i've been incredibly busy

Being difficult:
  • Harley: *sitting on the sidewalk with a broken high heel refusing to go any further*
  • Joker: "I'll get it fixed, darling. Just get up."
  • Harley: "No! I don't feel like walkin' anymore!"
  • *heavy sigh*
  • Joker: "Fine..."
  • Harley: *smiles as she gets picked up and carried back to the car*
  • Joker: "I could drop you if I wanted..."
  • Harley: "You're not gunna drop me!"
  • *tips her over*
  • Joker: "Wanna bet?"
  • Harley: "PUDDIN, NO!"
  • *clings to him like a koala*

jacey  asked:

Do you know if the Dramatical Murder Official Art Book has any of the porn from the game in it?

not really it doesn’t. it has some sketches of the scenes that made it into the game but they’re not depixelized. if you’re looking for some nsfw stuff, check out the uncensored tag which has cg’s that @honey-momo has uncensored for us. it looks really great!!