i've been thinking about it for month

ok but tents

in da2 and inquisition everyone had a home to go back to, but in origins they literally only had their camp for like a year

thing is, everyone was joining one after another, weeks and sometimes months apart (im looking at u oghren)

how come all the tents look the same? they should be all mismatched

and sometimes it could take a while to actually find a tent for new party members

just imagine, wynne joins the party and shares a tent with leliana for a while and everything is lovely, they both are clean and sweet and just the loveliest tent mates

in contrast, imagine the first night after zevran joined in and neither alistair nor zevran in their shared tent even shutting their eyes in fear that the other will stab them

or oghren joining and the party actually has a fight over who’s going to share their tent with him bc holy shit that guy’s smell is powerful (actual canon, sorry oghren)

and also imagine the possibilities of what each tent would look like

zevran and leliana and morrigan choosing tents that actually look good bc not a chance they will sleep in something that looks like rags hanging on sticks

loghain choosing the most patriotic thing as possible and just glaring at lelianas tent

sten going with practicality but also having some tiny detail, maybe a pattern or an embroidery of some flower that reminds him of par vollen

alistair sometimes looking up at the roof of his tent and feeling sad bc he sees the grey warden griffon embroidered and he remembers when duncan handed him the tent

anyway, tents

  • Hermione: [groaning] How can you drink like this? I feel like I've been hungover for three months.
  • Draco: [shrugs]
  • Pansy: It's actually been four months this Friday.
  • Hermione: How!? How do you do it?
  • Draco: Something about being pureblood I think. We can hold our liquor to the point of alcohol poisoning.
  • Blaise: Its in our DNA. It's like our forefathers knew we would have to drown our sorrows on a regular basis.
  • Hermione: Or... and this is just a thought... you're all alcoholics.
  • Pansy: Nah.... that can't be it.
  • Blaise: Must just be Slytherins.
  • Draco: and if you're going to be hanging out with us you best get used to it Granger.
  • Hermione: Or I could break up with you.
  • Draco: [offended] Or You could not!!

every time mia and sebastian’s theme is played in la la land it sounds different to me. the first time in the bar it starts out as sweet and soft but spirals into something almost angry, the late for the date one is heartbursting and full hope and then at the end it’s the opposite it’s heartbreaking and melancholy the song that used to be their song is now a painful reminder of what their relationship used to be and what it could’ve been

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Ford and Dipper would so study Milo and Murphy's Law. Bill would try to use it for his advantage, Stan would have him as a Mystery Shack "special" tour, Mabel would bedazzle Diogee. Melissa,Zack, and Milo would hang out with Wendy,Soos and the twins. But Bill would do anything he can to have Milo as a puppet.

THANK YOU. I was starting to think the Gravity Falls crossover trend was dead. 

I mean, c’mon, like Bill would pass up the chance to take over a kid who’s a walking Weirdmageddon. 

(Flash Talk) Camila arrive at LAX airport and Lauren is waiting for her...
  • Camila: What are you doing here?
  • Lauren: Well... I heard that you have some questions and I think I have some answers.
  • Camila: Lauren...
  • Lauren: Oh, this is Leo by the way. He was crazy to know you.
  • Look, Leo... how beautiful she is. I think he likes you.
  • Camila: Lauren... we can't do this again.
  • Lauren: Can you just listen to what I have to say?
  • Camila: I... I can't. I'm sorry.... and yeah, he's adorable.
  • Lauren: Yeah, he is and I think he's in love with you already. Camila, can we talk?
  • Camila: No. Not now...
  • Lauren: So, when?
  • Camila: Lauren, there's so many things I have to process right now. I'm fine now. I'm finally fine. I need time...
  • Lauren: No, you need answers and here I am.
  • Camila: Now?? Months later?
  • Lauren: Can you at least think about us?
  • Camila: This is all I've been thinking about in the last few months.
  • Lauren: I'm sorry...
  • Camila: I have to go my mom is waiting for me.
  • Lauren: I'm waiting for you too. We are waiting for you, right Leo?
  • Camila: Lauren...bye. Bye Leo...and take care of her.

Because @pokemon-professor-grey tagged me (literally) & it’s the only selfie I have rn…

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that bitch face taemin makes at minho when minho can't remember his birthday. i think about it a lot.

concept: since that broadcast taem’s been popping up with a bday cake for minho on every 9th of the month except for december. the spelling of minho’s name on the cake gets worse each time - it starts with ‘choi mango’ and somehow ends in ‘alola exeggutor’ because taem’s salty like that

This is just a random thought, but adoption is featured so rarely in fics. It’s almost always either mpreg or surrogacy. Those are valid options of course, and they can make great stories, but maybe we should enrich the parenthood narrative in our stories? I promise, adoption is not “boring” or “too bureaucratic” to read and write about. Let’s write about parents who’ve waited for so long for their children, who’ve waited for that call for months, who maybe had an adoption fell through but didn’t give up, who’ve fought tooth and nail to have and keep their children. Let’s also not limit adoption to babies. Let’s write about children who thought they’d never get a chance, children with disabilities, lgbt children, neurodivergent children, children survivors of abuse, children of color, children with chronic illnesses, children with traumatic pasts, teenagers, all of them. There are a lot of stories there and i think we should start exploring them.


Ghostbusters! (x)

When your SUPER HANDSOME BOYFRIEND™ is also really cute and won’t let you go to work 🐤

  • Kara: [groaning] How can you drink like this? I feel like I've been hungover for three months.
  • Maggie: [shrugs]
  • Alex: It's actually been four months this Friday.
  • Kara: How!? How do you do it?
  • Maggie: Something about being gay I think. We can hold our liquor to the point of alcohol poisoning.
  • Alex: Its in our DNA. It's like God knew we would have to drown our sorrows on a regular basis.
  • Kara: Or... and this is just a thought... you're both alcoholics.
  • Alex: Nah.... that can't be it.
  • Maggie: Must just be us gays.
  • Alex: and if you're going to be hanging out with us you best get used to it, sis.
  • Kara: or I could just tell mom...
  • Alex: [offended] Or You could not!!

So Mad Max Fury Road is awesome, and the Doof Warrior is legendary.  

I was listening to Jukebox Hero and that’s why he’s got the glasses. “He’s got stars in his eyes” I’m hilarious.

  • Ketch: I love your hair.
  • Sam: Thank you. It's genetic and unattainable.
Hamilton Characters as more things said by me and my friends
  • <p> <b>Alexander Hamilton:</b> *i need coffee is written on a design for a skateboard* I made it relatable<p/><b>John Laurens:</b> sometimes I look at a hot girl and think oh no I've been lying to everyone then I realise I'm gay<p/><b>Lafayette:</b> *screeching* I NEED BAGUETTE<p/><b>Hercules Mulligan:</b> I owned a horse once, his name was Pepper and he was part of the family<p/><b>Aaron Burr:</b> every day I crave death more and more<p/><b>James Madison:</b> *sneezes once* yeah I'll probably take the rest of the month off<p/><b>Thomas Jefferson:</b> I look hot in short shorts *poses*<p/><b>Angelica Schyler:</b> sometimes I like to pretend none of you exist<p/><b>Elizabeth Schuyler:</b> die, die! *burns ants while laughing like a maniac*<p/><b>Peggy Schuyler:</b> ok but what about a pair of glasses that detect when there is a gay nearby<p/><b>Maria Reynolds:</b> my hobbies include sleeping and crying<p/><b>George Washington:</b> *adds a tick to bathroom wall writing that says tick if you're depressed*<p/><b>King George:</b> I'm pretty sure Ringo was always the worst Beatle<p/><b>Charles Lee:</b> what about a bowling ball, but with blades<p/><b>Samuel Seabury:</b> *shoves friend into a wall* haha fuck you<p/><b>Philip Hamilton:</b> I'm short, angry, dangerous and ready to cry real hard until you give me a cookie<p/><b>George Eaker:</b> *in the middle of a conversation* I killed a man<p/><b>James Reynolds:</b> fuck you, fuck this whole table, you're all gay, why do i hang out with y'all, fuck whoever is calling me right now they can go fuck themselves<p/></p>