i've been listening to this most of the day so.

Every time Fake Chop comes to town, Geoff has to buy a new car because somehow, no matter where he hides his vehicles, James and Aleks (and sometimes Trevor) steal his most expensive car and go on a joyride with it. And every time, every single goddamn time, it somehow ends up on fire tumbling down Mount Chiliad, while Fake Chop flies off into the sunset in one of Jack’s helicopters.

The helicopter, surprisingly, always turns up completely intact three days later.

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hi! i've been a casual kpop fan for years, so i've mostly downloaded a few albums and just listen to them. i'm trying to get more into the world of bts! and i was actually wondering what the difference is between You Never Walk Alone and Wings since most of the songs are the same, except YNWA has some extra songs... same thing with The Most Beautiful Moment In Life albums.... thanks!

Essentially, You Never Walk Alone is a repackaged album of WINGS. This means that all the songs from WINGS will be in YNWA with a few additional songs (Spring Day, Not Today, A Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone, and Outro: Wings). They decided to repackage because the concepts for the albums are linked to each other. The same goes for the three HYYH (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) albums. In this case, the pt.1 and pt.2 albums were repackaged into Young Forever, but for this repackage they did not put all the songs from pt.1 and pt.2. On top of these old songs, they added remixes of songs from pt.1 and pt.2 as well as a few new songs (Save ME, FIRE, and Epilogue: Young Forever). Hope this helped!
- Kylie

The plan was to get home, take a few days to recover, then start looking for a job first thing Monday morning. Monday a week ago, not this most recent one.

Since then, I’ve watch every episode of Rick and Morty, walked 61 wholly unnecessary miles, listened to an audio book about life in post-zombie-apocalypse New York City, and been to a concert.

So, you know, that whole thing’s going to plan.

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HoneyMoon Phase

Yoongi x Reader

1.5k of Angst

Warnings: Brief Mention of Death

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Do you recall…..

The time when we belonged together? The time when we thought nothing could separate us?
Do you remember….
When I would call you sweet pet names and love you till day’s end? When I would help you on your bad days and you would help me on mine?
Do you know… that I miss you?

Of course you don’t. You are Min Yoongi. The Prince of this vile city.

Is this city really vile? …No. I just hate reliving everything from when I was with you…. as I walk down the streets to the park I see you and me. I see us, walking around without a care in the world. Stuck in the stupid honeymoon stage. That stupid place where everything seems wonderful and good. It’s the calm before the storm. The day before the night. The beauty before the ashes. What a stupid concept… The Honeymoon Stage.

Why would you ever want to be a part of it? Sure… it feels good when you’re in it, but the minute things go south… Everything just seems to fall apart. Isn’t it beautiful? The way we fall apart. It’s magical, and it’s tragic. The ways we break our own hearts.

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                           “Listen, dumbass, I’m going to let you in on a
                     secret that most guys don’t even have a clue about,
                   alright, you ready?
Women love words, you need to
                     tell her how you feel. Just say it, say it again. say it
               differently, learn how to say it better, learn how to sing it.

                                                Just tell her the truth.“

           Indie Melissa (Mama) McCall || Written by Mel || Rules || Ask

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Disclaimer: I have a dumb question. BUT! I am a 25 yo, third-year med student... and I've never been kissed. I am Josie Geller. It has never bothered me until now, probably raging hormones and realizing everyone around me has kids/families/ so far ahead of me. I feel weird. I've always liked myself as a person, but this still hurts once in a while. Do you have any advice to not let stuff like this get to you and affect your self-confidence?

Hey anon!

This is not a dumb question, trust. Listen, you shared? I’ll share. I’m 28 and I haven’t had sex yet. And most days, I don’t care. I just haven’t found anyone yet that I trust enough or have bonded enough with to share that experience. And because of what has happened to me in the past, I need and deserve someone who is going to be patient, hear me out. 

But yeah, I get you. There are days when I feel “left behind” or “stupid” and ashamed. Over the past two years, I’ve been steadily unlearning these feelings. It’s hard though, because we are pummeled with messages in our society and culture, particular for women, that force us to judge our worth by our desirability, and not on the worth and meaning we create for ourselves.

In times like these when you and I (and no doubt many others) feel that our worth is diminished by our lack of romantic or sexual accomplishments, remember that your worth is not determined by these milestones. I’m telling you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. And we all do things on our own time, in our own way. That’s what makes each life and story unique. When I doubt this, sometimes I’ll even say to myself, under my breath or in my head “I am enough,” a couple times.

And if that’s too big a leap to make right now, this was the baby step that helped me get there. Think of how far YOU ARE in your professional life and probably in several other aspects in your life! Many people probably look at your professional accomplishments and feel the exact same type of emotions. What would you tell those folks? Sounds a bit like what those of us who are working on the relationships department might also appreciate hearing, right? :)

the past few weeks have been incredible ive been able to see my favorite band pretty much as much as possible and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the whole entire world. People constantly ask me “why? why go to so many shows?” and it’s kind of hard to casually say “because seeing them live is the most alive I’ve ever felt in my entire life and I’m constantly chasing that feeling. and I never want to forget this feeling” but I’m so happy to be able to see them live and get to be a part of the live music and every night there’s a part in the show where I have a moment of reflection. where I look back on when I first heard this band and found this music and how I slowly started to use the music to help me learn to live again. I have this theory that twenty one pilots finds you exactly when you need them most. Thinking back to when I first heard them versus seeing them live(again), surrounded by people who get it and my friends and just the pure joy I get out of each show. It’s not something that most people get to experience and I am so grateful for those little pockets of joy throughout my life. So, “why?”, because tonight is a celebration. I have survived one more day and I used to music to get where I am. Because I’m alive and so is live music.

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I loved it when they made it all quiet during the slow piano part during Yuuri's FS and let the music speak for itself. He truly was the most beautiful man on the ice that day. And you know, I've never been in love, but that look between Yuuri and Victor when the latter was cradling his head and they were lying on the ice... I'm like, yeah that's probably what one looks like when they're falling in love.

It’s no secret that from first listen I knew Yuri on ICE was an extremely emotional and important song to the series, to me, and Victuri.

The visuals inspired by the music are so magnificently represented in Yuuri’s skate. I have been gushing over the fs in this episode to so many people. Specifically the part you’ve pointed out here, the soft lull.

The moment Yuuri “realizes something like love”. In episode five Yuuri was tense before this, Victor mentions, and you could see it in the use of animation cuts. Victor wanted Yuuri to use this moment, to display that love, and to be the most beautiful skater on the ice. Because that’s what he is to Victor. But Yuuri was still struggling.

And here we are, a couple of months have passed since then, and the dynamics between them have so obviously shifted. More than that there is the conversation in the garage. The moment Yuuri confronts Victor.

Because Victor is acting and asking what he should do to help Yuuri. To get through to him. And he admits he doesn’t know how to handle this and Yuuri tells he I know!. And in that moment so much is bared between them. Both overtly in terms of anxiety coping and in terms of Yuuri assuring Victor again that all he wants is for Victor to be Victor .

And it sinks in. We see Victor understanding that message as Yuuri skates. We see Yuuri skate that moment of realizing love and it is beautiful this time.

Because Yuuri understands that love now. He hasn’t just realized it. He’s understood it.

And Victor, oh as Yuuri tells him directly through that quadruple loop, that at the end there is you. In his skate as much as his words to stay be my side and never leave, he finally is able to accept it all as well.

And there’s nothing left but to affirm to Yuuri he heard him loud and clear, he understood. And so he does, bodily, in something so much more intimate than a hug, something with intention.

On My Love.

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please help me omg i'm so lost with the shinee comeback and help what are some really good shinee songs, um who are the members and agh i'm sorry it's just that i can see you're into shinee and i've been meaning to listen to their music but i've been so caught up with BTS and EXO and Big Bang but i'm ready now and this probably doesn't make sense i'm sorry have a good day <3

First of all, hello my sweetie! I am very glad that you are interested in SHINee! They are irresistible eh? hehe But if you want to be part of the most amazing fandom, warm welcome ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ)

Let’s start with the members first: 
1. Our Leadernim Lee Jinki aka Onew. He has the most beautiful voice there is like oh my god it’s your 10th shot of vodka. He is very very very kind and is just precious overall. I can’t T_T When you hear him singing/talking you know right away it’s him. He is the oldest in SHINee. And if you ask me, he has the best voice there.  <3 LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY: 

2. Kim Jonghyun aka our resident puppy (and Dino when we are at it. Also, he is the shortest member, there is no way to miss him haha :3). He is 2nd oldest.  asdfghklkgdd He is handsome and sexy af… but let’s talk about his voice… he can hit those high notes like woah his voice will make you faint NO NO BIG NO do not bias him you’ll be sexually frustrated for the rest of your life that bastard has no chill. He doesn’t know what shirt is. 

3. Kim Kibum aka Key. Babyyyyy <3 Kibum is beautiful. Like. Really. Beautiful. Like you wish you were Kibum- beautiful. He really has beautiful voice and people need to give him more credit for that. (many of high notes in songs are actually Kibum’s) Not to mention the way he dances. I can freely say that he is on Taemin’s level… it’s easy to recognize him, he’s DIVA af and resident fashionista. Seriously everyone needs to appreciate this man. Kibum is LOVE.

4. Choi Minho aka Minho aka Mr. Choi aka that handsome mfker. I seriously don’t understand how someone can be THAT attractive. Like what do you eat for breakfast Minho? WHY SO BEAUTIFUL??? D: But… did you hear his voice guurl? It’ll make you faint. Heard that ‘’SHINee’s back’’ whisper? ya that’s him. He is rapper and is the tallest member and 2nd youngest. He’s crazy about sports. Did I mention how attractive he is? 

5. Lee taemin. Fucking Lee Taemin. He is the maknae and main dancer. When starting to describe Taemin, First of all he is the most beautiful human being alive. I have no clue how is he human actually. Whatever you do, you are not as beautiful as him. (males and females included) But let’s talk about his dancing… The way he moves guurlllll… when you see him rolling them hips, you’ll get all sorts of thoughts in your head hahah.  Although he is the maknae… dont let that fool you. He is taeMAN. (but boy he can pull that aegyo off like no one… xD)

SHINee is life. I don’t understand people who don’t stan them LOL 

As for songs, sure! I will gladly recommend you some! I hope you gonna like it! Here are the songs I love the most (those with  are my faves!) and think that you (maybe) would like as well (just click on the name to listen to it!):

1. Nightmare
2. Evil
3. Shine
4. Breaking News
5. 3 2 1
6. Amigo
7. Beautiful
8. Better
9. Countdown
10. Dangerous
11. Dynamite
12. Electric Heart
13. Like a Fire
14. Forever or Never
15. Get Down and Get It
16. Hello
17. Juliette
18. Obsession
19. One Minute Back
20. Ready or Not
21. Stranger
22. Sherlock
23. Why so Serious?

Taemin’s solo album ACE
Jonghyun’s solo album BASE

Also, here is the link to all SHINee live concerts. Because let’s be honest: SHINee dancing and singing live is like religious experience. It’s the best of the best. 

If you are looking for SHINee fics, however, please check this. They got rec over 450 fics with all pairings. 

If there is anything else you’d like to know about SHINee, please let me know! ^^

omfg okay listen 

so a few days ago i was thinking about adam parrish you know, as you do

and then out of nowhere i had this epiphany for the most random and stupid thing ever

“parrish” sounds like pas riche which in french means “not rich”

so basically adam’s name sounds like adam not rich 

in conclusion, adam’s family name is a fucking pun 


YOU GUYS are the kindest, sweetest, most caring readers I could ask for. I wish I could do something more for you than just a “thank you” but there isn’t a day I don’t think about how lucky I am to get such a tidal wave of support for my work! Thank you anons, and off-anons, and silent followers of mine who are reading Home/Raising Home and who listen to my writer ramblings. I hope you all have wonderful weekends <3

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I've only been with God for a few months, and I was kind of constantly on the computer, blogging Christian things and listen to christian music. I have little moments with God, but it's not like all day, and I feel bad about it. I don't have any christian albums or the money to buy any, so I've been listening to more non christian I usually do. And also, I've really gotten back into art and creating, but that doesn't involve God either. Do you think He's upset with me?


That’s something that is so difficult to understand for most Christians. That God is not mad at you. He adores you and His love is constant. His love never depends on how we performed as human beings. we failed from the beginning, but He saved us, He loves us when we were dead in our sins. 

Art and creating can be used to glorify Him!

our salvation or our relationship with God is never about how many times we pray or memorize scriptures or listening to christian music. It’s about how much God is found in your heart. We think it’s about how we pursue God. NOPE. It’s always been about HIM coming to save us. Just embrace Him. Think about Him. just talk to Him like u would a friend. He knows all your thoughts and worries. He is for you. He loves you. Nothing will change that.