i've been staring at this for a very long time

There’s voices around me,
And they tell me what’s inside.
There’s colours dancing within me,
The voices whisper, wondering why.

There’s colours on my heart
When there’s nothing in theirs.
They mock and mumble and snicker,
And my colours make them stare.

I’ll let the voices whisper my name
But I won’t let them choose
The things inside that play
Because they don’t know my virtues.

everything-inbetween  asked:

Hey I've been scrolling through your blog (love it tbh) and I saw that you had the first impressions of some of the team members, soo I was wondering if you are still doing them? If so, can I request either Tsukki or Lev?

Here’s Tsukki’s and I’ll do Legssss!

First impression

“Who’s this bean pole” honestly I thought Lev was gonna be a villian of sorts lol the way he was staring at Asahi and Suga??? I also called him leaf for a very long time…¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he didn’t really make a big impression on me at first.

Impression now

An actual cat. After watching the Nekoma OVA I like him a lot more now??? I like the things he says to Hinata about becoming the ace isn’t about position it’s about who scores the most points. I mean yeah he’s a lil annoying but he’s a good boy overall I think once he gets the basics of volleyball down he’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with owo

Favorite moment


Idea for a story


Unpopular opinion

IDK lol I think I’m with a lot of people who think Lev is kinda annoying IM SORRY

Favorite relationship

YO I AM HERE FOR THE YAKULEV HEIGHT DIFFERENCE OMGGGG. ON THAT NOTE IF ANYONE HAS ANY YAKULEV FIC RECS I’M HERE FOR THAT TOO. I feel like all the ones I can find are abo (hfjdkshgdsjkfdNO) or like only 100 words long.

Favorite headcanon

Lev is Yuuri and Victor’s Russian/Japanese lovechild lmao (someone on here actually drew a comic for this and it was amazing????)


legs with a cat is my aesthetic

Thanks for asking!!!

i can’t believe i totally spaced on faybelle week, please everyone accept my sincerest apologies??

anonymous asked:

hey there! I'm an avid supporter of Jackbum of Got7, as I have been for a long time now. the problem is whenever i see gifs or jackbum videos, i feel like he's more or less staring and show affection towards jinyoung in a few rather than jackson. idk, personally I've seen a few like that. i may just be a bit paranoid because I'm major jackbum trash. anyways, i love your jackbum master posts! keep up the good work ^^

firstly thank you so much!!!! <3

secondly ummm idk?? but he knows jinyoung for a long time (6/7 years now i think) and they are very very close like brothers !!! so i can see why he would show some more affection towards him sometimes but dont worry girl, we’ve got moments like THESE

A Special Day
  • David: Today is a very special day for you, Emma.
  • Emma: ...why?
  • Snow: We want you to know how much we love you and believe in you--
  • Regina: Don't tell me you're going to give another hope speech.
  • Snow: But everyone loves my hope speeches!
  • Regina: Wanna bet?
  • Snow: ???
  • Emma: Seriously, guys, what's so important about today?
  • Ruby: It's National Coming Out Day!
  • Emma: ...
  • Everyone: *stares at Emma*
  • Emma: *gay panic*
  • Emma: [to Snow & David] The only closet I've ever been in is the one you put me in as a baby. And I came out of it a long time ago.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Archie: Did you, Emma? Did you really?