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Everybody says All I Want by Kodaline is like, the Bellarke song, but have you heard Pray by them? I swear verse one is Clarke and verse two is Bellamy during and after the S4 finale. I've been dying for someone to make a video with it.

this is really bellarke song im crying? im gonna make gifset now with this but i will try video later is it ok? im not great tho at making videos so it might take a while. tho maybe if smb sees gifset is gonna make a video then.


How many nights do you lie dreaming
I’m counting the days since you went away
When I lost my heart, life lost all meaning
What I would give to see you again

She is really ‘counting the days’ -2199 days, is canon that bellamy is the ‘heart’, her life lost all meaning - not only because of bellamy for sure but because of everyone she has lost and how she had to live - only with madi, the only people on earth. ‘what i would give to see you again’ she is thinking about seeing him everyday.


“And you slipped away from me without talking
The look in your eye was stronger than words
And I drink alone to stop me from weeping
What’s left of my heart is forever yours
Forever yours at all”

‘you slipped away from me without talking’ - they didn’t have time to actually say goodbye, their goodbye was just ‘hurry’ n bellamy was sure they’ll meet again. he didn’t believe she’s going to die even though that’s what clarke believed since beginning of the episode (’if anything happens to me - nothing is happening to you’), ‘forever yours’ is killing me because obviously he will never forget her. no matter if he moves on or no, no matter if he is in relationship with smb or no - it doesn’t matter because he has been through so much with clarke n no other person on the whole earth or in space will ever be able to understand him like she does. and this is why he’s forever yours.

“I will pray for you. Do you pray for me?”

Bellamy in 4x03 says to Jaha “if you’re wrong n there’s a hell then i guess i will see you there” and he doesn’t believe there’s a forgiveness left for him. When Bellamy in 413 is going to space he says “May we meet again” but he knows Clarke is going to die in that moment. He doesn’t believe he will see her again in this life. but he’s praying for another. whatever it’s going to be.

oc meme

Pick one of your OCs who fall under each category below and make a graphic/gifset/whatever for them:

  • is from your state/country
  • shares your birth month
  • is lgbtq+ (or one from each letter)
  • is non-white (can be broken up into multiple races)
  • is a night person
  • is a day person
  • falls under a certain archetype (the hero, the nurturer, the creator, etc.)
  • is a certain mbti type

There are plenty of other things you could add (and I encourage you to!), but this is just a jumping off point meant to help you get to know your characters better and share them with people who like ocs. Tag with #ocmeme2017 so I can check out your creations!

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So I saw that gifset of Kripke's commentary on that season 3 episode (I'm a newbie watcher but I started the new season and and slowly working my way through!) and I guess I'm a little confused? Kripke is basically saying "yeah Dean really wants that apple pie life" and when I've been going through and reading people's meta, I've seen a lot of people's opinion (especially season 6 metas) that kind of disagree and that Dean really doesn't want that suburban life. Any opinions? Thanks much :-)

Heya! <3 (I really hope I’m reading this right and you’ve watched at least season 6 because I’m spoiling big things up to the end of season 6 in this reply so maybe just bookmark this otherwise… hahaha)


Oh! Yeah, I reblogged this with the sense of irony about what Kripke was saying in place that you get from being a long-time watcher or deeply embedded in the meta community :P (I should have a /irony tag I use for the benefit of people knowing I’m thinking deep dark shade at whatever I’m reblogging but you know not in a mean way just in a this goes way deeper than what it looks like to me but maybe I just don’t feel like commenting right now :P)

I can’t remember if I have a Dean x Lisa tag that’s actually well-kept except for cute gifsets but 3x02 and 3x10 probably have a fair amount of discussion about it if you want to dig deeper… But I have literally just watched Dean’s conversation with Rufus in 3x15 which reminds me that this was a season-long arc, and 3x10 was a weird little part of it… 3x02 sets up that Dean has a sort of wistfulness for what he COULD have had, and 3x10 and 3x12 (and all these are Gamble-related episodes) have stuff about Dean yearning - this bit and the conversation with Victor where he makes it blatantly obvious that even with Sam he has a sense that he might want more from life and he is not currently getting it - Victor’s comparison of ex-wives and empty apartments is paralleled to Dean’s feelings. And in 3x15 Rufus warns him that this is what he has to look forward to becoming if he survives. (In 12x14 we had a parallel where Ketch buys his way in the door the same way Dean buys his way in the door with Rufus & scotch, but it was subverted in so many ways, it just seemed like the BMoL had sketchy intel you might be able to buy Dean this way.)

Anyway, by the end of the season the message is quite clear that Dean sort of years for it but can’t have it and in many ways has chosen this life of saving people over it. Though he’s dying for Sam, and never un-wishes that or can even think of it, from about the midpoint of the season he wants to find a way to break the deal but I think a lot of that is driven by not wanting to be a demon rather than wanting to grow old, since becoming a demon will pretty quickly undo all the good work Dean did saving people, he’d have to assume. 3x09 gives him any motivation to fight rather than cheerfully stroll off to Hell because Sam’s alive and that’s all that matters, you know?

I think in the context of season 3 the Lisa stuff was pretty interesting because I think Dean can have a contradictory yearning but Lisa is a ghost of an idea, literally where she fizzles out of the dream in the same way ghosts disappear, and to feel wedded to the hunter lifestyle and in many ways he’s been rejecting it from the start… In 1x08 (Bugs) especially he’s making a point about beeing skeeved out by suburbia and the idea of living SUCH a normal life. In 2x20 we see him as a civilian and he enjoys it for a day or two to hang out with Mary and Sam and Jess, and I’ve written a LOT on the over-lap of Carmen in that episode and Lisa in 6x01 since they’re connected by djinn dreams and I feel like the message is his year with Lisa was emotionally/functionally practically the same to Dean as if he’d been strung up in a warehouse the whole time. (That’s something in my 6x01 tag or 2x20 depending which you feel like scrolling through :P Sorry, I’m kind of in advanced brain bleeh from sitting in a noisy room so you can get surface brain rambling to answer this but no research or links in this state >.>) 

Anyway in 2x20 he unequivocally rejects the civilian life because people died without him doing his job, even though he called Carmen “the One” and everything else seemed fixable or exciting to him, including his relationship with Sam. It was after discovering he’d “un-wished” all their work as hunters he angrily appealed to John about why it was his job, before stomping off to find and kill the djinn, and un-make his wish, assuming at this point it was a wish and not a dream. (I still call it a wish-verse sometimes because of how DEAN analysed it and I find it FASCINATING to look at that way when it comes to these decisions, while I’d just call it the djinn dream when looking at it from another angle). 

I suppose Lisa comes not long after but he goes to see her as part of a farewell tour revisiting the best hookup of his life, and ends up smacked with the potential he’s mission out on of raising a kid and all that - a long-term investment he can’t get involved in for one year (do you feel the knife turning :P) because that’s not fair on them and offers them no long-term stability. He CAN’T make a home when he has a 1 year demon deal weighing on him, so the episode is just there to psychologically torture him. I think he never dreamed of suburbia before Lisa in 3x02 but by 3x10 we can see he took some unexpected emotionally scarring just from being told he CAN’T have something. Because posing the question opens up “what if”s (this incidentally is my entire rationale when you boil it down for why the male siren proves Dean’s bi :P). Dean had a moment to seriously imagine a NICE life where he would be with Lisa and have Ben as a son and it’s impossible for he can even start to have it. And in 3x15 Rufus confirms that even if Dean survives (or comes back from Hell as it turns out), being a crotchety old hunter who only opens his door to people if they show up with nice Scotch is about as much as he can hope to look forward to.

I think that’s a bad message too but it gels more with Dean’s outlook and experiences and I think helps him shut away the feelings he could ever have had more or that he was being unfairly denied, in a combination of personal choices to hunt/seeing the benefits of doing it over a normal life, and pessimism about his lifespan or what they can reasonably expect from their lives. In 5x18 he tells Lisa that when he thinks of himself being happy it’s with her, because of the scarring I mentioned that 3x02 specifically denies him this endgame and leaves an impression of it in his psyche as the Thing Dean Can’t Have, but DOES turn into a nice thought to hold onto as a what if. And Sam tells him to go for it and he does, and by the end of season 6 it’s a “never mention this again or I’ll kill you” situation and Dean doesn’t think about endgame out loud for like 5 more years until season 10, and the question is slooowly reintroduced through hesitant confessions and car conversations and meeting a pair of married hunters at a bar one day, to finally get the idea that while Dean’s unequivocally written off suburbia, wife & kids, there’s other things he could get out of life to make him happy and feel less like Victor or Rufus, dark mirrors of his present and future, like the ghosts of endgame visiting a long-term-relationship Scrooge :P 

But yeah Kripke saying that Dean secretly has a romantic soft spot for the normal life and fluffy romance, personified in this case by Lisa, is really because he’s talking compare and contrast to Sam. He says Sam isn’t interested in Bela that way really, he’s just horny and they know no women really so… that happened. (I side-eye but whatever, different discussion :P) and that’s in contrast to Sam’s supposed sweet and nerdy surface layer, while Dean’s got the macho horndog outer layer so Kripke’s explaining in 1 go performing!Dean (and Sam) and that Sam n Dean are yin and yang to each other (which, again, in Baby, we have that great shot of them in red and blue contrasting colours, sleeping top & tail in the Impala from above that demonstrates this… Can’t tell if you’ve seen season 11 actually or joined in season 12 (oops apologies for those spoilers too, I tried to keep them super vague and if you’ve seen season 12 you sort of know where it led to >.>) but this is what it looked like:

Originally posted by pagingdoctorsaxxy

from a meta POV it’s absolutely one of my favourite shots of Sam and Dean in the entire show. Anyway it’s visually demonstrating the same thing Kripke is saying in that commentary. Sam presents one way so they write Dean presenting in the absolute opposite way, and then choose to subvert both presented faces with an image each to absolutely destroy that image and show something deep underneath. From the way he was talking it sounded like they thought the Bela thing first so the Lisa thing might literally just have been a part of it because it was amusing to them to do that with Sam, and the rule is absolutely probably 1st thing in their character bible to always make Sam and Dean at odds with each other even if it’s in some innocent visual/character demonstration.

(This is why I hate Buckleming writing btw - they’ve been increasingly writing Sam and Dean as an utterly unified unit who think and breathe on the same wavelength and it drives me nuts because that is not their dynamic at all no matter how fan favourite “winsync” is (which is of course a totally different thing to do with them working well together meta-textually as actors and in the text as kids raised closely together, and who also have worked together for most of/their entire adult lives so of course they naturally move and talk together sometimes - I can be in sync with my twin and we have core personality overlap but we’re also utterly different people in extremely obvious ways e.g. quiet vs chatty - guess which :P)… In Buckleming’s hands it just means they can use Sam and Dean to alternately deliver exposition in lengthy talking scenes as if they’re one character, and that exposition to Mick in 12x17 when he “Hello boys” them in the Bunker was one of their worst incidents so far >.>)

Anyway, I don’t think that makes the Lisa thing insincere especially as it sounds like 3x10 more than 3x02 actually cemented her as Dean’s imaginary choice of perfect dream girl to fill the space Carmen the El Sol ad lady previously held, when it came to the writing. 3x02 stand alone is good to torment Dean as a “Hahahaha you will never have this” but 3x10 builds on it and shows them being intuitive to the character and things that make sense to write him… And I think from the very start they were aware of the contradiction and that Dean might sort of have a soft spot/dream of the normal apple pie life but that he was also at the same time profoundly aware of all the ways in which he hadn’t chosen it, it wasn’t his life, and there were abundant reasons he wasn’t having it and even in the same core places this dream resides, didn’t want it. If you go deep in my 3x02/2x20/6x01 Lisa x Dean metas (again, sorry, I’ll add tags to this post at least :P) you’ll probably find the post I made collecting my rewatch notes as I discovered this subtextual story through the season, realised where it all came from later, and by the end of the season realised that they knew and had talked themselves out of it being something Dean could have because the subtext took the same route as the actual Dean and Lisa arc in season 6, probably because Gamble helped craft the entire thing in season 3 and then brought Lisa back for season 6 and had a whole season to play the entire thing over again. So I feel like that suggests Dean talked himself out of it too with Rufus and Victor’s help, and fundamentally never changed track even with season 5 & 6′s Lisa stuff, because that closed the book on it so hard we have this parallel to Dean and Rufus in 12x14 and the idea he can have something more with a hunter maybe or ~someone in the life~ is now the subtext under that in the same way Kripke talked about him having this squishy interior to do with Lisa back in season 3.

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Senpai! I've been following you forever because of your awesome anime and seiyuu gifsets!!! And in so much joy when I discover that you read Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare manga and you ship Yuna x Rio as well <3 But I want to ask why you think Rio's friend might start liking Yuna?!

PS: I had this ask for a long time (when chapter 16 was out) but I decided to post this after seeing the chapter 18 raws to confirm if my assumption about Agatsuma was right!! Also spoilers ahead about chapter 18 (with my translation) at the end

Oh, thank you and I’m glad your enjoying my blog especially my anime and seiyuu gifsets ^^ And yes, I super duper ship Yuna x Rio so much <3 I just love how Yuna is doing her best for being there to Rio even though he likes Akari but now that’s over with already, I know that there will be something more between Yuna and Rio since it’s too good to be true for them to be sailing already.

That’s when Agatsuma comes in. Here’s the reason why I think Agatsuma might start liking Yuna also I’m basing it on how Sakisaka-sensei made the friendzoned characters from her past shoujo manga titles like Touma (Ao Haru Ride) and Andou (Strobe Edge).

First, his appearance in the manga obviously! If you reread Chapter 06, you can pretty see that Agatsuma and Shiba didn’t draw with their eyes yet when they were with Rio, until Yuna went to confront Rio and Agatsuma was beside him.

He didn’t do much since Shiba is the one creating a drama, but at that moment where Agatsuma appeared, I feel like his gonna do something more, which I was right because of Chapter 09!!

He noticed Yuna right away! Let’s be honest here, there’s no way that he could’ve noticed her by meeting her just once, but he did. Maybe Agatsuma got her attention on how she handled herself when the drama with Shiba started from Chapter 06 ^^

Because second, he and Yuna finally got to interact when they were at the goukon.

Okay, I have so many things to say about their interaction *O* The way Yuna reacted when she looks where Agatsuma surprised me. That’s also the reason why I think he’s more than just a minor character in the manga. I mean if Sakisaka-sensei only plans to make Agatsuma a character to be Rio’s friend, she should have drawn Yuna in one panel turning her head at the side, but obviously, we got more than that.

Also Agatsuma is sparkling when he introduced himself to Yuna. And then, I noticed that their interaction in every panel have sparkling effects since they’re talking about how she’s changing and he’s just there telling her that ‘It’s fine to get used to it’ and ‘It’s fine to not rush these things, right?’ 

So after their interaction in Chapter 09, we can definitely see that Agatsuma and Yuna got closer plus Shiba.

Also I just want to point this out from their sports marathon in chapter 12, but Agatsuma’s expression here made me curious? Somehow he’s wondering if Rio will go with Yuna to check up on Akari and then he starts to walk away when Rio said he wouldn’t go.

And now, this is all where all my assumption about Agatsuma liking Yuna is really happening. The moment when Rio talk to Shiba and Agatsuma about the dream he had.

We got Agatsuma with an answer about a bug theory (this is my own translation from this post because the English translation that I saw in some manga sites interpret it differently), where he’s trying to say that someone will try to make that dream not to happen. Which made me think that he’s foreshadowing himself that he’s the bug, because after that conversation, we got this.

If you read that part in a Japanese context, it actually shows that Agatsuma envies them (in a friendly way) since Shiba will be going with his girlfriend so he feels a bit left out and that’s why he wanted to go to the festival with Yuna and the others since they’re going as group of friends.

And again, I want to point this out! Sakisaka-sensei showed Agatsuma while Shiba totally got covered with the speech bubble in this panel. It’s like she wanted us to see Agatsuma’s reaction about what Kazu said since Rio lied to Yuna that he knew about the festival from Kazu.

That’s why Agatsuma asked Shiba for a confirmation if it would be okay for him to go with them at the festival cause maybe he feels like he’ll be in the way.

Then here comes chapter 18 where Agatsuma had more panels than he had in the past chapters!!

And now, let’s have a bit of Agatsuma trying to be in the way between Rio and Yuna, which I find it really cute though >w<

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Today I did something different: I went on the “anti Regina Mills” tag and got really, really mad at the things I read. I mean, it’s okay not to like a character and it’s definitely okay to defend your opinion. So, here’s what I’m gonna do: defend MY opinion as well. 
Regina IS a messed up character. Regina IS NOT out of character. 

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Sorry I didn't mean that ask to be offensive or anything, I literally don't know much at all about any of the actors private lives beyond the odd thing I've learnt from a gifset on tumblr or a tweet, I've never actively searched information (I'm lazy lol). So I didn't actually know she was a "dr" (as in medical or PhD?) I was just making a nice comment based on her looks because that's literally all I know about her, not to purposely disregard her intelligence (or other attributes) in any way :)

I don’t know which of the comments you left, but I’m not offended by any of them. She is pretty, she is tall, and she is too curvy to meet Hollywood standards of what attractive women should look like. Why would I be offended by you pointing out facts? 

Quick primer on Vicki Vantoch: She has a PhD, and I’m not very knowledgeable about the field, but she seems to have had a very successful career; her undergraduate degree was from UChicago (like Misha), and her PhD was from USC, and those are both very prestigious universities; she’s written two books and numerous articles, she’s open about being bisexual and polyamorous, and she writes mostly about the history of gender and sexuality. Her writing is hilarious and very blunt, but in person she’s pretty shy; I’ve never seen her do any red carpet events with Misha and though she sometimes goes to conventions with him, he’s never pulled her out on stage (though he has invited other friends and family up there). 

I’ve been doing this for a while, and I get comments like that a lot about her. Occasionally, someone will say something actually offensive about her (such as in this really old thread from fanpop), but for the most part, I think people like it when an actor is married to a non-actor. I guess it’s intriguing! And if you just see a picture of her, of course your impressions are going to be formed entirely by her looks!

But imagine it from the other point of view. For years, in fact, Vicki’s career was pretty successful while Misha was struggling with his - and that’s not so weird, acting is tough to break in to. But for Vicki’s coworkers who didn’t know that they met in high school before Misha even knew that he wanted to be an actor, that might seem kind of strange to them. Maybe they would judge Misha by his looks as well. Maybe they would jump to the conclusion that he was unintelligent, just an empty-headed actor guy who was always working out. Maybe they thought he was just a stupid, annoying dude and they couldn’t figure out what Vicki saw in him. 

In an alternate universe where academics are considered more important than actors, maybe there’s a message board where one fan is saying, “How could she marry that guy? He doesn’t even have an advanced degree!” And another one says, “Have you seen his twitter? He can’t even spell!” And somebody else is defending him, saying, “Yes, he’s just an actor, and yes, he only has a BA, but if you talked to him, you’d find out that he’s actually pretty smart! Besides, she likes him, they’re happy, so what’s the problem? If we’re really Vicki’s fans, we should be supporting her choices!" 

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As a Hooker from the beginning, I've kind of felt the writing for Hook has been weird in that he is promoted as this dark villain but he keeps getting bested in the simplest ways. I took that to mean he was never meant to be a villain, proven further by things he's done like taking on the guards at Midas' castle. We've seen how dark Cora, Pan, Rumple, Regina etc have been and it makes Dark!Hook appear amateurish. I'm convinced they want us to think this.

okay i just reblogged a gifset where dark!hook says “the TRICK where i get my revenge” and i’m sorry, there’s no way that’s not significant

clippy rumple is still there – why is he still there if hook has completely succumbed?

why hasn’t hook gone sparkly?

why did he put excalibur back in the stone (as i made a post about earlier)

even season 2 hook wasn’t THIS BAD at being a villain. dark hook is literally the living embodiment of that gif where the cartoon judge is banging the hammer and yelling OOOOOOO, because he just goes around being emo and saying bitchy (but 10000% true) things while NEVER NOT ONCE actually going about being this terrible person that we’re supposed to believe he is

he doesn’t just grab rumple/magically take the sword from him/poof them to the portal/chuck rumple in/all the MILLION OTHER WAYS he could have done this by now if his endgame was revenge on rumple?

all the evidence for hook being The Worst is what he (and colin) have SAID. when killian jones has fought the darkness for centuries and knows it’s his real enemy.

like i said. i don’t doubt he’s dark and angry and pissed off and acting out. but there’s NO WAY this pathetic display of villainy is the best he can do, so i am growing ever more convinced the darkness is going to be very, very sorry when it thought it could actually control killian jones and make him do what it wanted.