i've been on hiatus for so long but i'm back!

finally i’m back!! and i feel great because finals are over and i can finally do what i want!! and i’ve noticed that there were a lot of you who left something on my inbox and i would probably look into that some time i’m really sorry it took this long to get to you but yeah that’s how it is hahaha

anywho it’s been almost a month and i feel i have a lot to catch up on in my own time and it will be great!! i hope you all have a wonderful day!!

(( fjdhdh I sincerely apologize for not being on here in a billion years really there’s no excuse,,, I mean I have “excuses” but what I mean is I’ve been p much ignoring this blog which I shouldn’t have done and I’m Sorry and I should get back to posting really soon, school’s almost out guys so I will do my best!!! ))

hello there y’all. i’m gonna take a little hiatus for possibly a week? because i’m going to bangladesh!!! i’m so happy to go there!! (@aysuh1009 hmu!!!!) anyways i’ll probably be back by ty’s bday and finish the mutuals project hopefully (eek i was busy packing and finishing up things so i couldn’t do them i’m sorry :( ) but yeah! once i’m not reblogging or posting things anymore, i guess that’s the start of the hiatus! (since i don’t know how to run a queue akjfvqbwkv)