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Hi! I've been mulling over something and thought I'd ask you, I've been pretty out of touch with J2's lives, become recently re-obsessed and haven't all caught up yet. Anyway: On March 4, 2016 Jared posted a facebook video for the AKF anniversary where he says in the last 12 months he's had his lowest low (we know that one - May 2015), but also "my highest high". That's the one that's puzzling me and I'd love to know more about it. Do we have any clue what this "highest high" could've been?

Hello, sweetheart!

I apologize for having to make you wait so long for my response, but this required some serious digging from my part. I can’t help but think his highest high is a combination of things, rather than a specific pinnacle from that year.

Jared’s breakdown changed things for the J’s as far as I can tell. Gradually the amount of bearding dropped and they started being seen together more often. When I’m browsing both of their twitter accounts from that time, I see a whole lot of mentions of each other and selfies together from them. I think Jared’s breakdown was a wake-up call to them both - to try and live as honestly and openly as they could while still maintaining the closet.

There were also a couple of trips that the J’s went to - Turks & Caicos and Whistler. Some of the slip-ups from that era are golden!

And we really, really need to talk about AKF! It’s such a deeply personal project that must’ve opened up the dialogue with fans in a new way for Jared. To finally let this secret out and to be accepted for an imperfect human being must’ve been huge. Not to even mention hearing how the campaigns helped other people in their daily struggles with anxiety and depression must’ve affected him! It feels good to know you’re not alone. Jared opened up about his demons with such sincerity and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I admire – no, I adore him for his courage!

In short, many beautiful things (AAAAHHH, YES YOU ARE, OH NO! PLEASE! I CAN’T!)  happened during that year and my bet is that Jared’s “highest high” was a combination of all that occured. Less bearding, less hiding and the realisation of the wonderful AKF campaigns are the things that stand out the most for me.

Thank you so much for encouraging me to take this stroll down the memory lane, darling! I do apologise for the delay again and hope that your week turns out to be fabulous!

PS: While I was looking into this video on spn-gossip, I came across this lovely gem.

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Love your work! You're amazing!!!

Aw! Thanks so much, anon ❤️❤️❤️

I’m just glad to be posting fic again :)

I’ve spent the past few months writing, and writing, and writing, but the 2 stories I’ve been working on are huge, and still unfinished, and I hate posting WIPs when they’re incomplete, and I feel like I have nothing to show for, like, 6 months’ worth of work, and it’s frustrating :(

Thankfully, with Season 19 being not a total shitshow significantly better, I’ve been able to crank out a couple of episode tags/smaller stories, which makes me feel both more productive and happier, because I have something to give you all, if that makes sense :D

Thanks again, anon, both to you and to everyone who always responds so positively to my stories. I’m grateful for every comment, every tag, every reblog, and every like. Thanks for still reading, and for still being here, even though I hadn’t posted anything in months and months.

I love you all, and I appreciate you all!

It has begun. 24 days till Christmas!

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