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Good Vibrations - a mini-sequel to The Storm Inside

Rating: Explicit
Chapters: 1 / 3
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons
Additional Tags: Fitz’s POVAlternate Universe - Canon DivergenceInhuman AUSeason/Series 02Sexual FantasyExplicit Sexual ContentFluff and SmutEstablished Relationship,  Car Sex

      Fitz needed a lot of time to adjust to having Inhuman powers, but at long last, he’s settled into his new life at SHIELD - and his new life with Jemma.
        Despite having known his best friend for a decade, she still manages to surprise him. This time, she brings up something from their past, and a mission doesn’t quite go as planned.

written for the one and only @eclecticmuses on her birthday. brain twin and saltmate of mine, you’re my favorite thing to have come out of being a part of this fandom. <3 as you know, this got a little bit away from me, so there’s more to come, but have no fear - your prompt for this particular ‘verse, “Jemma shows Fitz another one of her sex dreams,” happens in this very first chapter. ;-)

An excerpt:

Fitz’s phone buzzed in his pocket, and he slid it out to glance at the lock screen, using the agent next to him to hide it from the authority figures at the front.

Missed you this morning.

A smile teased at the corner of his mouth, and he glanced over at her again. She was the perfect picture of paying attention, one hand taking careful notes on lined pages. The phone must be concealed in her lap somewhere.

Reply: Sorry, late to breakfast with Andrew. Make it up to you later?

You’d better.

Reply: Ideas for how?

Of course.

Reply: Care to share?

You’ll know. <3

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