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Wait!  The princess.  I find the princess,  I bring her,  and then you and me - we’re square?  That’s it, right?  That’s the deal?

I’ll do it.  

I’ll do it, the girl - she’ll trust me. 

I walked with her once.

(scenes from the sleeping hook reincarnation au that i will probably never write.)

anonymous asked:

uh...I've been ereri fanfic crazy the past few days and I can't find any good AU fics...I'm just bad at finding them. idc if they're explicit Any recommendations? Thanks, beautiful xoxo :) (and I know you're not a fanfic library, but I was just curious lol sorry if I'm bothering you >.<)

You have come to the right place :)))))

I’m trying to recommend fanfictions that I haven’t mentioned yet.

These are all fanfictions that I read, loved and haven’t mentioned in any fic recommendation yet:


The Wolf and The Bat by hidansbabe530

Summary: Long ago, Dracula and Lupin made a treaty to end the continuous fighting between Vampires and Werewolves. So what happens when they’re grandsons meet in college? 




Encore by Xenobia

Summary: Levi always knew there was a chance he would run into Eren again in this life, but he wasn’t prepared to learn that Jaeger is a singer in a popular band, nor was he prepared to be assigned as his bodyguard. When his agency discovers that a research organization is trying to abduct Eren because something in his genetics caught their interest, Levi is sent on a mission to protect him. Takes place after “Torn”. 



Effects of Venom by Ragako

Summary: Ragako is a developing, culturally rich tropical country famous for all the wrong reasons. It is home to some of the planet’s most uncomfortably humid weather, it is blanketed by roughly 95% rainforest which is full of dangerous animals, as well as the civil war between the military and the jungle drug lords. Eren is a young boy with aspirations of joining Ragako’s military, much to his mother’s displeasure. When his home town of Shiganshina is raided for supplies and he is taken hostage by the very jungle rebels he has dreamt of fighting, he’s in for a world of trouble…



(Sidenote: I cried too often… It is so well written and I’m deeply in love with how @agent-2-6  wrote the characers and the entire setting. 11/10 would recommend.)

Club Tryst by ScarlettSiren

Summary: AU. Eren Jaeger is just a kid trying to support his younger brother, Armin. When he loses his job suddenly, he manages to find another in a place he would have never expected…and ends up going much deeper down the rabbit hole than he ever intended. Shy is something Eren has never been, and while he never would have believed that would lead to him taking his clothes off for money, he certainly never thought he’d end up falling in love with a stripper while he was at it. [E for happenings in chapter 6.]



(Sidenote: I read this in one night and I don’t regret it at all.)

Chasing Summer by Dressed_in_Darkness

Summary: Two more weeks left before Levi Ackerman graduates from high school and leaves the small town of Shiganshina. He can’t wait for the moment that he can finally put that dreadful town behind him. But when a Grisha Jaeger becomes the new family doctor, bringing along his ill son that breathes new life into the town he desperately wants to escape, will Levi find a reason to stay?



(Sidenote: *hysteric crying in the background*)

Not rated

Hey Lover by wasterella

Summary:  Fed up with being teased for not having a girlfriend, Eren joins a site that gives the perception of being taken. Little does he know that the sassy and crass girlfriend he asked for isn’t exactly what he had in mind.



Teens and up Audiences

Click on my heart by CocoaChoux

Summary: Levi is a well-known, full-time let’s player on YouTube who just so happens to take care of his deceased relative’s child. Content with his punk/gamer life, he did not expect to one day click on a video of fellow YouTuber, QueenPastelEren. He especially did not expect to be so smitten within the first few seconds of watching the pastel goddess with green and gold eyes. 



Sorry, this is all what comes to my mind right now.. I’ve been reading a few German fanfictions lately.