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Polynesian AU stuff

So, I think I should start making theme posts for my Polynesian AU or as you like to call it Moana AU (both variants are welcome). Since many of you seemed pretty much interested in this story I’ll try to give you a brief idea of what this whole thing is about.

Sorry for my clumsy English :)

Timeline. The story is set about one and a half century after Maui stole Te Fiti’s heart and everything became hell. All the monsters released from Lalotai and darkness spreading quickly and destroying islands made many tribes search for safe areas to stay, and if they used to be more peaceful back then when the ocean was a safer place now they had to fight for their land and protect it from the newcomers. Overall, sailing wasn’t forbidden but people were slowly losing that special connection with the ocean their ancestry used to have.

Turtles. And that’s where we should start speaking about the turts. In this AU all four brothers (not blood-related) are sons of Tu - god of war in Polynesian mythology. There’s a legend (made up of course) that when the number of tribe wars and monster attacks increased other gods made Tu help the people. He decided to send his guardians which would protect people from Lalotai monsters and maybe prevent some war cases. Following what the legend tells the strongest of female sea turtles (turtles are considered to be a symbol of strength and war) gave their eggs to Tu and he placed them on small islands in different regions. One of those islands was our turtles’ birthplace.

Firstly, their names are different in this story. I tried to choose the most fitting ones.

  • Leo is a green sea turtle named Lono which means “peace and prosperity
  • Raph is a leatherback sea turtle named Rapa which means “giant”
  • Donnie is also a green sea turtle named Roro which means “brain” (there’s a lack of names and even words starting with D in Maori and Hawaiian languages so I had to put up with this variant, it isn’t half bad I think)
  • Mikey is a loggerhead sea turtle named Maika which means “good”

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Wizardess Heart ♥ Favourite CGs
the boys + MC ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

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Not a fuck customers, but a PRAISE COWORKERS! My girlfriend wants to go to a fancy restaurant for Vday and i've been snapchatting my manager about it bc we're friends and since i have nothing nice to wear and no clue how to do concealer/foundation/etc she offered to take me shopping and help me with my hair and make-up. I'm a lesbian in conservative Kansas and her being so enthusiastic to help me get ready for a date just made my entire month. I think i might cry <3

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OMG ONE MONTHE UNTIL ACOWAR!! CAN'T WAIT! I feel like I've been waiting forever but this fandom had helped soo much with the wait, it's been almost manageable XD What are you most looking forward to in ACOWAR? :) <3

SO the more I think about ACOWAR the more… nervous I am for it? Like when I see things like theories and whatnot, it makes it hard. There are certain things that if happened  would ruin the whole series for me. I’ll give you a few examples.

If Feyre is pregnant in ACOWAR, it would ruin it for me. And not in the good way, as in I would start to actively dislike the book. If it’s in an epilogue, that’s different, but if it’s a source of conflict in ACOWAR I’m tapping out. 

If Ianthe is pregnant, I’m out. It would be lazy plotting, and although it would fit her character it wouldn’t fit Tamlin’s. And people will revolt to that, but seriously. You think Tamlin’s gonna fuck anyone when he’s so frantic about finding Feyre? I know there’s Calanmai or whatever, but I don’t think it would be her he sleeps with (and I honestly think that ‘consequences’ that SJM mentioned will happen will be because he didn’t do the ritual). I think it would be an injustice to his character. 

If Nesta is mates with one of Lucien’s brothers, and then is like ‘nah fam I luv Cassian’, I’ll hate it quicker than you can say Feysand. I think that kind of plot would completely undermine the sanctity and emotion and weight put on a mating bond. As for the the ‘imagine how great Cassian will feel if Nesta chooses him’ argument, I say that his self-worth should not be determined by the relationship that he’s in. And I know people will being up Rhys’s parents, but I honestly feel like their one in a million. Not only that, but I do genuinely think that they loved each other in their own twisted way. 

If Nesta and Elain are coddled in this book, or their past indiscretions are swept aside, I will feel disappointed and unsatisfied. Those two have a lot of explaining to do. I don’t really like Nesta, that’s cool, and the more I think about Elain as well… How are they so easily forgiven? I just don’t get it. People crucify Tamlin, and that’s something we could all talk about for days, but how is what Elain and Nesta did any better? I would argue that what they did to Feyre for years was worse than anything Tamlin did. And that’s never been resolved. Yeah, sure, Nesta went to the wall and then begrudgingly let them into her house and then kind of fought to get the Book, but has she ever once apologised? And what has Elain ever done? 

If Lucien becomes High Lord of the Spring Court, I will revolt. It would straight up go against the canon lore of the books. If Lucien becomes a High Lord, it will be because all his fucked brother’s die and so does his father. 

IF THE STORY IS TOLD IN ANY MORE P.O.V’S THAN RHYS AND FEYRE I WILL BE FUCKING DONE. NO. NOPE. I don’t think this will happen, because I think if Sarah wanted that many P.O.V’s than she just would’ve written it in third person, but just hearing people say that they think Nesta or whatever will have a perspective makes me cringe so hard my organs ache. I also think that if we get another P.O.V, it will just be in the spinoff. 


Buuuuttt there are some things I’m excited for!!

I can’t wait for the introduction of Drakon and Miryam, and for the set up of the spin-off series. I can’t wait to see who survives and who doesn’t, because the wait is killing me. I can’t wait for badass Feyre reuniting with Rhys. I am so excited to find out more about Lucien’s magical eye and to see what Amren’s true form is! I am HERE for some good hessian and moriel, and the slow burn, incomplete romance that I hope is Elucien. 

I don’t think I could pinpoint an exact scene, for the soul reason I have no idea what’s going to happen. Like none in the slightest. I was waaayyyy off in my predictions for ACOWAR. 

And I know there are a lot of negatives in this post, but I am so so so so so excited for ACOWAR!!! I love Sarah’s books, and I love everything she writes, I just want to have it fill it’s potential without being stupid.  

i once told you 
that you never look at me
but i’ve realized
i was too busy
hating my reflection
to see you
loving every part of me
—  and i’m sorry that i didn’t believe in you

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People accuse you of obsessing over someone while they do the same with you and your daughter (I am sorry by the way! It must have been a very painful experience 💙) Don't spent your precious time on haters. From what I've read, you sound like an amazing and fucking strong woman! I think some people should seriously think before they spew anon hate and involve an innocent child.

Thank you. I went through the darkness, the year of treatment that I knew would never even make her better, the lessons about cherishing life she taught me, the love of family and the agony of not only losing her but having to be there for her and her brother and sister when their father died unexpectedly 6 months after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And then, with the love of family and friends and strangers from all around the world we flew to a beach house in Hawaii to spend the last two weeks of her life. The grandparents, all the cousins and aunties and great aunties and uncles and second cousins and in-laws and well wishers came to surround us with loving farewells.
It’s been almost three years and its never better but I don’t forget the beauty and gift that life is. I cherish the good things. Anon hate is nothing. It doesn’t touch me. Total Internet amateurs.

What I've been thinking

You know what, I don’t think you need to totally revamp your diet. You can, but you don’t have to. When I try to, it only sticks for a month or so. Maybe you don’t have to give up everything. All you need to do is change the proportions. Less of the high calorie foods, more vegetables to fill the empty space. Less processed carbs at breakfast, sub for fresh fruits and chia seed pudding. Less dessert, more nutritious foods. Tacos? Turn it into a taco salad. Milkshake? How about making a really thick raspberry smoothie from frozen raspberries. PB&J? Spin it into apple slices or banana chunks or strawberries in melted peanut butter. I don’t need to resist, I just need to modify.

Voices of the Sea | for all the wannabe pirates who are still sad for being born centuries after the golden age of piracy, a collection of songs to help you pretend to be back in the eighteenth century roaming the Caribbean sea, from sea shanties to mermaids’ songs.

Fathoms Below | Ursula
Discovering Atlantis | Andrew Lockington
The Devil Down Below | Gaelic Storm
The Parting Glass | Sarah Greene
Patrick Spens | Brian Tyler
Drunken Sailer | Irish Rovers
My Jolly Sailor Bold | Cover by Elina
Hoist the Colours | Cover by StephanieSings
Randy Dandy-O | Brian Tyler

jokes about estrogen “making you bi” are creepy as shit, stop making them

i’m glad hrt is helping you get the confidence to figure things out about your sexuality but quit making these creepy as hell jokes, some trans women don’t like men and never will; and honestly think for two seconds if saying transitioning to being a woman “makes you love men” is really a progressive or funny thing to say ffs.

Honestly this dumbass joke can actually scare trans lesbians who have issues/trauma with men and want hormones out of getting them because they’re scared of it changing their feelings on men.

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17 for jupeter?

Y’all sure do like your angst. lol. I had a couple ideas for this, actually, and I might end up writing something for the other idea later. But for now, hope you like it! Sorry I got it up so late.

17. Things you said that I wish you hadn’t. Jupeter

I don’t know what you’ve been doing these past few months. I try not to think about it. Makes things easier. I try not to think about before, either. It’s hard when I’m reminded every time I catch my reflection in a mirror or a window; every time I try to take a shot, or miss something to the right of me, but I manage. Still, sometimes, well, sometimes I can’t help it. Sometimes when I’m alone in the office or my apartment, when I’ve had a few too many, or not quite enough, sometimes I drift back. Back to finding you waiting in my apartment, back to the hotel, back to the train, to the tomb, to that countdown, and back to that night. That one night that I couldn’t forget no matter how hard I tried. Sometimes, when I can’t help it, when I’m too tired or too drunk to fight against the urge, I close my eye and think back to the way you looked at me, your face a mix of worried and excited and sorry and happy and, well… I think back to your lips against mine. Lips so soft and teeth so sharp and warm hands, strong and solid against me. I think back to your voice, your words. I think back to all the things that should have been said that weren’t, and all the things you said that I wish you hadn’t.

The first was when you asked if I was sure I wanted to leave. I wasn’t sure. You know that now, but I don’t know if you did then. I wasn’t sure. I wanted you, but the rest? And you asking, you giving me that out, it brought that doubt right out into the open. I don’t know if things would have been different if you hadn’t asked. Probably not, but I still wish you hadn’t all the same.

The next was right after that. Hearing you talk about how much you loved hopping from planet to planet, never stopping, always on to bigger and better things… as much as I loved the way your eyes lit up when you said it, it hurt a little. Because if you can’t settle down to an entire planet, how could you stand to settle down to one person? Not even a great person. A person that’s broken down and stuck in one of the galaxy’s shittiest cities. A person who can’t even do his damn job right anymore. A person who was never that special to begin with. I couldn’t stand to hold you back from all that. I couldn’t leave Mars, and I couldn’t take away your chance to see everything the galaxy has to offer. Someone as beautiful as you deserves to see all the beauty that’s out there. That was when I knew I couldn’t stay. I don’t know if I would have stayed with you if you hadn’t said that. Maybe, maybe not, but I still wish you hadn’t all the same.

The last thing was the last words I heard from you. “Call me a fool if you like, but I think I may have fallen in love with you.” Murmured against my skin, your body still pressed against mine, offered into the fading afterglow. I can’t describe the way I felt when you said it. Especially because you meant it, god, you meant it. I can’t remember the last time I was happier than in the split second after those words left your mouth. And then it all came crumbling down. Because I had already made my decision. I knew I couldn’t stay. You may have loved me then, but how long could that have lasted? I know I didn’t say it back. Not really. I couldn’t. If I said it, that made it too real. If I said it, I don’t know if I could have brought myself to walk away. If I said it, and then things changed, changed like I knew they would, I couldn’t take that. If I said it back, only to watch that feeling fade from you, watch your eyes lose that brightness they had when you looked at me… If I said it back, only to watch you fall out of love with me… I don’t think I could take that. I know I wouldn’t have done anything differently if you hadn’t said it. Maybe I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did, but probably not. It would have made walking out that door a little easier, though. It would have meant trading in that one brief moment of blinding happiness, but I could live with that. I still wish you hadn’t said it, all the same.

I try not to think of where you are now. What you might be doing. But sometimes, when I can’t help it, when I’m too tired or too drunk to fight against it, I wonder if you wish you hadn’t said it too.


“… But then I met a humansperson, and she is not like you said. She is brave, and smart, and cares about other humanspersons in a way that we Boov do not even care about each other. She even cares about me. And I’ve done very little to earn that. The Boov may be superior in many ways, but not in the ways that I now thinks are most important.”

Things I've learned while being in a military relationship:

1. Throw all your calendars out, because if you even THINK about making plans, something will fucking change.
2. Better get used to Skype sex being the only sex you get for months at a time.
3. Have fun having emotional breakdowns at least once a week from missing your significant other so much.
4. Get used to putting on a pretty face and acting like nothing’s wrong when you haven’t been able to sleep for the past 3 nights without hearing from them.
5. If you make it through a deployment, you can make it through anything.
6. Better get used to spending all yo extra cash on plane tickets.
7. 900 miles seems like a Sunday afternoon walk when they move 7000 miles away.
8. 3 am phone calls are the shit.
9. So is ditching studying for 11 am Skype dates.
10. Your love is the real deal.
11. You really want “normal” couples to start appreciating the little things more.
12. Dates change, change, and then change again. Did I mention don’t make plans?
13. Every second you get to talk to and spend time with them makes all the not talking to or spending time with them worth it.

Tegan songs, on the theme “I’m so desirable, what the fuck”
  • Time Running
  • You Went Away
  • Where Does The Good Go
  • Speak Slow
  • The Con
  • Northshore
  • The Ocean