i've been marathoning it for the past week or so

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First of all, thank you so much for providing such an awesome architecture blog! I've been following you since my third semester of architecture school. Right now I'm on my final semester but it seems that I have lost some motivations in doing architecture over the past years because I've been lazy with my final project and stuffs. Can you help me with this...? Thanks a lot!

Do not stress! Architecture school is a marathon, and even the best runners get a bit tired near the end. Take some time after school is done, a couple of weeks, to recharge. Do not think about architecture at all. When you start working you will find a new interest driven by the new surroundings, new team mates and raised stakes!

Again, do not stress over something that is the result of fatigue. Its natural, don’t drown on a small pond!

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Stephen!! I've been too busy with work and theatre for the past few weeks to sit down and watch Teen Wolf (I know, it's a tragedy.) But now I'm marathoning the whole season so far and it's such a rollercoaster of emotions??? How do I handle this hel p me

Just message me all your feels after each episode. I’ll help you get through it! We’ve all been there. ❤️