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i'm so sorry i'm sure you're getting a lot of questions like this, but is an eta of "mid to late october" still in the cards? i'm not complaining, just wondering, i could never do this and have so much respect for the people who are, but the title is now "this holiday" and like what holiday! halloween?! (please be halloween) (i've been obsessively checking this blog every day and wondering if i can chill for a week or two)

It’s been “this holiday” since September, I believe! And sorry for the late update on this. No, there’s absolutely no chance of it being done this month. There’s still too many unfinished pieces and we can’t go into full compositing and sound design until everything is together. 

It’s most likely going to be December. Hopefully early, but no promises. There’s a lot of road bumps and unexpected turns in projects like this. Trying to promise such an optimistic and early goal to all of you was a mistake and I apologize for that.

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So I've had this idea that after the ball lefou and stanley don't really get a chance to see each other until a few days after cuz they were swept up in the chaos of everyone's celebration. But one day they finally bump into each other (probs at the bakery idk) and stanley (who's been trying all week to find a way to talk to him) just gets SO nervous. Like that smooth!stanley is long gone and left nervous!stanley to fend for himself


Yes, all the charm from the ball is gone and he keep fucking up Lefou’s name and Lefou is just there with this huge grin on his face and thinking how cute this guy is and just takes his hand to try to calm him down a little and also because he wants to hold his hand and Stanley just goes BRIGHT RED and keeps looking down at their held hands and finally Lefou is like “it’s a pitty you lost the dress, i rather liked you in it” and Stanley is fucking dying 

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Hey I've been without WiFi all day can someone give me the scoop on that week in march

dan is a dum dum sometimes and forgot to refill his depression meds and it took like 2 weeks for the refill to go through so he had to go like a week without his meds and stopping like that is a HUGE nono so basically he felt like he was high the entire week and like he was on the biggest acid trip ever and he couldn’t eat and he was like bumping into things but he was super zoned out and had to pretend to be okay and moral of the story is refill your pills and dont stop psychiatric drugs cold turkey cuz they can fuck you up

The Signs As Things I've Heard At School
  • Aries: "have you ever partied with Bill Clinton? he seems like a cool guy. kind of a creeper, but otherwise cool"
  • Taurus: "you're a waste of gas money"
  • Gemini: "he's gay?" "a raging homosexual"
  • Cancer: "now that I have my license I can get ice cream without supervision"
  • Leo: "you homosexual cow"
  • Virgo: "if you bump into someone in Canadian hockey and didn't knock some teeth out, you really didn't try at all"
  • Libra: "if I were the one being fucked in the ass—"
  • Scorpio: "I lost my Bowie knife"
  • Sagittarius: "I got kicked out of English three times this week" (it was a Thursday)
  • Capricorn: "get your rich-people fingers out of here!"
  • Aquarius: "anime tiddies"
  • Pisces: "you're my brotato chip"

I realize that I need any reason for Saitama and Genos to bump their heads together. Like Genos is trying to wake his sensei up in the morning and he’s leaning over him but Saitama sits up suddenly shouting because he had a nightmare but he’s cut short when they bump heads and it hurts for Genos and while it doesn’t hurt for Saitama his vision goes weird for a second ////

There are apologies and chuckles involved ///

trying to take cute selfies with Luke when you’ve dragged him out of his bunk to go site seeing in whatever city they’re stationed in for a few days but even with both arms completely stretched out, you can barely fit his messy quiff and sharp jawline all into the photo but Luke’s not offended as he’s just scoffing from behind you and dropping his chin to your shoulder as his fingers slip your phone from your grasp and stretch it out as far as his expansive limbs will allow him to while encompassing your figure as he proceeds to scrunch up his nose and poke his tongue between his teeth as he snaps your rather annoyed figure before he’s giggling into your ear, “smile, my darling.” as his dimple pops in his cheek and nose clumsily bumps into your skin when his soft pink lips brush your cheek