i've been rewatching the series

The place I want to go to
Reason’s why Samurai Jack is a perfect role-model for anyone;

1.) always polite, even to those that don’t deserve it

2.) realizes when his anger and hate is a detriment and controls it

3.) when he unintentionally offends someone, he IMMEDIATELY apologizes instead of making excuses

4.) he never destroys/kills needlessly, in fact he will refuse to fight if he sees no point in it

5.) always understanding to others’ misery when it comes to Aku and does not blame them for deeds done out of desperation

6.) always willing to “find another way”

7.) never gives up

8.) sacrifices own desires for the needs of others if they are in immediate danger or if their life could be impacted negatively forever

9.) always willing to learn about people and their cultures without prejudice

10.) does make mistakes, and (usually) learns from them

11.) does feel sorry for himself sometimes, but pulls himself up and #6 and #7

12.) despite having experienced great evil does not hold anyone accountable for that experience other than Aku

13.) does not allow himself to be bullied, maligned or harassed by anyone, and conducts himself appropriately for each scenario

14.) has a sense of humor

15.) can be vindictive (in the harmless, cheeky kind of way)

16.) is often solving problems that require deep concentration or inner mediation to solve them

17.) is highly adaptable

18.) feels remorse for all victims of Aku, even those who try to kill him and who he has had to kill in self-defense

19.) is not perfect by any means

20.) can jump good


I like this episode <3