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Remember that time jungkook made a perverted joke and whispered it to hope and jimin at a fan sign and everyone was like “what did he say, what did he say!?” And jimin was like “well jungkook is now an adult” and pretty much sold him out

  • Let Pearl say f*ck
  • Everybody thinking that Peridot had landed in Canada
  • “Gemtlemen”
  • In a similar vein, Male Gems
  • Stevenbombs and why the fans are conflicted about them
  • When everybody was convinced that Rising Tides/Crashing Skies would be the return of Malachite
  • The Big Donce
  • Sardonyx is a Homeworld gem
  • That Keystone Motel review fiasco
  • When all the episode names for what is now season three got released early on the CN website, literally a year before some of them aired
  • The rage when episodes got moved back a month a week before the first was to release after a hiatus in August
  • People genuinely believing that Catch and Release would involve Malachite or Lapis in Steven’s toilet
  • People who theorized that When It Rains would be about Peridot before we even knew Peridot was getting a redemption arc
  • Confusion over whether or not Too Far was the last 2015 episode (it was)
  • Steven Booniverse
  • The Jen-iii meme with the URLs
  • All the leaks of Stevenbomb 4
  • That night in February when the clips from Super Watermelon Island and Barn Mates were released by CN UK
  • Also that censoring that CN UK did in the episode We Need To Talk
  • The baby Steven meme
  • Jaspertale (and related things after Jasper fell into the pit)
  • CN France’s early airings
  • ”Bob”
  • “Steven Nuke”
  • The early previews of Bismuth
  • Matt Burnett begging us not to spread leaks from week ¾
  • Us finding out why he begged us not to
  • Seven Lions
  • Steven’s Knife
  • Here Comes a Thought
  • Fifteen Minutes + Bad Pearl confirmed
  • The fans actually waiting patiently for Gem Harvest

Feel free to add on!

Because @pokemon-professor-grey tagged me (literally) & it’s the only selfie I have rn…


Ghostbusters! (x)


Wizardess Heart ♥ Favourite CGs
the boys + MC ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

Cedar/Ginger is a good rarepair, a pure rarepair. It gives me warm and sugary vibes. Cedar would hang out in Ginger’s kitchen to practice painting cakes and sweets for an assignment and accidentally sketch Ginger the whole time instead, lovestruck by how cute the baker looks with flour on her cheek and pink hair piled on her head like icing.

I’m tired of people being like “we’re here for the music” biCTH WHAT MUSIC????????? we haven’t had any new music from 5sos for monTHS!!!!!! what do you mean you’re here for the music when there is nONE????? I understand not wanting to get involved in their private lives I get that it’s chill, but you have to understand when you’re invested in the band it’s not just about the music… people stan 5sos as people, not just musicians and I think that’s very important to remember. You’re not weird or abnormal for being interested in your idols life and it’s ok to be upset about something they’ve done or who they’re dating, the only thing that’s not okay is when you start sending hate to the people in your idols life or your idol


Hi. I know I’ve been AWOL for like 5 months, and my excuse for that is this: I suck. Plain and simple.

Here’s a random, spontaneously written story that will hopefully suffice as an apology. It’s yet another friends-to-lovers story because I have an addiction to mass-producing this trope. I can’t be helped.

Summary: There are bad decisions. And then there’s sleeping with your best friend, who is also your other best friend’s brother, after their mother’s funeral.

Rating: M

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I think you mentioned before that The white weasel was sick when you got her? How is she doing now? I just love her

in general, she good! today she’s rather sick - all sneezy & dour. 

Grim will sneeze every couple months (& has since kittenhood), so I’m guessing she passed the virus to Ping, who is enjoying it less. if this continues tomorrow, it might be vet time :(

I firmly believe that there was a tiny fn-2187 who went on survival training with the rest of his unit and spent way too much time wandering around in the woods and being happy about birds 

(do you think he gives them all names? private, secret names, for the bird families he hears singing in the trees and also the squirrels and also whatever weird alien fauna lives in the forest. finn loves them all, they are his special friends.)

do you think there was a couple of grizzled lady freighter captains who crash-landed on the planet with their daughter and sort of………adopted this weird militaristic, regimented child who wandered out of the woods and occasionally leaves for days at a time only to slink back and eat all their food and listen to their stories and songs like he’s starving for them

one of them hugs him once, instinctively, and fn-2187 spends the whole cycle shaking, trying to forget the warmth and comfort and softness of that woman’s arms, trying to remind himself that the first order—

do you think he cries a little, when they manage to fix their thermo coupling, and the captain lays her heavy hand on his tiny shoulder and says, If you ever need us, okay? just call. we’ll come and get you, steal you away, just let us know, okay?

the first order comes for their unit seven days later, and finn tries very hard to forget, buries it in training and regimen and forgets, forgets, tries to forget. 

(if you ever—)

Would you be interested in something like a monthly list of odottemita videos with less than 5,000 (or 10,000) views that you should check out? You should’ve noticed by now that one of the main points of this blog is to enable more people to get to know less known odorite. And having a short overview (which is only based on my personal opinion though) is probably easier than checking out every video I share on my blog?
Every kind of interaction with this post (like/reblog/reply) will be seen as a “yes”^^

i once told you 
that you never look at me
but i’ve realized
i was too busy
hating my reflection
to see you
loving every part of me
—  and i’m sorry that i didn’t believe in you

For realz I take inspiration from Crom every day. For example, I was sitting in a meeting today listening to a couple faculty in my dept. take credit for everything that myself and another staff person did on a project over the semester break. Then they proceeded to talk with authority on issues they  know nothing about to a room full of staff people who will actually be doing the work and are raising valid problems with their line of reasoning. And I just sort of went to my happy place and mentally replaced every faculty member with a Henrician noble and the title “your lordship” with “Professor.”


“… But then I met a humansperson, and she is not like you said. She is brave, and smart, and cares about other humanspersons in a way that we Boov do not even care about each other. She even cares about me. And I’ve done very little to earn that. The Boov may be superior in many ways, but not in the ways that I now thinks are most important.”