i've been on hiatus for so long but I'M BACK!

The return of the leek

Hi there, Tumblr! Long time, no see. 

What was initially meant to be a short break turned into a full-on hiatus. A hiatus which may or may not continue after this post, but there’ve been a couple of things recently that I feel compelled to share. 

So as some of you possibly know, if you’ve somehow managed to tie this blog to my ‘srs’ Sherlock blog, darling Benny and I live in the same neighbourhood. Not that I’ve ever given much of a fuck, but it does amuse me, mostly because when people find out they tend to get very excited about the fact that, you know, a famous person lives nearby. Anyway, although my first year of living in the area was fully devoid of sightings, things have changed recently and I’m not quite sure why. 

So I’m coming back from seeing Spectre (bloody excellent film, btw) this morning and stop at the shops on my way home. Food acquired, I head home. I get off the bus, walk up the street, round the corner and whom do I see but Soapsy in all her sour-faced glory, clad in a light-blue winter coat, walking through the gate and into the house while her dutiful husband parks the unnecessarily huge Mercedes and is scraping the kerb while he’s at it. Nice parking job there, Benny. I wonder why you look so grumpy.

It’s nothing scandalous, merely a mundane 10 seconds of another person’s life, but I did find it interesting a) to see her go in the house and b) no sign of any babies anywhere. But I’m sure the little tyke was just waiting upstairs under the watchful eye of a remarkably well-paid and not at all overworked nanny, no? 

Anyway, I eventually come home, unload my groceries and then sign onto Tumblr because, although I used to tell myself that, should it ever happen, I wouldn’t blog about running into him in the neighbourhood since that’s just tasteless and silly, a previous sighting demonstrated in person just what an entitled twat he is and I kinda just don’t care anymore. 

(If I feel like it, I might tell you that story sometime. It involves a terribly impatient famous actor and an Uber driver with bad parking skills.) 

All in all, just another Sunday in London. And now I’m off to binge on Breaking Bad. Laterz!