i've been having feelings about his face

do you know what i think is just swell? that colin morgan made a decision as an actor that every time leo charges it should feel like a sexual experience. he came up with that in his mind. in his filthy mind. no one can convince me it wasn’t his idea. he went up to the producers and was like “hey i think leo should make sex faces every time he charges” and they were like “yes! do it!” i love it. i love him. i want to shake his hand.

Yes, it’s another kiss gif, I know. You know what really gets me about this kiss though? The way Pythagoras’s thumb strokes the side of Icarus’s face, the way he cups the side of his face and the absolute gentleness and tenderness in it. Because no matter how angry Pythagoras was at Icarus, seeing him fall from the sky and being so afraid he was dead made him realise just how much he cared about Icarus. Hats off to Robert Emms, he captured this moment absolutely perfectly.

One of these days, Iwaizumi just can’t take it anymore. He grabs Oikawa by the shoulders and looks right into his eyes. Oikawa gasps in surprise and feels his cheeks getting warmer.

“Hajime, what are you doing?” Oikawa asks.

Iwaizumi doesn’t miss a beat.

“Something I should have done a long time ago.”

And he fucking headbutts Oikawa in the face as hard as he can.