i've been meaning to do this for years now ha ha


Hello! It’s been a while, so I decided to make a quickie updatey:

After all that has happened during these past months, I have now managed to find a place where I can live on my own. My first ever OWN APARTMENT! Wow!
I will probably move into it within the next couple of weeks. I’ll be living alone, which means I will finally get some frickin’ calm in my life! FINALLY!

There’s still some paperwork left to be done and some furniture to buy, but after that I am fully settled and can get on having my own life. I might even have time to actually do some askblogging stuff, which has constantly been stalled by the lemons life has continuously been tossing at me!

Here’s hoping all goes well!

See ya if it does~

Something that needs to be addressed

For the past few months, it has come to my attention that the chat of the Escastream, is getting out of hand. And by getting out of hand, I mean GETTING OUT OF HAND. What I like to point out as a long term Seduce Me fan, is that the Erik topic has been constantly flooded in the chat at the most random times desperately towering other comments with Erik this, Erik that, Erik is bae/hot/sexy, omg do the Erik voice, Erik’s sex scene was steamy etc. I understand the love for this incubus, but it’s been nothing but Erik everytime the stream is happening. Whenever Erik from Seduce Me is mentioned, BOOM the chat becomes sexual real quick. This is a major problem, especially now that there are MINORS coming in and watching his streams.

Another thing I want to get off my chest, Chris is not Erik. It’s noticeable enough that a handful of SM fans in his streams are obsessed with a character he voiced in. A particular group in the chat have become attached and obsess over the VA because of it. To the few who decided to put Chris and Erik together in those said sexual conversations. For the love of Jeebus, why? Why was it a good idea to do this to the poor man? Honestly, I’m really worried about his safety and how these group of people that are seeing him that way is sickening. I really want these handful of people to acknowledge and differentiate between the fictional character and VA.

Please understand that the lovable Music-senpai is extremely uncomfortable with sexual content and the heavy swearing, yet some of his viewers seem to forget about the absolute important rules and toss them out the window. This is exactly what happened with the whole Laito situation when he fan voiced that character long ago. The chat is nothing but Erik and sexual things are being said, to the point that the streams are less enjoyable for others to watch without feeling super uncomfortable or annoyed by Seduce Me when the few other viewers are not fans of.

Honestly, seeing and observing THIS kind of behavior in his streams, is breaking my heart. He has done so much more than just voicing a flirtatious character. His beautiful music that he creates, his ability to play almost every instrument, his wonderful singing skills, and his absolute silliness. HIS VOICE WORK he has done from Attack on Space, Blind Love, Choose Me, Final Melody, Genius Insanity, and among others. All of his incredible talent, has been completely overshadowed by Erik. Chris can’t be known as Erik forever. I truly wish someone would see that…