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modern verse.

i’ve been thinking about this for a while and I NEED IT !!! 

so camille was born in paris ! she was raised there until she was 15, then her and her family moved to london, england. camille took an interest in the cello at a pretty young age– she had lessons at her home every day after school, and for five hours after 3pm on the weekends. even after her family moved, she kept up with the cello ! as soon as she finished school she immediately headed to university, spent four years there, and at age 23 after graduation, she was accepted into orchestre de paris, a very well known european orchestra from, you guessed it, paris. she spent three years with them, and in her first year with them she met a man named hakim ! they got together but two years into the relationship he passed away in a car accident fjhdkgj. she was really hit by that, and afterwords, she spent one more year with the orchestra before quitting, because she was just. so out of it. she felt really lost without hakim, and it was affecting her ability to keep up with the orchestra, they were very fast paced and they demanded nothing short of perfection. and like i said, camille couldn’t keep up. so after she quit, she went back to paris to live with her parents for a year for support while overcoming her state of depression, before moving back to london to take on a job as a university teacher. she took courses to obtain a degree in teaching while in university, so she’s 100% qualified ! she teaches english, and french. she substitutes for the korean class from time to time— she took two years of korean in university, and spent a three months in korea with other students in an exchange program. 

she’s well set— she saved a majority of her money from touring with the orchestra and used it to set things up for herself in london ! she gave the rest of her money to her parents tbh. 

so that’s the gist of it. modern verse camille: rich teacher living in london who used to be in a famous orchestra.

  • *Regina wanders in to find Emma watching the world cup*
  • Regina: What are you watching?
  • Emma: The world cup
  • Regina: The what?
  • Emma: It's a football tournament where all the countries of the world compete.
  • Regina: Oh. All of them?
  • Emma: Well most.
  • Regina: Where is it?
  • Emma: Brazil.
  • Regina: South America?
  • Emma: Yeah.
  • Regina: Have you ever been?
  • Emma: No.
  • Regina: Where have you been?
  • Emma: A couple of places. I went to London once, Canada and I went over to Paris for a weekend. But mostly I've just been around the States.
  • Regina: What was the best place you've ever been?
  • Emma: Storybrooke Maine.
  • Regina: Really?
  • Emma: Yeah of course because it's where I found Henry, my family and you.
  • Regina: You're very sweet Emma Swan.
  • Emma: Only for you and I promise that one day you, me and the kid are going to travel the world.
  • Regina: How did you know?
  • Emma: I know you and we will.
  • Regina: I love you.
  • Emma: I love you too and you're the only one I'd want to take around the world.
  • Regina: That's good because you're the only one I'd want to show me the world.

northwesternexposure  asked:

Hello! My name's Erin and I'm from Oregon, USA. I'm visiting Europe this summer (Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Prague)! Do you have any suggestions on places to see or things to do in these cities? Thank you so much! I just discovered your blog tonight and I've been scrolling through it for the past half hour. I love it! :)

Hi Erin! Seeing as how I’ve only been to Paris London, Rome and Berlin I can only advise you on those cities. I’m not gonna list down obvious cliche tourist destinations (read: Buckingham Palace/Eiffel Tower) but just off beat places that I personally liked



God’s Own Junkyard. Really cool place, a must see just for the neon signs themselves. There’s a small one in Selfridges if you don’t want to travel all the way to Walthamstow (which is the last stop on the tube) for the main one.

Brick Lane/Shoreditch: Where all the hipsters at. If you’re into graffiti and artsy stuff this is the place to be. Think of it as the Brooklyn of London, only waaaaaaay cooler. IMO.

Scream Gallery: This is kinda connected with God’s Own Junkyard. It’s an art gallery with not your typical art paintings.

Urban Food Fest: Happening every Saturday this summer till 21st June. Really awesome place to chill and discover interesting food. And best of all it’s free (ENTRY I MEAN. HA. WOULD BE AWESOME IF THERE WAS FREE FOOD!)


I was in Paris for a week and did the usual major tourist stuff. Lourve/Eiffel Tower/Sacre Coueur. I’m sure you’ve got those listed on your must do list.

If you’re not creeped out by cemeteries, then be sure to check out the Pere Lachaise Cemeterie, the largest in Paris. Not to giveaway much but people burried there include Moliere, Chopin, Jim Morrison and my favorite, Oscar Wilde.

Be sure to get a crepe at every creperie stand (I never met a crepe I didn’t like on the streets of Paris!) and go check out Montmartre and the Latin Quarter. 

Hediard! Let’s just say you gotta try the ice cream there. And possibly buy something from there just to feel really good. It’s like the Parisienne version of Harrods.

Angelina and Cafe de la Paix. A must go if you’re a fan of hot chocolate! Also, the former was where Coco Chanel used to go. Be sure to dress up a bit though cuz all the super posh meres and tantes be chilling there and if it’s Paris Fashion Week you’ll definitely bump into a model or two.


Maybe it’s cuz I went in winter and maybe cuz it was my first solo trip in Europe, but I didn’t enjoy Berlin as much. It was cold, it was dark, it was gray. But you’re going in summer so it’ll be a whole different scene!

Aside from your typical Lonely Planet recommendations I don’t really have anything to add. 


Villa Borghese. I ended up there by accident but it was worth the detour! Be sure to go up to Terrazza del Pincio for an amazing bird’s eye view of the city. (They say you can see the whole of Rome from the Spanish Steps but that’s a lie folks) 

Avoid the ice cream trucks that sell ice cream around the park. I mean, I tried one and it was decent, but for the price and size, you’re better off eating at a proper gelato shop, of which you won’t be hard pressed to find. Gelato shops dot Rome the way yellow cabs zip cover every New York corner. Giolatti and Grom are some of the famous gelato places you should check out. The line out Giolatti is really long though so be prepared to wait. The best ice cream I had though was in Piazza Novana, one of the places where they shot the movie Eat Pray Love. 

The Vatican Museum. SO. WORTH. IT. It’s 15 Euros for entry but if you have a student card like I did then it’s only 8 Euros. I must warn you though that you can’t take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, but otherwise, definitely worth the trip. 

St Peter’s Basilica. Don’t be deterred by the ridiculously long cue. Trust me when I say it moves fast. I wouldn’t have lined up if it hadn’t been for my determination to get in and was glad I did cuz I was in in 15 minutes. 

Piazza del Popolo. Love this place. Also it leads to the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon and via Condotti, which is Rome’s Bond Street. 

Ps- I HAVE to recommend this little pizza shop right outside the Spagna train station. When you get down and walk out heading towards the Spanish Steps, the first pizza shop you see, I think it’s called Morettis. BEST PIZZA I HAD IN ROME. And trust you me I ate my weight in pizzas over there.

Well, I hope my answer wasn’t too long or too much of a bore? You can check out my Instagram gallery for pictures of my travels and all the places I’ve mentioned. @fyeahkarennn. Good luck and have fun on your travels!