i've been having bad luck

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Hey! Do you possibly have any dark fic recommendations? I've been looking for a good dark fic, but I seem to have bad luck looking for fics :(

You’re now in luck Anon because dark fanfics are my favourite! :D Make sure to check the tags and ratings before you read them though, as some of them can get pretty dark. 

Part 1: Mechanical Teeth
Part 2: Lockjaw
Part 3: Premolars

There was also Distant Thunder by PoorQueequeg and an amazing one called Spotlight but they both seems to have been deleted. *Excuse me while I go in a corner and cry.*

If you need any more recommendations please don’t hesitate to drop me an ask!

The 2ps In Friday The 13th

2p America: *tries shooting Jason multiple times but fails* Shit!

2p Canada: *in a tree the whole fucking time*

2p England: *hidden under a bed, trying hard to not piss his pants*

2p China: *stares at crying kid* You keep this up, I’m gonna sacrifice you to Jason!

2p Russia: * tries calling the police* No answer.. I better find another way..

2p France: *struggles to defend himself*

2p Italy: *is Jason*

2p Germany: *tries starting up a car without getting caught*

2p Japan: *helps 2p Germany*

2p Romano: *locks himself up in a cabin* Fuck, why won’t they pick up?!

2p Prussia: *dies*

2p Austria: *on top of a cabin watching everyone die*

Lightning Strikes Twice

So almost three months ago, my house was struck by lightning. Destroyed a very nice television and knocked out the internet. Last Saturday, it happened again. This time it took out the television, internet, satellite box, and blu ray player. Ugh. Oh well. At least I had a warranty on this tv.

Anyway, just saying I haven’t had internet for the past week, but it’s fixed and I’m back now. ♥

Did I miss anything? Internet time moves very quickly.

  • Doctor: Ma'am your diet is extremely unhealthy. You eat way too many breadsticks
  • Me: What can I say? I've been having bad luck with dates lately

AHAHAHA Instead of drawing I was taking dumb selfies, ugh I’m so behind now ;_; But it’s been a while since I’ve had a guy day, lol.