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Headcanons for Mother's Day if Bakugou called his S/O "momma" (it's a southern pet name) and if he'd give any gifts. And would he be shy, flirtatious, etc.? Sorry to bother you, I've just been obsessed with your blog lately! You're doing wonderful! ❤️❤️

Ah thank you so much. I hope you like these, it’s not the easiest subject for me so it may come out looking weird. Also I misread this and started writing something else so I’ve just left that on the beginning as like a little bonus material.

Bakugou + Mama Baks:

  • Nope. No cute nicknames on his side. He’s always called her mom, even when he was small. But that suits her to the ground because she never really wanted to be a momma/mummy/mama anyway.
  • As for actual Mother’s Day they both think that’s a load of horse shit as well. When he was around 4 he declared that he wasn’t ever celebrating a day that wasn’t just for /his/ mom.
  • He has his own version of mothers day like once every six months. He’ll make her her favourite dinner or take her to the movies on his own money. He knows what she likes and knows that she deserves to be treated well.

Bakugou + S/O:

  • Once again nope to the cute nickname. Half the time he forgets to even call you mom around the kid so you’re own child is going to end up using your name.
  • The penny doesn’t drop that he’s supposed to get you something on Mother’s Day while the child still isn’t old enough. Thank god for Uncle Kirishima coming in clutch with a box you know is far too well wrapped to be from Bakugou but you thank him anyway. Kirishima has now named himself your god-husband.
  • He might not be great at this whole holiday thing but he really does make up for all the pictures he takes. A habit he got from his mother, he takes so many pictures so you never have to miss a moment. One year he’s definitely going to make you a photo album with all his best shots. 

“Two years ago I was terrified of doing interviews. I am a foreign actress working in another language. But I have been able to mature in the industry, working with actors and directors who have made me feel secure in myself, without being in the public eye.” – Alicia Vikander, Net-A-Porter Magazine (Fall 2015)


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based off this post and really just an excuse to draw Daichi in short shorts.

I’ve Been obsessing over kurodai lately and even been talking to what-fire-is-in-mine-ears about an awesome au (she’s the best I just can’t with how good her characterization is), but I figure i should get all my almost done kurodai stuff out of the way before i start throwing anymore projects on myself (ФДФ)