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[FICRECS] Zayn/Liam

once again i have too many fics to rec and i’m lazy to post one by one:P

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  • Hear me in the harmony by carpeziam [14.1k | General]
    Liam had feelings for Zayn since the night they met the artist, but it would take two long years before Zayn would realise that he felt the same way. When Zayn gets an offer he can’t refuse at their end of tour party, all bets are off… or are they?
  • What the Word Means by SoftlyandSwiftly [9.7k | Explicit]
    Zayn’s been a little (a lot) in love with Liam for so long now that he doesn’t even really think about it anymore. It’s just a constant hum in his veins, and he’s fine with it he swears, even though Liam has no idea. But then a certain word slips out of his mouth, and well things change.
  • start of something new by writingsofamadchild [3.5k | Explicit]
    Zayn has an obsession with Liam’s lips.
    (Alternately: That time Zayn and Liam “accidentally” kissed).

  • Bunkbait by Grand Buzz [2.7k+ | Explicit]
    Zayn spends the day teasing Liam, until he snaps and proceeds to try to fuck Zayn into oblivion. (I suspect the other boys are getting an earful of it, too).

  • Soundtrack to disaster by Paynegerous [3.1k | Explicit]
    His fingers run over his own tongue and he shivers, wondering how on God’s green earth Zayn had actually let someone stick a fucking needle through it. He grabs his iPad and types tongue piercings into Safari. He opens up the WikiHow on the aftercare and scans over it curiously.
    Avoid tobacco, alcohol, large amounts of caffeine, oral sexual contact (including french kissing), chewing gum and playing with jewellery during healing.
    Liam snorts loudly, wondering what the fuck Zayn was thinking. Not only can Zayn absolutely not function in the morning without a cigarette and a cup of strong coffee but he’s also incredibly clingy and usually horny after a show, so no kissing is going to be almost out of the question.
    Or the one where Zayn might have gotten his tongue pierced so someone had to write a fic about it.

  • Tell me tomorrow (I’ll wait by the window for you) by Paynegerous [13.3k+ | Mature]
    “You’re, like, beautiful,” Liam says, and it’s said so earnestly and with such conviction that Zayn can hardly believe that they don’t know each other in real life. “God, I’m cacking it now.”
    “Don’t,” Zayn says shyly. “We’re both people, it… it will be what it will.”
    “Can’t wait,” Liam says softly. “I’m nervous, yeah, but I really can’t fucking wait.”
    “Me neither,” Zayn grins. “Less than seventeen hours to go now, babe.”
    Or a Gavin and Stacey AU where Zayn pines, Liam’s nervous, Louis’s loud, Harry’s a little odd and Niall just loves an omelette.

  • we were in screaming colour by ghostrider [7.9k+ | Teen]
    “I came to get yo- I mean I came to see you,” Zayn says, “I want to talk to you. I think you and I-”
    “After dumping my best friend, you come here to get me?” Liam says, he pokes a finger at Zayn’s chest, “Listen, I might find you attractive but I am not going to stand here while you try to flirt with me.”
    (aka where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate.)

  • i could drink a case of you by englandziam [20.5k | Mature]
    It’s times when Zayn murmurs words in Urdu up again Liam’s ear, voice soft and gentle as he whispers kind words of affection that have Liam blushing, and others when Zayn drops by the firehouse with coffee for everyone, Liam’s cup a little message scrawled at the bottom and the way Zayn grins before he leaves with a soft whisper of “Save some lives for me, babe,” where boyfriend and perhaps something a little like love trails along his every thought – but no, they don’t do that.
    Liam is a firefighter. Zayn is an art journalist, and neither of them do this - (until they do)