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Hello! How about a 90s grunge minghao au? ?? Since I've seen his pictures I can't stop thinking about it,,,, ;v; I think I've never loved a look more and I'm just hoping their song has some rock elements in it :)

my brain: you gotta write grunge minghao,,,,,,,you gotta 

  • joshua stares at both you and minghao. in his hand is the busted remains of what was once your favorite skateboard
  • decorated with fading weezer and flaming lips stickers, spitfire logos, and yellow chipped paint
  • you had loved that thing more than you loved yourself, but when joshua went - in a flat tone voice - “fess up, whose is this?”
  • you jerked your head toward your friend, “his. he was the one riding it in the hall so give him detention mr. prefect.”
  • joshua’s sharp eyes darted to minghao who was wearing the school issued button down, but also a bright red flannel over it - piercings in both ears (very against the rules) 
  • “you know me joshua - i drive to school, i dont skate.”
  • you gritted your teeth and tried to whisper that you’d break his discman headphones if he didn’t take the blame
  • but it was all in vain, joshua got up and took your poor board and coldly went “both of you get detention.”
  • when he was out of the room, you leaned over and pinched minghao’s ear - he swatted at your hand but neither of you meant it in a condescending way
  • you were just two,,,,,,,,,bad kids in high school. detention wouldn’t kill you
  • but then,,,,,,,,,you found yourself in detention - freezing your butt off
  • someone had decided to turn the room into antarctica and woozi, the other kid who’d gotten detention was fast asleep so he didn’t feel it
  • you on the other hand? were almost a popsicle
  • you had been wearing a denim vest over your uniform shirt, but it had been “confiscated” by that annoying prefect because the spikes on the back seemed like a “viable weapon” 
  • so you were stuck in your uniform - it had short sleeves 
  • you glared over at minghao, who looked cozy in his flannel, sketching something in the back of his notebook, chewing gum low enough that if someone came in they wouldn’t know
  • you shivered, and put your hands around yourself - “if i knew it was going to be this cold, i would have asked for cleaning duty instead of detention.”
  • you murmured and minghao nodded, but didn’t say anything. again you glared at the back of his bleach blonde head
  • he had dyed it and got yelled at, you wondered what was next - minghao getting a tongue piercing
  • somehow that thought made one wave of heat shoot up your face, but you ignored it 
  • suddenly, you could hear minghao turn in his seat, his eyes watching you shiver
  • you had become friends with him because he’d lent you the new pearl jam CD when everyone else lied that they didn’t have it. he was quiet, but he could be his own delinquent. you two had hit it off
  • “you could just ask.”
  • you flicked your eyes up to him “what?”
  • smiling, which was a rare sight with him, minghao shrugged off his flannel and threw it to you
  • it landed right in your lap and you looked at him “i don’t want-”
  • “you’re shivering. and if you die in here, who am i going to mess around with then?”
  • he turned back in his seat and resumed sketching something in his book
  • you were secretly so thankful as you pushed your hands through the huge sleeves, the warmth on your skin was welcoming
  • the smell,,,,,,,that familiar smell of minghao,,,, was welcoming too
  • you knew a lot of people liked him, he was hot and mysterious
  • you tried to pride yourself on the fact that you didn’t, you two were just friends ,,,,,,,, but the reality was you were lying to yourself
  • you did like him. a lot. even if you had tried to blame him for skating when it was more than obvious it was you. 
  • minghao,,,,seemed to favor you above other people too,,,,,you were sure it was friendly, but now sitting here wrapped up in his flannel as he sat in the cold with just the thin button down
  • you were beginning to think differently,,,,,
  • detention ended, you and minghao tried to wake that woozi kid up but he had just grumpily told you to piss off
  • you and minghao left the building and you were about to shrug off the flannel when he put out a hand
  • “you can keep it.”
  • you were going to make a face and say “gross”, but you didn’t. you just nodded and minghao took a step closer
  • he leaned in close, so close that you could smell him again - stronger since it was coming directly from his skin
  • he looked even more handsome up close,,,,almost to the point where you didn’t believe it was possible that his skin could be so smooth and his eyes could be such a storming brown,,,,,
  • you thought - for a split second - he was going to kiss you,,,,,his eyes had wavered on your lips for a bit
  • but instead he just dipped his hand in the pocket of the flannel to fish out the lighter inside
  • “you can’t keep this though.” he grinned, flicking it on for a second and then stuffing it into his pocket
  • you didn’t realize that your face was hot till he turned away
  • he was on his way toward the parking lot, an old beat up car that had belong to his dad was there
  • you stopped and sighed because you were going to have to walk home,,,,your board was done for 
  • “ill give you a ride” minghao exclaimed and you tried to seem displeased, but the smile on your face betrayed you
  • as you got around to the passengers side, minghao called your name
  • you looked over the hood at him
  • “you know i like you, right?”
  • you froze and minghao looked seriously at you
  • “d-d-did the cold get to your head loser?”
  • you managed, blushing as you got into the car and minghao only chuckled as he joined you
  • pulling out of the school driveway, you put on that same pearl jam album that had made you two friends
  • at a stop sign, you leaned over and kissed his cheek - it was still cold from detention
  • “i guess i like you too,,,,or whatever.” 

warnings: implications of rape/sexual abuse, crying, cussing, friendship.

a/n: this is one of the fluffiest things I've written and it’s still super angsty. list of prompts here. send messages and suggestions here. masterlist here

“Good night, Bevy,” he said as he left her room, closing the door behind him.

It had happened again. Beverly didn’t think it was something that would ever stop. She waited until she could hear the tv from the other room. The red-headed girl stood, tears falling silently from her eyes, and dressed, stuffing some clothes into a bag. She made her way to the window and left down the fire escape.

Everything on her body ached, she had scrapes on her knees and back, bruises on her wrists and ribs. Nothing was okay anymore. It hurt to sit on her bike, so she stood on the petals as she made the fifteen minute trip to Richie’s.

Richie was the only one of the losers to know about what happened to her, not even bill or ben knew. She had debated telling mike before, but it never seemed right. Richie understood.

It was cold that night. Her bruised skin gathered into goosebumps as the chilly air nipped at her. She hadn’t grabbed a jacket before leaving. She didn’t care too much.

When Beverly arrived at Richie’s she went around to the side of the one-story home. Still crying she knocked on his bedroom window. The curtains were shut. She could see a light on. The curtains moved to reveal a face. It wasn’t Richie’s.

“Hey, thanks fo- Beverly?” Eddie spoke. Fuck. “You’re not the pizza guy, are you alright?” Richie was at the window as fast as possible pulling the pale girl into the room. Once she entered, it turned into a hug, Beverly crying into Richie’s shirt. Eddie looked at Richie with a confused look.

“Could you give us a minute?” Richie asked Eddie, who nodded still confused. Eddie left the room. Richie pulled away from the hug, holding Beverly’s face in his hands. He leaned down to look at her, wiping tears from under her red puffy eyes. Somehow, the bloodshot made the blue more vibrant.

“Everything hurts.” Beverly whimpered quietly.

“Where does it hurt?” She gestured to a few different spots and then held out her wrists. Purple bracelets stained her skin. Richie pulled her back into a tight, but gentle hug. Lips kissing the top of her head.

Meanwhile, outside of the room, Eddie was greeted with the rest of the boys. “Is the pizza here?” Mike asked. Eddie shook his head, confusion still present on his face.

“W-w-where’s Ri-Richie?” Bill asked.

“With Beverly.” The others looked at him equally as confused.

“I didn’t know she was coming,” Ben said. Richie’s parents were away at some convention for dentists, so he decided to have his friends over for a ‘guys night’ (it was a sleepover. They’re all lying to themselves). The only reason his mom went was that she didn’t trust his father.

“I didn’t either. She just sorta, showed up crying.” Eddie explained.

“She’s crying?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, and Richie asked for a minute. I have no clue whats going on, but it seemed serious.” Eddie continued. Bill remained quiet. Ben started panicking a little, every thought possible going through his head. Mike’s face twisted with concern. Stan’s did the same.

Richie continued to hold Beverly. Beverly continued to cry. “I’m sorry I came when Eddie was here.” She told him. Richie laughed softly.

“It’s okay. We were just waiting for pizzas. It’s no big deal.” He whispered. Beverly started to breathe easy for a second. “Just so you know the others are here too.” Richie blurted out. Beverly’s eyes went wide.

“What?” Beverly asked, pulling out of the hug. She wasn’t planning on this. She was planning on telling them at some point and it never really felt right. The mood was never depressing enough to talk about the shit she goes through.  

“I can make them leave if you want.” Richie offered.

“No, don’t do that.” She replied quickly. She wiped the tears from under her eyes and sat quietly for a minute. All the thoughts running through her brain. A series of what ifs. Richie watched her closely, he didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to do. He just wanted her pain to go away. “I could tell them.”

The silence in the room barred down on the two of them after she spoke. Her words hung in the air like something stuck in a spider web. “You- you don’t have to do that. I know it was hard to tell me-”

“I’m gonna do it.” She said, clearing her throat. She hugged Richie once more before Richie opened the door for her. The boys still outside of it. She wasn’t expecting to be confronted with it immediately, but she stood there and told the boys why she was there, she told them what happens, everything. She didn’t know what response she was expecting. Maybe disgust. Perhaps anger. But she was met with love and acceptance.

Hugs were shared and tears were shed, but movies were watched and popcorn popped. It was like everything was alright. Everything was normal, but no one wanted her to have to go back home. Because even though they had all been facing a monster for weeks, Beverly had been facing one her entire life.

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Can you do the reactions of the RFA + V to MC having a major panic attack? Sorry if it's of any bother, I've just been having a lot of panic attacks as of late and think this would help immensely. Thanks in advance!

(๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑) Take care of yourself, dear! Panic attacks are hard. At my old job I used to struggle with them constantly, so I know how it is. Just be sure to breathe and do what is best for you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!


- It was really uncomfortable being with him in public at times.

- Mostly it was dates, but occasionally when you went to go see his plays, his fans were a bit troublesome

- Some knew you, others didn’t, and even if they didn’t even interact with you much, you still felt yourself on high alert and struggling to enjoy his plays

- He was a great actor! But it was just so damn difficult sometimes.

- But you Refused to break down in public. So you barely managed to keep yourself together- Shaking, nails digging into your skin, nerves ready to scream if some one so much as looked at you funny

- It was easy to tell you didn’t feel that great, but you kept the ruse up enough that people didn’t question it.

- When he took you back to his apartment however, that’s when it all just crashed down

- Tears flooded your eyes and you shook violently, wanting to curse at yourself for not being able to at least make it into the bathroom before you broke

- Zen fucking Panicked. He was on you in a flash, carefully holding your arms and keeping you standing

- “Babe? Baby, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

- You couldn’t talk, you felt like your chest was on fire. Instead you just gripped his arms back as strongly as you could muster, but it was still a weak grip.

- He followed you onto the floor, gently pulling you too him as you struggled to breathe, tears soaking his shirt.

- “Shh, babe, I’m right here, I’m right here. Just…Let it out, cry for a bit, and then you can tell me what’s wrong, okay? You’re not hurting right?”

- Your chest was screaming, but you shook your head no.

- It took a while for you to be able to talk right. When you could finally speak, your voice came out almost cracked

- “I’m, I’m sorry. Panic attack.”

- He just nodded, and rocked you back and forth a bit.

- He’d want you to eventually tell him what caused it, so he could help you more in the future, but right now he just wanted to calm you down.


- He looked up to you so much, putting this lovable but nearly impossible weight on your shoulders

- He loved you. He was trying his damn best not to compare you to Rika, but the weight still held you down.

- One night a guest rejected your email, and you felt ashamed. I mean, the stuff they asked should had been easy for you to answer! But you managed to fuck it all up, like normal.

- You debated on how to react. Your whole mind was screaming against you, telling you to throw your phone and scream, but your body was as still as stone.

- You saw Yoosung peer over at you, and then frown as you didn’t respond to his wave

- God, he was just going to berate you. Get that sad little smile as you search his eyes for the words he won’t push out

- “Almost like Rika, but not enough. Shame.”

- Tears prickled at your eyes, and Yoosung immediately was kneeling down to look you in the eyes, your body refusing to move from your position on his bed

- “Hey, mc? Can you hear me? Are you okay?”

- You could only close your eyes, tears rolling down your cheeks. You weren’t ready for this, you weren’t ready to face the fact that you weren’t good enough for someone again

- But those words never left his mouth

- Instead he wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back and holding you as tightly as he could without hurting you

- He let your tears fall, just offering a few shhs as you tried to talk. But he never said anything negative. Nothing.

- He refused to compare you to her ever again. Especially if just the idea of him doing so set you like this

- Once you could move, once you could talk without it being a stuttering mess, he would calmly ask you what happened. Did someone get hurt? Were you hurt?

- When you showed him the email, he scoffed and just kissed your forehead

- “Mc, it’s fine. One guest reject won’t harm us. Even if just one person came, we would consider that an amazing outcome, okay?”

- You nodded, unsure of the validity of his words, but you decided to take what you could get

- He continued to baby you a bit that day, and even though you felt a bit embarrassed, it felt so comforting to know you were loved.


- Every party you went to with him you managed to mess up.

- Stuttering constantly. Stepping on someone’s dress. Botching the pronunciation of a weird menu item.

- They never laughed outloud, or complained, but you could feel the white hot stares they bore into you, crawling up your spine, stabbing each of your ribs.

- You had your panic medication, but you refused to take that in front of any one. You needed to prove to yourself you could last just one dinner. Just one, god please just one

- And you were so far

- Until you spilled red wine all over the white tablecloth.

- The other woman let out a yelp, trying to stop her dress from being stained. She saved hers, while your dress took the brunt of it. The men didn’t offer much of a reaction, Jumin acting quickly and waving a waiter over before the wine could ruin too much,

- But you couldn’t breathe. Those familiar awful feelings were springing up on you, and. And did that man just make fun of you? But it was just- You just couldn’t-

- “I have to go to the restroom.” You sprang out of your seat and booked it.

- It wasn’t far off, but you dashed like someone was about to murder you. You slammed into the woman’s room, shakily shoving your purse on the counter as your hands searched for your meds

- Just two. Two would be enough. You had a few sips of wine, the wine would react to it, and your meds would speed up faster than they normally do.

- But suddenly someone else came in, and you were shaking so harshly your pill bottle was rattling.

- “Mc? Are you alright?”

- Jumin’s hands were on yours in an instant, stopping the pills from moving, holding your hands tight. You tried stumbling out a sentence. He couldn’t be in here, this was-

- “Shh. You were unwell. It’s fine, nothing bad will happen.”

- He takes the bottle from your hands and you want to scream as he reads the label. 

- But, he just pops out two of the pills for you, holds them to your mouth.

- You numbly open your lips, allowing him to place the pills in your mouth. If this was any other moment, you’d feel shame and slap his hand away, but you needed these so badly, and you couldn’t stop shaking

- His worried expression softened when you took them, rubbing them against the bottom of your tongue. After placing the cap back on the bottle, he shoved it in your purse before pulling you tight against him.

- “I know you feel bad about these accidents, but trust me, mc, I’ve seen much worse. No one is judging you. They’ve been in your shoes before.”

- God, you just wanted to melt against him, to just sob out your stress, but you couldn’t. Not right here, even as your eyes watered, not right here

- He kissed your forehead, calling Driver Kim to come pick the both of you up. You tried to stop him, but he shook his head curtly. This wasn’t going to be discussed.

- Once the two fo you went home, he pulled you into bed with him, tucking the covers around any free side of you and holding you tight. He knew you loved cuddling, and if it helped, he would cuddle you all night


- A loud crash shattered against the cafe, you instantly dropping the plastic platter to cover your face

- This was the fourth time this month you had ruined a few cups. This time you even managed a saucer.

- You didn’t want to remove your hands. You could hear snickering, you knew you could, and you could feel your eyes well up

- They couldn’t see you like this

- But you couldn’t move

- You numbly heard Jaehee’s voice for a bit, sounding over the ringing through your head, through your ears, and you blankly followed as an arm wrapped around your shoulders, bringing you away from the mess

- After walking for a bit, calm but firm hands pulled yours away from your face

- Jaehee’s soft and worried face came into view, and as she saw the tears streaking your cheeks she instantly brought a tissue to your face, dabbing carefully

- “I-I-I’m so sorryIjustcouldn’t-”

-” Shhhh, shh shh, mc. It’s alright. It’s okay. Those were very cheap cups, don’t worry.”

- “B-but-”

- “Shush.” It was firm, but quiet. She sat you down at the table in the back room were the two of you were, silently getting a cup of hot water and a tea bag.

- She sat in front of you, steeping the tea a bit, then adding honey before sliding it closer to you.

- “It’s hot, but drink it. It’ll calm you down.”

- You shakily reached for it, almost wanting to dump the whole thing on you because you felt as though you deserved it. but…That’d just be another mess for Jaehee.”

- She watched you drink it, placing her hand over your free one when you could hold the cup with just one hand. Her thumb rhythmically rubbed a circle on the back of your hand, and she even started humming a bit.

- Soon, the quiet but warm setting of the room calmed your thumping heart, and you were able to breathe normally.

- When you finished the tea, she sat up and cupped your face in both hands, kissing your lips.

- “I love you, mc.”

- “I love you too.”


- Admittedly, you were so scared the moment he mentioned all the people that could come after him.

- At first you dismissed it, then you tried too later when the ‘hacker’ ordeal was over, but it kicked into full swing one night when the security system went off one day.

- It was all fine, just the system freaking out over a toy that had started up at 4 am rather than at 4 pm. Nothing that he couldn’t fix

- But you were on the floor of the bedroom by the time he came back from checking on it- Choking on your sobs as you held your knees to your chest

- He instantly dropped to the floor, sliding over to you and grabbing your cheeks, trying to get you to look at him.

- “Hey, hey, Mc, oh god, are you hurt? Are you okay?”

- “S-S-Someones after you-”

- “No, no honey, no they’re not, It was just a toy, I promise, I checked everything, It was just a toy.”

- “bb-bbut-”

- “No no, shhh, shh, oh god I’m so sorry.”

- He held you to him, rocking you back and forth as he repeatedly told you step by step of what had happened. Explaining all the little details he did to absolutely make sure no one was after him.

- After ten minutes like this, your death-like grip on his shirt loosened, and he pulled back a bit.

- You were breathing almost normally, tears dripping slower, and he just kissed them all away.

- It was difficult, but he managed to pull you up and get you back onto the bed, where he instantly wrapped the both of you up tightly in the big fluffy blanket he had.

- He spent the night muttering loving things to you until you could fall asleep, so happy to be able to calm you down that much.


- V was one of the calmest people you had met

- He was so sweet, so caring, so soft spoken

- But one day you accidentally knocked over a plant of his- Completely ruining it and it’s pot.

- The both of you bent down to clean the shards up, but with a hiss he accidentally had cut his hand

- At the sight of blood you lost it

- You managed to hurt him, just like Rika had

- You managed to cause him pain, something you never ever wanted to do in your life time

- He didn’t deserve it anymore, he didn’t

- It took you a while to focus back on reality. Honestly, just thirty seconds, but you felt trapped in your mind for much longer than that.

- With his free hand he cupped your cheek, pressing his thumb against your lips

- “Shh, you didn’t hurt me. It was an accident. When she did it, it wasn’t an accident.”

- Oh god you were talking outloud. Oh my god. You started shaking, but he hushed you again.

- “Mc, shh. Focus, focus. There’s a towel in the kitchen. Get that for me, please.”

- You scrambled to your legs, nearly knocking oer a kitchen chair as you grabbed the towel.

- The whole time he dabbed at his hand, you felt your head point and static ring in your ears- And you swore you could feel static rubbing against your brain.

- His lips were moving,and it was so damn hard for you to focus at first

- “Mc? Look, it’s a very small cut, not deep at all. It won’t even leave a scar, okay?”

- Once the blood was wiped off, it…It really did look small.

- You started breathing a bit easier, your breath hitching a bit, as he pushed the broken pieces of the pot aside and carefully led you to the couch

- He held you against him, peppering your forehead and head with kisses, repeating over and over how it was just an accident.

- It would take a while for you to calm down, but when you did, he gave you such a warm, sweet, small smile

- “Mc, you are the greatest person to ever grace me. I promise, you could never hurt me like that. I love you, okay?”

- “Okay.”


- You woke up already in a panic, lingering memories running down your spine

- You already couldn’t breathe. You were trying to suck in enough air but it wasn’t helping

- With constantly shaking hands, you reached out to Saeran, who was laying on his back and deep asleep

- You shook him, one…Two…Three times. He didn’t wake up yet, and you were freaking out so bad you had already started crying

- You gave him a harsher shake, and he groaned and finally blinked a bit. Rubbing his eye he turned to look at you, then froze.

- “I-I I can’t think right I can’t stop shaaking-”

- Without any prompting, he instantly pulled you to him, burying your face in his chest as he just wrapped his arms around you.

- He held your head against him, just trying to make you feel safer and stop shaking. It took a while, but eventually your body stopped trembling so harshly

- “Mc, what happened?”

- “B-Bad dream. Bad bad dream.”

- He didn’t laugh, he didn’t make fun of you. He kissed your head and started rubbing your back, repeating “You’re okay” over and over, until his warmth and voice was all you could focus on.

- He didn’t stop until he knew you were asleep. He pulled away a bit, situating the two of you into a much comfortable position, before kissing your head and going back to sleep with you firmly in his arms.

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Epilogue

April 2


Waking up in Baz’s bed is too soft to describe.  Technically, I’m sure his bed is no softer than my own, but now there’s another level of soft, one that goes beyond a physical body-soft.  Soft like my entire soul is encased in cotton fluff. Heart-soft.


He doesn’t open his eyes, just smiles a little, and his sleepy smile has my heart skipping.  “Simon?”

Crowley, just hearing him say my name, and in a voice still heavy with sleep, is enough to have me swooning a little.

           “It’s April second.”

           “Yes it is.”

           “Do you still love me?”

           Baz pulls me closer and when he speaks his lips brush my forehead.  “Today, tomorrow, every day after that.”

           His shirt is my new favourite smell and I bury my nose in it.  “It’s funny, if you think about it?”


           “We both told the truth yesterday,” I muse.  “We pranked each other every day except April Fool’s Day.”

           He chuckles deep within his throat.  “We really are pathetic.”

           “Guess that makes us both April Fools, huh?”

           “Speak for yourself, love,” he laughs, and I’m so gone.


“So,” Simon murmurs after a few more moments of silent heaven, “is the game over?”

           I shrug with one shoulder.  “Who won?”


           “Really?” I raise an eyebrow.  “How?”

           “I’ve got you wrapped in my wings, Baz, it doesn’t get much better than this.”

           “I dunno,” I grin, “I think I definitely won.”

           Simon scoffs.  “As if.”

           “I’m wrapped in your wings.”

           “Well, I finally get to touch your hair.”

           “I can make you blush without even trying.”

           “I can shut you up by kissing you.”

           “Oh yeah?” I pull back far enough to meet his eye. “Care to demonstrate?”

           He’s laughing as he obliges me, kissing me gently like his lips are still sore from the seemingly endless kissing last night. I don’t remember having the strength to pull away long enough to climb back inside the room, or to change into our nightclothes, but at some point it must have happened.  Between toothpaste kisses and disbelieving grins.  I’d been a little afraid to suggest sharing a bed (I thought it might scare him away), but he’d climbed in beside me like he fit there, like the spot had been meant for him all along.  I don’t think we ever stopped kissing, just fell into place and stayed there until the dizziness turned into dreams.

           “Crowley,” I mumble against his lips, soft like rose petals.


           “Aleister Crowley.”

           He giggles.  “What, Baz?”

           “Do you still love me?”

           His eyes are a different blue every time I look at them, like the sky.  Right now they’re the horizon just after the orange leaks out of the sunrise.

           Simon kisses my forehead.  “Today…”

           Kisses my nose.  “Tomorrow…”

           Kisses my mouth, deep and long.  “Every day after that.”

           I’m so gone.

           “I’m living a charmed life.”

Title: Fight Fire With Fire

Summary: Of all the things Lucy was expecting that night, a fire in the apartment across the hall was not one of them. Getting handcuffed to her bed also wasn’t part of the plan, but at least they’ll have a fun story to tell at their wedding.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T (rated for Lucy’s potty mouth and implications at the end)

AN: Happy birthday @soprana-snap! I’ve had this idea for a bit and figured you might enjoy it <3

In hindsight, letting Dan handcuff her to the bed was probably a bad decision on her part. Not only does her wrist hurt from him locking it too tight, but she also can’t do anything but watch in absolute horror as he rips away from her neck, eyes wide, and falls off of the bed in his hurry to get away from her. Her family always did say she had a talent for driving men away, but she never thought it was this bad.

Lucy stares down at Dan, sitting up as best she can to peer over the side of the bed, and that’s when the obnoxious, shrill sound of a fire alarm reaches her ears. “Oh, shit,” she mumbles to herself, suddenly feeling very exposed in her lacy underwear. Smothering a laugh, Lucy tries to stand before remembering the cuff on her wrist. She turns to ask Dan for help, only to find the man stumbling to him feet in a panic. He glances around wildly, fingers twitching at his sides, and Lucy’s reminded of a very stupid squirrel that can’t decide whether it wants to run into traffic or stay on the damn sidewalk.

“Dan?” she murmurs, nudging at him with her foot. He glances at her, shaking his head as he mumbles something she can’t hear, and spins in a quick circle. “Dan, what are you doing?” she asks again, frustration creeping into her voice as he freaks out. On any other day, she would probably panic, but this is the third fire of the week and she knows it’s just Warrod from down next door forgetting about his pot-roast in the oven again. It’s really nothing to worry about so long as he grabs the fucking key and lets her out.

He backs into the nightstand, knocking it onto it’s side, and Lucy flinches as her favorite lamp shatters across the floor, ceramic pieces splintering and creating a mess that she’ll have to clean up before Happy or Plue hurt themselves. “Fuck,” Dan swears, running a hand through his rumpled hair. He pulls his lip between his teeth, then stoops, scooping his shirt into his arms and yanking it down over his head. “I can’t—” He stops suddenly, shaking his head, and sends Lucy an apologetic look.

Sighing, Lucy purses her lips, eyes rolling as she glares at her boyfriend. “Dan,” she says slowly, smiling at him as best she can despite wanting to rip his head off, “just unlock me so we can go.” She covers her bare stomach with her arm, curling up slightly, shy now that they’re no longer in the heat of the moment.

It’s always been like that with Dan. She always ends up feeling uncomfortable whenever they aren’t doing something physical. Though, that might be because he rarely sticks around for anything besides that. They don’t know how to talk to each other, and Lucy’s finding it to be more draining than anything else.

She thinks Romeo may be right: she should just dump him and find something better than whatever this is.

Dan nods slowly, patting himself down as he searches for the key, then goes very still. “I don’t—oh shit,” he whispers, growing frantic as he doesn’t find it. Lucy slaps her forehead, rubbing at her temple and silently cursing the day she met Dan, suddenly wishing she’d never accepted his offer for a date at the sushi bar—which was actually the worst date she’s ever been on, but oh well. This is ridiculous and she can’t believe this is happening to her.

He lost the goddamn key.

Excellent. Lucy groans, curling in on herself and resisting the urge to throw herself out the window—something she obviously can’t do because she’s still fucking cuffed to her damn bed. She didn’t even want to do this in the first place, but somehow she let him talk her into trying now things—a horrible idea, really—and now she’s stuck to her bed, there’s a fire, and Dan looks like he’s about to piss himself or start crying.

She’s never going to let Lisanna set her up on a date again.

Lucy decides that maybe it’s not that bad. It’s just a small fire, and Dan can probably get one of them to cut her loose. They’ll all have a laugh over this, no one will ever let Lucy forget about this moment, and some sexy firefighter is going to have a lovely story to tell all of his friends over dirt cheap wine and stale donuts. It’s a simple fix, really.

And that’s the exact moment that Dan decides to bolt for the door without a word.

For a moment, Lucy can only stare, her mouth dropping open as he fumbles with her doorknob, yanking it open a moment later. Her cat Happy bolts into the room, disappearing under her bed, and Plue barks out in the main room, whining by the door as he urges her to hurry. “Dan?” Lucy shrieks, watching him slip out, the door beginning to close behind him. “What are you—Dan, what the fuck!” she screams, lunging to her feet. Panic wells in her chest as he glances back at her, hesitating for only a moment.

“I’m sorry, Babe,” he sputters, shrugging, “but I—” He simply shrugs again, then turns and slams the door behind him, leaving Lucy alone and stuck on her bed, a fire burning in her neighbors apartment.

“Dan!” she calls after him, tears burning at her eyes, more from the betrayal of him just leaving her in potential danger than the potential danger. It should be an easy fire to put out, but that doesn’t mean he can just leave her here. “Dan, you piece of shit!” Lucy snarls, yanking at her wrist violently.

It holds fast, the metal digging into her wrist painfully, a bruise already forming from her continued tugging, and Lucy bites back a sob as she drops back onto her bed, curling up tight and hoping she isn’t stuck in here until Romeo comes home later. The last thing she wants is for her younger brother to find her half-naked and handcuffed to a bed.

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thecrownedrose-deactivated20171  asked:

So I've seen this done over and over and I still love the trope of Bucky being a little shit about teasing the fuck outta you if he overheard you having a sexy dream about him. But just imagine the situation reversed! Overhearing Bucky having a sexy dream about you, moaning your name, his cock twitching and hardening, low grunts escaping his lips. Mmph!

This is what my other wife requested!

Kind of smut, so 18+ under the cut. Lots of Dirty talk and Bucky having a wet dream.

You had catch Bucky sleeping on the couch several times, it was normal or so you thought. After all he tended to have nightmares and would go to the common room and watch tv, to distract himself. You were walking pass the door when you heard him call your name, weird because you had taken your heels of to not wake anyone up. But apparently you had woken him up.

You made your way inside the room and find Bucky sprawled on the couch, he was a asleep and shirtless, his grey sweatpants slung low around his hips, his lips slightly parted as a low growl leaves his lips and your curiosity peaks.

“Y/N fuck” He’s moaning your name and your cheeks blaze, you swear you haven’t seen a more beautiful picture. You stay there, staring at him and a weird sense of pride takes over you, Bucky Barnes is having a good dream, a sex dream, a dream he’s actually enjoying about you. Your eyes travel to the bulge between his legs and you almost moan, hipnotized by the sheer size of it, how it tiwtches in his mind and you wonder if he’s wearing any underwear, rumor has it that most of the times he doesn’t.  Not that you’ve been paying attention to that. “Y/N, doll… Just like that” You have to bite your lip, he looks good enough to eat like that, his face is scrunched up in pure pleasure and you swear is something you culd see every day and never get tired of it. His hips lift of the couch and you see a wet patch appear in the front of his pants, Bucky stirs in his sleep and you get out of the room with a smile on your face and a plan forming on your mind.

Next morning you sneak into Bucky’s room andsteal the shirt he had been wearing the day before, the make your way to the kitchen where you find him head first in a book, you smile to yourself.

“Morning, Buck” You turn around and reach for a mug in th highest shelf.

“Moring, Doll” He pauses for a second and then asks “Is that my shirt?”

“Yeah… I ran out of clean clothes, sorry” You turn around and smirk when you find him staring at you “Your clothes smell good”

Bucky blushes and you swear is the most adorable thing you’ve seen in your life “Thanks?”

“How was your night, by the way? You fell asleep  on the common room again” You drink a sip of your coffee and smile “Not that I’m complaining, you’re pretty adorable when you sleep” His cheeks get even redder and you feel the need to kiss him, but decide against it.

“It was good” He looks down at his mug “I had a nightmare, but that’s part of life for me”

“Well, when I came back you didn’t seem to be having a nigthmare” You caress his leg with your bare feet “What were you dreaming about?”

“Nothing important” You watch as Bucky takes a long swig of coffe.

“You can tell me. I promise I’ll keep your secret” You keep caressing up and down his leg with your feet, until he wraps his hand around your ankle.

“Stop that” There’s a sutil change on his expression “You’re making it hard to think”

“Is that the only thing I’m making hard?” You giggle and Bucky tightens his grip on your ankle.

“You know, doll? You shouldn’t start things you’re not going to finish” He bites his lip.

“You know me Sarge, I never start shit if I’m not going to finish it” He lets go of your leg and you lean over the kitchen island “Are you going to tell me why were you moaning my name last night”

Bucky gets up and rounds the island, turning your stool around and caging you between his body and the kitchen island “You really wanna know, doll face?” You look him straight in the eyes and bite your lip, nodding “I had this really vivid image of you on your kness, like a good, girl and with that pretty mouth of yours full of my cock” He’s so close you can feel his breath on your skin “And then, you were on your hands and knees, with my fat cock deep inside your cute pussy” He grabs the back of our neck with his metal hand and you gasp at the coldness “Is that what you wanted to know?”

By the time he’s done talking your tighs are closed together and you’re clenching them hard, trying to find a way to relieve some of the tension between your legs, your brain is barely working and all you can say is “Fuck, Bucky. I never imagined you were that good at dirty talk”

Bucky chuckles darkly in your ear “See, doll? You’re not the only tease around here”

Shape of You - Kandreil 

I randomly started thinking about Kevin in a crop top, which formed into me thinking about Neil and Andrew’s hands on Kevin’s torso and then this happened. 


Neil regrets the gift.

Well, not really. He had bought it for Kevin’s birthday because he had liked the soft material and the bright orange color, but he hadn’t thought it as something Kevin would wear. Or at least, not often.

But Kevin had gone out and bought more. He wears them when they go on a run, or to just lounge around the house. And every time, Neil struggles to pull his eyes away.

The soft material clings to his broad shoulders and ends a few inches above his belly button. It shows off the curves of his abdomen, the thick muscle over his hips and the deep V that dips into the start of his sweatpants. The collar is loose, revealing the sharp of his collar bones and the mouth shaped stain on his chest that Andrew had left behind the night before.

It is distracting, the way his fingers trail over his belly absentmindedly as he watches the game in front of them. Neil has already seen this game, could probably describe it in detail from memory, and he just can’t seem to keep his attention forward.

His eyes flick over to Kevin here and there. There is a focused look on his face, his jaw clenched and a dip forming between his eyebrows. One hand rests against his jaw, thumb rubbing absentmindedly as his cheek. It is like he is watching it for the first time. They had watched it before their team meeting, and then again at the team meeting.

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you want me to do what now?

this is my @aftgexchange fic for the wonderful @lukesunburn, who asked for a fake dating andreil au! i hope you don’t mind how i wrote it and i hope you like it!

(in this au, tilda never gave andrew up for foster care so he never met cass or drake, which means he and aaron grew up in the same house and have a better relationship with each other. also seth, riko, and the rest of the moriyamas just miraculously don’t exist! the ideal au!)

If one more customer asks for some secret menu bullshit like this is a fucking Starbucks, Andrew thought to himself as he lit a cigarette. I am going to slit them open from mouth to anus with one of the kitchen knives and wear them like a jacket. I’m completely sure of it.

He was currently on break at his shitty job, taking a much needed smoke break after dealing with some entitled teenage girls who claimed they knew the menu better than an employee who had worked there for nearly 6 months, It had been Nicky’s idea for him to get a part-time job, since they were dangerously tight on money and his little stint at Eden’s wasn’t enough to provide for 3 people and still have leftovers. So, after being forced out of the house,  Andrew took a job at the first place that was hiring, which happened to be a small cafe around the corner called The Den. Luckily, the owner either didn’t care or he didn’t see Andrew’s juvie record because he threw a tacky orange apron at him and said his shift started in 5 minutes. The job paid well and Andrew didn’t have to interact with anyone who made him want to stick his head into the blender while it was on, so all was well as it could be.

“Andrew?” Renee poked her head out of the back door, rainbow tipped hair swishing around her jaw. “Can you do me a favor and go work the counter?”

Sighing, Andrew slid his lighter back into his pocket and took a drag of his cigarette. Was there any place where he could just be alone? At least for more than 4 minutes?

“Just in case someone stops by?”, she continued, clasping her hands in front of her. “I know it’s your break and all, but the meringue I had prepared for the tarts fell so I have to make more and since Jamie left early, we’re the only ones still on the clock” She shook her head. “No one told him to try and match Kevin shot for shot and get hungover.”

Andrew nodded in agreement. Although Kevin’s drinking habit wasn’t the best coping mechanism, it gave him one hell of an alcohol tolerance. Not that it was a good thing.

Renee Walker was one of the only people who could convince Andrew to even think about doing anything. Other employees would try, but then give up once Andrew stayed firmly rooted wherever he was without batting an eyelash.There was something about the icy undertones in Renee’s soft voice that made Andrew harbor some reluctant respect for her, no matter how much the other employees joked about her being too soft. Andrew, who had seen Renee drag a man twice her size out of the cafe by nothing but his hair, begged to differ.

“Alright.” Andrew got up off the step that served as his bench and brushed the gravel off his jeans, stubbing out his cigarette as he got up. “But I expect you to save me some of those tarts before my shift starts tomorrow.”, he grumbled.

Renee held the door open for him as he stepped back inside the suffocating warmth of the cafe. “Of course.”, she said, patting him on the shoulder in thanks

After wiping the fog from the lens of his glasses, Andrew discarded his heavy jacket for the starchy apron and pulled his hair back with one of the bandanas his boss insisted all of his employees wore, especially if they wanted to keep their jobs. Thankfully, it was mid-afternoon, nearly bleeding into night and way past time for the usual lunch rush, so Andrew resigned himself to the barstool behind the cash register and checked on the cat game he had downloaded, sucking his teeth angrily when he saw that Nicky had yet again renamed all of his cats to stupid things while he had been in the shower that morning.

Then, silence be damned, someone came barreling into the cafe and if Andrew didn’t have his wits about him, he would’ve fallen off the stool.

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hamswritingtho  asked:

When were you going to tell me that you're pregnant? +Feysand I've also been greatly enjoying all the little fics you've been writing :)

Thank you, friend!! This is probably not exactly what you were asking for, but for whatever dumb reason, this popped in my head reading the prompt. Hope you like!

BTW peeps: I’m still doing these, just working through them slowly. Feel free to keep sending them and I’ll try to do them when I can. Link to prompt list is at the end. <3

When Feyre rounds the corner into the produce section of the grocery store, the last thing she expects to see is Cassian shoving a watermelon under her husband’s shirt amid a choir of snickers from the pair of them. Cassian has his phone out and is just about to Snapchat a pic when Feyre clears her throat. The boys freeze, Rhys blushing just a tad.

“When were you going to tell me that you’re pregnant?” Feyre asks Rhys pointedly, stifling a smirk.

“Just getting a feel for things,” Rhys says cooly. “We can never be too prepared.”

“Man, don’t drop it!” Cass barks suddenly, seeing the huge melon begin to slip. Rhys removes it without a problem and replaces it on the shelf.

“You two are going to get us kicked out of here if you keep goofing off. We still have a lot of shopping to do and Nesta’s already bit my head off about the right kind of cheese to go with the appetizers.”

Only Nesta could make cheese and crackers feel unbearably stuffy. And as much as Feyre really does trust Nesta’s expert opinion that brie will be best, she’s not going into this dinner without a hunk of good old fashioned cheddar to see her through.

At the mention of Nesta, Cassian’s eyes spark. How he could have forgotten for even one minute that Nesta was within a five miles radius after she’d let the shopping cart slip against his shins is beyond Feyre. “Don’t worry,” Cass says walking swiftly past Feyre and patting her on the shoulder the way he does when ‘the bro’ is winning, as Azriel likes to call it. “I’ve got this.”

Feyre feels Rhys pull up even with her as she watches her friend strut off to face the horrors waiting for him in Dairy.

“I love Cassian,” Rhys says, and Feyre turns back round to face him, “but I think he has a death wish.”

Feyre tisks and pushes the cart toward the lettuce. “Stop, Nesta isn’t that bad.”

“The fact that you need to specify-”


He holds his hands up in surrender and promptly plucks an apple from a nearby stand, juggling it in a way that’s supposed to seem impressive - never mind that it’s only one apple.

Romaine… baby greens… organic… iceberg… Ugh, nobody even likes iceberg. Classic Cesar will do, Feyre decides. Or possibly… The baby greens stare up at her.

She looks back at the watermelon crate Rhys and Cassian had been messing with and feels her stomach tighten. She and Rhys have been together for nearly five years now, if you count the three years they dated before getting hitched. She knows he wouldn’t pressure her. Not ever. But sometimes he makes an offhand comment and she wonders if Rhys might not be considering beyond her present wishes.

Feyre clears her throat. “Rhys?”

“Yes dah-ling,” he says. Neither of them turn around from their respective produce. Feyre’s not sure she could if she tried.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

She chances a peek over her shoulder and finds Rhys has swapped his one-apple juggling act for a rather thorough examination of the differences between Fuji and Granny Smith that has his brows knit together. “What’s that?” Rhys asks, and Feyre whips her head back to the salad options.

“About… not being too prepared.”

“Too prepared?”

The misters switch on unexpectedly, dousing the lettuce and Feyre’s outstretched hand with a fine layer of mist that take her by surprise. “Oh!” she yelps and jumps back, some combination of shock and nerves forcing her into motion. Rhys chuckles and slinks over to lean on the cart.

“Don’t worry,” he says with a cheeky grin. “Last I checked, water is actually good for you.”

“Very funny,” Feyre says, the humor not entirely making it past her lips. She feels rather than sees Rhys’s face twitch.

“What’s wrong? If this about Nesta again and whether or not you thinks she’s going to throw a tantrum over your choice of rabbit food, I promise I’ll protect you.”

“Do you want to have a baby?” Feyre blurts out before she can help herself. Her stomach does a back flip just asking the question. They’ve never talked about it before. Not since they were just starting out dating and trying to decide if this was even a good fit. She knows they both want kids. Maybe just a kid. But there’s something terrifying about the idea that Rhys might want one now.

“Feyre,” Rhys says, leaning forward and dropping to a whisper, “you know I enjoy making love to you at all hours of the day, but if you think me shoving a watermelon up my shirt is gonna piss the employees off, I don’t think they’ll appreciate us-”

“I’m serious,” Feyre says, cutting Rhys off. He blinks at her a few times, mouth parted open slightly. But Feyre wants to know. Is determined to know. “Do you want to have a baby?”

Rhys backs up a step. “Do you want to have a baby?”

“I asked you first.” A small flash of intrigue in those deep blue eyes searches her making her feel known and exposed in ways only he’s ever managed.

“Alright,” Rhys says, folding his arms and seeming to sense that she means business. Feyre draws a deep breath waiting. “You know I want to have a kid - eventually. If you’re asking, do I want one right now?” Feyre nods. “No. I don’t think so. I mean, shoot, if it happens, then great. I’ll welcome it with open arms and shove a watermelon up my shirt for nine months so you don’t feel so bad.” Feyre releases a small chuckle at that and Rhys smiles. “Why so curious about kids all of a sudden?”

Feyre rolls her eyes, more at herself than him, and tosses a hand up. “I don’t know. I saw you joking around with Cassian, but then you made that comment and you’ve said stuff in the past, that I just wondered if maybe you were…” She pauses, catches Rhys watching her intently with his brow raised in amusement, and lets out a shaky laugh. “I’m being ridiculous, aren’t I?”

Rhys pulls Feyre into his arms with his own chuckle and it feels like she can finally stop fretting. “No, you’re not. It’s good that we talk about these things. I just don’t understand why you’re so concerned with it? You know we can take our time. And if overgrown melons are all we end up with, we’ll be well fed.”

Feyre snorts. “Now you’re being ridiculous.”

“Yeah, but you can’t deny it’s a good idea.”

“No, I really can’t-”

“Get that out of your nose!”

Both Feyre’s and Rhys’s heads snap to the side where Nesta has found the produce section along with Cassian… who has shoved a small wedge of brie up his nose much to Nesta’s chagrin.

Feyre grimaces. “At least it’s shrink wrapped?” Rhys offers, and then laughs when Feyre smacks her head into his chest with a groan. “Come on,” he says, rubbing up her arms a few times for confidence. “Let’s go sort them out.”

“Go on. I just have to grab some lettuce first.” Rhys nods, heading off.

Feyre looks back down at her options and decides, maybe the baby greens aren’t so bad after all. A nice watermelon salad could be good for spring.

Send me a prompt + otp or brotp and I’ll write a drabble!

anonymous asked:

Congrats on the job Katie!! And if you’re still doing the head canons can it be one where it’s dean’s daughter going to her first day of kindergarten? Thanks love ❤️

-You spend the whole night before talking to your dad about what you’re going to wear.

-Finally deciding on your usual, jeans and a plaid shirt.

-Sam helping you pack your backpack the previous night.

-You chatter nonstop about how excited you are to go to school.

-Dean is a nervous wreck.

-All he can think about is how fast you’re growing up and that he won’t be able to protect you if you aren’t around him.

-But Sam insists that you have to go.

-Dean makes you a big breakfast the morning of your first day and tells you how excited he is for you.

-Sam happily listens to you talk about what you think is going to happen today.

-Dean doing your hair.

-Both Sam and Dean load you into the Impala, Sam doesn’t want to miss your first day of school.

-Sam taking pictures of you and Dean in front of the school with his phone.

-When it’s time for you to go in and meet your teacher you hesitate.

-”Daddy, I’m scared. Can we just go home?”

-All Dean wants to do is say ‘Yes’ and bring you back to the car.

-Instead he kneels down to your level and gives you a pep talk.

-”It’s all gonna be okay and at the end of the end of the day I’ll be here to pick you up, I promise.”

-Holding onto Dean’s hand while he walks you into the classroom and meets your teacher.

-Sam and Dean help you find your cubby and space at the table.

-They sit with you for a while but then it’s time for the parents to go.

-Dean gives you a nervous look but you smile up at him.

“It’s all gonna be alright Daddy, you’re gonna come get me at the end of the day.”

-Sam and Dean leave, both wondering how you grew up so fast and how you grew up to be such a good kid.

-Sam knowing it’s because Dean is such a great dad.

anonymous asked:

whenever you get time to fill this I would so love it. Beckett comes to left to grab some clothes,and finds that Castle is in the shower singing "I've Got You Under My Skin" by Sinatra. Instead of doing what she knows she should do, leave and not let how much she misses him get to her, she joins him in the shower. I just want some sappy Caskett honestly. Up to you whether Kate decides to come home or she still leaves. 😁

A/N: Set any time between 8x05 and 8x07.


Kate holds her breath while she unlocks the front door to the loft, releasing a soft exhale after her eyes scan the room, catching no signs of life. 

It’s not until she steps further inside that she hears the shower running from their bedroom’s en suite.

But it’s fine. She only needs a couple of minutes to sneak into the closet, snag a few outfits for the next week, and she’ll be back out of the loft before he’s even finished. Castle won’t even know she was here.

Which is what’s best, she reminds herself. Over and over again.

Beckett purses her lips and steps out of her heels, pads through his office and tiptoes through the bedroom, just a breath away from the closet’s entry when she pauses at the sound of his voice, the tenor of his humming.

It’s muffled, likely indiscernible to anyone else, but she recognizes the soft melody of his voice within seconds, his rather sorrowful rendition of the song they used to sing together in the shower, when she was feeling silly and love drunk and reveled in the baritone of his voice caressing her with the heated spray of water while they danced within the tile walls.

She closes her eyes and drops her forehead against the wall.

You’re keeping him safe. Castle has to be safe.

Kate pushes off the wall, determined and dead set on the closet once more-

Don’t you know, little fool, you never can win?”

The rest of the words fail to come, the lyrics that usually belonged to her, and if she can’t manage to suck it up and grab her clothes, then she needs to get out before Castle emerges from the shower.

Kate sucks in a breath and forces herself away from the closet. She means to turn for the exit, but heads for the bathroom instead.

A thick cloud of steam rushes to greet her the moment she eases the door open, slipping inside without a sound, her eyes immediately seeking out the blurred image of him behind the fogged glass door.

Use your mentality,” he carries on, more of a sigh than a song. “Wake up to reality.”

Kate shrugs the blazer from her shoulders, unbuttons her shirt, her slacks. 

But each time that I do just the thought of you, makes me stop before I begin.”

She notices he’s not even bathing as she steps out of her pants, her underwear, leaving her clothes in a pile by the door. He’s leaning against the wall, unknowingly mimicking her position from moments before - his head against the tile and his body stagnant as the water pounds down onto his skin.

God, he’s miserable. So miserable. And it’s all her fault. 

“’Cause I’ve got you.” She had thought she was doing the right thing, the only thing driving her to keep going, to stay away from him. But nothing about this felt right at all. “Under my skin.”

He doesn’t look up when she slides open the shower door, his eyes closed, water droplets clinging to his lashes, and doesn’t hear the quiet sound of her footsteps navigating through the puddles along the tile flooring. 

It isn’t until she tiptoes up behind him, touches her forehead to the bow of his spine, the back of his neck, that he startles, instantly reaching for the hand she splays at his ribcage, his thumb brushing her wedding band for confirmation.


The water drenches her in seconds and she closes her eyes, nudges her nose to his shoulder blade and wraps her arms around him when he draws her left hand up the wall of his chest, her fingertips to his lips. 

“Not as good as a solo routine, Castle,” she rasps, barely loud enough to be heard over the hiss of water.

“Tell me about it,” he murmurs, squeezing her hand before shifting in the embrace of her arms, turning around to see her face, shielding her from the pelt of water with his back. “How long have you been here?”

She blinks through the haze of steam, but her eyes are still stinging, tears mingling with the water already dripping along her cheeks. He strokes his thumbs over the vulnerable skin beneath her eyes anyway, stares down at her with so much question and concern and heartbreak for them both.


“Around the final verse,” she whispers, tilting her cheek into the cradle of his palm, covering the back of his hand with her own. “I’m sorry I made you sing alone.”

A laugh escapes his lips, breathless and worn, broken, and Castle shakes his head, slips his hand from her cheek to her nape. 

“My lack of a musical partner is kind of the least of my concerns,” he mumbles, tugging gently, but she arches on her toes in her haste to be closer, to snake her arms around his neck and seal the slick skin of her chest to his, to hold him.

“I’m sorry I left you alone,” she breathes at his ear, one of her hands fisting in his hair. “I’m so sorry I left.”

“Then come home,” he answers without hesitation, his arms banding around her back, trapping her tightly against his chest.

It’s the first time she’s felt as if she could breathe in weeks.

“Please just come home, Kate,” he sighs, resting his cheek to hers. “I understand if you need space-”

“No, no more space. Never needed space from you,” she confesses. “These last few weeks have been - horrible, Rick. I never should have left in the first place.”

His throat works against her shoulder, questions wrapping tension around his spine, building with the billowing steam around them. “What’s going on, Kate?”

“I’ll tell you everything,” she concedes, even as her stomach twists, the idea of putting his life at risk making her nauseous. “Just - this first?”

She turns her head, grazes her nose along his cheek and sighs at lack of resistance he puts up, the easy tilt of his chin towards her and the welcome return of his mouth. His hands cradle her jaw as he nods, presses her back into the shower wall.

“No matter what,” he murmurs, kissing her bottom lip. “You’re staying.”

She hums her agreement, rising on her toes when he slants his mouth over hers, sends rivulets of heat trickling through her veins with the thorough stroke of his tongue.

“No more singing alone,” she mumbles, coasting her hands up the dripping flesh of his back, fingertips sluicing along his skin with the stream of water. “Promise.” 

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine Isak's face when he finds out about Evan's mums?Something like when Evan opened his locker in that iconic way.And maybe Evan didn't tell him, bc why it's completly normal and ok(and he's kind of bitch and loves teasing him)and when he brings him to a family dinner two sweet women rushed to hug Isak and give him kiss on cheek for greeting and Isak has that"what's happening"face( same when Evan kissed him after meeting the boy squad and "u r so hot Isak" sentence)&Evan is laughing

ok so, i lied. i made this into a (sort of?) fic. so, here’s 3k words of isak finding out even has two moms. i’m sorry.

Isak is maybe, possibly freaking out. Just a little bit. Not actual, full on anxiety that makes him feel like his heart is beating as fast as a hummingbird’s, but. He’s getting there.

Even had said it so naturally too, just what do you say we drop by tomorrow?, and he had actually looked kind of nervous, to his credit, but more about Isak’s answer than actually having him meet his fucking parents.

And of course it’s easy for Even, Isak has never once seen him uncomfortable in a social situation. Even when they were standing in the tram, stealing little glances at each other and smiling nervously, Isak too fucking shy around Even to say anything, Even had managed to smooth his way through it, awesome conversation, though. So it’s understandable he’s not nervous about hanging out with three people he loves. But Isak, he can’t even have lunch with his own parents without feeling incredibly uncomfortable, let alone his boyfriend’s. What would he even say? Hello, Mr and Mrs Næsheim, I sucked your son off in the shower the other day, congrats on the genes!

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anonymous asked:

Erm. Hi. I'm having a rough time with depression, and all the stories I've been reading have somehow gone from sweet fluff to like super angst. Which like isn't any writers fault, but I mighy have to take a break from them because my anxiety and depression hold onto to whatever feelings they generate and make me feel evem worse all day.(Thanks big D for ruining things that made me happy.) Your writing always cheers me up. Any chance you could post a trademark lazulisong abo one shot?

shit sucks anon and i’m sorry. Also I thought, oh well, I’ll just write like 700 words of Victor being an idiot in rut, but uhhhhhhhhh apparently I have at least 2k of rut jokes saved up in my heart and I’m just dumping them all out for you, like a bunch of nasty sticks and tennis balls the dog is bringing to make you Not Sad. So it’s not going to be done tonight, but here’s what I have so far. 

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anonymous asked:

hmm if you're open for only 76. How about this. I've kinda loved the idea of him being yandere and like his s/o just goes along with it cause why not. he's handsome and taking care of her not to mention he's big. just going along with his demands with a smile and just being lovey dovey to him. like he told her one day shes getting a tattoo. and shes just Ok where?

I managed to turn this around at the end bc it seemed a bit too fluffy and mundane and non-yandere-y. Hope it’s ok!

You dunk your hands into the full sink of warm, soapy water, feeling around for whatever crockery may still be hidden in the bubbly depths. You run the sponge over the curve of a bowl, humming quietly under your breath as you do.

Hands smooth over your hips and you jump, splashing water over yourself.
“Jack!” you scold, shaking water off your hands, “you scared me!”
“My bad,” he replies, pressing his chest against your back and kissing up and down your neck.

You lean into his warm touch, humming softly. He strokes his hand down the length of your back and then wraps both his arms around your waist, pulling your arse against his crotch.
“Jack!” you yelp, then giggle. He takes your chin between his index and middle fingers and twists your head to the side, leaning over your shoulder and kissing you passionately. He presses against you a little harder, sandwiching you between his broad chest and the kitchen countertop.
“Did you wash the bloodstains out of those clothes?” he asks when he pulls away. You shake the water off a fork you had been washing.
“Yes, and they’re hung out to dry. And I’m not going to ask how they got stained with blood in the first place,”

Jack chuckles, and parts the hair away from the back of your neck, kissing it softly, sending shivers down your spine.

“You need to sew a few things up for me,” he murmurs against your skin. You place a plate on the drying rack.
“Of course. Leave them on the end of the bed and I’ll do them tonight,”
“I need them for tomorrow morning,”
You twist around and kiss him.
“Then I’ll have them done by tomorrow morning,”

He squeezes your waist, and kisses the back of your neck again. Slowly, his hands inch under your shirt, smoothing over your skin.
“Jack, I’m trying to do the washing up,” you complain, but his hands simply stray further, stroking over your stomach.
He kisses down the exposed skin of your shoulder, and then sucks gently at the junction between your neck and your shoulder, making you moan, muffling it by biting your lip.

“You’re going to get a tattoo,” he says, completely out of nowhere, his hands going still just beneath your bra. You draw your attention back to the washing up, as your mind had been drifting to lewder places as Jack’s wandering hands had grown bolder.

“You’re going to get a tattoo,” he repeats. You laugh and shrug.
“Ok. Of what?”

Jack pauses for a moment, lips pressed against the back of your neck, and then moves to rest his head on top of yours.
“I haven’t decided yet,” he replies.
“Where am I going to get it?” you ask, scooping up a plate.
“Maybe here,” Jack suggests, trailing his hand over your lower back, “something for me to look at while I fuck you from behind,”

You open your mouth to respond, but he slides his hand up to hold your throat softly, pressing his lips against your jaw.

“Or maybe here, so I know where to put my hand when you’re underneath me,”

You blush hard, mouth falling open in lewd shock.

“Or maybe here,” Jack says, tapping your sternum, “so when you wear something low cut, everyone knows who you belong to,”

“I wouldn’t want anyone to look,” you reply in a quiet voice. Jack chuckles.
“That’s because you already know who you belong to,” he purrs, “remind me. Who do you belong to?”
“You,” you reply, a little breathlessly, “you know that. I belong to you,”
Jack bites your ear lobe gently, then kisses it.
“I know. I just love hearing you say it.“

bloomsoftly  asked:

Halloween prompts: wintershieldshock for #12 'I've got fifteen Apple pie recipes and we're going to test them all. Are you with me?' i love youuuuu

Thiiiiiiis miiiight be more about my love of pie than about the love of Darcy, Bucky and Steve D: But that’s okay cause I will be sharing my love of pie with you soon so this is like a precursor! Love you, bloombloomboomboombbnut!

12. ‘I’ve got fifteen Apple pie recipes and we’re going to test them all. Are you with me?’

Pairing: Bucky/Darcy/Steve

Rating G to T for a little implied smuff

Bucky ran into Steve’s back as he stopped still on the way into the apartment.

“What the-“ Bucky started.

“The hell?” Steve said at the same moment.

Bucky moved around the broad shoulders blocking his way, and found apples. Apples in blood reds and sour greens and soft pink and yellow shades, clumsily arranged on the counter, bags of flour and sugar and cases of butter and eggs squeezed in whereever they could fit. Darcy was behind the counter, her back to them, bent over a notebook as she flipped pages and muttered to herself.

“Hey there, Darce? Hon?” Steve said, passing him to the counter and lifting up a perfectly smooth red apple up from the corner. He brushed it across the shoulder of his shirt and had it poised at his lips when Darcy’s head lifted up and her arm swung back to point squarely at him.

“Don’t you dare eat that,” she said firmly, not turning. “I’m not sure I have security apples.”

“Security apples?” Steve mouthed to Bucky, setting the apple carefully back down on the marble.

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A Fortress of Cloth

It’s not a request fill or anything, just something I did between requests/prompts(Because I’ve really been craving Hybrid! Jungkook).

Pairing(s): Jungkook/Everyone


Warning(s): Hybrid Au

Summary: Jungkook’s preferred sleeping place is a nest of clothing.

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anonymous asked:

YAY YOUR REQUEST ARE OPEN AGAIN!! I've been impatiently, patiently waiting! Haha if that makes sense... Anyways, if you're comfortable with writing this could I please get a foursome with Scoups, Jeonghan, and Joshua? Those three boys are just killing me! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the patience with both out requests opening and this scenario! ;w; I’ve never written a foursome before, so I hope you like this! ♥ Oh and I feel you with these three, they’re dangerous 😫 you should’ve seen my reaction when I saw this request omg dreams come true thank you so much

You knocked on Jeonghan’s door and crossed your arms, tapping the hallway floor with the tip of your shoe nervously. It was odd for him to invite you over, because he usually either asked you out or invited himself over to your place, and only on rare occasions did he welcome you to his apartment.

The brown-haired male opened the door finally, an angelic smile gracing his facial features.

“There’s something we need to talk about,” Jeonghan said with a low voice after he had closed the door behind you, causing you to swallow uneasily. He stood beside you as you took your shoes off, then led you to the living room, where the sight made your heart jump to your throat.

Seungcheol and Joshua.

You had hoped that your little secret would’ve stayed as one forever. Having three different people you had sex with on a regular basis was something you tended to refuse to admit to others, but which you immensely enjoyed.

Seungcheol provided you with slightly rougher sex and let you embrace your more submissive side; Joshua was the opposite, usually going softer and allowing you to take charge; Jeonghan was a wild card and you never knew what you were going to get - they were the perfect trio.

The only problem was that they all thought they were your only partner (and you hadn’t bothered to correct them), and now it appeared that the truth had finally come out. The fact that you had romantic feelings towards each of them didn’t do much to improve the situation; you were scared about one, or at worst, all of them breaking ties with you. You swallowed hard, taking a seat on an armchair in front of the couch that Seungcheol and Joshua were sitting on, their eyes trained on you. Oddly enough, none of the three seemed exactly angry, which only increased your uneasiness.

You jolted when Jeonghan placed his hands on your shoulders and squeezed them a little. “Now, Y/N, I have an idea…”

“Do share,” you said, your voice cracking a little. Jeonghan continued the small massage-like actions, leaning down to kiss the top of your head.

“We could try to see if it’d work with all four of us,” he mumbled against your hair, slowly sliding his hands down your chest, only to bring them back up right after grazing your breasts.

“What?” you asked incredulously, turning your head around with your eyebrows raised high and your mouth open. You had occasionally thought about what would happen if the guys found out about each other, but this was something you hadn’t even considered.

“You heard me,” Jeonghan said with a smirk, moving his eyes to the other two men. “Seungcheol and Joshua have already said they’d be interested in trying.”

You turned to look at them and saw them nod determinedly. Your heart was beating fast at the prospect of what Jeonghan meant with ‘all four of us’, but you had a good idea that was only further confirmed when you noticed that Seungcheol and Joshua both had a hard-on straining in their jeans.

“I’m… okay, let’s try,” you let out a sigh, admitting to your defeat, if you could even call it one with the way you were already getting turned on by the mere thought. Jeonghan pulled you up and towards the bedroom, followed by the other two. When you arrived there, Seungcheol placed his hands on your waist from behind and latched his lips onto your neck, pressing light, open-mouthed kisses around while slowly pulling your shirt up.

“Straight to business?” you asked with a chuckle, helping Seungcheol get your shirt off. Next he fiddled with the button of your jeans and slid them down your legs, running his hands up your thighs afterwards.

“As always,” he mumbled against your neck, holding your ass firmly in his hands for a second. You bit your lip and got your jeans and panties off, your bra coming off next with Seungcheol’s skilled hands. You turned around and looked up into his dark eyes while starting to fumble with his belt, only to have his hand on your wrists to pull them away.

“Go join Jeonghan and Joshua, I’ll be right there,” he said huskily and gave you a short yet passionate kiss and smacked your ass before pointing at the two men that were sitting on the bed. Joshua’s eyes were closed and his lips were slightly parted, one of Jeonghan’s hands opening the buttons of his button-up shirt and the other one palming him through his boxers that were already exposed.

You bit your lip and moved to the two, looking down at them as you pondered about what you should do. Should you take Jeonghan’s place or just join him? Should you just watch?

Joshua opened his eyes slowly, and the pleading look in them helped you decide: you’d take Jeonghan’s place.

“Hannie, let me,” you said, your voice thick with lust, and sat on Joshua’s lap after Jeonghan had retreated with a grin on his lips. While you opened Joshua’s buttons and grinded against him slowly, Jeonghan stood behind you, playing with your breasts and nibbling at your neck. You moaned at both the way Jeonghan was fondling you and the way Joshua’s now fully hard cock was rubbing against your clit, and hurried to undress the latter male.

“I got the condoms,” Seungcheol said suddenly, throwing a pack of those along with a bottle of lube onto the bed. You looked at the bottle for a few seconds but shrugged - whatever it was for probably wouldn’t be the first time for you anyway. You stood up and got a condom from the pack while Joshua got rid of his shirt and boxers, waiting for you with his cock hard and leaking as he lay on the bed. Jeonghan had moved to sit somewhere above Joshua’s head on the bed, now fully naked, and Seungcheol was slowly approaching a spot beside the youngest of the three, bare as well.

You had three pairs of intent eyes on you when you slid the condom on Joshua and got on top of him, sinking slowly down on his length with your hands on his chest, your nails digging into his skin. With no prepping, the stretch stung a little, but you wanted him so bad that it hardly bothered you. You stayed in place for a while before you started moving your hips back and forth, rolling them a little every now and then. Satisfaction was coursing through your body within seconds, your nipples erect and your vocal cords producing the most beautiful moans the three men had heard in a while.

“You feel so good,” Joshua moaned and gripped your hips tightly, pushing you down onto himself and let his hips buck up into you on their own accord. You yelped and lay down on top of him, smashing your hungry lips on Joshua’s temptingly plump ones, nibbling on them a little. With the heated kiss and him thrusting into you while you desperately pushed down against him, you missed Seungcheol opening the bottle of lube, and only realized where things were going when you felt his cold, lube-coated finger at your rim..

“Cheol?” you asked in surprise, breaking the kiss with Joshua so that you could turn your head around. Seungcheol gave you a small smile before slowly starting to ease his forefinger into you, smoothing his other hand on your back as an attempt to help you relax.

“It’ll be fine, I’ll prepare you well,” Seungcheol mumbled and leaned down to kiss one of your ass cheeks, biting it lightly while pushing the finger further in, little by little, careful not to make the stretch too much at once. When most of his digit was in, he kept it in place and wiggled it a little before pulling it out. You gasped both at that and the sharp thrusts that Joshua was giving you while panting desperately.

Seungcheol pushed the finger in again, this time with more ease than before. Jeonghan stroked himself slowly, enjoying the sight and biting his lower lip. After pumping the first digit in you for a while, Seungcheol added another finger that was well coated with lube. Joshua slowed down his moves; with the way your pussy was clenching around him, he knew neither you or him would be lasting too much longer if he continued the way he had up til now.

You cried out when Seungcheol began thrusting the two fingers in your tight hole, and gripped the bed sheets tightly. With Joshua’s moves barely existent by now, you started moving your hips on your own, gasping every time you moved them back, getting both Joshua’s cock and Seungcheol’s fingers deeper into you.

“Can’t wait to have your pretty lips around my cock…” Jeonghan muttered and spread his pre-cum over his length while eyeing your lips hungrily. You bit your lip at his words while Seungcheol grinned at the younger male; he’d still have to wait a little bit.

After Seungcheol had added a third finger into you and pumped them for a good while, scissoring them and making sure you were as relaxed as you could be, he put a condom on and squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his cock, aligning it with your gaping hole. He placed his hands on your ass and held the cheeks tightly, spreading them apart as he slowly eased himself into you, guttural moans leaving his open mouth with every inch.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Seungcheol grunted with his eyes shut tightly, your tight heat engulfing more and more of him.

“You’re so big,” you gasped, breathing heavily as Seungcheol pushed in. Joshua rolled his hips a little, making you yelp, and soon Seungcheol was fully sheathed in you, his nails digging into the soft skin of your bum. You tried to adjust to having both of them inside of you, and with Seungcheol kneading your ass and Joshua rolling his hips a little, it didn’t take too long, so you started to move your hips as a plea to have the men move.

Seungcheol reached for your hair and tugged at it a little. “Beg for it, Y/N.”

“I…” you began, unable to collect your thoughts with the way Joshua was still rolling his lips below you. “Please fuck me, both of you.”

Following your plea, Seungcheol pulled almost fully out of you and slammed back in, groaning at the tightness that never seemed to ease down. Joshua started thrusting up into you as well, the moves of both of the men nearly in sync and only driving you further into madness. You were dripping and needy, and you thought that you had never felt as fulfilled before.

That was, until you felt slender fingers in your hair and saw a pair of dark eyes when you looked up. “What about me, Y/N? Won’t you give me some love, too?”

You moaned at his words and the way the other two were thrusting into you, quiet moans leaving them both. You raised your upper body so that you could easily wrap your lips around the cock that Jeonghan guided to your mouth. He was already slick with pre-cum, and from the way his fingers threaded into your hair and gripped at it tightly, along the loud groan he let out, you knew he wasn’t too far from his orgasm.

Trying to somehow balance between sucking Jeonghan off with your cheeks hollowed and jaw relaxed and rolling your hips a little with Joshua and Seungcheol pushing into you with their rhythms messing up every now and then, you got closer and closer to your climax. Seungcheol’s thrusts got sharper when he felt the familiar tightening of his abdominal muscles, and Joshua’s hips moved in a more erratic way as a result of Seungcheol’s cock swelling a little and your inner walls clamping down on him.

You moaned loudly around Jeonghan’s cock when Seungcheol pushed deep into you and came into the condom, staying in place until he came down from his high. Meanwhile, Joshua kept chasing his orgasm and came a bit later, pushing you over the edge as well. Jeonghan sighed and pulled away from you, left unsatisfied, incredibly hard and needy as hell.

Seungcheol pulled out of you and slowly lifted you off of Joshua, letting you lie on the bed with your chest rising and falling as you tried to catch your breath. The two that had just been plunging deep into you got rid of their condoms and sat down on the bed on your both sides, placing kisses all over your body, Seungcheol’s ones including a bit more nibbling than Joshua’s soft ones.

After a few minutes, when your breathing was relatively normal again, Jeonghan caressed your cheek. “Are you ready for another round?”

He didn’t need to ask twice. In a sequence of rushed actions, Jeonghan lay on his back and Joshua slid a condom on him before helping you sit down on his hard length with your back facing Jeonghan. You sunk down easily and started bouncing immediately, your moans now even louder than before with the oversensitivity making every feeling a lot more intense.

Before you could fully register it, Jeonghan had pulled your tired body to lie against his and opened his legs with his feet planted on the bed, spreading your legs open as well. You cried out when he started to thrust into you just the way he knew you wanted him to when you had already had one orgasm; deep and fairly hard with a pleasant twist of his hips.

“Oh my God, Jeonghan..!” you whimpered, your hands gripping the sheets tightly while Jeonghan took your breasts into his, teasing your nipples and tugging at them every now and then. Seungcheol licked his lips as he looked at you, your pussy moving up and down on Jeonghan’s cock in a steady rhythm.

Seungcheol crawled closer to you, wrapping his plump lips around your clit. You moaned and he smirked, sucking on the sensitive bundle of nerves and caressing your inner thigh with one hand while stroking his cock with the other, already half-hard again. Joshua looked at the view with curiosity, his cock slowly growing harder as well. He moved closer to you and stroked your arm softly, swallowing hard at the mewls you were letting out with Jeonghan’s thick cock deep in you and Seungcheol’s skilled mouth doing wonders on your clit.

“Y/N, could you…” Joshua said hesitantly, guiding your hand to his cock. You gave him a quick look and bit your lip at the desperate expression on his face. Taking a hold of his cock without a second thought, you began pumping him, your hand tight with the fast approaching second orgasm.

“Jeonghan,” you moaned when he started hitting your spot dead-on, and Seungcheol moved from your clit a bit below, teasing your rim with the tip of his tongue and giving Jeonghan’s cock a few licks as well as it disappeared into you. After a while he returned to your clit and nibbled at it; it didn’t take you too long to finally come undone with a silent scream, Joshua coming all over your hand with a soft moan.

Seungcheol sped up his hand on his cock, coming soon with the image of you taking all of Jeonghan in his mind, and moments later Jeonghan pushed you hard down on him as he emptied himself into the condom.

With all three of you panting hard and you having a few tears in your eyes, you lay on the bed, you on top of Jeonghan and Seungcheol slightly on top you and Joshua next to you, his lips resting against Jeonghan’s shoulder.

“So, do you think this could work out?” Jeonghan asked, his voice raspy after the orgasm he had been chasing for a good while. You nodded weakly, lifting yourself off his now limp cock.

“But we can’t be doing it like this all the time,” you panted, fisting Seungcheol’s hair when he started kissing your sweaty stomach.

Seungcheol chuckled and smirked against your skin. “Of course not. We’re all up for experimenting.”

You moaned quietly at the mental image alone. Joshua propped himself on one elbow and caressed your cheek before kissing you softly on the lips. “We’ll take good care of you.”

Admin Scooter

Backstage Kisses

Surprising Taeyong always gave good results.

Anon said: Heyyya omg I love you and your blog!! Can I get a taeyong short imagine to you surprising him  backstage at one of his shows and all of a sudden his emotions overwhelm him and he gets all turned on and is kissing you and blah heheheh hope this makes sense and your able to do it thankyouuuuuu❤️

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anonymous asked:

I was up until 7am finishing your story, The Night Sky is Changing Overhead. So thanks for that. I'm tired as fuck but it was beautiful and lovely and now safely in my favorites folder. Can you rec me any fics? (Preferably long, over 90k, well written with a good plot, and smut) I'm in a bit of a slump cause I feel like I've read everything. 😞

HELLO SUGAR PIE! Oh my goodness, hopefully you at least enjoyed it!! 

Here are some newer longshot fics:

Atlas At Last He doesn’t know what he had been expecting out of the road trip itself besides burping contests and too much shitty gas station food with Oli and Stan, but in the brief moment before Harry ambles up his driveway, Louis idly wonders if this is about to become some sort of Gay Coming of Age story.Maine to California in ten days. In which Zayn’s an open-shirt hippie they meet somewhere in Ohio, Liam’s the pastor’s son running away from home, and Niall’s the number they call on the bathroom wall.It’s 1978. Harry and Louis are just trying to get to San Fran in time for the Queen concert.

Pour Your Heart OutLouis is his soulmate. Or at least Harry thinks he is. Louis feels the same as Louis. But there are a lot of people named Louis in the world and this Louis might not be the Louis. It’s besides the point though, because Harry knows he can’t allow himself to get close to any boys. He just can’t and he’s told himself this multiple times. He has to simply stay away from Louis Tomlinson. But he can’t. Harry Styles can never stay away from Louis Tomlinson. It’s physically impossible for him to.

Got the Sunshine on my Shoulders : Five years ago, harry styles left his tiny home town to make it big as a recording artist. he didn’t have much regard for what he left behind - a life, a family, and a husband, who woke up one morning to find him gone.now, harry has everything he could possibly want: he’s rich, famous, and adored by everyone he meets, including his boyfriend. but when said boyfriend proposes to him, he’s forced to face the uncomfortable facts of his past - and louis, who’s spent the last five years returning every set of divorce papers harry sent him.

Dress You Up In My LoveHarry is single, and more than anything wants to find love. Agreeing to sign up to a dating website was a bad, bad idea. Niall’s bad, bad idea. Louis is single, but has no interest in relationships. Or so he tells himself. Harry is a lawyer whose boss, Nick, happens to give him a bonus, which he decides to splurge on a new work wardrobe. Louis is a frustrated designer, working as a personal shopper at Selfridges. Louis happens to be working on the day a very beautiful, but out of his depth, new customer ambles into their department in need of advice. Louis might have just found the muse he never knew he was looking for.

When We Were YoungerSixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.

Say Hallelujah, Say GoodnightLouis is an angel who is just a little too bad to be good, Harry is a demon who is just a little too good to be bad, and they’re both a little too in love to be impartial when angels and demons go to war.

These Bountiful Silences : They live in a world where they can only say four words per day. harry meets some people that don’t want to live that way.

Through Struggles, to the Stars :  Louis is a Starfleet captain trying to find his place in the universe. Harry is a prince just trying to do what’s right.
A Star Trek-inspired AU.