i've been falling for him

Keep Me Up Where the Light Is

There wasn’t a name for it. What could you name something that wasn’t quite there, but wouldn’t go away? It just was. It existed and he ignored it. Or, at least, he tried to.

Killian still has magic after his return from the Underworld and it’s leaving cracks in everything.

A/N: This is a product of my middle-of-the-night raging over last night’s episode and I am, apparently, a being fueled entirely on angst at this point. A special you’re the best to @stubble-sandwich for listening to that rage and for reading this. And that’s totally a John Mayer lyric because I’ve lost all control of my life. 

Spoilers for 6X14, so read at your own risk. 

Also on Ao3 if that’s how you roll. 

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I was thinking “Just once I wanna see him fall out of his chair” when I realized he’s not sitting in one. Did I miss an announcement where Mark got a standing desk? 

Welcome to the Game #2