i've been so obsessed with her lately


“Two years ago I was terrified of doing interviews. I am a foreign actress working in another language. But I have been able to mature in the industry, working with actors and directors who have made me feel secure in myself, without being in the public eye.” – Alicia Vikander, Net-A-Porter Magazine (Fall 2015)

The extent of my obsession with The Phantom of the Opera:
  • Me: Hey where's (*inserts name of friend*)? She's pretty late...
  • Other friend: I don't know, maybe call her?
  • Me: *calls her*
  • Friend: *does not pick up despite my several attempts of calling and messaging*
  • Me: You know, I actually know a song that suits this moment...
  • Other friend: Oh no.
  • Me: I gave you my music, made your song take wing and now how you've repaid me...
  • Other friend: *stares at me with the look of "hOE DON'T DO IT"*