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RFA +Saeran reacting to a girl asking female MC out

I know it took me ages to write and I’m so sorry but thanks for waiting T.T


  • You guys are attending a real life meetup with some other LOLOL members, but the meetup is really just a bunch of y’all hanging around someone’s house playing LOLOL together
  • There’s another girl there, and the both of you get along really well
  • Yoosung is so glad to see that you’re having fun at first, but after a while, his inner tsundere kicks in and he becomes a bit sour
  • Why isn’t she paying that much attention to me? I’m the one she loves after all.
  • He repeatedly tries to include himself in your conversation, but every time, the girl pushes him back out
  • Yoosung ends up in the corner of the room, a ball of bitterness, you can practically see the black cloud hovering around him
  • “Why are you even going out with him? I mean no offense but he seems a bit…possessive,” the girl comments
  • You see Yoosung flinch a bit, and you open your mouth to retort, but she continues
  • “So I think it would be a much better idea for you to go out with me.”
  • Yoosung lets out a hacking cough, having just choked on his own spit
  • Everyone is staring at you
  • “Uhh…well…I don’t think I can do that.  You see, Yoosung is the only person I’ll ever love, and although of course he’s not perfect, he’s the right one for me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. I’m sorry.”
  • She girl puckers her lips and sighs, a bit sad
  • She nods and continues playing her game, while you sense Yoosung’s eyes boring into your back
  • You can feel the sparkles in the air before you even turn around to look at his beaming face
  • You give him a double thumbs up, which he reciprocates with a wide smile
  • When the session finishes and you return to Yoosung’s apartment, he immediately snuggles you and giggles into your neck
  • “Hearing you say that about me makes me feel so much better about myself, thank you.”
  • Anytime.”


  • He had just finished performing an amazing show, one that ended in passionate song and tears
  • You go congratulate him, and you spot one of his co-actresses coming up to you
  • You’d seen her in several of his plays now, and whenever you two made eye contact, you would feel nervous because her beauty and talent were overwhelming
  • It almost feels like…a female version of Zen…
  • So as she makes her way through the crowd, your palms grow a bit clammy, and you’re trying to summon up the courage to say something, anything
  • Zen obviously takes note of her too, because he quickly clears his throat and opens his mouth  too greet her
  • But she doesn’t even glance at him. Instead, she grabs your hand, looks deep into your eyes, and said “I seem to have fallen in love with you, fair lady, I would please ask, may I have your hand in marriage?”
  • Okay yeah it’s definitely a female Zen
  • Zen glances at you in confusion
  • But you’re just as bewildered as he is
  • Meanwhile, the actress is staring back and forth between the two of you, eyes wide
  • An awkward moment passes before she suddenly lets out a small gasp, covering her mouth with a gloved hand
  • “Wait you don’t mean to tell me…that you guys are going out?”
  • Zen is brought back to Earth to reassert his dominance
  • “Yeah, that’s right,” he says with a proud smile, hooking his arm through yours
  • “Woe! Woe is me!” she cries out, drawing the attention of several people around you, before skipping off
  • She melodramatically spins around the stage once and disappears
  • “I can’t believe…I could have lost you to a woman!” he says as some sort of afterthought
  • Zen seems to think that now you’re twice at risk of getting ‘snatched away’
  • So he’ll look threateningly at girls too if they approach you
  • Zen  I hope you realize you’re scaring away your own fans
  • Next time you see the actress, she smiles at you and invites you to coffee
  • she explains that she’ll halt her advances on you, she merely thinks it would be a shame to not have an amazing person like you in her life
  • Therefore, friends
  • You two plus Jaehee becomes BFFLS


  • There’s this one female customer that comes back several times a week
  • But to be honest, she seems a bit shady
  • She’ll order, then sit at a table nearby and seemingly observe you work while trying to be sneaky
  • and by sneaky I mean she’ll haunch over behind her cup and peer across the rim of her sunglasses at you
  • When you look her way, she’ll pretend to be examining the grains of wood in the table, but as soon as you resume your duties, you just know she’s staring at you again
  • You talk to Jaehee about it one day
  • “Yes, I noticed the same thing, and to be honest, I’m feeling uneasy about it. Should we tell her to stop?”
  • You decide that that would be the best idea
  • So the next time she comes, luckily, there’s only one other person in the shop
  • “We know you’ve been staring at MC while she’s working, and we would both like to ask you to please stop, as it’s making us both really uncomfortable.”
  • Shady Glasses Lady sorta yelps and bites her lip
  • “I-I’m sorry…” she finally says, looking appropriately abashed. “I just…I just really like MC and I was wondering if she would be my girlfriend.”
  • You guys freeze for a moment, though Jaehee recovers in a heartbeat
  • “She cannot, because she’s already taken by me.”
  • “But-”
  • “No buts. She’s my girlfriend, and if you can’t accept that, I must ask you to please not return until you’ve taken care of your feelings.”
  • Muttering under her breath, the lady stomps out
  • You feel your heart beating in your throat
  • Jaehee getting so defensive is actually super attractive?
  • She sees you gaping at her and starts to ask what’s wrong, but you gently kiss her on the forehead and whisper a gentle I love you so much
  • Baehee wraps her arms around you and buries her face in your neck
  • I love you too.”


  • You’re waiting outside his meeting room, which had just finished
  • Business people stream out, and among them, you spot Jumin lurking in the back
  • He’s slowly approaching you, but before he can grab your hand, a woman wearing a neat blouse and a pencil skirt holds out a hand
  • Hesitant, you take it, going for a handshake
  • But she tilts her head down and plants a sweet kiss on the back of your hand
  • “I’ve seen you around this building several times already, and I’m captivated by your beauty.  Would you consider becoming my girlfriend?”
  • “Um..uh…I-uh…what?” you manage to stammer rather ungracefully
  • Jumin sees the hand kiss, but doesn’t hear what she says, so when he arrives, he looks quizzically at her your hand in hers, but otherwise simply smooches the top of your head
  • “Ah, I see. Is he your current partner?” she continues, turning her intense gaze towards him
  • “Yes she is.”
  • “Then, I would like to discuss a business deal regarding MC. I wish her to become mine.”
  • And thus begins some business debate about your net worth and assets either party would gain should you choose to become her girlfriend
  • Jumin’s not having any of it though, oh no
  • He’s mad
  • How dare someone try to take you away from him?
  • He gives her a chilling look, warning her to leave, before he whisks you away
  • As soon as you’re alone again, he holds you close to his body and says
  • “MC, might you please try to refrain using your powers of seduction on other people? Use them only on me.”
  • you do just that
  • It’s a steamy night


  • You’re at a flower shop for whatever reason with your man, and a small, quiet girl wanders around, rearranging bouquets, creating beautiful displays with a wide array of colourful blossoms
  • She’s the only person working there
  • Whenever you two approach to ask her a question, she only looks at Saeyoung
  • Maybe once or twice she glances your way, but immediately ducks her head and scurried away afterwards
  • Saeyoung’s grinning ear to ear, the bastard already knows what’s up
  • Sort of digs it? 
  • (not in a fetishistic sense, more like, it makes him so happy to see how other people fall for you)
  • He actually brings her to the side and tells her to confess to you
  • Which she eventually does, as an absolute blushing mess, fully knowing that you’re already taken
  • But better out than in, right?
  • At least that’s what Seven told her
  • She stammers so much you aren’t sure exactly which words she uses, but when she finishes, you pull her into a tight hug and tell her it’s okay
  • You guys don’t really become close friends, but every week a new bouquet of gorgeous flowers arrive at your door, with a sweet little message written on a card dedicated to you


  • He kinda forgot about the existence of lesbians and bisexual people and what they imply
  • until today
  • You’re out doing an ice cream run, and the girl serving you is paying extra attention to your cone
  • It looks like it belongs in a museum
  • seriously how does someone manage to make ice cream look so good???
  • You order two scoops, she gives you three, and adds special toppings for free hehe it rhymed
  • Saeran expects the same treatment, but he gets exactly what he ordered
  • What the fuck is this shit why does she get all the fun stuff and I don’t??
  • He angrily accuses her of favoritism
  • “Well I mean, yeah, because she’s the one I want to date.”
  • Saeran almost drops his cone
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “I mean, I like her, and I want to ask you out,” she says, turning towards you
  • Before you can say anything, Saeran has already whisked you away
  • He’s pouting, brows furrowed as he paces back and forth
  • He’s resisting the urge to go back and fight her, just because he knows you don’t approve of violence
  • Saeran’s talking to himself, about how people are dangerous, about how he doesn’t want to lose you, about how he never thought that someone else might fall in love with you
  • But gently, you walk up to him and boop his nose with your ice cream
  • A smear of chocolate sauce is left as evidence, but you teasingly lick it off
  • He shudders, forgetting his worries, and leans in for a deep kiss–
  • “Ya silly, we forgot to pay.”

There is an old barn in Pontiac, Illinois with sigils spray painted onto every blank surface and with shotgun shells long since dusted littering the floor.

The barn becomes a bit of a local legend—teenagers dare each other to venture in, people shine flashlights on the walls in attempt to make sense of the seemingly nonsense scribbles, rumors spread of witches or satanists or hauntings.

They’re all wrong, of course, but the conspiracies are amusing and take the edge off what the barn really is.

It’s on a whim that Castiel goes back to the place where he met Dean Winchester a year ago. The air is static, making his hair stand up and his fingertips conductive, like the electricity from the lightning that night never really left. His dress shoes become scuffed with dirt as he stands in the center of the area, facing the doors which he had entered, sparks raining down on him.

He quirks half a smile, thinking of how different he was back then, but also of how similar. There’s a sameness in that his feelings for the Righteous Man exceed those he’s ever known. The difference is that now he knows what his feelings mean.

The Castiel that had stormed through those doors did not know rebellion, did not doubt, did not know how the sun can make freckles stand out more, did not know the name “Cas” spoken in a low, ruff voice that sent shivers down his spine. He had known Heaven, and angels, and obedience, and very little beyond that.

Now he knows everything, and he’s thankful for that, despite the pain it’s caused him. If he could go back and repeat the moment, maybe he would simply walk straight toward Dean’s open and afraid face, enduring the bullets that pierced through his borrowed flesh, and not stop until he knew the taste of Dean on his mouth, just for a moment, just once.

Or maybe he wouldn’t. He doesn’t know.

He stands there for awhile, contemplating. It actually ends up being Dean’s own prayer that brings him back from his reverie of thoughts—a motel in Massachusetts, possible case, thought maybe you could help, want to see you again.

Castiel’s heart leaps at that sentiment, tacked on the end of the prayer with hesitation and gruffness, but warmth all the same. It’s that warmth that has him spreading his wings without a moment’s hesitation, taking flight the moment he’s able, following the echoes of Dean’s voice in his head and leaving behind him the place of his beginning.

There is an old barn in Pontiac, Illinois with sigils spray painted onto every blank surface and with shotgun shells long since dusted littering the floor, and etched in it is the first line of a love story.

Reunion .2

Hey! Remember when I wrote this ?

(Don’t worry. I forgot about it too)

Well I wrote 1000 more words. They achieve nothing plotwise, and I have no idea where they are going, but I wanted to write some pre-couple Golly and was feeling too lazy to start a new story. So, anyway… They’re under the cut, if you want to read them. 

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