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I was looking for a post in my archive tonight but I ended up rereading some of my old posts before the reboot came out and reminiscing. I remember when I was so starry-eyed and hopeful and optimistic for it. Now whenever I see anything about it I’m just like

…no, okay, not really. :’) But yeah. Sigh. It’s just… boy, it’s just been a trip. A real trip. Also, sorry if I’ve come off kind of doom and gloom-y lately. Or just at all ever! When reboot news hits I just get really pessimistic about what’s to come. I think most people on here can understand that.

Anyway. A hefty dose of more classic PPG stuff is on the way to combat all of that!

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how do you headcanon the batboys? like they're all described with black hair and blue eyes but like how do you really tell the difference? as an example, i always thought jason would be more muscular than his brothers with a square jaw and kind of more roguishly handsome while dick would be more classically attractive, etc? i just wanted ur opinion on this

I actually did make a post about that here… but I’m going to expound on it because I think it’s important and very interesting. Because not only are people (especially people of different backgrounds who aren’t related and Dick wasn’t even from Gotham) very different looking but also personalities create/are created by the physical limitations of the individual so it’s basically impossible to stress the many differences between the boys when they’re all the same height, weight, expression. Like… come one artists, you had one job. Gonna put this under the cut because wow I talk a lot and I clearly have put way too much thought into this.

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I can't stop thinking about Dan and Phil just casually watching Avatar: The Last Airbender

And here’s why;

Yes they’re nerds and love anime, we all know that. But Avatar has a special, special place within a whole new category.
They’ve never seen it before so they’re in for a treat.

Because Avatar: The Last Airbender is a category of its own.

Phil said it was just a funny cartoon. But it’s not. It’s not just a cartoon. Yes it’s whimsical and has its silly moments and animated but it’s so much more than just a kids cartoon. It shows heart and love and violence and politics and family issues and drama.

No it’s not done by a Japanese studio and yes it is done by an American one.
But it is probably the best American show that has ever been produced on a kid’s network.

It tackles every fantasy that also intertwines with real ship of reality. It’s about war, of all things. A brutal war, Power. Balance. Right and wrong. And it’s all set on a boy’s shoulders to fix it.
Sounds like every cliche story that’s out there. But believe me it’s no where near like the others. If anything, there’s a lot more trial and error, failure, and emotion in Avatar than any other stories or animes I have seen.

And I’m not being biased.

Dan and Phil’s lives are about to change and I’m so excited for them to join in on that adventure. Because from all the animes that are on their shelves, all the stories and characters they’ve grown to love (as have I), it’s something so new to their table that is easy going and lovable and emotional.

Avatar was my childhood. I watched it as episodes came out, when the countdown for the two hour finale special was finally airing on tv. When it first aired back in 2005.
When it was on Netflix and I would binge watch it again and again. I have episodes memorized by heart. I quote it daily.

Even as an adult I still have it set for record in my DVR.

If I can imagine Dan and Phil around their apartment singing “Secret Tunnel”, trying to see if flying lemurs exist, or Dan catching Phil trying to pry open a cactus to see what the juice actually does; I can be one happy human.

When they start to relate to the characters and start to talk about them in live shows I might cry.

Avatar is not just a tv show to me. It was my life. It still is. I consider it heavily a part of me. I earned Sokka’s sarcasm, Katara’s nurture, Aang’s spirit, Toph’s courage, Iroh’s wisdom, and Zuko’s determination.

This might be just a long lengthy rant to you, even if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just know that two of my favorite things in the world are combining together and I could not be any happier about it. To the fact that I’m actually emotional.

Because the real life people I look up to, and my most beloved show I’ve learned so much from are sitting in the same living room together, and just knowing that, is enough.

Just don’t give up on it Phil, the quality gets so much better.
It gets just so much better.