of John, inform you have I have developed feelings of sentiment towards you Molly Hooper.
  • Molly: That's lovely to hear Sherlock but I'm still--
  • Sherlock: Perhaps you misunderstood me. I care for you Molly, deeply...I will wait here while you inform your date you will unable to make it.
  • Molly: *exhales* No.
  • Sherlock: Excellent, now let's--what do you mean no?
  • Molly: I mean no. I'm sorry Sherlock but I like Timothy and just because you decided to tell me how you feel does not mean you get to dictate my behavior.
  • Sherlock: *stunned* But I thought...that's how relationships...worked.
  • Molly: Well you always get one thing wrong, don't you?
  • *Molly turns around to leave.*
  • Sherlock: Wait!
  • *Molly turns to look at him. Sherlock leans in and presses a soft kiss against her cheek.*
  • Sherlock: I am sorry if I have offended you, Molly Hooper, and I hope you have a lovely evening. *turns to leave*
  • Molly: *quietly* Thank you, Sherlock.
  • *Hours Later: *
  • *Sherlock is moping around 221B playing his violin. Mrs. Hudson bursts in and takes the violin from him without saying a word, the door slamming behind her. Sherlock is stunned for a moment before stalking to the door and throwing it open, revealing a wide-eyed Molly Hooper on the other side.*
  • Sherlock: Mrs Hudson! *surprised* Molly.
  • Molly: Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: How was your da-oopmh--*cut off by Molly grabbing his collar and kissing him.*
  • Sherlock: *out of breath* I thought..I thought you didn't...
  • Molly: *her arms still around his neck* A healthy relationship has to be two sided. *Her lips barely brush against his* Do you think we can handle that?
  • Sherlock: Absolutely. *Dives in for another kiss*

anonymous asked:

Any advice for people going through depression? (Please none of that "it gets better" bullshit, I've heard that enough)

While iterating “it gets better,” you also have to make it get better instead of waiting for it. If you sit around feeling sad all day, it’s going to feed upon itself. You’ll drain yourself of all your energy, you’ll neglect responsibilities, and it will quite frankly repel people.

So get up and do that thing you’ve been putting off. Read a book. Say yes to getting lunch with a friend. Do the thing. I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s really all I can say?

truepaladinphoenix  asked:

I'd just like to say that I'm super happy that Tabletop is back. I enjoyed the first three seasons so much and I've been waiting for season 4 for quite a while. You don't have control over the delivery method, that's up to Legendary. I get that, and I'm sure a lot of people get that. But you have control over the content. And that's what I'm excited for.

Thanks. I’m doing the best I can to make the content as good as i can possibly make it, because that’s the only thing I have any control over.

anonymous asked:

Oisuga + “it’s been a long time since i saw your smile”

What many people don’t know, not even Daichi and Asahi, is that sometimes Koushi burns out.

Sometimes even Koushi himself forgets. It’s easy to, especially since he doesn’t have all that much time to burn out, anyway — he’s got papers to write, exams to study for, clothes to wash, and friends to hang out with. He’s productive with his time, and for the most part, he enjoys it.

Some days, though, it all goes to shit.

“Koushi,” Tooru mumbles into Koushi’s hair, late at night on their old couch. It’s quiet, save for the muted blare of the TV and the crickets chirping outside. Tooru takes the time to run his hands down the planes of Koushi’s back, soothing.

Koushi sighs, curls himself tighter in Tooru’s lap, and buries his face in the crook of Tooru’s neck.

“I’m so tired, Tooru,” he breathes against Tooru’s skin. There are wet spots on the front of Tooru’s shirt, from when Koushi had let his tears run a few hours ago. “I just want to go to sleep and never wake up.”

Tooru clucks his tongue, pressing his lips to the crown of Suga’s head. He doesn’t mind the dampness of his shirt, but he does mind the look of hopelessness on Koushi’s face. “That would be really bad for me,” he murmurs. “What would I do without my Kou-chan?”

Koushi’s lips twitch. He dips his head down to kiss Tooru’s collarbone, and says nothing.

“Hey,” Tooru says, nudging Koushi’s chin up with a finger. Koushi lifts his head to look into Tooru’s warm gaze. He thinks about how much he’s made him worry. “You’re one of the strongest people I know, but it’s not bad to rely on other people, too, you know? Especially on your amazing boyfriend.”

Koushi laughs this time, and though it comes out a little teary, it’s not as humorless now. He reaches down to grip Tooru’s hand. He can feel Tooru squeeze back.

“Can’t wait to see you smile for real again,” Tooru beams, “it’s been a while. But for now; sleep, Koushi.”

And Koushi does just that; he basks in the silence and Tooru’s steady heat, and allows himself to breathe, again.

I've heard the entertainment industry in Korea will probably not pick up until a week or two...

(Pt. 2)
ARMYs- I really hope you guys don’t follow what a small percentage of EXO fans did and complain about Weekly Idol being potentially postponed. I’ve also been waiting quite a while now, and I am totally anxious to see the episode, like have you seen the preview? I’m awaiting a lot if secondhand embarrassment lol. But remember to be patient and be understanding of all the delays. I kinda doubt you guys will complain ‘cause like pretty much all the ARMYs I know are more rational and since BTS has not as of now reached the insane level of some EXO fans, I’d say we’re pretty okay. So I hope there won’t be bad stuff on Bangtan’s tag too. Stay patient. And I’m not confirming that it won’t air on the expected time for sure but it’s possible. Just in case, 화이팅~

anonymous asked:

Wait, why do you think that they've been forced to perform in the past? Was there any indication that it wasn't their own choice to do so? I've only been here since early this year, and the only instance I can think of was harry on tour where he was on stage but didn't sing, that didn't seem like something he was forced to do, quite the opposite actually

The boys are beyond over-worked. Beyond. You’re clearly not a musician, are you? Working while this sick can be truly harmful, especially to their voices, as well as their bodies.

I’m sure the boys want to perform when they’re sick sometimes, but it’s because they have been taught that it’s not okay to take the time off they need. TMH tour they were worked to the bone and were sick and miserable and a mess by the end of it and never took the time they needed. Also, Harry’s voice is showing serious signs of wear from singing through colds and sicknesses, and there’s a chance that damage could end up being permanent. The boys have been throwing up while on stage, the boys have drank copious amounts of tea. Sure maybe they want to be there, but more in a we don’t want to let the fans down kind of way.

They should have been told before that if you are sick, sometimes you need to take time off or you’ll just hurt yourself. I hope suspect Louis wanted to perform today, and they said, “Louis, take that time you need. Feel better. Don’t push yourself unfairly.” and finally for the first time ever he really got that chance.