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I need some advice. For the 4 years I've been working there, there has been a lovely man who has Down syndrome come in all the time with a carer. A few weeks ago, he's started coming in without a carer and he's acting completely different. Before he was polite, made conversation, told you about his hotwheels card etc. now he's yelling at people, throwing things, he's been caught twice trying to steal and I'm not sure what to do. I don't know his carer or anyone else to talk to about this

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I want to lead off with a thank you. Alanna and the Lioness Quartet helped me through a really rough time, and inspired me to really start writing my own stories. So my question is this - How do you deal with writer's block? Specifically, how do you handle it when the thread suddenly disappears, and picks back up later in the story? I've been trying to go in and fill a hole for weeks now, and nothing's working. I have a rough idea of what happens, but I can't seem to put it on the page. Help?

Perhaps what you need is a detour. Introduce a new character. Male, female, other. Animal, child. Someone who jogs the narrative in a different direction and causes the other characters to behave differently. You’ll notice from your own life that when someone new, and that includes kids and animals, is introduced to your circle of acquaintance, people behave differently. You can learn something new about your characters by the way they react. Friendships and romances break up, fights break out, someone you disliked becomes more likeable - the introduction of someone new changes things. It can set you back on your path, or help you introduce an element you needed.

Set your main characters on a journey. Switch to someone else’s POV, which does much the same thing as introducing someone new. Step away for a moment and try writing something far in the future of your story. Write an “academic” article about the events of your story and see if that shakes it loose. Try writing it up as a screenplay or a non-fiction article. There are other ideas on my web page in the FAQ, too, that may be of help!

Good luck. I have been there so many times before.

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Hi! Would you please share some of your thoughts about The Handmaid's Tale? I've been trying to read it for weeks now, yet I still find it hard go through each chapter. I really want to like it though. Thank you!

Hiya, sorry it has taken me a long time to answer this! 

I don’t know where to start really because I’ve loved Atwood for so long. The Handmaid’s Tale is such a brilliant novel. I actually chose to write on it at A-Level and now I am glad to see that it is officially on the syllabus (nothing to do with me, obviously, just a nice coincidence).

It has been quite a long time since I read it but from what I remember, here are some themes / ideas to consider:

  • What is a ‘dystopian novel’ and why do they have such an enduring appeal? Is writing about the future a lot like writing about the past?
    [this article puts it fairly simplistically]
  • Is the narrator reliable? Can we trust everything that is recounted in the novel to be ‘true’? If not, how does Atwood deliberately create that sense through her writing? 
  • What is ‘free will’ and does it really exist, or is it a construct? Even Commanders – who are above Handmaids in the societal hierarchy – seem to live limited lives. How does society take women’s freedom from them? If Offred could be ‘free’, what would that really mean? Was she free before being a Handmaid?
  • Generally, women have less freedom because they are perceived as a lower social status due to their sex and fertility. How is this a reflection of our society as it currently operates? If you’re not familiar with the ideas put forward by feminist movements, it might be worth reading some feminist theorists such as Lorde, Rowbotham, Adichie, or Wollstonecraft.

Maybe my followers can contribute some other things to discuss! Hope this helps a bit – I’m sorry you’re finding it a tough read. Sometimes it’s just not the right time in your life to enjoy or understand a text. If you really don’t like it, don’t force it – maybe you should try some other dystopia first, or some of her other work. Oryx and Crake is also a good novel (one of my favourites). Having said that some literature is deliberately difficult, but if you persevere it can be very rewarding. 

p.s. I have not watched The Handmaid’s Tale yet but I heard that she approves, produces and has a cameo so I might actually watch it (I’m open to reviews)

And Michiru has been unboxed.


Punk series: #14 "Run away with me."

Read the previous parts here!

Louis: “Your father doesn’t even know where you are.” Louis mumbled against your skin, his fingers toying with the hem of your (his) shirt. “Y/n, you’ve been here for almost a week now and he hasn’t even attempted to look for you.” You sighed quietly, feeling a small ache in your heart as you thought about how you family didn’t even seem to care that you weren’t there. “I know, Lou…” Sensing the grief in your voice, Louis quickly sat up, brushing his hand against yours in a comforting way. “I don’t mean it in that way. I love having you here with me all the time. Just being around you, it calms me down. If you don’t believe me, ask my mother. The other day, she told me how much she loves having you around and she loves seeing the effect that you have on me.” He leans down, tilting your head up towards him, and presses his soft lips gently against your forehead. “Your family may not approve of us but I want you to know that you are always welcome with my family.” You sighed, pulling your hand out of his grip, running your fingers through your hair nervously. “But I’m not apart of your family, Lou. I know, that incredibly generous to say that to me but I have my own family and, at the moment, it seems like they don’t want anything to do with me just because they found out that we’re dating.” Louis seemed to tense at this idea, his face becoming pale as he pulled you onto his lap. “You don’t have to deal with that, then.” “What do you mean, Louis?” This time, it was Louis who sighed, holding you so tightly against his chest as he spoke once again. “We can run away together. We won’t have to deal with any one else’s judgment on our relationship, only our ideas will matter. Fuck everyone who think’s we’re not good enough. We can run away and start fresh. This time everything will be perfect with just us.” By the time he finished talking, you were absolutely speechless. Your mouth was probably hanging open slightly but you couldn’t focus on your actions right now, your thoughts being too overwhelming. “We can do it, y/n. Do you trust me?” You nodded your head, feeling Louis rest his chin on your shoulder. “Let’s go pack your things then, love…”

Liam: “Y/n,” Liam mumbled quietly, trying to coax you out of sleep slowly. “Y/n.” He repeated when you didn’t respond or even so much as move. “Hmmm?” “Baby girl, I have to leave.” Your eyes flew open as he said that, you quickly noticed his sorrowful face as he looked down at you. “What are you talking about, Liam?” You trembled, immediately fearing the worst as he crawled into his bed to lie next to you. “It’s been almost a week since I came back and Jake’s starting to realize this. I know he’s still fuckin’ pissed about that but, what you don’t realize, he’s also mad that you’re mine now. He’s a fucking idiot and he thinks that I stole you from him. I’ve seen guys like that before, baby. He won’t stop until I’m out of the picture or you’re his again and I won’t let that happen.” “What are you trying to say, Liam?” Liam groaned but wrapped his arms around your waist, positioning your body so that you were face to face with him and he could rest his forehead on yours. “I have to leave again. I understand if you want to stay here still because I know that things with your family is still tough and that’s fine. My mom will be here with you but you have to promise me that you’ll be alright alone.” You shook your head, wrapping your arms around his bicep to pull him even closer against you. “I don’t want you to go, Li… You said we could move in together. Why would you say that if you only planned to leave again?” Liam sighed, shutting his eyes to try to ignore the pain he felt when you said that. “Y/n, baby, I want nothing more than to do that but I didn’t expect Jake to still want me in jail. Fuck, okay, you don’t want to be here without me, right?” You nodded, not expecting where this was going. “Then, come with me. It’ll be like we’re running away from all the idiots in this town. It will be just you and I.” “Li,” You mumbled, leaning forward to capture his lips with yours. “Even if my family doesn’t want to see me, they’re still my family. I can’t leave them; I can’t leave all these memories behind…” “Just a week, we’ll come back. I promise you.” His voice cracked as he grip around your waist tighten substantially. “Okay, Liam. I trust you.”

Niall: As soon as you reached Niall’s house, he made you explain to him all the events that led up to you jumping out of a window and into his arms. You already felt a bit better than earlier since you had gotten it off your chest but it still bothered you that your father could say such things that made you want to jump out of your bedroom window. “Y/n,” Niall groaned when he realize that you were what awake and no longer in his arms. “C'mere, babe, I wanna cuddle.” You pushed those thoughts further back into your mind as you crawled into his embrace. “What’s wrong?” He grumbled, trying his hardest to stay awake since it was already 3 in the morning. “Nothing, Ni. I’m just over-thinking some things. Let’s just go to bed, yeah?” He shook his head, opening his eyes to look at you. “No tell me what your little mind is over-thinking. I’ve always wondered what goes on in there.” “No, it’s stupid. I'd much rather sleep than re-live those awful things…” This seemed to wake Niall up a bit, his arms tightening around you. W"hat awful things? If you tell me maybe I can fix them.“ "As much as I wish they were, these things are not fixable, Ni. At least not when I’m here.” You sighed and Niall pressed his lips to your forehead, trying to calm you down enough for you to explain to him all of your thoughts. “What do you mean ‘while you’re here’? Is there something you’re not telling me, y/n?” He mumbled, his fingers tangling through your hair. “I just, I can’t seem to focus on anything when I know that my father is so ashamed of me just because I’ve fallen in love with you. Just being in this town right now, it’s messing with my mind. I want to stop and think over everything that’s happened but I can’t do that here.” “Then…” Niall paused, figuring out how he wanted to say this without you immediately rejecting him. “We can leave. This town is so annoying and judgmental and we could just get away for a while.” You eyes widened, feeling your heart skip a beat at his offer. “I wish but that’s insane, Niall.” “C'mon. I mean, if you trusted me enough to jump out of a window and into my arms, you should  trust me enough to run away with me.” “That’s different, Niall.” He scoffed, “How is that different?! At least you’re not risking your life now. Tell me the reason you don’t want to go and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.” Of course Niall decided to be persistent at 3 in the morning, you thought. “I just don’t think it’s a sensible idea, Niall. We’re boths-” “It doesn’t have to be sensible, y/n.” He interrupted you, his eyes locking with yours. “We’re teenagers, wecan be as reckless as we want right now. Just say yes and we’ll go.” Before your brain could catch up with your mouth, you mumbled a quiet, “Okay, we can run away together…”

Zayn: Marcie and her group of 'friends’ laughed as Zayn walked down the school hallways with you, his hand gripping onto yours as if he was scared to lose you. “Even her own father thinks that she’s a slut.” Marcie giggled, not even hiding the fact that she was gossiping about you. Both you and Zayn stopped at your locker to grab your books which was 'conveniently’ just across from where Marcie and her friends were. “Don’t listen to them," Zayn leaned down to mumble in your ear. "The just need something to talk about.” “Well, don’t they realize how much it hurts when they say that?” “They don’t care about hurting anyone’s feeling, they just care about the latest gossip and, right now, that’s you.” You were about to reply when the girls spoke up again. “That’s probably why Zayn likes her. She doesn’t look like it but she must be a slut for him too.” “I bet Zayn isn’t even the only person she fucks. She probably gets paid for it too.” Just as Zayn was about to call the mean girls out, you slammed your locker shut, causing him to jump slightly. You felt tears prickle to your eyes as you shoved your books into your bag roughly. Leaving Zayn by you locker, making your way towards the exit, trying to make it there before you started to cry and give everyone even more to make fun of you for. “Y/n! Wait.” He called out as you reached the parking lot. “No, Zayn. I’m done with this. It was bad enough when my father said those things to me but now the entire fucking school is saying it!” “Then stop!” He growled, his hands gripping onto your forearms to turn you around and stop you from walking away. “Both you and I know that those accusations are wrong and that’s all that fucking matters. You know that everyone at this school is fake so it shouldn’t matter what they think of you because we both know that that’s not the truth.” His fingers traced down your arms before his hand connected with yours, his tattoos peeking out from his leather jacket. “C'mon,” He said, tugging you towards his car, “We’re getting out of this hell hole. I’m taking you away from all of childish drama. We can run away for the week.”

Harry: You were walking through the park with Harry as you explained everything that happened during the fight with your father, though you left out what it was really about; Harry’s reputation. Harry didn’t seem completely convinced that your father knowing about you both dating would make him that angry but he didn’t question you further, until later when you were both lying on the grass together. “Can you really tell me why he–your father–got so upset, now?” Harry said, shifting his body to look at you as his tongue played with his lip ring nervously. Your body tensed but you nodded, believing that Harry had the right to know what caused you to practically run away from your own home and to him. “He was so angry. I mean, I’ve never, in my entire life, seen him so angry and frustrated with my actions. It was almost scary in a way… Anyways, he kept saying things about your reputation.” “What about my reputation.” He growled, not bothering to hide his anger as his hand clenched into fists. “Calm down…” You’ve never seen Harry angry other than when he saved you from that group of boys, twice, and just remembering that sent shivers down your spine. “How the fuck am I supposed to calm down when I’m the reason that you practically ran away from you home. I always knew this fucking town was against me. My reputation is what caused a fight to start between you and your father; it’s all my fault.” “It’s not, Harry. None of this is your fault. My dad is just to narrow minded to see the truth rather than what everyone else is saying. This town isn’t against you; my father is.” He stood up, his hand pulling you up also, tugging you to follow him. “Where are you taking me, Harry?” “To the beach. We both need to take our mind off of things…”

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“Jeremie.” Aelita is restless, hands curling up inside her sweater. Her heart is pounding, but not from affection or butterflies in her stomach. This is dread, and a secret she’s tired of keeping. She licks her lips and stares at her boots and does everything she can to stall before trying to start over.

“There’s something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks, but I finished. And it worked. And I should be happy, but now I’m just, not sure what it means. And I don’t even know how to explain it to you in a way that won’t upset you.” Stupid, stupid, he’d never be mad at you. Except for the times that he was, when you did stupid things like this. When you or the others treated the supercomputer like some toy. But XANA was gone, so what did it matter now? It’s just an empty husk. And her program worked, or her spells worked, something that she did worked. 

And her father was back– but, instead of helping her move on like she had hoped, it scared her. Because it meant that her father was still here, he wasn’t somewhere in the afterlife. He wasn’t at peace. And, for the first time in her entire life, she could talk to him without XANA or men in black or anything. She couldn’t hug him or listen to him play the piano ever again, but she could talk to him.

But something about it, she was proud of it, she had brought her father back from death. She wanted to tell that to the one person who would hopefully understand what she was going through. Her boyfriend, her nerdy boyfriend who always did his best to help her out. To comfort her. Maybe talking to him could help her sort out all this mess in her head. All these emotions floating around. 

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Hi there!! I saw your post on growing your own succulents from the leaves of other succulents, and was wondering how exactly you do that?? I feel lame bc it seems like there's an obvious answer but I've never been able to get my plant pals to do that!! Is there a certain method?? Thank you so much!!! :)

I have been meaning to do a tutorial about growing from leaves, but I’m in exam block for uni atm! I will try and do something more detailed in the next few weeks, so do keep an eye out!
For now: I usually start by collecting leaves and placing them somewhere with no sun, and with no water (for me, this is inside on my desk because Aus is hot af). I’ll try and include how I take the leaves from the plant when I post the tut

I find the trick is to not water the leaves, as it will rot them before they form babies. There is no real trick to it, mostly i’ve learnt from trial and error. After about 4 weeks they start to shoot out roots, and then once the actual plant is big enough (usually after 6-8 weeks) I then plant them outside in cacti mix (usually a communal pot). I place them in a shady spot that maybe gets 1 hour sun during the day. After another few weeks I plant them into their own space, and just let them do their thing! I gradually move them into more and more sun the bigger they get :)
This is a succulent that I’d plant in the next few weeks, you can see its buddies are starting to throw roots!: 

Hang in tight, I will try and share in more detail when i’m out of exam block!!!~
Best of luck, don’t be scared to try! Worst case you’ll just have dead leaves, best case whole new plants!!!!

Analysis: The Ackermans, Pt. 1

Nope, its not just you thinking about this! There are still so many unanswered questions about the Ackermans and how they relate to the Coordinate, so I thought it best to just roll all of these asks into one big discussion.

What IS the link between the Ackerman’s and the Coordinate? RBA Anon, I started to address this theory in my response to your last ask. I am inclined to agree with the idea that what made the First King the “First King” was a shift in power dynamic in which the Coordinate was removed from its original owner and granted to the person who claimed that title though we’re still not sure on how that transfer happened. But where do the Ackerman’s fit into this? Were they connected to the original holder of the Coordinate and thus have some innate propensity to be drawn to or otherwise protect it?

Due to the complicated nature of this piece, the discussion will need to be done in pieces. First, I would like to analyze what we definitely know about the Ackerman history.

What we do know of the Ackermans is described by Grandpa Ackerman in Chapter 65:

A close reading of this full scene yields some data that I had not considered prior (which is why I love going back and re-reading things more deeply). Firstly, we have a fairly confident report that the Ackermans were close to the original Reiss monarchs (so unfortunately, RBA anon, I think this may counteract the Ackermans against the Usurper part of your theory, but I’m on board with the rest of it!). Much like Levi currently acts as a second in command for Erwin, and no I’m not trying to imply anything about Erwin here, the Ackermans held a similar position to the monarchy and, thus the holder of the Coordinate.

As such, we can imply that the original intentions of the monarchy were supported by Ackermans. Grandpa Ackerman says he was part of the generation born after moving inside the walls. We have no definite age for Grandpa Ackerman, however, we can infer an estimate. At the beginning of our story we identify that the Walls have been in place for about 107 years (well, 112 if we include the five years between the Fall of Shiganshina to current). We know, roughly, that Levi is in his 30s. This flashback takes place while Kuchel is still pregnant with him, placing this scene about 30 years prior to current narrative, thus about 70 years after the walls went up. I would estimate here that Grandpa Ackerman is likely in his 60s. He knows enough about the history of the family that he lived through their heydays and witnessed the fall of the family. He is able to recount that there was a specific shift in teaching the younger members of the family.

He also recounts the sacrifice of the head of the family in such a way that leads me to think he was alive to witness the scene. Grandpa Ackerman doesn’t separate himself from the action, he could say “the head of the family at the time”. And the way the resigned way that he separates then from “now” belies a specific familiarity with it.

Through re-reading these scenes, I start to get a sense that perhaps the thoughts of the monarchy attempting ethnic cleansing is correct. And I can’t then help but think that the Right Hand family charged with assisting the “survival of humanity” may have been asked to carry out that cleansing. When they refused, they fell out of favor with the monarchy and since they could not have their memories erased, they were a danger. This could, perhaps, even have led to the beginnings of the interior 1st Squad (not to be confused with Kenny’s Human Suppression Squad). The fact that there was a conscious effort to avoid educating the younger generations about the history implies to me that they were not attempting to over throw the monarchy despite disagreeing with them. Its actually a kind of gentle way to fade into the background.

And within 70 years of the Walls going up, the Ackerman family was nearly eradicated and pushed into extinction. 70 years is actually a fairly short amount of time when talking about history. The hints that Isayama has dropped about Levi’s precise age being plot significant start to make sense when we consider how quickly things have progressed in the last 112 years.

From this, then, we now have a more solid, though still not complete, depiction of how the Ackermans originally associated with the Reiss family, what their connections and their duties may have been. Tomorrow, we start discussing how this could potentially give us clues about their links to the Coordinate.

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Hey there , so I've been going to the gym 2-3 days out of the week for 2 months now, I can feel my abs muscles underneath the thin layer of fat that I'm trying to get rid of. Can you give me any advice that would help me start seeing results fast. Ty

Nutrition, Cardio, Workouts -> http://www.gymaholic.co/fitness/how-to-lose-belly-fat

Going in the gym is easy, but what you really need to work on is your Nutrition.

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Hey man I'm slipping up. I had been going well for 6 weeks eating good lifting heavy doing my cardio (I'm trying to lose weight/cut) but when it was exam time for me I've dropped off to not even going for now 2 weeks. Has this happened to you? What's your strategies for getting that drive back?

This happens to everyone, not a failure always a lesson.

1) You understand now that when you start exercising, it’s hard to stop and come back again. Never stop in the first place. What I mean by that is, even if you’re busy as hell or you’re in vacation, at least exercise once or twice a week. It doesn’t have to be heavy or a long workout, just keep your blood flowing and your muscles flexing.

2) Getting back to the game is hard but not impossible. The key is to do that progressively. Don’t rush it, otherwise you will burn out physically and mentally.

Keep it up, you did it once, you can do it again!

More motivation:


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Alright its kind of hard for me to say this but I just wanted to let it out to one of you bc now I'm starting to accept it. I was an anti, and i was one for a while. I wasn't like a big acc or anything and I generally kept away from larries and kind of ignored them, but a week or so ago I decided to look into things a little, bc i realized Ive been trying to make excuses for all the weird inconsistentencies I keep seeing, and I read a whole bunch of stuff I've seen antis dismiss and +

+ ignore and I just started realizing things I haven’t before and thinking about everything I’ve seen in the past 9 months and way back too, all the things I ignored about harry and Louis, etc. And the rental house thing just cemented what I already started suspecting about this whole thing, and ive been seeing the antis I would associate with just try and make up reasons for what wrere seeing and they just don’t make sense anymore. Everything u guys have said is adding up for me, and +

+ so I’m here and I want to apologise for how much you all have been bullied and made fun of all this time. I think you all may be right about it all and I can’t believe I didn’t see it until now. You don’t deserve the hate you get. I’m not sure yet where I stand, like if I’m going to be a larrie but I do know that if/ when they come out or everything is exposed, I will be one of the ones who has their full support. Thanks for reading this ik it was kind of long :)


anon thank you very much for taking the time to write this out. i really do appreciate your apology because i know it can’t have been easy to send this.

i’m so glad that you’re allowing yourself to really question things and look into the inconsistencies. even if you do decide that you don’t think larry is real (or aren’t ready to commit to any opinion), just the fact that you’ve allowed yourself to question the official narrative and come to your own conclusions is so wonderful and i’m proud of you for doing that.

there’s a definite herd mentality in different segments of this fandom (especially when it comes to the side that accepts the official narrative) so i’m sure it wasn’t easy to allow yourself to break away from that. 

if you ever have any specific questions about anything or just want to talk some more about anything really, my inbox is always open (on or off anon, whatever you’re more comfortable with).

you’re absolutely welcome to join us if you decide to, and if not that’s awesome too the main thing is that you said you would be there to support louis and harry when they come out which is really all that matters! 

i’m a huge advocate of people thinking for themselves and coming to their own conclusions and it sounds like you’re already doing that so thank you again for taking the time to send this and good luck to you!

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Excuse me but by any chance do you have photos of your seeing room? I'm trying to find inspiration and ways to order things for mine so I've been looking up a lot of references including some cosplayers rooms

You’re in luck, anon - we’ve actually been planning on posting a whole series about our craft room and how to make some of the storage/furniture in it!  The plan is to start posting them next week, but for now here’s a (messy) preview:

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I've been interested in a girl for almost two years. She recently started dating a guy that she now realizes she's never going to love. The past few weeks, she's been flirting and saying "How about me and you run away together?" and how I should move to be closer to her. Should I try and see where it goes in the future or should I turn her down until she's officially single again? I want to be with her but I don't want to be hurt.

Both of you need to shit or get off the pot.

If you’re seriously interested in her, stop worrying about getting hurt; nobody wants to be hurt, but being hurt is a risk you face doing literally anything. You could make a mortal enemy saying hello to someone on the street, you could sever an artery making a sandwich, you could get torn apart by a flock of irate falcons for poking your head out the window to check the weather. I’m actually angry at you for even feeling the need to explain your fear of getting hurt, it’s bad storytelling.

Anyway, on the other hand – If this lady is actually interested in you, and not just idly flirting, tell her to break it off with this guy and give it a shot with you. As it stands, she’s wasting the time of everyone involved. Life is short, and we’ll all be dead in a matter of decades, probably torn apart by falcons. Falcons don’t waste time with loveless relationships, they fuck each other passionately while plummeting from the heavens at hundreds of miles an hour. Right now you’re behaving more like a potted plant than a falcon, so either accept your lot in life, or change it.

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hi! i've been trying to loose weight and get healthy for about a month now(for field hockey and myself) and i haven't lost 1 pound!! i eat between 1500-1700 a day and its all healthy foods. i workout 3-4 days a week(cardio and strength). i am 5'5, have a big frame, and weigh 165. what am i doing wrong?? i'm starting to give up on all this. i really want to see results, but i'm seeing nothing.

Also, you could possibly be at the right weight for your body. Perhaps you’re not seeing progress on the scale, but you could still see progress in the mirror. Try taking and comparing progress pictures of yourself.