i've been toying with this idea for a while now

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Greetings from a nervous first time baker who has been toying with the idea of making her first loaf of bread from scratch for a while now but is overwhelmed by the number of recipes available. Any recommendations for a good first bread? I'm pretty good at other forms of cooking but I've yet to attempt bread so I'm not scared of a complicated recipe, I just have no idea if what I'm reading will result in anything tasty.

Bread is actually way more forgiving than almost any other kind of baked good. I don’t even measure ingredients anymore, I just eyeball everything. You can’t usually do that in baking. 

A good starter recipe is the famous New York Times no-knead bread, which is how a lot of people learn. It’s very straightforward and fairly reliable, and it’s a good introduction to working with dough (you don’t really need to bake it in a cast iron dutch oven – it’ll bake just fine in a loaf pan, it just gets crispier in the dutch oven). When you’re ready to try kneading, if you’re not allergic to dairy or eggs I actually recommend my yogurt-egg bread – it’s a very high-protein bread which means that it’s super durable and it can survive a lot of screwing-up. 

There is no single hard and fast rule for bread – even stuff like keeping the yeast warm by using warm water and room-temperature ingredients only applies most of the time, not all of the time. While you want to bloom your yeast in warm water, you will get a more flavorful bread if it rises very slowly, and the colder the environment, the slower the dough will rise. When I want a fast rise I put my bread near my gas fireplace; when I want a slow rise I put it near the window. 

Once you feel comfortable branching out, you can do stuff like adding herbs to the oil that you use to oil the bowl when the bread does its first rise (rosemary is good but a little goes a long way). Or try making a simple foccacia or challah and then adjust the flavors to your taste. Or try kneading stuff into the dough –dried berries or chopped dried fruits are nice, and so are cheddar and chives.

Most breads are relatively cheap to make. There’s not a lot of expensive ingredients. Just get yourself some good bread flour (King Arthur brand is a favorite here in the US) and a jar of yeast, and remember that yeast is a living creature, and life is unpredictable. Don’t feel down if you fail now and again – I still have a dud loaf once in a while. Good luck and happy baking! 

Kindling the Fires

There’d been a message.  A tiny spark that had set the galaxy ablaze.  Ezra Bridger was that spark, but there were many who helped to spread the message from Lothal to the depths of an imperial prison.   This is but one of these tales.

The holonet was never truly rolled out to private citizens, even in the days of the republic.  What little access larger businesses had was stripped away for “security” reasons during the wars, and wasn’t ever returned - not without caveats.

Scheduled HoloNet shows were the entirety of what the average person got from the greatest communication tool in the galaxy.  Endless news shows, talk shows, and thinly veiled product promotions were all you could get, normally.

Thew Laurent wasn’t most people though.

On Garel, they lived a life of drudgery - translating “important” information from radio transmissions to holonet data in Garel’s central comms tower.  Anything and everything of any real note was encrypted, and split between more than a few people besides.  Thus they lived a comfortable, yet unremarkable, life - their only vice being using their position to listen in to the pilots.  At time Thew would fantasise a little of speeding around the galaxy, but they knew that a spacer’s life was mostly daily toil too.

But then a message came from Lothal across the networks, and everything changed.  The data was coming through every band of transmission - something designed for literally everyone to see.  That alone made Thew put the message to their screen and their listening device. 

There wasn’t any proper picture, just the visual crackle of a hastily inserted data-spike, and something vaguely circular.  A young voice began to speak, with conviction Thew hadn’t really ever expressed themselves.  Without even thinking about it, they’d flipped the switches to record the file.

This was treason.

They couldn’t walk out with any copied data - for employees at the Imperial Buildings on Garel had insanely rigorous checks, ever since (a little before) last Empire Day. 

They couldn’t send it further along the holonet and pretend they didn’t know better, not now their manager was shouting to cease transmissions.

They could pretend to be stupid, but that would only get them thrown in some imperial prison regardless.

The boy in the message had stopped, Thew dimly noted through their growing haze of fear.  They had to make a choice in moments.

Then, suddenly, the feed died.  With an electronic pop, the Holonet was gone.

A brilliant, delicate network destroyed for most of an entire sector just to silence a lone voice?  It didn’t make sense - it took over a year (and millions of credits) to get the central communications tower on Lothal to full working order, why would anyone destroy it all just to stop a boy from speaking?

Unless the Empire was really weak enough to begin to crack from a few simple words?  Unless the Imperials were so thin-skinned they’d destroy everything rather than risk someone else using their toys.

In that moment, Thew Laurent made their decision.

With the manager trying to raise the Lawbriger on more primitive comms, they had just enough time to do their usual job in reverse - translating the data of the saved message into a form that almost any radio could pick up.

With a gulp and a whispered prayer to nothing in particular, Thew used their illegal connection to the pilots’ chatter - and broadcast the message into every ship in Garel City, every ship over Garel airspace.

That they would doubtless die for this pounded in their head as the message sent.  But at least, for one brief moment, they’d made a little bit of history.

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Hey, Nick! Huge fan of your stuff, and it's got me thinking about something: I've been toying with the idea of starting a review channel for a while now; mostly for webcomics, literature, stuff like that. However, I'm also a high-functioning autistic person, and as a result I tend to slur or stumble over my words when I speak too quickly or for too long - doubly so if it's something I'm passionate about. Aside from writing a script, do you have any advice about how to deal with this issue?

Okay, this one is actually rather easy, and it’s entirely true:

When you are making videos involving your recorded voice, you are entirely in control of the microphone and final output.

Think about it for a moment. You’re not giving a performance, you’re not timed–you’re recording. Everything that happens is entirely under your control, with no time limit and full power of quality control.

You can say a line that you’re afraid of delivering wrong 20 times to get the best take. You can spend 15 minutes on five sentences getting them precisely right if you feel the need. You can listen to your audio after the recording and judge if it needs to be redone (which I myself have done before) and then have the time to re-record.

You have full power to deliver lines, recognize if you did it in a way that isn’t satisfying, and then fix it with absolutely no consequence. The final output is 100% under your control, and your time spent making the audio is also 100% under your control and authority.

The one rule I will give you is this: don’t get frustrated. Keep remembering how much power you have over the audio. It all belongs to you.

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So I've been toying with the idea of being ace for a while now, and recently I finally said it definitively, started telling friends and decided it was for me. But I keep worrying that I might be wrong; I've always had an interest in dating people and being with them, and that extends as far as being really touchy and physically close with them. I'm just somewhat put off by the idea of sex in general, but I haven't got any actual experiences to base it off of. (1/2)

(2/2) What if I’m wrong about not liking it because I’ve never done it, and I’ve just not known? Alternatively, what if I do decide later on that I actually am into it? What does that make me then? Do I still count as ace? Am I allowed to call myself ace for now even if I’m not sure I’ll always be this way? Also–how to feel okay about IDing as ace even with a family that believes aspec people either don’t exist or need medical help?

First off, welcome to the community! There are a number of people who use something called the split attraction model, which means that sexual attraction, and romantic attraction are different things. The use of this model is why you’ll notice the words asexual (ace), and aromantic (aro) used on this blog. The fact that you have an interest in dating and being with them has nothing to do with your sexual attraction. Even the fact that you want to be touchy and physically close to them only says that you’re very likely experiencing sensual attraction ( having a desire to engage in sensual acts with a certain individual like kissing, cuddling, hugging, hand holding, etc), it is not up to me to say whether or not you experience sexual attraction along with that, but the fact that you’ve decided to identify as ace means that right now, you do not.

I said right now because like you added, what if you decide later that you actually are into it? The answer is, you look at your self and your experiences and decide what fits you better. The fact that you identify as ace means you’re ace. If you change that one day you would still have the right to say you used to be ace.

As for about feeling ok with yourself with your family’s beliefs, asexuality is not considered a mental illness by any current psychological manual. In fact beside all mentions of a lack of sexual interest is a contingency along the lines of  ‘except when better explained by asexuality’. Being asexual does not mean you need medical help, and we very clearly do exist from the thriving online communities. I’m not sure what you need to feel ok in your situation, but reminding yourself that your identity is valid, and not a medical condition is a start. No matter what they say, they’re wrong, it’s completely fine to be ace.


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I've been trying for a while now, about three years or so, to make a URG deck that I don't get bored with shortly after due to it being simply loaded with what feels like "good stuff" or combo. It's one of the two final 27 Challenge decks I just can't be happy with. Animar is typical, Riku is the same thing, Intent is just "free stuff", MW is the other three combined, which leaves Surrak and Yasova. Any ideas?

If you’ve never experienced the joys of taking everyones toys and breaking them - you’ve never played with Yasova.

U/R is great for stealing creatures, the fact that your commander can do it too is even better. Imagine how easy it’ll be to stomp over the red zone after you’ve taken all of your opponents creatures. There are plenty of artifacts and other ways to sacrifice creatures and pay for costs for things. And then of course there’s this:

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Hey, Sam, I have a fanfic question for you: I've been in various fandoms for a couple of decades now, and a bunch of my favorite sites/archives have gone the way of the dodo. While they can be found through the Wayback Machine, it's hard to find the correct save point(?) for some of them, and they don't always link correctly. I've been toying with the idea of setting up AO3 accounts for the authors and uploading their stories so they're all archived in a secure and central location, and (1/2)

providing contact info so if the authors stumble upon it, I can provide them with the login information to maintain it. Most of them haven’t been updated in a decade+, but part of me feels it’s kind of selfish, and part of me wonders if it’s rude. I guess I really just don’t want some of my favorite stories to be lost to the abyss, and I want others to be able to see how awesome they are, too. Am I being selfish/rude? Would you be mad if you left fandom and someone did that with your fic?

Oh bb no. NOOOOOo don’t do it. 

If you want to keep fanfic that’s been archived improperly or is only available via wayback, save it off for your personal use – save it to your hard drive, throw it in Evernote, keep it in googledocs, whatever, but DO NOT post fanfic ANYWHERE, ever, without the author’s express permission. 

For a start, they may have had good reasons for removing it or allowing to to be removed; you can’t possibly know why their story has disappeared, but off the top of my head they may not want reminders of a former fandom floating around, they may not want problematic stuff they wrote as a dumb kid being re-posted somewhere, they may be avoiding a stalker, or they may simply not want their stories public anymore for various reasons (got in trouble over them at work, got bullied over them and don’t want to think about them, left fandom and don’t want to rejoin, etc).

But above and beyond that, even if there isn’t any “good” reason why their fanfic lapsed out of public view, there is an unwritten rule that if it’s not your story, it’s not yours to share where you please. Fandom believes that an author should control where there story goes, at least in public, and you are likely to get a lot of yelling if you decide to post other peoples’ stories to the #1 preeminent archive in fandom at the moment. There are several recent wanks surrounding this kind of thing, including Goodreads “librarians” posting links to, or the entire text of, stories to Goodreads, where they have been occasionally savaged by Goodreads commenters, who have an entirely different attitude towards concrit than fandom does.

So I don’t think it’s selfish to want copies of these stories, but yes, it is considered rude in fandom to post other peoples’ work somewhere without their permission, and you will get in a lot of trouble for it. There is possibly (I’d have to check) a bylaw about posting other peoples’ work without their permission to AO3, so you could also get banned from the archive. I mean, as much as I want to discourage the act of this in a general sense, I also want to save you a lot of pain and grief and fandom rage. :D

I sympathize with your desire to share awesome lost stories from a bygone era – but if you didn’t write them, that’s not your call to make. Save them, treasure them, share them with friends privately; even be sad that more people can’t read them. But don’t make the decision about where another person’s story goes. For your own sake as much as theirs. :)

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hello yes another anon with questions about being ace? anyway i definitely do that aesthetic appreciation thing (i think it might have developed from getting more into art??) and i also find the thought of sex like really gross. i've been toying with the idea that i'm ace for a while now, thoughts??

Labels, especially sexuality labels, are really up to you to decide on and identify with! If you think you might be ace, and the identity makes sense to you, go for it. And if somewhere down the line you change your mind and decide you do feel sexual attraction, that’s totally fine as well. People are complex and sexuality can be fluid - in the end, I think it’s really just a way for you to understand yourself better.

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I've been toying with the idea that Zayn is coming back for a while, but I never wanted to commit to it because if it turned out to be wrong, I'd be pretty sad honestly. But now it's making more and more sense - either they're making the 'hot mess without Zayn' narrative or they're breaking up after album 5 (which is still a possibility). I just don't see any reason why they would let people see how chaotic everything is unless they're pushing for a resolution with Zayn narrative.

Ex. Actly. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Why on earth would a brand that has been so rigorously maintained to project a veeeeery specific image suddenly give up on something so polished? And if the band was headed for a breakup, why would their management let the last of the time that could be spent squeezing money out of them be at all compromised by a crumbling public image that has people selling back their tickets?

They wouldn’t. Either way, they wouldn’t. Not unless they had something really, really good up their sleeve.