i've been making a lot of edits lately

A little message

Hi everyone!

I’m a little hesitant about writing this, but just a very small and short message.

- I understand that people miss the fandom as it was a few months ago, smaller. But don’t make the people who are new to Tronnor feel bad for being new. Be happy that there are more people who are supportive of our idols!

- The people who are tagging Connor and T-roye in the Tronnor tag are most likely not educated about how important it is not to do that. I have been there, so let’s be nice and educate people!

- this has been said a lot lately - but be respectful and don’t shove tronnor in their faces. Don’t tag them in romantic posts, don’t ask them about tronnor, don’t be in appropriate about it. If you wouldn’t say it directly to their faces, don’t put it out here on the Internet.

- Please write fan fics, write head canons, imagines, make edits and all that fun stuff! That is what shipping is about BUT keep it out of their personal tags.

If I have missed anything/said anything wrong, add or correct me!