i've been waiting 7 years

i finally changed my bed and my mom is proud👐


1st pic: my stickers finally came in! Thank you so much pointlessdonothing, cyrilliart, and he-got-the-dagger-tho for doing such great work! (:
2nd pic: nadia’s ‘B for Bananas’ sticker on the inside empty corner of my laptop
3rd pic: rusty’s, nadia’s, and pygmy’s stickers joining my other 3 i had! (HRC, sense8, and hp)
4th pic: pygmy’s hedgies sticker on my sketch book! (: (i have yet to find a worthy enough place for their ADORABLE hl sticker)

you’re all incredibly worthy of your dreams and hopes, so never lose faith that you’ll one day see Taylor live or have the chance to hug her and thank her for everything!! keep believing, keep shining, remain optimistically hopeful and keep dreaming of incredibly possible things