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The reason why i love to tease Jimin is because i love him. There’s no special reason behind that and teasing him is really fun because he’s really cute. - Min Yoongi

Why “real racism” is a racist concept

Fandom loves to talk about “real racism.” Not about racist policies and acts themselves, but about racism out in the “real world” that affects “real people.”

Fandom and online racism, by contrast, is not real because … all I can think of is because a person of color can’t be physically assaulted through a screen. 

The implication that fandom/online racism doesn’t affect real people and doesn’t affect the offline world, or that it isn’t important like “serious” racism, is a silencing tactic. You don’t look like a superior ally if you ignore fandom racism with the excuse that you fight “real world” racism. Fandom racism is real world racism.

If you don’t like it when people of color talk about race in fandom spaces, you likely aren’t more welcoming of it in school and work environments. If you make excuses for fandom racism, you’ll likely excuse education and employment racism. Sure, when there’s KKK violence, you’ll be outraged. When Trump puts the lives of Muslim refugees in danger, you’ll take note. Maybe you’ll even protest. But understand, racism doesn’t begin and end with extreme acts. One of the reason racism has flourished in the United States is because it has been defined by extremes, to the point where seemingly small things that people do without a second thought, things that culminate into big things like segregation, are not considered racist.

When you disregard one kind of racism as too trivial to matter, you’re allowing it to flourish, and that does have real world repercussions. 

So please, cut the crap. 

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lately i've been pondering why it's socially acceptable to be disgusted with people who (supposedly) consume a lot of junk food but not with people who skydive, climb mountains, play contact sports, or do other "dangerous" activities. is it because the latter are "fun" and exciting to observe? is competitive eating ok because it's entertaining? why is eating for pleasure and having no restrictions considered a flaw while engaging in a potentially life-threatening sport considered admirable?

I love to see this type of critical thinking! I also ponder these things. I don’t really have an answer, but I can tell you that you are not alone and many sociologists and historians ponder these same topics. 

So I've been doing a lot of activism stuff lately

Particularly I’ve been doing a lot of two of my least favorite things - talking to people on the phone and talking to people in person.

I am a generally socially anxious wreck, with my awkward nature countered primarily only by infodumping and my special interest in SJ causes. However, I’ve recently found myself being a lot bolder about these things, and I think it’s because this lesson is finally sinking in:

I am supposed to be inconveniencing GOP staffers and officials.

It’s a hard thing to adjust to. But I am learning, slowly, to take the audible “I have been dealing with nothing but calls all day and want you off the phone/out of my office but can’t say so” tone of voice I’ve been hearing as a victory. It’s gone from a nagging fear to a point I note as an encouraging sign on activity summaries for the day. “The staffer I spoke with actually tried to cut me off after thirty seconds to tell me that he’d pass on my information but really needed to get to the other calls in the backlog, they must be swamped! :D"

Has anyone else in the same ‘anxious activist’ boat noticed the same thing?

  • friend: how've you been?
  • me: p good
  • stranger: how've you been?
  • me: i'm glad you asked. lately, i've been reminded a lot of a traumatic experience that happened to me and it is causing a lot of anxiety and panic attacks and dissociation and unhealthy coping mechanisms. it's tough, because this is all on top of being mentally ill and its difficult to tell if the trauma caused a lot of my illness or if the two are separate. meanwhile, i've been super troubled about eating lately and i can't stop thinking about how much i hate my body. haha i mean, i really, really hate myself, my dude. do you want to hear a story of a self-destructive thing i did five years ago? haha of course you do, so anyway-
How Extroverted Feelers Love

ESFJ’s, and most high Fe types, have a tendency to love wide and fast.They love people who they have almost no connection to and they love lots of people. Big circles of people who they share a true but slightly shallow love with. But it takes a long time to make an Fe love deep. For them to move past the people-pleasing, acts of service love to a more pure love that is just them being desperate to spend time with you. You know an ESFJ or Fe loves you when they want things from you. When they want your love back. When they are selfish instead of just giving. When they do things for you but they expect and desire love in return. Fe truly loves when Fe wants to be loved in return.

I’m slightly unsure about how Fi love in comparison, perhaps slow but deep. Loving small amounts of people in great abundance? I can not say for certain but it would certainly make sense. I’d be interested to see an Fi’s opinion on this. Please, add you thoughts. 


Sooo I wanna start doing commissions soon! Please see this page for more details on my rules and commission info. Message me for any questions you may have, and of course to discuss any ideas for commissions you want! I’ll message customers my paypal for payment when everything is officially settled and the commission is discussed. Thank you!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ending of Memnoch the Devil lately. More specifically, about how I’ve seen people dismiss Armand’s attempted suicide along with the rest of the book, as it being too out of character or too far into the realm of “later canon” to be worthy of much attention.

But the thing is, the young me that read MtD for the first time and had no access to the internet wasn’t able to do ~research~ and obsess over what Anne might have intended with this thing or the other, which meant that I was completely free to interpret everything I read in any way that I wanted.

So when I read about Armand running into the sun after hearing Lestat’s story, my mind went straight to that quote from Queen of the Damned: “’I’ll tell you what I fear,’ Armand had said, intense as any young student. ‘That it’s chaos after you die, that it’s a dream from which you can’t wake. Imagine drifting half in and out of consciousness, trying vainly to remember who you are or what you were. Imagine straining forever for the lost clarity of the living.’“

And so I saw Armand as someone who had lost the will to live centuries ago, and was simply going on out of fear that there was nothing after death. And I saw Lestat’s “revelation” that there was as the push that finally gave him the courage to end it. I still can’t completely shake off that interpretation and it still breaks my heart.

Federal court halts Trump’s immigration ban
The federal court for the Eastern District of New York issued an emergency stay halting President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry to the US from seven majority-Muslim countries...
By Nilay Patel

Additional commentary by eyewitness @lettersfromtitan:

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Ok, so on the one hand, I love me some conlangs… hell, I even genuinely love basic language ciphers if they’re used well. I like it when the fiction I engage with gives me insight into how a culture views the world based on the words they do or do not have or the nuances and subtext of their definitions. I eat that sort of shit up.

But there is one thing that makes me super nit picky in sci fi whenever they use translation tech to hand-wave away the fact that various aliens should reasonably be speaking completely different languages… and then the writer(s) still inject words or phrases from the characters’ native language.

Because how would the translators know when not to translate a word?

It’s one thing if there are no words available to the translator that could accurately mean the same thing. Proper nouns, the names for things, completely foreign concepts, etc…. those would all reasonably default to whatever the “native” word is because the translator can’t offer a alternative. Ok. Cool.

But if I say the phrase “xjitit is the word for dog,” and the person I’m speaking to is using an automated translator, then why aren’t they hearing “dog is the word for dog” ? Is the algorithm somehow anticipating the intent of the speaker so that it won’t translate “xjitit” even though it doesn’t have any way of knowing the context of the sentence that follows? Would the listener have to coordinate with the speaker and turn their translator off whenever they want to hear the actual base language word rather than the translation of that word? How is this supposed to work?

As I said, it’s totally nitpicky and really I should just accept it as some sonic screwdriver nonsense that allows the story to progress, but I can’t help but overthink it. For me, tech in sci fi is like a magic system in fantasy - I will totally suspend disbelief as long as you give me a clue as to what the rules are and then consistently follow them.

And thus ends my probably useless rant about words because I put far too much thought into them.

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Hi for anon honesty hour! Capfuls I get some fic recs please? I really wanna do some soma fan art and I want to 1 show my appreciation for the amazing writers in the fandom and 2 get some ideas cause I've got intense art block right now. Thank you!

heyo! (sorry i’m late btw, against all odds sleep ended up being a thing)

also you are going to get a looooot of recs b/c reading is one of my passions in life and when combined with a fandom i’ve been in for ages it’s safe to say i’ve read a lot, but there’s also a lot i’ve probs missed and i haven’t been as prolific in soma fandom lately, so anything i missed is unintentional and anyone’s free to add on to this! there’s also a lot of stuff in my soma tag so if you want more fics (as well as loads of art) feel free to check that out too!

@lunar–resonance​‘s recent resbangs, Now The Light Falls and Velleity (and also their entire writing tag, found here)

Now The Light Falls Summary: Born with the ability to see ghosts, Maka lives in the shadow of two worlds. She grows up reveling in the ghostly company until tragedy strikes and she vows to never speak to a ghost again. Four years later, Maka is struck by a car and wakes up to find herself bound to a strange boy called Soul, who is confused, sarcastic, and above all, very dead.

Velleity Summary:  Maka gets more than she bargained for when a forced father-daughter day at a local museum traps her in a world where the art exhibits have to come life and are out for her blood. Armed with a scythe, she and a strange boy named Soul traverse the topsy-turvy world in their search for a way home. Ib AU.

Learning Curve by ilarual (very good and one of my old favorites)

Summary: The process of getting from “you” and “me” to “us” is a long, hard, complicated one. A series of vignettes exploring the early days of Soul and Maka’s partnership and the road from strangers to best friends.

The Stand (incomplete but in-progress and so so worth the read b/c it’s glorious)

Summary: “In fact, she already had a plan formulating in her head, and it was time to scrap any trace of Eater from this wall. This wall would belong to her in the end, she was freakin’ sure of it.” Street Art/Tagger AU.

Jaegermeister or how the PPDC learned to stop worrying & drop the bass by Victoriapyrrhi (i remember reading this when it came out and it was v good)

Summary: With the PPDC cutting funding at the behest of GorCo, the corporation funding the Wall of Life, it’s up to Marshal Spirit Albarn to gather his resources-some of the finest minds and pilots on the planet-to make one final assault and neutralize the kaiju menace for good. Pacific Rim AU; For Soul Eater Resbang 2014

The Dire Circus by Raining-down-hearts (warning: feels and lots of ‘em, but is wonderful)

Summary: The circus is in town and strange things are afoot, not the least of which is the sudden disappearance of Maka’s father and horse. When she finds her stolen horse at the circus, her attempt to steal him back goes wrong and a strange red-eyed pianist catches her in the act. Something’s very wrong, her father is still missing, and now she’s trapped in a terrifying new world.

Foolproof by Poisoned Scarlet (a wonderful modern highschool au)

Summary: An AU for Valentine’s Day. “Your choice, Maka. Come with me or go back to class and get yourself waist-deep in THAT train wreck.” / / Soul Evans is smarter than he looks. Maka is none the wiser.

Just a Ring Away by therewithasmile (so cute and fluffy okay)

Summary: AU: Maka loses her cellphone; the white-haired, grumpy-looking movie-rental cashier guy finds it. Fluff, SoMa.

Fenestration by Twin-Lupus (aka fabulousanima) (everything you’ve heard about how amazing and heart-wrenching this fic is is 100% true and i implore you to read it)

Summary: He’s so close, and yet so far. Neighbors AU

thanks for the ask nonnie, I hope this helps and good luck with the art! :D

  • Simon: BAZ!
  • Baz: What?
  • Simon: Where's the Sword of Mages?
  • Baz: What?!
  • Simon: Where. Is. The. Sword. Of. Mages??
  • Baz: I, uh, put it away.
  • Simon: Where?
  • Baz: WHY do you need to know??
  • Simon: I need it!
  • Baz: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off doing no daring-do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Simon: The World of Mages is in danger!
  • Baz: My evening is in danger!
  • Simon: You tell me where my sword is, Baz! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Baz: "Greater good?" I am your husband! I am the greatest good you are ever gonna get!

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Calluna has chronic depression n she has trouble doing things a lot of the time. Sometimes she forgets she exists and doesn’t feel like a real person. She uses self-depreciating jokes as a coping mechanism even though it’s not the healthiest thing to do.

At some point in the past Calluna attempted suicide but it didn’t work out. Grace got her to the hospital and pretty much lived with her for a month or two. Calluna’s making progress although it might not seem like it sometimes, but she’s definitely getting there!

HQ Kareshi (Teacher): Hanamaki Takahiro

Hanamaki: You haven’t gone home yet. You need me for something? I’m a little busy right now though

Hanamaki: …Hm

*Pulls you in*

Hanamaki: I’m kidding, kidding

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Imagine Woozi secretly giving you a kiss on the forehead when you’re asleep.