i've been trying to get the video for an hour

Total block
  • Oh man so this week I wanted to get a Splatoon 2 piece done for this week's video and ddaanggggg!!!! I've been trying to figure out a composition I really like and I just can't get it right! I've been trying to figure this out for the past 3 hours and I haven't even finished the rough sketch yet gaaahh!!!! I'm at such a wall with this piece DX
  • I'm sorry I ran out of time this week. Tone flies way too fast I swear ;3; sorry for the missing video.

anonymous asked:

Why do I get the feeling that my views don't get registered :/ I've been streaming the MV for more than 6 hours now :(

Hi anon there’s a right way to do it and you have to rest in between videos, you can’t view just that video. Try to make a playlist with different videos in it and have two videos in between FIRE. 

But to be fair I think everyone’s doing a great job! In total FIRE has 4 Million+ and we’re just about to hit 24 hours. This hasn’t happened before not even with INEEDU or RUN: