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Great Comet x Things I've Heard In Improv
  • <p> <b>Pierre:</b> This Wine tastes oddly like Apple juice.<p/><b>Natasha:</b> What if, I don't go to my own wedding?<p/><b>Marya:</b> You irresponsible child how could you think summoning satan at school is a good idea?<p/><b>Sonya:</b> My best friend is better than your best friend because my best friend has 7 boyfriends.<p/><b>Anatole:</b> Hi, You don't know me but I'm here to ruin everything.<p/><b>Hélène:</b> Boys are hot. Girls are hot. I'm hot. Why doesn't everyone just love me?<p/><b>Dolokhov:</b> Listen, listen. We've been friends for years. You know I'm gonna support all your bad ideas, right?<p/><b>Bolkonsky:</b> *throws glasses across room* I realize now I need those.<p/><b>Mary:</b> My brother may be the worst man I've ever met. But, he's also very much out of your league.<p/><b>Andrey:</b> I'm just gonna... Bye.<p/></p>

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Hi...well...I've actually never been to a maid cafe like this before. Usually maid cafes are all girls, but the guys here are pretty good-looking too. Who would you recommend I should ask to be my maid...or well, I guess it would be butler, the first time I come here?

Lance: B-But I’m number one!

Pidge: Dude you are too intense and extra for someone coming in for the first time.

Allura: As far as your first time is we usually recommend Shiro, many find him comforting and he explains many events and promotions very well. You will not be disappointed.

Lance: (;へ:)

Keith: *sigh* Lance is a good first choice too, even if he is a little intense.

Lance: ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。 ~ <3

A.N. I got so many asks! Thanks! So many great questions! I’m gonna be switching to Black and White though to keep things clean and keep the conversation moving.

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So I've watched a fair few karl urban movies like the loft, priest, star trek one or two others and i gotta say... Damn he's one hot peice of ass Care to give a girl a list (big or small, no fuss) of movies he's been in Kinda feel like watching a mini marathon of his movies.

Aww yeah girl, here we go! This is going to be quite the list. Buckle up!

Tv show: Almost Human - Everyones favorite grumpy officer. Very good, still bitter they cancelled it.

Tv Show: Hercules and Xena - I still have not gotten around to watching this(I’m almost afraid to, haha). What is wrong with me?

Tv Show: Comanche Moon: Cowboy Karl was pretty great, the rest of the show, I give it a solid “meh”. I love Karl trying to have a southern accent for a bit, then he just kinda gives up on it haha, poor guy.

And Soon the Darkness: Not as much Karl in it as I would have liked, but it was still a good movie regardless.

Priest: Karl as a vampire, with fangs? What more could you ask for?

The Bourne Supremacy - little assassin Karl, speaking Russian, grumpy expressions the whole time, also a good movie.

Doom: Oh how I love Karl in Doom. Not a good gamer movie, but a great Karl movie. (Super thrusting @bkwrm523)

Dredd: Another weird but excellent Karl movie. He did dredd so great haha

Lord of the Rings: Where I first fell in love with Karl. Eomer will always have that special place in my heart.

Pathfinder: Another completely weird Karl Urban movie. Honestly, I just watched this one for Karl specifically. I wasn’t disappointed with him.

Pete’s Dragon: I watched this one because I loved the original, plus Karl was in it. Unfortunately I didn’t think this one held a candle to the original. Came for the nostalgia, stayed for Karl(even if hes a bit assholeish)

RED: I loved this movie. Great action packed movie, and funny as well. I love Cooper.

Star Trek: I mean, we all know about this one right? I don’t have to say anything here.

The Loft: How I love Karl in this movie(even though he is a definite asshole.) I just can’t help it, he looks so damn good.

Truth about Demons: I watched this the other day, and I’m still not quite sure what I watched. Karl still looked good in it though.(plus a small sex scene)

Walking with Dinosaurs: Another one I still haven’t gotten around to watching. I might need to do that later. Karl in flannel though, yes please, besides all that scruff and hair.

Theres many more, like: Short Poppies(Tv show), Riddick(movie), Black water transit(movie), Out of the Blue(movie), Ghost Ship(movie), The Price of Milk(movie), Heaven(movie) but a few are pretty obscure and hard to find so I haven’t seen them yet. But the list above is all my favorite things Karl has been in! Hope this helps :) (and sorry if this is super long, I got carried away, whoops)

What brings me life is a very good mangaka that draws hamburgers with very perfect and surreal detail. Look at all that sesame seeds pourin all over that bun, sliced tomatoes in a very good manner, stacked with the appropriate amount of lettuce, plus that cheese above the tender-juicy meat, ketchup spilling all over the wrapper in which, the best girl, Touka holds firmly. Only to realize that she can’t eat that shit.

Oh hail Ishida

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Hi. I've been running low on fics and I'm dying 😂 do you have any recs? Some hidden gems maybe? Please and thank you x

I’ve been feeling that way lately, too, for some reason! Have you checked out the MITAM fic fest? I read Baby, I’m Right Here by FallingLikeThis / @suddenclarityharry this morning & really loved it. I also really loved I’ll Be Your Love Tonight by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee / @dinosaursmate And For Your Eyes Only was really lovely by BriaMaria 

If you like girl!direction fics, objectlesson / @horsegirlharry posted a pair of really good ones in a series called Daisy Chains.

I also just read A Few Very Good Mistakes by @louisandthealien and really thought it was beautiful. If you haven’t read their other fic Atlas At Last, please do!

Come On Over Tonight is a favorite of mine from waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee / @dinosaursmate

Some super hot PWPs that I recently re-read are:

Go With It by embro

Pink Skin by jaerie

we’ve people to see (let’s put ‘em on hold) by embodied & smoothniallsmooth

No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin by Tuemessian

Only Thing That Can Quench My Thirst by eyesofshinigami

Have you checked out @thenewlarryclassics yet? They might be right up your alley.

The @1dreversebang is going to begin posting October 2nd, so stay tuned. I know there are some great fics coming out of that (we actually have 50 fics waiting to be published as part of that fest)!

I hope that helps a little. LMK if you’ve read all of those though and I’ll try to add some more. I’m sure I’ve left a LOT out!

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Hi, so I thought this blog would be able to give me some good advice. I've been dating an asexual girl for about four years, she told me she was ace about five months ago :) Shes very passionate about ace things so Ive been wanting to propose to her in some way that shows I love her. I'm not quite sure if girls like big gestures or not, and she's the kind who wouldnt mind, so if i spray painted my lawn ace colors and put a ring in a box that looks like ace cards would that be nice, or offensive?

I think that sounds lovely, personally. I say go for it.

Anyone else have opinions? Check the notes, anon!

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Can girls with acne still be cute? I've been breaking out even more than usual lately and I've been feeling pretty down about my appearance.

Y E S!!! YES!!! Girls with acne are very cute. I’m a girl with acne. I just put on layers on makeup and find good lighting. I know how hard it is to struggle with still feeling pretty when you’re breaking out but Girl Own It. Ya beautiful

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julia a girl in my class offered to buy me coffee sometime (last time we had class) and i had to check with my friends if she was flirting with me so tomorrow when we have class again I'm gonna ask her if we could get coffee together after class. i'm very nervous bc even though i've been out since i was 15 (i'm almost 20 now) i've never ever been on a date or kissed anyone before. anyways i just wanted to share this bc i'm excited

Congratulations, she’s almost definitely flirting with you, and I hope you have a good time!!!

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Hi, i'm sorry, but i have to unfollow. I followed a while back, when i was sure a was a lesbian, but after a while, i realized i wasn't a girl. I'm identifying as a demiboy right now, so i feel wrong following you now, even though i've been following for a very long time. Keep up the good work!!

no problem dude! congrats on figuring yourself out, good luck c:

♡ Yeshi's 1st Mutual Appreciation Post !! ♡

Hello friends !! I’ve been on tumglr.hell for a little over a year now and I just hit 200+ followers !!! I’ve met so many new friends and wonderful people during my time on this website, and I’d like to thank all of you for being so so kind and making me laugh and smile (and sometimes a little disturbed) even though hard times :’)

Listed below are some of my beloved mutuals, friends, and favorite blogs. I can’t put into words how much I love all of you, some of you I’ve know for a long time and others I haven’t interacted with that much but I still love you lots and would not hesitate to take a bullet for you if the opportunity arose 👀👀

@kindates @naeqi @xandrs @romantical @oceaned @horncannon @godsigh @sugartreats @pilotmcclain @sort @monokoh @glowybf @yurlin @peachsugar @nectarwings @cocoacake @chaingrudge @cystars @kakashisbf @blossombriar @lesbianheart @starwing @deletedfootage @omegazone23 @partyt4lk @7eokjin @weiss-privilege @seurelia @cloudlimb @tatertotskie @ledyba @levanpolka @pdaful @teabud @shslgamer @starqate @abnormalize @starbeach

Thank you all again !! Ya girl Yeshi here sending you all good vibes ilysm 💕♥️💕💖💕

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Hey I'm a teenage girl and I have always defined myself as heterosexual but since a few months I've been experiencing sexual attraction to girls and I don't know if this means I'm bisexual or maybe it's just something normal for a straight girl. I really need advice cause I've been chatting to this girl I met recently and she's lesbian and I know she likes me (I'm confused about my feelings for her) and i don't wanna play with her feelings cause she's a very good friend. Thanks

Experiencing sexual attraction to the same gender is normal, but it’s not straight! Sometimes bi people think that their experiences are normal to straight people when really, it just feels normal to us because it’s what we know. It’s admirable that you are being responsible towards this girl and careful of her feelings. There’s no rush to do anything: I know questioning can be an overwhelming time, and you shouldn’t jump into a relationship you aren’t sure you want. It’s okay to tell her you aren’t sure you want or that you’re still questioning. If you’re ever in doubt, think about how you’d want to be treated by someone you like, regardless of gender. Good luck! 

ocopus99  asked:

Hey mister! Whats the best way to avoid a punishment from a very very strict daddy when I've been a bad brat? I got a tumblr just to ask you CUZ DADDY KEEPS PUTTING ME ON A CORNER AN HES GONNA TAKE AWAY MY PACIS 😢

The best way to avoid punishment is to be a good girl and not get in trouble in the first place.

Otherwise, you deserve it.

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i have been stalking your blog for the past 20 minutes and i'm in love. is there any way you'd be able to draw nurseydex as girls??? i would sob tbh

idk?? I? love girls????????

(maybe they’re also mer! here, idk idk)

(prompts are good and friendly things!)

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I'm 18m and still a virgin. I've never been in a relationship with a girl. Idk what to do b/c I'm going to college soon and I don't want to be a virgin into my 20s pls help. :(((

I lost my virginity when I was 18, it was at a party, I was drunk and it was not very special and I didn’t feel good after. Being a virgin or not being a virgin does not define you. You’re still a valuable human being if you’re still a virgin in your 20s okay, it’s best just to let it happen naturally rather than get it done and dusted. Wait for a nice person to come along, someone you have a connection with and go from there. Believe me you will regret rushing it. And think about this, you’re about to go off to college!! You’re going to meet so many new people so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for you to find someone!

deletedblog00-deactivated201707  asked:

Hi, I just wanted to ask, do you think 12 is too young to know your sexuality? I've been questioning it since I was 10. Right now, I'm very sure that I'm bi, as I used to really like this boy, but now I have a big crush on a girl. I tried to explain to my mom, but she just said I was straight and had made up the "gayness".(both her and my dad don't believe in bisexuality) Although she did say she'd love me no matter what. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you, sorry for the long ask.

You can never be too young to know who you are, and it’s good that you are exploring your identity. Most LGBT people know from a young age who they are, so its perfectly okay and normal that you do too. I’m sorry to hear that your parents feel that way, hopefully soon they will come around, but please don’t let your parents tell you who you are and who you should be attracted to. They cannot define you, only you can do that. I’m glad that your mom said that she’ll love you no matter what, that’s really positive

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wait fjfngag what did I miss??? YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? Is it the cute girl you've been mentioning here and there? I'M GONE FOR ONE WEEK AND APPARENTLY I MISSED BIG NEWS?!?!? I'm so happy for you omg!!!! yaaasss!!!

we’ve been “”hanging out”” for a little while now, and she fell at last under the weight of my irresistible charm

and also I’m going overseas for a month very soon so she had to bring up - like. what happens while you’re gone?? is this a thing?? are we?? 

we are.

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So I've been pro choice for a while. Basically my thoughts were that it's not really a human until there is a heartbeat and a woman's body autonomy comes first. but lately I've been listening to more pro life arguments and am starting to question my stance. What are your thoughts on the above two points?

Well for the first point I’d have to ask if you were aware that a fetal heart starts beating at six weeks. That’s a well before a lot of abortions. And even then setting that as the marker for humanity is pretty arbitrary. What if I decided girls were only humans when their breasts started to form or boys were only human once their testicles drop? Drawing arbitrary lines in the middle of various developmental stages isn’t a very good way to determine humanity.

As to the second point, I struggled to understand why a woman has more of a right to bodily autonomy than the body inside her. The baby has a separate heart, brain, lungs, etc. it’s definitely its own body. Why does it not have the right to live?

corpse-wife  asked:

( not a submission ) but how you'd disrobe Nicole's aesthetic ? I've been digging that kind of aesthetic and I'm not so sure how to call it. Also you've been mentioning Melanie's aesthetic too and how Nicole's and hers are different. I totally agree ? Then again, would you mind explain the difference between both ? I'm very exited to know your opinion ! xoxoxoxox greetings

Heyy! Good questions. I.. am not sure if the aesthetic has any certain title. It’s like cutesy feminine things combined with violence and grotesque imagery. Baby dolls, small girls with weapons, angels, guts and teeth, corpses, “nymphet lolis”, etc. I also see a lot of ‘milk and honey! angel wings xanax!’ among fans. Honestly the gore angst is my favorite part of the mix. Melanie’s aesthetic on the other hand seems more like kiddy stuff, pastels, storybook worlds, wacky makeup, pouty/sad girls,

I can kinda see why people might compare them? Cause both involve baby dolls and they’ll mix cute with aggressive.

-mod executioner

thanks for the question!

Like Mod Executioner said Melanie’s Martinez is pastel palettes, childhood themes, and the idea of being lonely, insecure, and over sensitive. She also seems to concentrate on the idea of dark disturbing things existing beneath the surface of happy, pretty things. 

Nicole Dollanganger is more blunt and goes to straight to murder and violet, vivid imagery. For example, she will write a song that is about death or a song that compares something, say depression, to death. Nicole’s songs fit better with discount dresses, knifes, and old items that were previously owned. 

A good comparison would be how Melanie likes 50s dolls like Kewpie or those lambs with fluffy bodies but hard faces (don’t the name of them) whereas Nicole likes old bisque dolls. 

Nicole enjoys certain movies and figures from history and literature that greatly inspire her work, such as Joseph Merrick or Flowers in the Attic. Melanie works through a more general theme and her work is usually more personal. Though crybaby is a persona it was based on things she went through, or how she thought she would handle certain situations, and she has said the album is about accepting yourself. Nicole often writes songs about other people, movies, or creates stories. Not to say none of her songs are personal or that none of Melanie’s songs are impersonal.

Melanie often uses one big metaphor through a song, like a carousal representing not being good enough for someone you love. Nicole on the other hand uses smaller ones to create imagery, like a cut on skin resembling the petals of a blossoming flower.

The nicole dollanganger type aesthetic that you are speaking of is a juxataposition of light/innocent/childhood/nostalgia/sweet vs dark/bloody/bitter/trauma/death. For example, I presume you mean things like

vhs stills of horror films or cartoons

blood caked dollhouse or a swing covered in ants

cute teddy bear with some stuffing ripped out

a cemetery at night

pictures of deer and owls in the woods

knee with a blood smear

hazy carnival photos

fashion that involves pale or dark clothing, oversized sweaters (with leggings or skirt), and mary jane shoes

The aesthetic as a whole doesn’t have a name but there are some keywords to try, like the ones my sister mentioned above. Now, the fashion is referred to as kinderwhore which started in the 90s (think Courtney Love) though the name rubs me the wrong way. It sounds gross and sexual.

~ Mod Angel