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I know you're not really on this tumblr anymore, but this AU idea came into my head and I thought that you could write it: Person A is walking down the street, not really paying attention (stressed/excited/busy). Out of nowhere they hear a car horn and hit the pavement. When their vision comes back into focus, they see Person B (whose car hit A) panicking on their phone, calling 911 and trying to make sure A is still alive. A says something cheesy like: "I thought angels didn't exist."

I tried my best and I hope you like it. 

I apologize for any mistakes made. 

Jack couldn’t believe he had forgotten to buy Emma a present. It was her thirteenth birthday for crying out loud! She would never forgive him if he came home empty handed. Now he was running through town trying to find her the perfect gift and be the best brother. 

He cursed as he came to a busy intersection. He checked his phone and groaned. He wouldn’t have enough time to find a present and make it home for the party. “Shit,” he muttered. He bounced nervously as he waited for the cars to stop. 

The street emptied for a moment and he checked the light. The bright red hand was still blinking at him, but he didn’t have time to wait. He darted into the street, eyes glued to his phone as he tried to search for a nearby store. He was so distracted he didn’t hear the screeching of tires and a horn blaring. Next thing he knew something hit his hip and he was thrown onto the pavement. 

He let out a long moan and rolled onto his back. His head was spinning and his vision was blurred as he stared up into the sky. He could hear chaos around him, someone shouting for an ambulance, cars honking, another person’s voice panicked and scared. He blinked a few times, a shadow looming over him. 

“H-Hello? There’s been an accident.” The voice was rough with worry. Jack mumbled something and managed to lift his hand and rub at his eyes. There was a small sigh of relief. “H-He’s moving, oh thank god he’s moving. We’re at…” The voice drifted in and out of Jack’s ear. 

The white haired teen opened his eyes once more, focusing on the face above him. The stranger had wide, green eyes surrounded by soft lashes. Pink cheeks dotted with freckles. His button nose was wrinkled as he looked over Jack, continuing to talk into his phone. Jack smiled, reaching up to run his fingers through the other teen’s brunette hair, trying to see if he was dreaming. He laughed, but it came out weird. “You’re pretty.” 

“I think he hit his head.” The stranger said. 

Jack moved his hand to press his index finger against the stranger’s lips. “Shh.” He broke off into another laugh. “I didn’t know angels exist,” he muttered to himself. 

The stranger raised an eyebrow, turning his attention back to his phone. “Yeah, he definitely hit his head.” 

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Hi Momma! So ever since I can remember I've had really vivid, realistic dreams. Most times I know I'm dreaming but, other times I get so wrapped up in the dream I forget it's all happening inside my head. Lately I've been having really weird/scary dreams that affect my mood even after I wake up. How do I stop having these vivid nightmares all the time? It really takes its toll after awhile :/

For this issue, M.O.D. suggests meditation. He has this problem sometimes, but just focusing your mind before you sleep can be amazing! Here are some of his favourite guided meditations- just play them in your room, and think. 

If these nightmares keep you from sleeping, or affect your functioning, you may want to see a doctor.