i've been out walking

drawing commission for Brittany

there are doors into your life, and there are doors out of your life. people will ultimately leave, but that doesn’t mean that the door into your life is locked. remember that people grow and change and often times need to leave the room and never walk back in. you cannot force them to stay, and neither door can ever be locked. this is for the best


there’s nothing I can do

i’m helpless without you

So as some of you may know, I have a very elaborate headcanon about Jack and Bitty’s future kids and their lives, etc, etc. It’s all very cute and there’s only a little bit of angst.

But Shitty and Lardo.

Shitty and Lardo didn’t expect to have kids. It’s not that they didn’t want them; it’s more that they didn’t need them. They’re perfectly happy playing the role of cool aunt and uncle to everyone else’s kids. They’re living in Boston; Shitty’s a full-time Human Rights lawyer, part-time sports lawyer (for select clients only); and Lardo is running a gallery. All of their friends have already had their kids and they’re in their mid-30s. At this point they just don’t see it happening, and that’s cool. They’re not expecting kids, the kids just come to them. 

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I was thinking “Just once I wanna see him fall out of his chair” when I realized he’s not sitting in one. Did I miss an announcement where Mark got a standing desk? 

Welcome to the Game #2


Is that a yes?
Yeah. Definitely.

I did a Thing today
There’s a free creative writing group at my local library and I actually… went to it… on my own… There were about 10 people with an average age of 65 (possibly 70), mostly women, and each week someone puts forward a theme and everyone has half an hour to write something related to the theme and then reads it out to everyone, and they comment on it. The theme was ‘going on a journey’, which I duly forgot about, and after about 10 minutes of staring at the paper thinking ‘oh god what am I doing here’ I finally thought of a starting sentence. I wrote about an eight y/o boy called Theo who is at the beach with his older brother and finds a stray kitten. I didn’t actually get to the kitten part. But I wrote about a page and shakily read it out (quite badly, because a great deal was messily crossed out) and they seemed quite impressed haha. Most of the other people wrote anecdotes about their train journeys… They were more fluent/confident writers than me but their writings were more like diary entries than fiction. But the people were all really nice, anyway. The organiser said I wrote well, and the lady next to me liked my descriptions. Others were very complimentary. An old seacaptain-like man with a soft Northern Irish accent sat opposite me, and told us about the time he was away in France and went to a patisserie and the lady behind the counter was so pretty he forgot all the French he had learned and stumbled back out of the shop without buying anything. There was a woman with Alice in Wonderland syndrome who has a fear of travelling on the tube on her own in case she has an episode. I remember these things because I relate to them, to some extent. In short: woo I left the house and did a really scary thing which doesn’t seem like a big deal really but reading out a story that I wrote in 20 minutes without editing it to a group of strangers is……. An Awful Lot for me


i met the girl under full-bloomed cherry blossoms.
and my fate has begun to change.


“The all-American kid from Vancouver.”

Shit APH Australia Does #18

Disappear on spontaneous hiking trips to the middle of nowhere for months at a time

Chaos Squad on Ice

           It was a sight the likes of which Spill had never seen. As he and Stitch trudged through the frosted trees, their breath fogging the air, the lake that their maps had shown was not there.

           “Would you look at that,” Spill muttered faintly, lowering his rifle in surprise.

           “What the….” Stitch’s voice came from beside him.

           Down the hill, a flat, reflective surface cut across the land, and standing on it were dozens of people, milling about like so many colored bits on an old-fashioned video feed. And as the two clones stood there, breath steaming in sync, Spill swore he heard laughter echoing off the surface of the ice.

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sometimes i lowkey feel idk left out bc i’ve never met anyone famous or went to a concert or m&g


twd positivity project week one: how I started watching

To the surprise of many, I was actually very stubborn about watching TWD. My family and friends were all watching and obsessing over it when the beginning of season 3 was airing. They all kept pushing me to watch too but I just wouldn’t give in. Especially since it was a zombie show. I kept saying “I don’t like stuff like that” …which I didn’t actually hate zombie stuff, I just hated getting scared and I assumed the show was all about being scary. Then one day I went to visit my grandparent’s. When I walked in, they’d paused the TV and I just knew they were watching TWD. I rolled my eyes…then looked at the screen to see that it said “Chupacabra” …which had me thinking, wtf even is this show? My grandparents told me they HAD to finish this episode so I was gonna have to go in the other room. My grandma then offered to let me log in to their Netflix on my laptop and watch the pilot in the meantime. I finally gave in… And as I was watching I wasn’t quite hooked but it kept me interested. Then at the very end of the episode, when Glenn went over that walkie talkie with the iconic “hey dumbass” line…and the pan out shot of the herd of walkers with that song playing… I was a goner. I couldn’t believe how good it was. The comedic effect in the midst of such a terrifying situation. I loved it. I walked out of the room to my grandparents like… dammit, I’ve gotta continue. My life hasn’t been the same since.


If tomorrow wasn’t such a long time then lonesome would mean nothing to you at all.