i've been meaning to do one of her

  • sasha: armiiiin help me write my essaaaayyysss
  • armin: ...weren't your essays due like two weeks ago?
  • sasha: well, yes, but the teacher's really lenient about deadlines. pleaaaase you only have to do two of them; i'll buy you ice cream!
  • armin: *sighs and snatches essay prompts away from sasha* i can't believe you sometimes.

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Hi! When do you think Emma realized that she was in love with Killian? I've been rewatching S3 and S4 but I can't seem to figure it out...

Denial was Emma’s middle name, so I think there were a lot of small moments along the way that contributed to her awakening and each one chipped away at her bubble of denial. 

  • In 2x22 she realizes that maybe she was right about him. (meaning her first instinct back on the beanstalk was right about him the one she suppressed and couldn’t take a chance on)
  • In 3x05 she let herself realize that she was attracted to him.
  • In 3x07 she let herself realize he was serious and a real option.
  • In 3x11 she let herself realize that he had become important to her, and that she liked that she was important to him.
  • In 3x14 she let herself realize that after everything, he was still serious and still a real option.
  • In 3x16, she realized that he was there for her in surprising ways, and then she surprised herself when she trusted him with her son.
  • In 3x17, she let herself realize it was time to move forward, and that she might want to do that with him.
  • In 3x20 she realized no matter what, she couldn’t lose him.
  • In 3x22 she realized he was part of her home and that she was ready to explore what was between them.
  • In 4x03 she realized she was really, really scared to lose him.
  • In 4x04 she realized she loved him. Yes this is it.  After their date, when she closes the loft door and leans back against it absolutely gobsmacked, and swept off her feet. That’s the moment she knows. She’s done. She’s a goner. She’s in love. 
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I'm still upset that zutara isn't a thing, it would've been an amazing love story to demonstrate how our feelings for another person can make us overcome our deepest personal and political grudges. The two of them gradually trusting each other more and more was one of the best relationship developments I've seen in a show and it was tragic but also heartwarming to see how Zuko was willing to do anything to change Katara's low opinion of him. Zuko would've sacrificed his life to save Katara, he jumped in front of a goddamn lightning to protect her, and yet it all had to crumble down in the course of that single last episode. Mai could've been an example of how ending a dysfunctional relationship with someone doesn't mean you have to end up as enemies and Aang could've shown us how it's possible to let go of a crush and still live a happy and fulfilling life without necessarily obtaining everything you want at the moment. All that potential got lost for no explicable reason, it's not where the plot was leading and yet it had to happen that way-
  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Honestly A Court of Mist and Fury was one of the single best reading experiences of my entire life and since finishing it I can't stop thinking about feyre and rhysand and how rhys waited so long to tell feyre about the mating bond and was literally dreaming about her before he even met her. and just the enormous amount of plotting SJM had to do to get us all the like Tamlin and the fact that when rhys meets feyre he says "oh i've been looking for you" BECAUSE HE LITERALLY HAS BEEN. this, combined with the recent release of empire of storms in which precious aelin is subject to horrors and is separated from rowan has crushed me mentally and i am an emotional black hole of anguish. i am so fragile i cry when i see baby birds because they remind me of rowan.

shannen doherty just said on a livestream that she would be playing jd’s mom and i’m screaming

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OH MY G OD GIRL I AM FREAKING OUT thank you SO much for that list of books, I NEED MOOORE i saw the tag that you have a longer list? could you please post that soon!! I mean I have been literally scrolling through her insta for all the books she has read every now and then, because she usually posts pics of them but i've always thought there must've been more.. like ones mentioned on her story or elsewhere!! thank you so much ahh you're great!

hey babe, thanks so much for this enthusiastic and lovely message ❤️ i’m actually surprised at how many people liked the book post! and i’m very glad how happy you are from the list!!! still haven’t found the complete list as my hard drive is a total mess but if i do, i plan on posting the full complete list. meanwhile, here’s some more that i can remember rn:

  • a little life, hanya yanagihara
  • lolita, vladimir nabokov
  • the unbearable lightness of being, milan kundera
  • sharp objects, gillian flynn
  • waiting to be heard: a memoir, amanda knox
  • eternal night, carina adly mackenzie
  • the mortal instruments, cassandra clare
  • animal farm, george orwell
  • the good girl, mary kubica
  • the four agreements: a practical guide to personal freedom, don miguel ruiz & janet mills
  • seriously… i’m kidding, ellen degeneres
  • the girl on the train, paula hawkins
  • fifty shades of grey, e. l. james
  • the healthy life, jessica sepel
  • wake up: a life of the buddha, jack kerouac

Remember when Ngozi said she wasn’t going to draw an update where Bitty and Jack actually have dinner at Marty’s? But wrote out what would happen in each panel? Me too. 

And I may or may not already have sketches for all 9 panels….. 

Question! Why does this look like the comic but just a bit off??? Well there are a few reasons! The biggest reason being that I’m an 18 year old currently applying for bachelors degrees at various art schools rather than having a MFA and a successful career as a comic artist. Another reason is that I’m using photoshop’s default brushes which are great! But not the ones Ngozi uses. I’m actually planning on getting the same brushes once I get my new laptop so we might see a difference as I continue working on these. 

I’d also like to disclaim that this is not completely original, I’m heavily relying on the comic as reference and actually colour picking from screen caps of certain panels in order to keep this as close to the original comic as possible.

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Hi! I love your blog and I'm so grateful for your translations and thoughts! There's something I've been wondering about. Do you know if Yana has said anything about Real!Ciel besides her tweets about 129?


No, Yana hasn’t talked about real Ciel except for that one time and there’s a good reason for that! A lot of Japanese Kuro readers (probably the majority) do not buy the monthly magazine, but only buy the comics that are released twice a year. This means that a large part of the Japanese fandom still doesn’t know that the 2CT turned out true and that real Ciel exists.

And generally speaking Japanese people are extremely sensitive about spoilers, so in order to respect those who only read the comics Yana can’t really talk about real Ciel openly on twitter yet. (That’s why she didn’t call RC “Ciel” but referred to him as ‘the new character who appeared in this month’s chapter’).

Once vol.26 (which will include chapters ch127-132) comes out this autumn, I guess she’ll be able to tweet more about RC! So let’s wait & see~ :D

Formal Apology and Explanation

Hello, everyone. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, but we’ve hit a snag with our preorders. 

Auri has been going through a rough time with her university work and is now unable to be a part of the zine distribution. This means, I will have to do everything myself here in the USA. Because our printer was based in Germany, I will have to search for a new one that will be affordable. This may also change the original pricing on the bundles, but I will try to keep it as close to the original pricing as possible. I apologize sincerely for this. We are issuing refunds to those who have already purchased the zine.

Again, I am so very very sorry for this inconvenience. The timing is terrible as well, I know. Please forgive me and have patience as I work to rectify this and get everything back on track to have preorders reopen.

Thank you,



Robert quite naturally was concerned that any slipup on Sally’s part would undoubtably lead to him.  His concerns magnified when Loyalist officers began living in the Townsend home, but his apprehensions escalated in November 1778, when Simcoe began living there.  He knew by reputation that Simcoe was no fool, and worse yet, he could be ruthlessly brutal.  Even more worrisome to Townsend was the knowledge that Simcoe’s mission included ferreting out enemy espionage activities on Long Island.  In short, the spy hunter was living in the home of the spy he was pursuing.  Townsend was worried that any misstep by himself or Sally would place all the Townsend’s in danger.  Long Island historians like Frances Irwin maintain that Sally had been passing information to Robert for some time, and she continued to do so with intelligence that she gleaned from her association with Simcoe and other Loyalists in the Oyster Bay area.  But no one was more aware than her brother Robert of the disastrous consequences her discovery would have on the Townsend family and indeed on the Culper Ring. — Paul R. Misencik

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From the promt, number 12 "You need to stop.." With Connverse please<3

“Okay,” Steven said, picking up another flashcard, “what are the four lobes of the brain - ”

“Frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal,” Connie answered before she even took a second to breathe. Meanwhile, her fingers rested on her temple.

She was leaning against her bed’s headboard while he rested by her feet, on his stomach. They were comfortable, relaxed in each other’s presence. It was hot for a spring day, and the Maheswaran household had a rule about using the AC before the summer months, so the pair wore their summer clothes: she wore running shorts and a tank top, while he still wore his iconic star shirt and shorts.

“That’s correct!” Steven said, thrilled and impressed, as he flipped over the flashcard.

Connie smiled as she watched him. “Thanks for helping me study for my final.” She took her AP Psychology final and her junior year of high school very seriously.

“You’re very welcome!” He said, straightening the cards in his hand. He looked up at her, smirking, “Though it doesn’t seem like you need my help.”

She smiled at his compliment but shook her head. “No, you’re really helping.”

“Okay, next question,” he looked down at the flashcard then back up at Connie to see if she was ready. She was holding both her temples.

“You okay?” He asked.

She looked surprised that he noticed, then she waved out her hand. “Just a headache. I’m fine.”

He set down the cards and propped up his body with his arms. “Maybe we should take a break.”

“No! Seriously, I’m fine.”

He pursed his lips. He propped himself to sit up. “I could help.”

She raised her eyebrows.

He pointed at his lips. “Healing spit.”

“Oh,” she said. She looked hesitant for a moment before nodding. 

He got on all fours. He moved quickly, too quickly to think or plan the most comfortable option; he set his arm by her hip to steady himself, then he leaned over her body to reach her forehead. But just as quickly as he moved in, he licked his lips, kissed her forehead, then moved back to sit on his legs.

Immediately, her head felt better. She put her hand to her forehead. “Thanks, Steven.”

She chuckled as a question popped into her head. “Are all your kisses magical?”

He looked up, pondering. “I’m not sure.”

Her eyebrows furrowed. “What if you kissed places that didn’t need healing? Would nothing happen, or would like some super-healing thing happen? Would they be invincible for like a week?”

He laughed. “I don’t know. I figure out the magical stuff on kind of a case-by-case basis.”

Her face felt hot before she even spoke up. She thought about how close he had just been, leaning over her, and how soft his kiss was. She dared herself to whisper, “We could find out.”

His body tensed. He spoke slowly. “What do you mean?”

She tried to choose her words carefully. Her eyes darted from his face to looking up as she weighed each word. “We could see what happens when you kiss places that aren’t necessarily hurt.”

He was still frozen, so she said, “An experiment. For science.”

“Right,” he said, blinking his eyes. “For science. Maybe - we fight some monsters someday, and I need to know if I can use my healing spit as armor for my comrades.”

“Or! If your healing spit can work like a vaccine that can keep people from getting sick before they even get in contact with any germs?”

“Yeah,” he said, licking his lips again, “for science, then.”

As she moved down from the headboard and down to rest her head on her pillow, she said back, “For science.”

After a pause, he fidgeted with his hands. “I…I guess I can start with your toes.”

She felt a slight panic go through her core. She felt this panic whenever she couldn’t predict an outcome - this felt like a gamble, a million dollar bet on the underdog, as she wasn’t sure what to expect - or what could happen to her friendship with Steven.

But if her training had taught her anything, it was courage, confidence, that she could make a decision and follow through with it. Her panic subsided, and his lips pressed against her big toe.

She closed her eyes and felt his kisses move from her foot to her ankle. He moved up slowly, following a straight line up her left leg. 

He took a breath at her knee, his nose touching her lower thigh.

She inhaled through her nose. She wondered what would happen now that he was moving to more sensitive skin, and his pause seemed to show he was wondering the same thing.

As he kissed up her thigh, the straight line curved: he found her inner thigh.

She breathed out. His kisses tickled her skin as his lips moved up her inner thigh.

He kissed at her lower stomach, just the visible skin where her shirt had ridden up. She pulled her shirt up a little, just enough to show her belly button, to give him more skin to kiss.

He moved from her stomach to her fingers that still rested on her shirt. He kissed up her wrist, up her forearm, her upperarm, and her shoulder.

He kissed her collar bone. “How does it feel?”

“Good,” she replied, nearly forgetting the hypothesis they were testing. She let out another breath as his lips moved up the side of her neck.

“Do you feel better? Any different?” He asked, sitting up.

She sat up, too, remembering the purpose now that she was out of the moment. “Oh. Well, honestly, I don’t feel much different. I mean,” she examined her fingers, “I did have this tiny scar on my thumb, and it looks like it might be gone. But, otherwise, I kinda just feel the same.”

“Oh,” he said then pursed his lips. “Well, I guess now we know, huh?”

“Yeah,” she said. Her eyes noticed his forearm, and she wondered what he felt like. She said quickly, before she could think of any consequences, “Or maybe we need a control.”

“Control?” He asked.

She leaned her weight on her arm, trying to look relaxed. “In an experiment, you need a control to show what something would look like normally, and then you have something to compare the experiment to.”

When he still didn’t look like he got where she was going with it, she said, “Maybe you could be the control. You know, just to see if maybe my kisses feel different from yours.”

He froze for a moment as his eyes widened. He then said, “Okay,” and flopped down on the bed.

She giggled, red rising in her cheeks, as she told him to move to the pillows. And when he was laying where she had laid during her turn, she kissed his ankle.

She moved quicker than he had, kissing the main parts of his body first: his shin, his knee, his lower thigh. She kissed his fingers, his hand, his forearm and upperarm, but she was more focused on moving upward.

She made sure to kiss every inch of his neck. He breathed out, and he put his hands on her back.

But as she continued, he began to giggle.

“You need to stop,” he chuckled.

“What?” She asked as she moved away from his neck. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” he said, rubbing her back, “it’s just tickling me.”

“Oh,” she said, blushing. “Well, before the tickling…how did it feel?”

“It felt good,” he said, then chuckled, “I mean, it doesn’t feel like gem magic or healing spit, so, uh, I think this experiment might have been a failure.”

“Not a complete failure,” she said. She stayed close to his face, ready to kiss him again if needed. “Now we know.”

He smirked. “Now we know.”

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So I've been thinking about Penny. She was killed in the arena, but her "plan" means she's not done with us. She wanted to go to Beacon and she knew they wouldn't let her, so what would you do? Be someone else. Upload your mind into another body, one that Ironwood and her father wouldn't recognize, and then destroy your original body and live the life you want. It makes total sense, there's no way they're letting her story just stop like that.

I could definitely see her come back in some way like that. They did allude to her having a plan right before her fight in episode 6. I have no doubts that we’ll see her again down the line. There’s too much behind her creation to not have her show up. She may not be the same, but it isn’t the end of that character. 

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I just saw a picture of Karlie with Kendall & Kourtney. Why would she hang out with people Taylor doesnt like. Do you honestly believe that kaylor isnt dead? I've been a kaylor since the VS show but these days i've been having doubts about their friendship/relationship. Like did they have a fall out or worse case scenario: broken up?????

Taylor’s issue is with Kim and Kanye and ya maybe she’s not spending her time with the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner fam but one photo doesn’t prove that Karlie is either. Karlie and Kendall are in the same industry they are going be in the same place more often than not. It really doesn’t mean anything and it definitely doesn’t prove Karlie and Taylor broke up. They are fine. A photo with another model doesn’t have anything to do with Taylor and Karlie it’s just a photo. Take some deep breaths and go look at some kaylor photos. Everything is fine. 

  • Rose: What are you doing, Dorothy?
  • Dorothy: Oh, looking at the stars. Pondering the universe.
  • Rose: I've been doing the same thing, thinking how wonderful it would be if there really were aliens. Maybe it'd be just like 'Cocoon', and they'd take us away and we'd never grow old.
  • Dorothy: See, I don't know. I like my life. I mean, I'm not president or anything. I'm just a teacher.
  • Dorothy: A substitute teacher.
  • Dorothy: A divorced substitute teacher, who can't even afford her own place to live. Beam me up!
  • brother in law: Oh yeah, I found out today there's some animated movie that George Lucas--
  • brother in law: Yeah, that one.
  • Mom: *nods* It's one of her favorite movies.
  • Mom: Yeah, we got it upstairs.
  • brother in law: Oh. Cool.

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Hello Alice! I've been meaning to ask if you do requests for SLBP? If you do, please write a Masamune x MC where he comes home with her being deathly sick. Please?

Promise Me

Fandom: Samurai Love Ballad: Party (SLBP)
Character/s: Date Masamune

a|n oh look son my first contribution to the fandom. thank you for the request nonssi! itโ€™s my first time writing masamune lolol so i hope it suffices!
also thank you @fromthedeskofelizabeththird for proofreading this!! this fic is dedicated for you my wonderful motter!! (since i know you love masababbu sm)

Returning from war was now one of the few things that the One-eyed Dragon of Oshu looked forward to. For before, sullen faces and unimaginable fear would welcome him from the very gates of Yonezawa, highlighting the already dead air he had brought with him from every victory he achieved. Yet, strangely so, that only seemed to be nothing but a distant memory of long ago. Because right now, a smile as gentle and warm as the distant sun would envelope him, seemingly taking away all the pain, exhaustion and remnants of any war he would ever be involved with.

โ€œLord Date Masamune has arrived!โ€ A voice drawled, announcing his bearing. The grim intensity of its tone accentuates every negative aspects of how bloody this war had been.

As he stepped down on his cob, a retainer immediately guided the animal away. His uncovered eye roamed around the group of servants bowing their head low before him, looking for the familiar face he was expecting to see. His soldiers were taking the liberty of time to quietly submit to the jaded battle they just engaged and won.

โ€œMilord,โ€ A voice from behind broke him free of his wonders as he slowly turned to face the man who bowed curtly before him.

Keep reading

  • Darth Malak: *thinking and attacking* I've got her on the ropes! All she can do is dodge me!
  • Darth Revan: *thinking and not paying attention* God, Jolee's dead, Juhani's dead, Mission's dead...this has been one giant mess. It's just like that metal bikini incident, but now I don't have Carth around to dig the holes.
  • Darth Revan: Hey, this may be a little off-topic, but how good are you at digging holes?
  • Darth Malak: What are-
  • Darth Revan: I mean besides the one you've already dug yourself into.

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I binged GoT, I'm no expert but I've been watching a lot of shows and Jon and Sansa scenes are weird considering they are just "siblings" or half-siblings (if you prefer). Or this is a red herring or idk why they chose to film that way... That said, I'm Jonsa too (thought I was crazy for ship them bf I found the fandom). I have some questions. What do you think ab Jon's reaction when Sansa touched his hand in 6.04? What's the meaning of S7 Sansa's necklace, she used a similar one in S5 right?

About Sansa’s S4/S5 necklace, Game of Thrones’ Costume Designer Michele Clapton said:  “The necklace was based on the idea that Arya had Needle. At the end of the necklace there’s a point, a spike, which is like Sansa’s smaller version of Needle. It’s a jewelry idea of Needle. She’s finally taking them on.“ Now she is wearing a similar one, yes.

Now that’s sounds like a joke, right? “She’s finally taking them on.” Yeah right… I HATE D&D for what they did to Sansa in season 5. Sansa saying:“I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home. And you can’t frighten me.” And immediately after that… UGH. She was repeatedly abused and raped in her own home, HER OWN HOME. That was beyond cruel and totally unnecessary. 

I just hope that this time the necklace really means that “She’s finally taking them on.”

About Jon’s reaction when Sansa touched his hand in 6.04, I think at that moment he realized that he has to fight, he didn’t want to but he has to. It’s different now that he knows Ramsay has Rickon. He has at least to try; no more go south and get warm. Winter is coming and he has to fight for his family and their home, he has at least to try.

All that episode was about sisters encouraging their broken/lost brothers, like Margaery and Loras & Yara and Theon. Jon was just resurrected and tired of fighting, Loras imprisoned and broken and Theon deep deep broken. But their sisters just weren’t there for that, they wont let them give up, they are there saying them to fight, to try… Because, what if they prevail?

Just like the scene between Jon and Davos:  

 Jon: I did what I thought was right and they murdered me for it. Now I’m back, why?

Davos: I don’t know, maybe we will never know. What does it matter? You go on. You fight for as long as you can. You clean up as much of this shit you can

Jon: I don’t know how to do that. I thought I did but… I failed.

Davos: Good. Now go and fail again.    

But Jon just wanted to go south and get warm. Even after his first conversation to Sansa about retaking Winterfell from the Boltons. It was Ramsay’s letter and the threats to hurting and killing Rickon and Sansa; and Sansa insisting at fighting and trying that made him realized he shouldn’t give up, he has to act, to stand up for their family.    

All of that remind me of this passage about Ned:

“At the dawn of Robert’s Rebellion. The Mad King had sent to the Eyrie for Stark’s head, but Jon Arryn sent him back defiance. Gulltown stayed loyal to the throne, though. To get home and call his banners, Stark had to cross the mountains to the Fingers and find a fisherman to carry him across the Bite. A storm caught them on the way. The fisherman drowned, but his daughter got Stark to the Sisters before the boat went down. They say he left her with a bag of silver and a bastard in her belly. Jon Snow, she named him, after Arryn.”

Be that as it may. My father sat where I sit now when Lord Eddard came to Sisterton. Our maester urged us to send Stark’s head to Aerys, to prove our loyalty. It would have meant a rich reward. The Mad King was open-handed with them as pleased him. By then we knew that Jon Arryn had taken Gulltown, though. Robert was the first man to gain the wall, and slew Marq Grafton with his own hand. ‘This Baratheon is fearless,’ I said. ‘He fights the way a king should fight.’ Our maester chuckled at me and told us that Prince Rhaegar was certain to defeat this rebel. That was when Stark said, ‘In this world only winter is certain. We may lose our heads, it’s true … but what if we prevail?’ My father sent him on his way with his head still on his shoulders. ‘If you lose,’ he told Lord Eddard, ‘you were never here.’ “

“No more than I was,” said Davos Seaworth.   

—A Dance with Dragons - Davos I

At the end of the season winter has arrived. Margaery and Loras lost their heads. Yara and Theon make an alliance by renouncing their way of life (sacking and raping)… 

…And Jon and Sansa prevailed. Ned prevailed once more. The Starks prevailed. Because when the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.