i've been on hiatus for so long but I'M BACK!

(( fjdhdh I sincerely apologize for not being on here in a billion years really there’s no excuse,,, I mean I have “excuses” but what I mean is I’ve been p much ignoring this blog which I shouldn’t have done and I’m Sorry and I should get back to posting really soon, school’s almost out guys so I will do my best!!! ))

Hi guys!

Please go follow my new art blog @suacart. I’ll be posting all my art there from now on, fan art and original (hopefully). This blog took a hiatus because of school and personal reasons but I should be back now since school is winding down and it will finally be summer break for me in a week. So again, please go follow my new blog, I just posted my Meet the Artist, and hopefully I can put something out maybe once a day, but I won’t make any promises.