i've been incredibly busy

Being difficult:
  • Harley: *sitting on the sidewalk with a broken high heel refusing to go any further*
  • Joker: "I'll get it fixed, darling. Just get up."
  • Harley: "No! I don't feel like walkin' anymore!"
  • *heavy sigh*
  • Joker: "Fine..."
  • Harley: *smiles as she gets picked up and carried back to the car*
  • Joker: "I could drop you if I wanted..."
  • Harley: "You're not gunna drop me!"
  • *tips her over*
  • Joker: "Wanna bet?"
  • Harley: "PUDDIN, NO!"
  • *clings to him like a koala*

kokorynn  asked:

How actually Iori feels about Riku?

Hello there!

I have many reasons why I love ioriku, but one of the things I love the most about their relationship is you can’t deny them platonically. There’s an incredibly beautiful, strong bond between them. So even if ioriku is not your thing ~romantically~, their friendship is important to the development of IDOLiSH7′s storyline (^▽^) Anyway, moving on to Iori specifically. Iori is very… selectively vocal… (LOL) about his feelings wrt Riku.

For starters,

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Today my whole company crew and I spent the entire morning doing charity works at the orphanage(playing with the kids, cleaning the house, etc). During the activities with the kids, my boss suddenly talked to me and asked about what I have done for animation.

It’s because my boss is a ‘business’ sort of guy, I never thought he actually interested and asked me about animation (it’s rare to find people in my place to be interested in animation too honestly. Hence whenever someone asks me that, I get super EXCITED and can talk about it for hours)

So I told and showed him TOO LOUD!, @ygoreanimate​ and all the other fun collaborative stuff I’ve done. Before we knew, the whole kids gathered around us and watched TOO LOUD! on his phone. It was SUPER CUTE AND FUN.

And during the meeting at his house after the charity work, he just made a HUGE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT at everyone’s face, saying that I’m a incredibly talented animator and he’s gonna work harder with me on animation-related stuff starting tomorrow.

jacey  asked:

Do you know if the Dramatical Murder Official Art Book has any of the porn from the game in it?

not really it doesn’t. it has some sketches of the scenes that made it into the game but they’re not depixelized. if you’re looking for some nsfw stuff, check out the uncensored tag which has cg’s that @honey-momo has uncensored for us. it looks really great!!