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“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.

gif tutorial: colors! all the colors!

alright so i was asked how to make gifsets like this, this and this. basically: how to make very colorful gifsets with 1 main color.

these are the gifs i’ll be showing you how to make:

in this tutorial, i’ll be showing you how to make pink, purple and blue gifsets. there’ll be one section for each tutorial, so if you only want to read one of them, you can press cmd + f and type in “pink tutorial”, “purple tutorial”, or “blue tutorial”. you need to have basic gif skills to follow this tutorial, such as cropping, sharpening & basic understanding of coloring layers (like selective layers, curves, etc).

NOTE 1: especially when making purple and pink gifsets, it’s super easy to end up whitewashing characters of color. please use the advice given in each coloring tutorial on how to avoid whitewashing and don’t let your gifs transform beautiful characters into pale, grey and sick-looking creatures. if you have any questions, feel free to ask me about it!

NOTE 2: this will be a very long post because i like thorough tutorials myself so that’s what i tend to make. it’ll be quite image-heavy and, well, long. really long. so the actual tutorials will be under the cut.

NOTE 3: the coloring pattern for the gif tutorials are more or less the same (i.e. first curves, then levels, and so on), but it’s the color isolation that differs between them.

alright lets get started!

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Major Arcana Inspired Character Asks

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The Fool: When has your character been excited to start a new journey?
The Magician: How does your character unleash their creativity or resourcefulness?
The High Priestess: When has trusting their instincts paid off for your character?
The Empress: Who has been a positive female figure in your character’s life?
The Emperor: Who has been a positive male figure in your character’s life?
The Hierophant: Who has served as a mentor to your character?
The Lovers: Which of your character’s relationships has been the most positive? (Romantic or otherwise)
The Chariot: What goal is your character determined to reach?
Strength: On what issue is your character persistent?
The Hermit: Write about a time your character did some soul searching. What did they find?
The Wheel of Fortune: What are your character’s proudest successes?
Justice: When has your character felt satisfied with the conclusion to a major dispute or concern?
The Hanged Man: When has your character needed to step back and look at things from a different perspective?
Death: When has your character had to let go of something in their life?
Temperance: How does your character balance their life?
The Devil: Does your character ever neglect their wild side?
The Tower: When has your character lost an ideal or relationship?
The Star: When has your character been most hopeful?
The Moon: When has your character’s path been unclear?
The Sun: When does your character sit back and enjoy themselves?
Judgment: Has your character ever been given a second chance?
The World: When has one of your character’s dreams come true?

Bonus: Major Arcana in Reverse!

The Fool in Reverse: When has your character acted recklessly?
The Magician in Reverse: When was your character manipulated?
The High Priestess in Reverse: When has your character felt betrayed emotionally?
The Empress in Reverse: When has your character felt dependent on another?
The Emperor in Reverse: When is your character inflexible or stubborn?
The Hierophant in Reverse: When has your character’s personal beliefs been challenged?
The Lovers in Reverse:  When has your character experienced heartbreak?
The Chariot in Reverse: When has your character’s pride or arrogance been their downfall?
Strength in Reverse: What are your character’s doubts or insecurities?
The Hermit in Reverse: When has your character felt the most alone?
The Wheel of Fortune in Reverse: When has your character felt their life was no longer under their control?
Justice in Reverse: When has your character been treated unfairly or cruelly?
The Hanged Man in Reverse: When has your character tried to avoid making a major decision?
Death in Reverse: When has your character tried to fight change?
Temperance in Reverse: When has your character felt overwhelmed?
The Devil in Reverse: When has your character suffered from refusing to break off an unhealthy relationship?
The Tower in Reverse: When has your character’s actions led to disaster?
The Star in Reverse: When has your character lost faith?
The Moon in Reverse: When does your character mistrust their feelings or intuition?
The Sun in Reverse: When does your character’s goal seem just out of reach?
Judgment in Reverse: When has your character found it difficult to forgive themselves?
The World in Reverse: What is your character holding back? 

fervidice  asked:

8!! Meredy and Lyon lol or just one of them ^.^

Color Palette Challenge. // Lyon Vastia & Meredy

College student Dean running late for his study session with Castiel, the most beautiful guy Dean’s ever had the pleasure of being allowed to stare at for an hour whilst simultaneously studying for finals.

Dean running across campus in the low, lazy summer-evening sun, his bag smacking against his back, people stopping to stare at him as he hares over the off-limits, carefully-tended lawn.

Dean coming to an abrupt halt just as he makes it back onto the path, turning round and bending down for a moment at the edge of the grass, before straightening up with a contemplative look on his face.

Dean striding into the nearby library building and re-emerging a moment later with Castiel in tow, his face still pink from running so hard, talking quickly to hide his nerves and embarrassment.

“- sorry for coming so late, I know you’re busy and we should get to it, but I wanted to say I’m sorry and I was gonna… pick it for you? But then I thought you’d rather see it, so…”

Dean coming to a halt beside the smooth, immaculate lawn, and pointing down at a single rogue buttercup, nodding its head gleefully in the warm breeze. Cas crouching down to stare at it for a long, long moment with Dean watching him, biting his lip.

Cas looking up at Dean with a smile on his face, and saying, “It’s beautiful. I love it.”

Dean grinning back, pink for a very different reason now, and replying, “I saw it there, all ‘fuck the system’… kinda reminded me of you. Uh, in a good way.”

Cas standing up and saying, “We should get back inside, to study.” Dean clearing his throat and nodding seriously, leading the way back indoors.

Cas drawing level with him halfway to the library doors, and linking their hands with a blush on his cheeks.

Dean and Cas studying for hours that night, learning together with their hands intertwined on the tabletop.  (ノ∀`♥)


Look I’m still not quite sure yesterday happened because of how amazing it was. Not only did I have a great time with my DC squad, cosplaying Wonder Girl was a lot of fun, but we finally got to meet @marcusto and boy were we emotional.
Thank you so so much for your kindness and time, and for the sketches, it totally made our day. Thank you again for the commission, it’s for sure the cutest thing that’ll ever hang on my wall.
I hope you had a great weekend, and that you’ll have fun visiting Paris with your mom. We can’t wait to meet you again and cry like lil babies!

Childcare Gothic

- A foul odor is spreading through the air. You recognize it and start checking diapers. You cannot find the source. The smell is getting worse.

- An infant is crying. You gently rock them, you feed them, you change their diaper. They don’t stop crying. They never stop crying.

- You think the clock is broken. It’s been 12:45 for at least two hours now. You look at your phone instead. It’s 12:45.

- One of the children is staring at you. You wait for them to tell you what’s wrong. They only continue to stare. You feel uncomfortable.

- A five year old begins to tell you something important. You can’t understand anything they said, but you nod and smile. They grin and run to tell their friends. You wonder what you have agreed to.

- There’s water on the table. You don’t know where it came from. You wipe it off. There’s still water on the table. There’s always water on the table.


방탄소년단 (13.06.2013 - FOREVER).
FROM 2 COOL 4 SKOOL화양연화 pt.2.