i've been nothing but nice to them

I've been told you'd like to hear about my Grandmother...

My grandmother got married in 1962, to a young man in the military. For a wedding present, their parents bought them a house in a nice suburb. White picket fence, whole 9 yards. Not long after they moved in, the next door neighbor planted a mullberry tree on the side of his property, near my grandparent’s driveway. Nothing seemed amiss, but if you know Mullberry Trees, you know that sh*t is about to get real.

About 15 years later, the mullberry tree was OBNOXIOUS. The birds would come and eat the berries, and any car parked in the driveway would get sh*t on, and it would stain the cars and ruin paint jobs. My grandmother, upon realizing the culprit, baked a nice apple pie, walked next door, and asked the neighbor if he’d mind trimming back the branches of the tree that hung over her driveway. He told her not to worry, he’d get to it soon. Three days later, my grandmother opened her door to find a half-eaten pie in the plate, crawling with ants, and a note that said “I changed my mind.”

My grandmother threw out the pie, cursing up a storm, and swearing up and down she’d get him to trim that tree or get him back. City ordinance said she could not trim the tree, as the roots were on his property, so the whole tree was his property.

As the years went by, my grandmother repeatedly asked him, ever so nicely, to trim it back. His responses were always along the lines of “No” and “F*ck off.”
Finally, in the mid-90s, my grandmother retired, and received a large bonus from her employer for her 35 years of work. She took the money, and bought the empty lot on the other side of the neighbor, then went to a nursery and bought 16 mullberry trees, planting them along her property line, on both sides of his property. About 3 years ago, he became angry at the damage they were doing to his cars, and cut them all back without permission. My grandmother took him to court, and he was forced to reimburse her for the trees at a markup because they’d had 10 years to grow.


Look, folks.  I do my absolute best to be friendly to people online, especially those who are friendly to me.  But I would like to make something clear.

Please do not mistake friendliness and openness for generosity.  I am a professional artist and quite frankly cannot afford to be generous with my art.  It is, after all, my trade.

The fact of the matter is that I cannot and will not take requests.  I have said so countless times.  I know some of you ask very nicely, but while I do appreciate the politeness, the answer is unfortunately still “no.”  Repeated requests will only have the effect of making me more staunch (and probably annoyed) in that response.

I sincerely, sincerely appreciate that folks enjoy my art.  Nothing brings me more happiness than that.  But I ask that you please respect my boundaries here.  “No” means “no.”

Fake Chats #139
  • Yoongi: is there nothing good in me, is there nothing good in me?
  • Hoseok: what are you talking about? You're all good!
  • Yoongi: I've let me down, down, down, down.
  • Hoseok: wait, okay. What song is this?
  • Yoongi: I'm sorry for everything I've done.
  • Hoseok: what?
  • Yoongi: all I believe, is it a dream that's come crashing down on me?
  • Hoseok: uh.
  • Yoongi: I'm a reckless mistake, I'm a cold night's intake.
  • Hoseok: Tae, can you come help me?
  • Taehyung: sure, what's up?
  • Yoongi: I wanna dream, I wanna dream.
  • Taehyung: what?
  • Hoseok: I think he's quoting a song. Or songs.
  • Taehyung: say another one, hyung.
  • Yoongi: there's nothing left to say now.
  • Jungkook, in passing: Imagine Dragons.
  • Taehyung: I could've gotten that!
  • Jungkook: you've been listening to them, hyung? What're your favorites? I like underdog and second chances.
  • Yoongi: release is nice.
  • Hoseok: what the?
  • Taehyung: why is he talking to Kookie and not us?
  • Yoongi: I'm trying to be melancholy.
  • Hoseok: okay...
  • Yoongi: you two always cheer me up.
  • Vhope:
  • Jungkook: wait, you want to be melancholy so you ignored them?
  • Yoongi: yeah.
  • Jungkook: I feel special but also bad. Sad Hoseok-hyung is like a cloudy day and sad Tae-hyung is like a sad puppy. See?
  • Yoongi: yeah. Okay. You can make me smile now.
  • Vhope: what's wrong with you?
  • Yoongi: *starts to smile* sorry.

anonymous asked:

I've been a pottermore confirmed hufflepuff for almost 5-6 years now, but now i retook the test and i got slytherin. I totally understand why I got slytherin but I can't help but think I might've lost something that made me a hufflepuff. I've had a lot people do shitty stuff to me and i've gradually stopped forgiving and being nice to people. I feel sad that I've lost the kindness and patientness that made me a hufflepuff. I have nothing against slytherin, but i feel like i lost those traits

what makes you a hufflepuff is who you are, no matter what pottermore says. you’re just as wonderful as you’ve been before. and you don’t have to forgive shitty ppl and be nice to them, badgers are nice to ppl that are nice to them and treat them with respect. so if you want to be a hufflepuff then you are one, you still are an amazing and strong badger.

cinema-cynic  asked:

Just followed your blog. I really like it. I'm curious to know: which of these two do you like more? Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth? (My personal favourite is Macbeth.) Btw, I only read these two in High school so I have nothing else to compare them with.

Thank you for liking my blog! That’s nice to hear. Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth are my two favorite plays, actually! If the house were burning, I’d definitely save these two books first.

Romeo and Juliet is certainly dearer to my heart. It’s possible that my young age contributes to my passion for it. I feel very protective of these star-crossed kids who have to deal with the chaos and the unhealthy ideology perpetuated by their parents. Romeo and Juliet is rebellious, immensely lyrical, an ode to love and freedom, a rebuke to hate and violence. It is governed by my favorite combination: the beautiful and the tragic. I’m just really in love with Romeo and Juliet’s love itself.

But I’m also in love with Macbeth. I adore morally ambiguous characters that are presented in a sympathetic way. I see the Macbeths fall down a dark, selfish spiral of violence and yet I never cease to pity them. Those are my favorite kind of characters. Besides, the story is so compelling: the ambition, the guilt, the inability to sleep peacefully, the bells, the witches, the ‘unruly’ night, the need to control the future, the parallels between Medea and Lady Macbeth, the mixture of the human and the supernatural world, the exploration of gender roles, the ghosts and the illusions, the love of the Macbeths, but also their insecurities, their constant use of euphemisms to refer to their actions (do, done, deed). The play is obscure and attractive, replete with complex characters. And then it’s just exquisitely written. Macbeth’s reaction to his wife’s death (‘Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow’) is my favorite passage in the whole Shakespeare canon. I have highlighted all of my favorite quotes from the play and so my copy of Macbeth is a big, beautiful mess.

The Macbeths are actually my favorite couple after Romeo and Juliet. They know each other—sometimes they don’t even need to put into words what they’re thinking. They’re completely, darkly attuned, to the point that they discern the implicit, the hidden, in a way that denotes a complete understanding of each other’s souls. As he says, she is his ‘dearest partner of greatness’.

Perhaps if you liked Romeo and Juliet you might also enjoy Othello, Antony and Cleopatra, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As for Macbeth, you might want to read Richard III and Julius Caesar.

ReBoot Season One Sentence Starters (Part Three):
  • "Leaving? So soon? How rude."
  • "Now that is one strange lady."
  • "We've just bagged the treasure of our lives."
  • "You did not win my game but maybe I can help anyway."
  • "Look, the only way to figure it out is to try one."
  • "Alright guys, remember. The password is belly button. And no girls allowed!"
  • "The jam is moldy in the kitchen and the rolling rabbit gathers no moss."
  • "Then how come security's so interested in you?"
  • "It seems to me you still have some time."
  • "How dare you interrupt me when I'm putting on my face!"
  • "I said I was sorry."
  • "No! I am not calling him."
  • "Strategic plans? I'm just gonna try to win, that's what."
  • "He slices, he dices, he cuts julienne fries!"
  • "Dude, where am I going?"
  • "I think I've been working too hard."
  • "Chance has nothing to do with it."
  • "Is your car actually... running?"
  • "Ancient languages? Mega boring."
  • "They task me and I shall have them."
  • "We're all stuck playing our roles."
  • "Right. I'm going in."
  • "Do you mind?"
  • "Who wants to know?"
  • "Did you miss me?"
  • "At least he won't be as inconsiderate and random as some people."
  • "I'm not unidentified, my good lady."
  • "So, where exactly are we?"
  • "I hate being reduced."
  • "You'll have to sit this one out."
  • "Why don't you just go on without me?"
  • "We need that access key."
  • "That's right, take advantage of Mr. Nice Guy!"
  • "What do you suppose that means?"
Marianas Trench || Astoria Sentence Starters
  • "I'm warning you."
  • "Don't remind me what the price is when I'm left to my own devices."
  • "What happened to never say die?"
  • "Whatever doesn't make me stronger kills me."
  • "It's gonna be a long year."
  • "Tell me I survive."
  • "What's another bridge burned?"
  • "You came alone, all dressed up in bad news."
  • "You can lay with me while you think of him."
  • "Might as well say fuck it."
  • "Is it bad enough to call it off?"
  • "I can't help but want you, too."
  • "Sometimes you can't yell loud enough."
  • "Sometimes a whisper's just too much."
  • "Don't say you don't miss me that much."
  • "I guess we're even now."
  • "Lately, I've been looking good."
  • "Don't you want to kiss me someday?"
  • "Tomorrow's a day away."
  • "By tomorrow, this will be yesterday."
  • "I'm fixing to change my luck."
  • "Just come back to bed."
  • "I thought you might be here."
  • "What if the one true love's the only one that you get?"
  • "I get so attached."
  • "What if there was still a way of taking care of this?"
  • "So nice to see you here."
  • "Fill me in on how you've been."
  • "I hate to admit it, but I miss the war."
  • "I'd rather be a riot than indifferent."
  • "This means war."
  • "I don't shake because I'm never even rattled."
  • "I just wish you'd open fire on me."
  • "You should come over."
  • "And then there were none."
  • "We'll toast what could have been."
  • "All of my plans have depended on you."
  • "We can laugh at the doom."
  • "There's no place like home."
  • "I wanna throw them out, but I'm just not able."
  • "I can sing, but I can't dance."
  • "Shut up and kiss me."
  • "You should stay away from me."
  • "I miss the way that you saw me, or maybe the way that I saw myself."
  • "There's nothing left to lose."
  • "I won't come back to you broken."
  • "I know where you are."
  • "That's a nice way to say I'm alone."
  • "I thought we got each other's hearts?"
  • "I thought you got yourself a way out?"
  • "I've been lying and I don't know why I do."
  • "This should be the time of our lives."
  • "I've been so lost without you."
  • "What's lost is never gone."
  • "I'm not ready for what's to come."
  • "I will help you, my friend."
  • "You're not quite here, but you're not quite gone."
  • "I can't try if you won't."
  • "I'm coming for you."
  • "I'll never be taken alive."
  • "Every start begins with saying goodbye to you."
  • "This never was the man I hoped to be by now."
  • "How did we survive?"
  • "Can you find forgiveness for a dear old friend?"
  • "I'm in over my head."
  • "I hope your heart can still be mended."

sirbarred  asked:

FAHC Raywood headcannon: Whenever Ray is sad or stressed, Ryan lets him sit behind him on a motorcycle and ride around the city in the middle of the night. It's nice and calm and helps Ray feel better. I've been wanting to draw it myself but I've been too tired lmao

my dude. my lovely dude. that is a beautiful headcanon. The two just zip around the city, not going too fast. There’s no rush like there usually is during motorcycle rides, the adrenaline of the heist, cops or other gangs chasing after them. Just the cool nighttime air brushing around them, the sleepy city lights blinking. Ryan enjoys the ride as much as Ray, Ray’s arm’s around his waist, his head pressed into his shoulder. Nothing needing to be said, just the warmth of each other reminding them that they’re alive. They’re ok. They’re making it through another day. Ahhhh thank you so much for this image its so sweet

  • me on tumblr 2 years ago: oh no... this person's being a douche but they were so nice to me last week... i don't wanna unfollow them what do i do :(((
  • me on tumblr now: lmao you fucked up bye

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Who falls asleep on the couch:

Kili like a big dumb tomcat, down to the happy purring when Tauriel strokes his hair and scratches his belly omg

Who makes friends with the neighbors:

Both of them, though Tauriel gets embarrassed very easily and ends up saying adorably dumb things. But she learns to bake good cookies and the neighbors appreciate that. Kili is a lot more easygoing and effortlessly fun.

Who is the adventurous eater:

Both of them. Just walking down the street with their arms hooked together and Kili seeing something weird in a shop window somewhere and being like “WE MUST HAVE THAT WE MUST TRY IT’ and then they make equally atrocious attempts at mastering different types of cuisine. But practice makes perfect and I like to think they like to experiment a lot.

Who hogs the covers at night:

Tauriel, but she also hogs Kili, and ends up being the big spoon very often. Kili doesn’t complain.

Who forgets to do the dishes:

They’re both scatterbrains, but I think Tauriel. Not because she’s messy, she just… forgets. But they end up washing them together when Kili comes home and telling each other about their day and bumping into each other ~entirely by accident and making out on the counter so it’s all good.

Who tries to surprise their partner more often:

Ooh, Kili. Hopeless romantic. Buys trips and gifts and stuff, and makes picnics, and for one especially memorable anniversary, takes Tauriel up on the roof of their building and they have a nice dinner and dance to nice music and watch the stars together.

Who leaves dirty laundry on the floor:

Kili, messy bessy. Tauriel too, sometimes, but it’s more about tossing her clothes off and then promptly forgetting where they’d landed, rather than being messy.

Who stays up until 2AM reading:

Tauriel. She’s a notoriously light sleeper, and it bothers them both, but there’s nothing to be done, really. Kili doesn’t mind too much, he just latches onto her and snores through everything.

Who sings in the shower:

Kili, loudly and off-key and happily. It’s a family trait.

Who takes the selfies:

>Both of them, together, always. They like things documented in these little personal snaps, it’s nice.

Who plans date night:

Kili, the hopeless romantic.

anonymous asked:

You didn't have to be snappish about it. It takes a lot of courage to send any messages and belittling them don't help. I asked, because I was wanting advice not to be insulted. And the anon who replied to my message, I am not ignoring those gender identities or sexuality. I came to my answer and that was forcing a different identity or sexuality on a character isn't going to work for me. I've always been happy with my characters and blogs like yours, is what makes writers fail, because they (C)

C) feel like they HAVE to change gender identities, sexuality, or ethnicity. They don’t! I love my characters and changing them for no reason is not what writing about. For the future, I’ll take everything your blog writes with a grain of salt. And being a Christian wasn’t an excuse. It was an explanation as to why I’m uncomfortable writing about sins in my religion. Thanks for nothing. Next time, try to be nice to your followers, because you are the exact bloggers I despise. Rude and ignorant

I think this is very interesting in a lot of different ways. Firstly, thinking about responsibilities and social commentary. Of course, we write what we choose to write, and anything goes and that’s fine. But if we put ourselves and our work out there into the wider world, we cannot expect our little bubble not to be popped. Our stories will not be read purely by our own demographic, nor will it be read purely by people who like it. If we ask for readers, we must expect a broad range of feedback from all sorts of demographics. And that’s why it’s so important to be diverse and inclusive. 

Secondly, response to critique. Of course it’s hard to put yourself out there and ask, but equally the question shouldn’t be asked if you aren’t prepared for the answer. Critique is an opportunity to learn. It’s hard, but there’s always something that can be used. I advise taking a deep breath, five minutes, and then relax and think about it. The same goes for any critique. As writers, we all want that pat on the back and the ‘good job!’, but that isn’t necessarily useful or productive. Sometimes the hardest things to hear are the most valuable. I recently got a scathing critique of my first chapter. It killed me, but after I ranted and raged, I took it on board, and damn it improved it. 

I can’t even comment on the Christianity thing because my blood is boiling, but I hope some good has come from this exchange.  

- Esme 

ixdghostbxi  asked:

I can't get a girlfriend at all. My whole life I've been lonely asking girls that I like them. That's the most I did and one day when I muster up enough guts to ask a girl out on a date, she says she's talking to a guy, but maybe next time. What do?

Keep fucking trying ^.^  Nothing worth in life comes easy you know?  Keep working on yourself, love yourself and just be nice to people to be nice not because u think it well get you something!  Other than that dont also be a hypocrite!  Theres probably certain things that you like about certain girls and that goes the same way around!  Maybe you dont have what they want in a person but that doesnt mean you suck!  It means you are different and  that theres also someone out there different thats serching for somewhat like you ^.^

anonymous asked:

I have found my perfect man. We love each other, but can't figure out how to love each other well. So we just get together on Saturday nights, sit in the corner of a dingy bar drinking pitchers of PBR and then go have rough, dirty sex in the back of his car. For his Valentine's Day gift I will be wearing a dress and nothing underneath. It's the healthiest relationship I've ever been a part of and I know that one day we will figure each other out....but we will always love fucking in his car :)

nice ;)

The signs when they find out *Capricorn* likes them
  • Aries: you know, I think I could give it a try..
  • Taurus: aww
  • Gemini: no.
  • Cancer: that's soooo sweet awwwz
  • Leo: idk if I'm interested..
  • Virgo: omg are you serious?? I've been waiting for this my whole life!!!
  • Libra: cap huh? Idk
  • Scorpio: .... *cricket*
  • Sagittarius: yeah? Well when you get the chance tell them I love them :) *walks away like nothing was said*
  • Capricorn: cool deal :)
  • Aquarius: nice?
  • Pisces: *falls on floor and dies*