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Hello, could I request a scenario of Dazai comforting his s/o who usually tries to put up a tough front but she completely breaks down in front of him all of sudden? I've been feeling kinda down lately and I always have a hard time pouring out my feelings, so this would really cheer me up. ;;; Thank you so much!

Hey nonnie! I have a really hard time processing emotions, too. I only ever break down when I’m alone and half the time I don’t even know what I’m upset and I enjoy pushing my emotions down so much that i don’t even recognize them half the time…It kind of sucks. If you ever need to talk, I’m here! Sometimes someone validating you is all you need. <3

~Admin Kat

You were known as the power couple. You and Dazai took the world by storm, being known as the duo that terrified the enemies of the Armed Detective Agency and before that, the Port Mafia. Neither of you ever showed weakness, especially you. The world would have to burn before you allowed yourself to fall. 

And on this one particular day, the world must have burned, for you were on edge more than ever. One little nudge and you’d fall. 

“_____-san?” Atsushi pulled you out of your daze. “Are you okay?” 


“Yeah,” you said with a sigh and a forced smile. “I’m fine. Thanks, Atsushi-kun.”

The entire day at work, you felt like you were going to explode. But of course, you didn’t let yourself show it. 

For others, it seemed like hiding your emotions was the hard part. But in reality, it was showing them that was hard. Hiding them became so habitual that even when you felt like you wanted to scream and explode from hiding so much, you still couldn’t express them. 

So when you finally got home, you were ready to collapse on your bed, turn on the tv and eat ice cream until you fell asleep. 

But when you got home, the ice cream was no longer where you expected it to be. You slammed the door shut and let out a scream, not thinking that anyone was home. 

“_____?!” Dazai came running out of his room over to you.


You quickly composed yourself and forced a smile. 

“What happened?! Are you okay?!” Dazai’s eyes were wide with fear.

How in the hell do I explain this…

“Y-Yeah,” you said, hoping that he wouldn’t push you any further.

“_____…,” he moved closer to you, grabbing your shoulders gently. “Talk to me.”

You looked down, shaking your head. “I-I told you…I’m…fine…” 

You had to bite down on your lip to keep yourself from breaking down. 

Dazai pulled you in for a hug, able to tell that you were near the edge. “You don’t have to pretend around me, love…I know how lonely it can get, but I’m here, love…”

He was whispering directly into your ear. And it was enough. 

You collapsed into him and gripped at his shirt, the tears beginning to flow down your cheeks. You sobbed into Dazai’s shirt as he pulled you into a tighter hug. The whole time, he was stroking your hair with his hand.

“I’ll always be here.”

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I've played the later AA games, but never the first few, and watching you guys play through the first one has been SO much fun for me! I've been going through a lot lately and watching you two play such an amazing game and do such a good job with the characters, along with being so funny has been a blast and has really been keeping my spirits up. Thank you, and please send my thanks to Manky too :)

Hey, glad you enjoyed it.  I’m glad we can help people out when they’re goin’ through stuff.

you can watch our Ace Attorney playthrough here

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I have no clue why, but I've lately been obsessed with Parental/Daughter Mileven headcanons (especially yours, 'cuz they're awesome) Would you be so kind as to hit me with everything you got? Anything at all? Pretty please? *hides shyly in sweatshirt*

Hey anon! I don’t have too much to throw at you, but here a couple parentcanons that I hope you’ll enjoy 💜

Mike is always in charge of making lunches, mostly because sandwiches are impossible to burn (and he’s mastered the grilled cheese). He turns vegetables into smiley faces and is really in to creating animal art of out fruits, cheeses, and crackers; it’s something he picked up from his own mother.

El is the super cool mom who all of their daughter’s friends want to hang out with when they sleep over. If any of them ever have a problem at school or especially at home, they go to El for advice.

When the Wheelers take family trips back to Hawkins, El drives and Mike sometimes sings goofy songs over the back of his seat or plays I Spy.

Mike and El have a stash of Star Wars bandaids and each time their daughter gets hurt, they put a bandage on themselves in the exact same spot because it makes her feel better.

Parent teacher interviews are always a quasi-disaster because Mike is super eager and asks lots of questions and El has to reign him in and let him give the teacher a chance to finish speaking first.

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Cherry your work is absolutely inspiring, I'm convinced you're an angel~✨ I've got Jupiter in 3rd and been writing my whole life, but lately I've been worried about being too predictive. If it isn't too much trouble, do you have any advice to help keep my style from stagnating ?

aww cutie…i love you!! jupiter in the 3rd is great for writers, jupiter rules publishing and the 3rd house is writing, communication, and media. it really opens the gateway for messages to flow and flow and flow, jupiter magnifies whatever it touches..and the essence of jupiter is joy and confidence, so have confidence and enjoy your writing, then you wont have any troubles?!!

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okay awesome, thank you so much! i was basically just wondering if, okay so as an aspiring science illustrator, and someone who enjoys art and biology, how did you figure out that you'd like to become a science illustrator, and do you feel like that fulfills your passion for bio and art both? cuz i'm primarily a biologist (as of late) but i've always loved art and it's been a really influential part of my life, so i'm trying to figure out how to balance my interests. thank you so much too ;0;!!!

Hopefully you don’t mind me answering this publicly, since I’ve had a few asks about it.

I think for me what lead me towards amalgamating science and art is because doing strictly one or the other just didn’t feel entirely satisfying. I like being able to use microscopes and staring at enhanced back-lit algae, collecting seed pods out on walks, and researching the structure and function of biological processes, but I also like the woody smell of sharpening a sketch pencil and trying to capture emotive moods with color. I like the precision, focus, and educational aspects of science, but I also really enjoy drawing and visualizing nature. I still feel that my art doesn’t quite hit the classical “science illustrator” mark because figurative and gestural linework and coloring styles still creep up in all of the work that I do, and it’s something I’m always looking to improve in balancing. 

In short, I read a lot of science-heavy research papers and nonfiction, and also spend a good deal of time drawing. This equilibrium of science and art has worked so far to keep me happy, and I would love to keep pursuing it. Hope this helps give you maybe an idea of path you would like to forge for yourself. I’m definitely still figuring things out!

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ah, um... my insomnia is pretty bad lately, and I've been so depressed that I've mostly been crying myself to a few hours of sleep... if it's no trouble, could I have a cuddly fluffy reader insert with komaeda, going to sleep with him? I'm sure a lot of people ask for him already though... I hope this isn't too much trouble!!

-squeals-! That’s all I should say! ~ Mod Narii

It was a troubling night for you, just like all the others before. Everything felt so tarnished, so faded; you had lost the will to do things, to enjoy life. How long had it been since you had started to stare aimlessly at the glass of water in front of you? It was most probably 2 in the morning as of now…

Remembering that you had class in the morning, with a long, heavy sigh, you heaved yourself up and walked towards the sink, sipping slowly your glass of water. You settled it in the common kitchen’s sink before leaving, telling yourself that any of the other Ultimates, most likely Kiyotaka, would clean it bright in the morning tomorrow.

As you turned to step towards your room, your eyes immediately caught the sight of his unruly, white hair and his dispassionate expression. Nagito…? You asked, your eyes opening slightly more in surprise.

Ah, _____. Please do pardon my presence of no value! Shall I leave? He answered with his usual, mysterious smile.

No, I was… going to sleep… I guess? You answered with hesitation, not certain if sleep would be the right word.

You suppose? Ah, but your beautiful talent deserves all the rest in the world! He clamored with admiration.

Nagito, I… You hesitated, walking towards him. Why was it that he praised you so much? You didn’t feel good about yourself at all, so why would such a kind person as him proclaim such nice things about you?

You had always felt such a heavy weight on your shoulders, one called depression, and it tended to strike at any time, at the most random of moments. This time was no different: you felt so languid, so lonely… Perhaps Nagito would understand?

You wrapped your arms around him hesitantly, with confusion. With a whisper, you asked something that would’ve seemed preposterous to anyone… anyone but Nagito. Will you… sleep with me tonight? N-Nothing bad… I just don’t want to be alone…

You felt your heart beat in anticipation at his answer: you hoped he would understand, you really hoped he did. After what seemed like an eternity, his chuckle resounded in your ears. Haha, of course. You can use me as much as you like, _____!

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This is an amazing blog! I saw you was doing some headcannon for our favourite web slinger? So maybe we could all indulge in some making out headcannons? 😏 Extra: Reactions to different people walking in? Thanks! Hope it's not too much, beautiful 💚

hey!! I already wrote one about kissing our boy peter, you can find it here. however, I’d be happy to write some about people walking in. 

I put it under the cut because it’s slightly (very) long, hope you enjoy:)

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Hey just wanted to say that I love your blog so much!!!! Key word: your. Please please if you need to vent or get something out know that you're free to do that!!! You don't owe anyone anything! You not a burden to anyone and I really really enjoy seeing you on my dash!!! ❤️❤️❤️

thank you so much!! idk it’s just that i feel like i share too much of my personal problems here and no other blogs do that (or as much) and i feel really bad bc all of my followers and friends have to see all my negativity all the time. i’ve been venting to let it out but i realise that just because it benefits me doesn’t mean that it’s good for others and i need to stop being so selfish and negative around others all the time and i don’t want others who are having a good time and stuff to have to see all of my Bad Stuff so yeah 

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I have a reaction for you. How would Shinhwa deal with their significant other is in the hospital due to an accident? Like how would they cope as in would they pace up and down or anything like that? BTW, I've been creeping on this blog. I hope you don't mind :D

Hiii!! I’m so, so sorry for the late reply >//< Hope you don’t mind and will still enjoy the reaction :D Hehe, we don’t mind you creeping around. Not at all! :P

Dongwan: He wouldn’t move an inch away, watching over with hawk-like eyes and making sure everything is done right while trying to hide his worried self. He probably wouldn’t sleep too much either:

Eric: he’s the type to pace around all teary and holding in everything, too afraid to ask questions or to make loud noises, only waiting for the doctors to give him good news:

Andy: he’d probably play it cool and keep his distance, broken on the inside. He’d wait for the doctors and when they give him the good news he’d just nod, choking on his own tears and worries:

Minwoo: he wouldn’t move an inch from the door, watching every person going in and out. He’d be afraid he could cause disturbance, so he’d keep his distance, crying on his own so that his loved one doesn’t worry about him too much:

Hyesung: he’d hold his loved one’s hand and listen to all the doctors, making mental notes on the every single piece of advice, trying to compensate for the fact that it wasn’t him the one in pain, but his most beloved person:

Junjin: he’d call his mom and cry on the phone outside the ward, trying to let it all out before stepping in with a fresh smile that could bring some kind of comfort to his lover:

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I've been feeling a lot of anxiety and loneliness lately and feel like I always just distracted myself from the pain. Recently, I've been pushing myself to be more awware and accpting of it in order to not let it have as much control over me. However, there's still a feeling that what I'm doing isn't enough - that I'm incapable of enjoying my own company for too long of a time frame. I know this will be a long process but how can I stay commited to it? Are there steps or a path I can follow?

Take each step as it presents itself, you are already following the path. These are important insights you have had. 

Don’t fixate too much on enjoyment. We are desperate to be enjoying something, either the company of others or our own company. Why do we feel the need to cling to enjoyment? What are we afraid of or avoiding?

Let everything go. Enjoyment, fear, loneliness, anxiety, pain, whatever is presenting itself let it be there. And let it go. More than enjoyment, what you need to rediscover is peace. Peace is the mood of knowing that whatever comes will also go. Therefore there is no need to be particularly bothered by anything. This kind of awareness also keeps you from chasing after things that seem to give permanent happiness but are only mirages on the horizon. 

Practicing daily meditation and tonglen is crucial. Meditation keeps you in touch with that peace while tonglen helps you broaden that into compassion for yourself and everyone else. I’ve also written very recently about loneliness here, check it out. 

One of the experiences in my life for which I am most grateful is the time I spent alone, lonely, and miserable. It really forced me to let go of many insecurities and hangups I had simply because they were obviously creating suffering where there need be none. 

If you face your troubles with sincerity and insight, you can uproot the very confusion that made them possible. In effect, rendering this kind of suffering no longer possible. Therefore what you are going through is a real opportunity, so long as you accept and embrace it and listen to what it is asking of you. 

A book I would recommend is The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron. 

Namaste :) Much love

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Do you enjoy doing art? Lately everytime I try, I just feel so mad at myself for not being where I want to be and I thought it would only last a few weeks but it's been almost half a year since I've really.. been like "wow im gonna draw so much today and finish it and it'll be great!" its stress just to pick up the tablet pen.

i get p mad at myself  too, but honestly yougotta go easy on yourself sometimes. just relax. you dont always enjoy yourself but that’s life. you just gotta believe that evenutally some tiny little thing will go right ans you’ll be proud of how that panel went or how that little shadow happened or maybe you’ll make the right choice when it comes to that one color choice. you gotta celebrate how rad you are in that mpment even if you have been feeling bad for a whole entire two months

i just read that and it wasnt coherent imsorry. tiny tiny victories or yiu’ll lose your mind basically