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For Chuuya and mafia Dazai could I have headcanons on the following: when they go on long missions they miss their s/o and suddenly they get a small video from their s/o which is just a vlog of what they've been up to. For ex, the vlog could be s/o saying, " since your not here I've decided to make it cozy reading night for me". Of course s/o teases them like, "I'm about take a bath now which u don't need to see~" Just s/o's way of connecting with them while they're gone. Did I go on too much?


  • would open it at first and then watch it in secret away from his subordinates so he doesn’t have to try so hard to hide his blushing
  • if you constantly send him teasing videos, he’ll attack you as soon as he’s home
  • secretly craves for the videos after you’ve sent a few every time he’s on a mission
  • the videos are the only reason he’s okay with going on longer missions
  • when he has downtime, he’d send them back, talking about how much he misses you


  • openly exclaim that there’s a video from you to all his subordinates and gets all excited
  • will watch it over and over again with the same excitement
  • he’ll send videos back pouting about how much he misses you and whining like a legitimate child if you’re teasing him
  • will literally watch your video in the middle of a gunfight if he receives it at that moment 
  • will do everything he could to try to convince you to let him watch you bathe ;)