i've been crying for the past two hours


Pia Sundhage - “The thing with Carli Lloyd is we didn’t have her in the starting lineup before the Olympics. She has proven that I was wrong. Today, I think she was one of the best players.”  

Hope Solo - “It’s not just the skill on the ball and the physical aspect of the game, but she’s got what it takes. It doesn’t matter what she goes through. She’s mentally strong and that’s what I admire most about Carli. Nobody can affect her play, not being benched, she’ll come back on the field and make plays. She’s just a winner. She’s a veteran on this team and she’ll find a way to win.”

Isn’t it funny that we call America the land of the free but never ask free of what ? Free to shoot people for who they love, free to vote for someone who would create a wall between two countries, free to hate and free to destroy