i've been laughing for 8 years


1. Josh (Chuckler) looks like a your neighborhood Boy Scout that knows everyone’s name.

2. Scott (Ack Ack) looks like Billy Ray Cyrus.

3. Peter (Shifty) has no hair, it dipped! (Also shoutout to real shifty ayeee)

4. I’m gonna assume that Colin (Jones) behind Ross looking like a giraffe.

5. Rick’s facial hair I’m choking

6. Neal (Compton) just has a fucking baby strapped to him.

7. Dike just chilling next to all of them

8. There are 3 pairs of sunglasses just chilling on shirts and I’m sure there are more just hiding like some easter eggs

dryraindrops  asked:

So, first of all, I am super excited to have found somebody as excited about the clone as I am. I've been thinking about it a lot since Butch posted his video. But, I'm confused, because I thought this was ten years into the future? Wouldn't original Danny be older? Like 24 I think? Aside from that, you guys got some really good ideas about this character, and I've been laughing at some of the comments for a good few minutes.

AHHHH someone else who likes the clone! Welcome friend!!! 8) lmao, I was browsing the Phantom tag yesterday was was so disheartened by how many people were irritable at all of the designs or downright kicking them to the curb. Which, is understandable, everyone has their tastes, and I agree that most of them are just…..Put Them Back embodiments, but it was still sad to see so little interest in the Clone.

Because its such a good idea ripe with potential, both for TUE levels of darkness and for hilarious scenarios. For once (ONCE) Butch has done okay by me.

And now to actually answer your question, lmao: Yes, you are correct, the original concept was Vlad for ten years into the future, with a teenage Danny clone (I do admit that’s super squick, like Vlad do you have no other hobbies besides being fucking creepy? Go outside and play some tennis my dude.) since the video was a part 2 to the original Phantom concepts for the ten year anniversary. However, at least in the ideas and concepts I’ve been talking about and personally throwing around, I’ve gotten rid of the ten year span.

Because it literally doesn’t make sense.

I have contempt for the official Phantom timeline bc its so inconsistent, but a majority of people have it taking place over a two year time span, based on the two summer episodes. (This is something I personally don’t agree with, but I have no evidence to argue it so I’m stuck like a petulant child grumbling in the corner) and Vlad gives Valerie her gear in S1 Ep10, Shades of Grey. I cannot recall if it was specifically stated in canon Vlad was using her to get Danny’s DNA, but I’m trusting the wiki bc I really don’t want to endure re-watching Kindred Spirits and D-Stabalized. If we assume that this had been Vlad’s goal from the start (something I disagree with and will touch more about below), that means that he’s been gathering Danny’s DNA for about a year to two years if we estimate heavily with the nonsense time between the episodes.

In that time span, he figured out how to do the cloning, built the equipment, went through countless prototypes to figure out all the bumps and snags, made several decently “functional” clones (Dani and the one he fucking murders as a display), made the “perfect” one, and figured out exactly what he needed to stabilize an artificial hybrid of ghost and human origin.

In two years max.

It would not take him ten fuckin years to recreate a successful perfect clone. Even if everything was destroyed twice and he lost Valerie’s “assistance”. And the reason for that is because he already knows how. The hard part is done. Once you know how to do something through so much trial and error, you know what not to do and what you should do the next time around. Vlad doesn’t need to re-figure out how to make a stable, perfect clone again, he can just get the equipment, the DNA, whatever and just do it.

Which he was most likely attempting to already do in D-stabilized.

[Edit: I neglected to look on the wiki before writing this entire thing bc I was confident I know the material and apparently I need to get a reality check on my ego bc I was completely misremembering D-Stabalized. The fallowing should be taken with gratuitous lumps of salt bc I’m salty at this discovery and also I haven’t changed anything in it.]

Why do you think he was going after Dani? Why would he want that information of “Why are you so stable?” if he wasn’t trying again? If he wasn’t at the point that he NEEDED to stabilize something? For future knowledge? Please. If Vlad was truly going to make another perfect clone, he would not wait several months after loosing the first doing literally nothing but tormenting Danny and being an ass, nor until after he’s figured out Dani. He was working on the Clone project for a long time under everyone’s noses in the first place, so who’s to say he wasn’t again?

I’m saying Vlad was literally within inches of succeeding in D-stabalized. That he already had a second Clone ready to stabilize.

[Edit: I was incorrect in thinking Vlad only wanted Dani to learn why she’s stable, he wanted to use her to make another perfect clone. I was close, but not close enough. I am still standing by my theory, however, canon can suck it. It’s still at least feasible.]

Hartman suggested in the video, as I’m sure you know, that the Clone (I call him Daniel bc there’s literally no way he’s not named Daniel.) has some of Vlad in him. And this, my friend, melds so well with where canon dropped off.

Vlad wanted and attempted to stabilize the clones with Danny’s full DNA, probably so it would be 100% Danny, enough to the point he was willing to murder Dani to figure her out/use her. However, after failing to get the mid-morph from Danny (failure 1) and failing to get anything from Dani (failure 2), Vlad would be unlikely to try the same things again. I would also like to think he’d also be unlikely to continuing to announce “OI I’M CLONEING YOU” to Danny, but it’s Vlad so you never know.

He would be forced to think of something else.

There is nothing in canon suggesting that Vlad couldn’t use his own mid-morph to stabalize a clone. He never brings it up, never explains why the mid-morph is the critical link aside from the fact that it just is. There’s very little info about just how these clones are made, so there’s no known rules to what could work and what wouldn’t. A possible reason this might not work is that it could function like body parts or blood types, where you need a match in order for it to be properly accepted. In that case, however, its just figuring out what you need to tweak in order to force an acceptance, something probably made easier to do when you’re in control of the entire genetic sequence you’re fiddling with.

This would not take ten years to do. None of it would. It would take at most, I think a year. Maybe two, but that’s pushing it. I also have a theory that Vlad was being so obtuse in Season 3 was to purposefully distract Danny, but take that as you will.

This is all of my fancy way of explaining why my personal ideas are set so close to the actual canon and kicking that gross ten years to the curb.

As for my forgotten notion about why I don’t think Vlad started cloning from Valerie’s beginning was because Vlad was still mostly focused on Maddie up until Maternal Instincts, which occurs 6 episodes after Shades of Grey. Shades of Grey is only three episodes from Bitter Reunions as well. That’s a pretty small amount of time for someone still (reasonably) sane to go “I liked that kid, I want him to be my son. I should clone him.”

I’d also like to state that in the four episodes Vlad appears in before Kindred Spirits (not including TUE) but after Maternal Instincts, not once is his main goal Danny. Nor is it ever Maddie, either. Danny becomes a factor in Million Dollar Ghost, however his main goal is still stealing the portal. In Reign Storm, he’s more inclined to use Danny than to try to make him his son, bc again: his goal is the artifacts. In Secret Weapons, Vlad isn’t even interested in Danny when he’s dropped in the middle of his lab. Tbh, I can’t for the life of me figure out what Vlad’s goal was in the whole sibling battle thing, he really just fucked his plans up himself in that one. In Masters of All Time, his goal was the cure, and again, had no problems using Danny as a pawn.

Kindred Spirits is the first place in the entire series where we see the extent of how far he’s willing to go to get Danny to be his son. The first episode where it’s his maingoal.

I just realized how close MaoT and KinSpirits are, I wonder if Vlad triggered the Ectoacne flare working with the ectoplasm for the clones? Hmmm, interesting.

Anyway, the point is: Vlad kept his cloning stuff a secret, but for how long remains a mystery. Mostly because there’s no point in time where it becomes obvious just how desperate he is to have Danny. Is it when he saw an opportunity with Valerie? Or is it after Danny ruins his attempts to get the Ring of Rage back from Pariah by blowing up the ectosuit so he was just like “Well fuck, now what do I do to keep myself busy?”

Getting back onto the topic of Clone and Original Danny, there’s a second, lesser reason I’ve personally bumped the time skip, and that’s because there would be literally Zero conflict between a 14 year old and a 24 year old.

OlderDanny would kick his ass, training from Vlad be damned.

OlderDanny would also not be fazed as much as a younger Danny as his identity being perverted by a clone. This is because the age gap would automatically render them as being two different people. OlderDanny would not see the clone as himself, at least not fully, because he’s already a mature adult. The clone could not torment Danny with the fact that he’s him, that he’s stealing anything, that he’s threatening his notion of being and sense of self. Because OlderDanny has nothing to fear about a younger version of himself; he’s stronger, wiser, and different enough. The dynamic simply doesn’t work. This is why Danny could be okay with Dani: he doesn’t see himself in her. He doesn’t think of her as a clone, as the doppelganger. Because she’s a girl, she’s younger, she’s different. She isn’t him in his eyes.

With an identical copy, that’s not something you can avoid or ignore. Can’t deny that its not your face twisting into that evil smirk that looks so wrong because its familiar but not. Its you, but its not, and its uncomfortable, its an invasion of privacy, the ultimate identity theft. Its a person that wears your face, sees with your eyes, speaks with your voice, thinks with your brain, and bleeds with your blood. And yet its not you.

The closest thing Danny had to this was Dan. But Dan could be defeated. Dan could be made so that he never existed in the first place, completely avoided.

Daniel could not.

Daniel’s creation is out of Danny’s control, his existence never takes into account what Danny wants or cares, because its done at Vlad’s whims. And that’s the worst part: the lack of control. To know that an identical yet completely wrong version of yourself exists against your will and you have absolutely no control over it is torture, especially for someone who already had cause to fear himself once before. Sure, Danny can fight Daniel, suck him up into a thermos, and maybe kick it into the ghost zone to try to be rid of him forever, but he would still exist and he could always come back. Unlike Dan.  And there’s nothing Danny could do about it.

What even could be do? Try to destabilize him? Ask clockwork to erase him from existence? Lock him in a thermos and bury him deep in the ice caps? Kill him?

Would Danny truly be the person to try any of those?

In other words, the closer Daniel is to being like Danny, the worse effect it would have. So its all about maximizing that to get the full potential of the conflict. Danny needs a reason to see Daniel’s creation as the ultimate line crossed, the “This has gone too far” moment. Danny needs a reason to not only despise, but fear his clone.

There are some….problems, with this, and I’ve already used them in my argument: the fact that it an other you is too different, you stop seeing it as yourself. And Daniel is not an identical copy. He has aspects of Vlad in him. There’s a very fine line to be walked, between Daniel being similar enough that it hurts Danny while being different enough to count as a different character. The design alone might already doom it. But fuck it, you people can pry my inverted skunk haired baby from my cold dead hands.

I realize that this is a very long response, and very little of it pertains to what you asked. However, I hope you enjoyed my analysis and my explanation of my personal reasoning. This was a lot of fun to talk about (I can’t remember if I got into some of the things in other asks or if I’m recalling them from a thing I was gonna post but hasn’t gotten to yet. If there are repeat things, I’m sorry! My memory is v bad.) and I thank you for the ask!

I also realize that a majority of this ask talks about making Daniel Danny’s worst enemy, which goes against the “They slowly become bed buds” ask I got earlier. I received that ask before I really had any ideas of what to do with Daniel, and since I’m loving this worst enemy idea, the conflict is understandable. The friend idea is still on the table tho! All it needs now is a climax, a trigger, a turning point. Something that changes the dynamic to start that “I hate you, but not as much as I did, and I kinda sorta enjoy your company a little bit.” ball a’ rollin.

Fuck if I know what that is tho lmao

There won’t be any.
I’m WAY too busy F5′ing my support ticket status to tell you who’s dying first in PoF.

When I get access to my account back in 2 weeks (or 4 if the rumours are true, which I hope they are not because 2 weeks is already unacceptable), I will spoiler tag everything as GW2 Spoilers, Guild Wars 2 Spoilers, and Spoilers.