i've been subjected to your moffat text rambles all evening

You know that post going around? The ‘I am [nationality] and the idea of Mitt Romney as president terrifies me’ one.

Well no.

I am British and no, the idea of Romney as president doesn’t terrify me. It disappoints me. It worries me. But it doesn’t terrify me.

Because one guy and his administration, no matter how bad, are not going to end America/the world by being in charge, okay.

There have been, and will continue to be, leaders who make bad decisions, do bad things. Sometimes things will get worse for a while.

But then they will get better again. People will make them better again. 

Because, and I’m going to use a Jon Stewart quote here: 'Any asshole victory is short lived. It just is. They lose.’

Or maybe i’m just an optimist .