i've been chomping @ the bit to do something like this

secretly-bea  asked:

so i've been paying a bit more attention to my cat's body language and wants because of this blog, so thank you! her and I have actually gotten quite close now that she realizes i'll respect her personal space. however, she still insists on trying to chomp me (not hard, kinda just mouthing) to signal she wants to go out of my room, even when the door's open. is there any way i can redirect her to something else? should i add extra steps to her leaving, like trying to get her to bat at something?

See if you can predict when she’s going to do it, and then try to respond to her approach before she actually gets to the chomping. It’s sort of like teaching a dog they don’t need to bark at you because you’ll pay attention the first time the nudge you for attention. You could maybe then pick another behavior and chain it with the approach once she’s stopped nomming on you, but you’d want to train it separately and then start asking her for the behavior when she approaches as a condition for being let out. Just be careful that she doesn’t get frustrated and go back to what she knows works (her teeth).